1 Alliance Square

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-check. You have been forewarned.

Also, there is male bisexuality described in this story. If male bisexuality is abhorrent to you, please exit this story now.


Elegantre, an exclusive cosmetics boutique occupied the ground floor north east corner of 1 Alliance Square. The front door faced Michner Boulevard. The side plate glass tinted window faced Johnson Avenue.

Across Michner Boulevard was 2 Alliance Square. 2 Alliance Square was also a black steel and heavily tinted glass building.

Across Johnson Avenue was 3 Alliance Square, also a six story structure. Just like 1 Alliance Square and 2 Alliance Square, 3 Alliance Square was made to look like a shiny black monolith.

Across Johnson Avenue from 2 Alliance Square, across Michner Boulevard from 3 Alliance Square was an empty lot. The developer had contracted to purchase the ten acres to construct 4 Alliance Square. Before Alvin Crenshaw and the developer could come to a final price, the developer had run out of available funds. The land had not even been cleared off. It just sat, empty, undeveloped. The Oakleaf County cut down the weeds once a quarter and charged the two owners, the son and daughter of the original purchaser of the land.

Tommy Cruz owned Elegantre. He had opened the store with the idea of using and selling nothing but organic, natural cosmetics. They would also offer natural, organic skin care and hair products.

His staff was comprised solely of stunning young women. Each new hire had to attend Capital Cosmetology College, paid for by the hire themselves. Each girl had to have a certificate of completion from Capital before they were allowed on to the floor of Elegantre.

The cost of the training would be paid back to the girl, added on to each paycheck, until the cost of training was paid off. Should the girl quit, or be terminated before the cost of training was fully remanded, that was simply too bad. Elegantre would not be responsible for the remainder of their cost.

Tommy offered a base of seven fifty an hour, plus four and a half percent commission. His stock answer to any girl that asked for a raise was that they needed to sell more.

Tommy Cruz was a short, pudgy faced man with no spine. Which was why none of his employees knew him as Tommy, Thomas Michael Cruz. None of his employees had ever met Tommy Cruz.

His employees were interviewed, hired and managed by Tonya Cruz, a Latin beauty with long black hair, flawless skin, smoldering dark eyes and poise and confidence. She was a ball-busting bitch in five inch heels that routinely informed her employees that she was not their friend, she was not their sister, she was not their mother.

“I am your boss,” she snapped. “Behind my back? Call me a miserable cunt if it helps you sleep at night. But to my face? It is ‘Yes ma’am, Miss Tonya.’ Is that clear?”

Each employee used nothing but the products of the shop; they were given a forty percent employee discount. Each employee dressed in blouses and skirts, or dresses, never slacks, shorts or jeans. They wore four to five inch heels. Over their work attire, they wore a long unbuttoned lab coat.

Late one Saturday morning, Chilandra Childress sat on the low stool and worked on the teenaged girl that sat at her station. While she worked, Chilandra also kept an eye on the girl’s friend. The other girl had an oversized bag that was unzipped, perfect for dropping a few boxes of eye shadow, foundation, moisturizing lip gloss.

“Sweetheart?” Chilandra finally told the young girl. “You might want to tell your friend she either pays for the three lip gloss tubes she just dropped into her bag, or the police will be here in five minutes.”

“Julie, she seen you,” the girl called out.

“Seen me what?” Julie tried to brave.

“Oh, and the mascara. That’s made with real kohl; it’s two hundred dollars a tube,” Chilandra said to Julie’s friend.

“Julie, I’m telling you, she seen you,” the girl stated.

Chilandra felt no joy in watching the shame-faced girl empty her purse. She too had been young and dumb once. But she also wasn’t going to have Tonya Cruz make Chilandra pay for the various items. And Tonya would not give the forty percent discount on the stolen items.

“Yeah, I’ll take the foundation, um, in the liquid, and the eye shadow; Julie what you think about this blush?” the girl decided, looking at her reflection.

“Whatever,” Julie grumbled, unhappy.

“Oh, and the lip gloss,” the girl decided.

Chilandra also talked the girl into the Ph. balanced makeup remover and a tube of sun block, rated 60 SBF.

“Bitch,” was Julie’s parting shot as the two girls left the store.

“What the fuck ever, stuck up snot,” Chilandra smirked.

Chilandra again checked her watch; there were no clocks on the floor of the showroom. Tonya did not want their customers illegal bahis to ever feel rushed when perusing their wares.

“Come on, Vicky, huh?” Chilandra muttered under her breath.

Normally, on Saturdays, there would be three salespersons, but as usual, Yvette was ‘sick’ this Saturday morning. Vickie had not wanted to alert Ms. Tonya; she and Yvette were friends. Chilandra, however, felt no remorse in alerting Ms. Tonya, via text message, that Yvette was a no-show.

Chilandra was getting hungry; Vicky had left to go to lunch at eleven thirty. Because they were short-staffed, Vickie was supposed to only take forty five minutes for her lunch break. Knowing Vicky, though, it would be closer to one o’clock before the attractive brunette would saunter in, smile on her pretty face, poor excuses spilling from her lips.

Chilandra took a moment to check her makeup. Flawless.

Without the makeup, Chilandra Rachael Childress was a cute twenty one year old woman. She wore her straw colored blonde hair to just above her shoulders, parted on the right. Her big brown eyes had been underneath a bushy eyebrow that went over both eyes, until Capital Cosmetology College showed Chilandra how to tweeze and style her eyebrow to two light brown slashes. Her nose was a button nose, just a hair too wide, but Capital had shown her how to shape it with pencil and foundation.

Her face was slightly rounded, slightly chubby looking, but Elegantre rouge shaped and defined her cheeks, making her face appear slim. Two colors of lip gloss made her lips appear fuller, moist, kissable.

Without the five inch heels, Chilandra stood at five feet, five inches. She weighed one hundred and twenty eight pounds, much of that in her buttocks and legs. In her younger years, she’d been very much into ballet, until her 34C breasts and 35 hips began to sprout. Now, she continued to practice her dancing in an effort to slim down, keep her body tone. If she didn’t have such a weakness for chocolate, Chilandra was sure she could easily lose at least eight pounds.

The light green colored blouse contrasted nicely with her pleated cream colored skirt. Standing up, the skirt reached to just above her knees. Seated, Chilandra had to be careful to keep her legs together, or risk flashing her plain white panties to her clients.

“Brianna, don’t, aw, don’t drag me in here, huh?” a man’s deep voice grumbled good-naturedly.

“Shush, Andrew. No one saw you coming in here,” a woman’s voice laughed.

Chilandra smiled as an attractive blonde woman dragged an extremely handsome blond man into the store. The woman was dressed in skin tight jeans that emphasized her legs and shapely rear. Her belly was bare as she wore a sports bra and a man’s long sleeve shirt tied just underneath the bra, sleeves rolled up. Her feet were jammed into high heeled cowboy boots, making her and Chilandra the same height.

The woman’s face was slightly round, her blue eyes were large, expressive. Her calf length blonde hair was done up in a simple ponytail.

The man wore penny loafers, stood at least six feet, three inches. His slacks were a soft gray color and his shirt was a red and white striped long sleeve button up.

“I keep telling him sun block is so important,” Brianna told Chilandra.

“And I keep telling her, I run from car to office; my skin has never even seen sunlight,” Andrew smiled as Brianna pushed him into a chair.

His blonde hair was cut close to scalp on sides and back and was only slightly longer on top. Chilandra could see that if allowed to grow, Andrew would have blonde curls. His blue eyes were crinkled underneath a heavy light brown eyebrow, his nose was strong, his chin and jaw were square.

“Hmm, looking at your skin, I’d say that’s probably not true,” Chilandra said. “That didn’t come from spray, or a tanning salon.”

“Ha!” Brianna crowed.

“Let’s see what we have to work with,” Chilandra said, already unscrewing the top off of an alcohol free skin cleanser.

“Ow, ow, ow,” Andrew said as Chilandra reached out with the cotton pad.

“Big baby, she hasn’t even touched you yet,” Brianna laughed.

“Ow, ow, ow,” Andrew said when Chilandra reached out again.

“Here,” Brianna said and kissed Andrew passionately. And I’ll give you another when she finishes cleaning you up, okay?”

“Okay,” Andrew smiled.

Chilandra made quick work of cleaning his handsome face. Out of habit, she checked the pad before dropping it into the wastebasket underneath the counter. There was minimal dirt and oil residue on the pad; obviously Andrew took care of his skin.

As promised, Brianna gave Andrew a kiss for ‘being a brave boy and letting Chilandra clean his face. Chilandra smiled when Brianna then playfully tousled Andrew’s short hair.

“I just love the lotion here,” Brianna prattled as Chilandra gently patted Andrew’s face with a second sterile pad.

“Scented or…?” Chilandra asked, now testing Andrew’s Ph. levels.

“Unscented; there’s a rule in our office,” Brianna illegal bahis siteleri said, picking up a bottle of the lotion and bringing it to the counter.

“Doesn’t stop Debbie though, huh? Can smell she’s already been in the elevator every morning,” Andrew said.

“Sir, you’d probably want to go with this sunblock; it filters out most of the sun’s harmful UV rays,” Chilandra said, grabbing a tube of the ointment.

She gently, quickly applied a dab to the man’s face, ears and throat.

“Looks like I got makeup on,” Andrew said.

“Andrew Jerome Walker! It does not! You can’t even see it!” Brianna exclaimed.

Brianna made Andrew get out of the seat and walk closer to the mirror. With a smile, he agreed; the lotion was invisible to the naked eye.

“He’ll take it, and I’ve been wanting see what your powder foundation looks like, Brianna said, flopping into the chair just abandoned by Andrew.

With Brianna’s permission, Chilandra cleaned her face free of the minimal makeup. Chilandra very nearly hated the beautiful young woman; Brianna had almost flawless skin, perfect nose and cheekbones and lips.

“I love your lips; you show me how do that?” Brianna said after Chilandra applied a light base.

“Hmm,” Chilandra mused, studying the woman’s face.

“This shampoo? For blond hair?” Andrew asked, standing by a display.

“Get it,” Brianna ordered. “And see if they got the leave-in conditioner.”

“The shampoo’s very good,” Chilandra agreed, now outlining Brianna’s lips with pencil. “Has egg protein in it.”

“So I could make an omelet with it?” Andrew teased, putting four more bottles onto the counter.

Outside, there was a flash of yellow. Chilandra turned and saw the ‘School Lunch’ school bus drive past the building, on its way to the St. Joseph’s Homeless shelter.

“Damn it!” Chilandra muttered.

“Problem?” Brianna asked, losing her easy smile.

“No, no, just saw the School Lunch bus go past; wanted a plate of their beef stew for lunch,” Chilandra said.

“They do it on Saturdays now?” Andrew asked, looking toward the street.

“Yeah, about a month now,” Chilandra said.

“Aw, I’m sorry we made you miss your lunch,” Brianna said, rubbing Chilandra’s arm.

The young woman then brightened. She patted Chilandra’s leg, just above her knee.

“Tell you what. We’ll take you to that Bombay Café right across the street. You ever eat there?” Brianna said.

“I, oh no, that’s not necessary,” Chilandra said. “Y’all didn’t make me miss lunch; my co-worker did.”

“No, no, you have to come with us,” Brianna insisted, now firmly resting her hand on Chilandra’s leg. “Please? Pretty please?”

“Brianna, maybe she thinks Bombay’s sucks,” Andrew suggested.

“You ever had it?” Brianna asked Chilandra.

“I, no, I haven’t,” Chilandra said.

Chilandra was completing ringing up the numerous bottles, tubes and jars Andrew and Brianna had amassed when Vickie strolled in. Because there were clients in the store, Vickie didn’t say anything to Chilandra, just strolled to the rear of the store and clocked back in. Then she shrugged on her lab coat and came back to the storefront.

“We’ll wait out front for you,” Brianna said after Andrew signed for their purchases.

“Y’all, really, it’s not necessary,” Chilandra argued.

“Please?” Brianna asked, peering into Chilandra’s eyes. “I’d, we’d really like take you to lunch.”

“Fine, yeah, okay,” Chilandra agreed.

Chilandra did not say anything to Vickie. Chilandra knew that Vickie was looking for a reason, any reason to snipe at Chilandra; since Chilandra’s first day, Vickie had been extremely hostile toward Chilandra. Tonya’s opinion was that a little hostility spurred competition. Competition spurred employees to try to make more sales. As a result, Tonya scheduled the two women together quite often.

She wasn’t completely devoid of compassion; from time to time, Tonya did schedule Chilandra with Stephanie Cimo. Stephanie and Chilandra had formed a fast, easy friendship shortly after Stephanie started working for Elegantre.

“Bye,” Vickie sang out just as Chilandra opened the heavy glass door of the store.

Chilandra bit back her response and stepped out into the humidity. Brianna was there and put an affectionate arm around Chilandra’s waist.

“Andrew’s putting the stuff into the car; he’ll be right back,” Brianna cheerfully informed Chilandra.

Then she squeezed Chilandra happily. Chilandra couldn’t help but smile at Brianna’s happy, bubbly mood.

“I am so glad you’re coming with us,” she enthused.

She lowered her voice and put her face closer to Chilandra. Chilandra could smell the other woman’s breath; a soft hint of cloves.

“Think he likes you; seen how much stuff he bought for himself?” Brianna confided.

“He, I uh, I thought y’all were together?” Chilandra asked, surprised.

“Oh, we are,” Brianna said and smiled over Chilandra’s shoulder.

“All right. We ready?” Andrew asked, canlı bahis siteleri wrapping his arm around Brianna’s waist.

“No, get on the other side,” Brianna ordered. “We need keep Chilandra safe.”

“Safe? Safe from what?” Andrew asked as he did step to Chilandra’s left.

“Somebody might try steal her away from us,” Brianna smiled as they stepped out from underneath the small overhang, into the bright Texas sunlight.

Brianna kept her arm around Chilandra’s waist as they crossed the street. Andrew walked on the other side of Chilandra, but she did not try to put his arm around Chilandra’s waist.

The menu was confusing; Chilandra had never heard of any of the dishes mentioned. She’d never had lamb or goat before and many of the dishes were made with those meats.

“Okay, Brianna’s getting the lamb boona; very spicy,” Andrew explained. “And I’m getting the goat sarni; it’s got a savory yogurt sauce.”

“Yogurt?” Chilandra asked, pretty face wrinkled.

“No, no, not like the yogurt you get at the grocery,” Brianna laughed, putting her hand on Chilandra’s upper thigh.

With Andrew’s help, Chilandra finally decided on an order of dolmas, meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves and steamed.

“Your eyes are beautiful,” Brianna suddenly said as the waiter brought out the appetizers Andrew had ordered.

“Oh, I uh, thank you,” Chilandra stammered, embarrassed.

“Dig in, Chilandra; I ordered this for all of us,” Andrew said.

“Have you ever, you ever been with a woman?” Brianna asked as they finished up the appetizer platter.

“Uh y’all? Iiii REALLY don’t want to talk about that,” Chilandra said, blushing hotly.

“You’re blushing!” Andrew smiled. “Brianna, that’s enough, leave her alone.”

It embarrassed Chilandra, angered her that Andrew would point out her heavy blush. She felt very off-center, very much a fish out of water sitting between these two beautiful confident people.

She felt like a fraud, a pretender sitting at this table. Andrew and Brianna were beautiful, poised, elegant, knowledgeable. Their clothing screamed money. The American Express that Andrew had used to purchase the cosmetics told Chilandra that he had money. When he’d signed the slip, the cuff of his shirt had slid down slightly and Chilandra had seen that he wore a Rolex. His ring finger on his right hand had a heavy diamond and gold ring.

Brianna also wore a Rolex. Chilandra recognized the boots, as well as the jeans. She herself had admired both at Brichelle’s Boutique, an exclusive clothing store in Great Oak, Texas. The boots had been marked down to $859 when Chilandra had seen them. The jeans were hand rolled denim and retailed for $179. As Chilandra’s mother had joked, nearly ninety dollars a leg.

The only reason mother and daughter had gone into the trendy store was because they were advertising a summer clearance sale, to make room for the autumn fashions. Clearance sale or not, Chilandra could not afford any of the clothing in Brichelle’s Boutique.

Chilandra’s blouse and skirt had come from ‘Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow,’ a store that sold clothing on consignment. Her shoes, she had splurged a little on but if she had to wear heels, Chilandra was going to be comfortable.

Her beauty, Chilandra felt, was largely due to her expertise with a makeup brush. With her expertly applied makeup, Chilandra still did not feel as pretty, as sexy as Brianna had looked completely devoid of any cosmetics.

Chilandra had been the chubby, plain looking girl in school. She’d had boyfriends, mainly because she sucked cock. She had let two boys have her pussy. The first one had laughed; her bush was light brown, not blonde like the hair on her head. The second boy had been very sweet, but very inexperienced.

But, no, she had never been with another woman. There had been Debbi Ann, quite possibly the most beautiful red head Chilandra had ever seen. Chilandra had often masturbated to thoughts of kissing Debbi Ann’s full pouting lips.

And there was Patricia don’t call me Patty O’Brien. Chilandra had copied Patricia’s hairstyle and had even tried to fit into Patricia’s entourage. Until Millie embarrassed Chilandra by demanding to know what Chilandra thought she was doing, following them.

“Well, have you?” Chilandra asked angrily.

“Why, yes I have,” Andrew smiled.

“No, I mean, with another guy?” Chilandra spat.

. . .

<<< . . . Andrew Jerome Walker was the son of Andrea Gaye Loomis and Jerome Alan Walker. Andrea had been a true beauty with cornflower blue eyes and long blonde hair and a dusting of freckles, she was picture perfect. By ate ten, Andrea had been in dozens of print ads, and even on a few local television shows, as well as television advertisements. Jerome met Andrea when his recycling plant decided to put out television advertisements, extolling the virtues of recycling. At the time of filming the first commercial, Andrea had just turned eighteen, but her mother still hovered over her meal ticket like a mother eagle protecting her brood. One look at Andrea, dressed in simple tee shirt and snug blue jeans and Jerome knew he had to have her. Thus began a two month long courtship, expensive gifts of jewelry, flowers, trips for her and her mother.

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