$20 Million Ch. 05

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As I got myself cleaned up I started worrying. Why would Chuck say I could tend bar for him and his friends. Somehow I didn’t believe I would just be mixing drinks. After getting dressed I headed for the kitchen to get a bite to eat.

As I passed the master bedroom I caught a glimpse of Carrie alone on the bed. She saw me, too, and beckoned me in.

“What’s new?”

“Not much,” I answered. “How about you?”

“I haven’t had a break. I can barely walk. Chuck is a fucking machine and never seems to get enough. We have sex four to six times a day, up to two hours at a time, and that’s not including the times Ethan joins in. Between those two massive dicks I seldom get to rest.”

“Gee, I feel terrible for you Carrie,” the sarcasm was thick. “What about us? Do you ever think about me anymore? Do you even still care or love me? I mean, I have no control of my own home, and, I don’t get to sleep with my wife. If it wasn’t for Chuck’s ‘friends’ I would have done something by now but you seem to be really enjoying yourself.”

“Well, it’s just that Chuck is so damn gorgeous, and incredible in bed. Not to mention Ethan. I guess I’m just addicted to their man meat. Having those two hunks doing me over and over again would be almost impossible to give up.”

“And what about us,” I asked, “what am I supposed to do for sex and happiness?”

“It’s not like Nadine hasn’t been paying attention to you. And I hear Trent enjoys fucking you, too. By the way, I heard you had a threesome this morning with them. Why don’t you play with my cunt and tell me all about my sexy daughter and hot son, and what they did to you?”

I pulled off my clothes and climbed in to the bed with her, laying down between her legs. The scent of Chuck’s love juice and the wetness of her pussy told me that she had had him recently and hadn’t yet had a bath. As I related the morning’s events to her I began to finger her and at times lick her pungent snatch, always tasting a mixture of her and Chuck’s cum.

As I was telling her about sucking Trent’s cock she told me she had never seen it and wanted me to describe it. “It’s ten inches long, a little thinner than mine, with a little upward curve.”

“Mmm,” she moaned, “sounds nice. And what does Nadine’s pussy taste like?”

“A lot like yours but it always has a tinge of Ethan on it.”

As I finished up my story my cock was so hard I could have drilled a hole through the bed. Now it was her turn. “I can tell you just had Chuck. Where is he now?”

“He and Ethan said they had some things to do. They took your Viper, by the way.” She made that last comment sound like she was almost daring me to get angry. That’s my baby and no one else drives it. I kept my mouth on her pussy though and she asked, “you’ve always sort of been bi-curious haven’t you?”

That question surprised me but I kind of realized that I had. “What makes you say that?”

“You always seemed to really like it when I would fuck you with one of my dildos or stick my finger up your ass; and don’t forget the times I caught you looking at naked men on the internet. I saw the look on your face when Chuck and Ethan were ramming your ass and mouth. Obviously, there is pain when the cock is so huge, but I definitely saw lust in your eyes. And let’s face it, Ethan is pretty hot and Chuck is absolutely gorgeous. Chuck is by far the best looking man I’ve been with and probably among the best I’ve ever seen. What do you think?”

As I continued eating Chuck’s delicious spunk out of my wife’s pussy I had to agree. “I’ve never seen better. And having a weapon like that between his legs…he is perfect, isn’t he?”

She didn’t say another word but I knew she was envisioning Chuck and started a trembling, earth-shuddering orgasm which I caught most illegal bahis of in my open mouth. As it subsided, she said, “get yourself off, now. I’d let you fuck me but I have to rest up for Chuck. They’ll be home within a couple of hours and we’d better have this place ready for their friends.”

It took me about ten pumps and I shot my load all over the bed. After wiping up and getting dressed I said, “you’d better change the sheets now, Carrie. I’ll go and get the rec room ready.”

By about 5:00 Carrie and I had the house cleaned and the bar all stocked, but Chuck and Ethan hadn’t returned yet. It was a minute later I heard my Viper roar up to the house. The guys walked in and Chuck walked over to Carrie, grabbed her ass, and as he gave her a kiss asked, “you and the bitch get the house cleaned?”

Carrie just melted in to his body and replied, “yes, stud, we’re all ready.”

Ethan looked to me and said, “Tell Nadine that we’re here and go park the car. We’re going be in the rec room. When our friends get here bring them there and then you can start serving.”

I didn’t like the implication of “serving” but I did what he said. At almost exactly six o’clock a car pulled up. I went to the door and, upon opening it, looked up to see two very big, very tough looking men. “You must be Rick, I’m Jake and this is Johnny.” The man who had spoken to me was black, 6’6″ and looked like he could be a model. He was wearing tight white shirt that showed off a perfect upper-body and next to Chuck he was the best looking man I could recall seeing. The other man was about 6’3″, more muscular than Jake, and looked to be Italian. He was also very good-looking and wore a very smug expression on his face. I just stood there for a moment and realized that I was intimidated not only by their size but also by their good looks. I felt like a school girl that has just come face to face with the most popular boys. Finally, I regained my composure and said, “come on in, they’re in the rec room.”

They followed me in and once there Chuck jumped up and greeted them. Ethan and Nadine followed and were introduced. I hadn’t realized that, while they knew of them, they had not met them. Carrie was looking a little disheveled as she got up. I guess Chuck’s hands had been busy while waiting on his buddies. I also noticed that the girls had gotten in to some very sexy clothing. When Chuck introduced Carrie to them they both gave her big hugs and kisses. She was in her glory. Now she had two more hot men paying attention to her.

After they had all sat down and told me what they wanted, I started serving the drinks. As I gave Carrie her drink she just looked up at me and gave me a look like a kid on their birthday. Not feeling welcome, I just went back to the bar, sat by myself and listened to them talk.

After a few more rounds, Carrie got up, turned on the music, and started dancing. Ethan told Nadine to join her and soon they were putting on quite a show. They started caressing each other in a way that made all of the men pay attention. Then Carrie leaned in and, with her hands cupping Nadine’s pert tits, shoved her tongue in her daughter’s mouth. Nadine kissed back and the guys all started cheering.

After a few minutes of this Jake stood up and I saw an immense bulge in his semi-loose jeans. He sauntered over to the girls and took up a place behind Carrie. His large hands started rubbing her tits and belly, and he leaned down and kissed her. Nadine knelt down and lifted Carrie’s short skirt to reveal a sexy thong. Moving that out of the way, she began kissing and licking her mother’s sweet, mostly shaven pussy. This brought Johnny in to the action. Revealing another large tent he laid on the soft carpet and after moving her thong out of the way, inserted his tongue illegal bahis siteleri in Nadine’s cunt.

Peeling my eyes away from this action, I glanced over to see that the brothers had stood up and started undressing, giving me yet another eyeful of their anacondas. By this time, my dick was as hard as a rock and I undid my pants and started to stroke it.

Nadine stopped licking Carrie’s snatch and slid down Johnny’s body, and they began to kiss passionately, Nadine rubbing her bare pussy on his bulge. Carrie turned to face Jake and just fell in to his strong arms. He carried her over to the couch and sat her down. She undid first his belt and then his pants, letting them fall to the floor. There was no hiding the fact that he surpassed her requirements for large cocks. She had some trouble getting his boxers off as his manhood was now fully erect and pointing upwards. Finally, she succeeded and then gasped. His sausage was even bigger than Ethan’s. It must have been fourteen inches long and thicker than a beer bottle. It was amazing. It took Carrie a minute before she started to touch and lick it. She was like a deer in headlights. As she started shuddering I knew that she had her first of what would probably be countless orgasms.

Meanwhile, Nadine had her clothes off and was working on removing Johnny’s. With his shirt off, I saw that he had a body that would have made the Greeks gods jealous. Totally fit, large muscles, and not an ounce of fat. His arms were covered in tattoos and as they flexed I knew I would never want to anger this man. He was a powerhouse. Nadine finished stripping Johnny and uncovered yet another monster appendage. His was about the size of Chuck’s although slightly thicker. This was amazing; fifty-one inches of cock not including my own.

My wife and step-daughter sure knew how to entertain company.

Ethan laid down on the floor beside Johnny and told Nadine to ride him. Johnny stood up and attempted to fed Nadine his man meat. She gave her best effort and Johnny seemed to appreciate it. His rock hard ass cheeks were clenching and looked as though they could flatten a steel pipe. Oh, how I wanted to get a feel of those. I was tempted to walk over and take a bite, but I was afraid of the consequences.

Carrie was now sitting on Chuck’s dick and still sucking off Jake. Her hands were firmly gripping his sculpted ass and she had managed to get him an astounding nine inches deep in her mouth and throat. His gigantic balls were swaying back and forth as he started pumping in and out. She began to resemble a pelican as his huge cock worked it’s way around. I never knew a throat could stretch like that. She reached one hand down to work his balls but they were so big she could only grab one at a time.

Over the course of the next hour and a half they switched places, switched women, never ceasing the fucking of a mouth or pussy. The girls had cum over and over and they were exhausted. I myself had blown two loads and was still stroking my overworked penis. As the girls called a time out and ordered more drinks, I quickly tucked away my pecker, washed my hands, and got everyone another round.

As I was serving them Ethan said, “well the girls may need a rest, but I’m not done, yet.”

The others agreed and Jake stated, “then we need a bitch.”

Suddenly, I felt I should run. Any one of these guys can do damage, but four? Johnny set down his drink and grabbed my arm, forcing me to drop the empty tray. “I guess you’ll just have to do,” he said forcefully.

Before I knew it all four men were ripping off my clothes. Ethan had grabbed his magic lube and then joined the other three on one couch. While Jake, Chuck, and Ethan stroked their immense hard-ons, I knelt down in front of Johnny and began canlı bahis siteleri licking and stroking his cock, balls, and asshole. He then grabbed me roughly, by the hair, and forced his cock in to my mouth and then down my throat. I reached up and caressed and pinched his hard nipples and incredible chest. Even choking on his dick I was so attracted to this aggressive man. I wondered if he would be interested in a permanent love slave.

He was enjoying my actions and started pumping his hips up and down. On one upward pump, I reached my hand under him and got a handful of his ass. It felt even better than I had imagined. In a different situation, I would have loved to get some massage oil and just rub him all over.

Suddenly, Jake reached over and grabbed my hair, pulling me toward that awe-inspiring horse-cock of his. As I performed a similar treatment as just had, Johnny got up off the couch, applied some lube, and knelt behind me. Fortunately, I had been drinking and this wasn’t my first time in this position because he just rammed his dick past my prostate and up around the bend. If Jake’s cock hadn’t been about eleven inches past my lips I would have screamed. Johnny started rough and didn’t stop fucking me that way for about fifteen minutes. Finally, I felt his cock swell to even more amazing proportions and, grabbing my hips, he unloaded in me. His seed burned in me in the best way possible. I loved it.

Now it was Chuck’s turn for head and, as Johnny withdrew, Jake pushed me over to him and took over fucking my ass. As I said before, Jake’s cock was unbelievably huge and, even after the pounding Johnny had just given me, I couldn’t be prepared for it. It stretched my hole more than any dick before, but at least he was gentle. His rhythm made it so enjoyable and soon caused me to shoot my wad on the floor. As he pumped in and out I felt his jumbo kiwi-sized balls gently pushing mine. Maybe Jake needs a love slave, too.

Unfortunately, before long, I felt his cock swell up and begin pumping even more cum in me. I was then pushed over to suck Ethan while Chuck fucked me almost as hard as Johnny had. Chuck then grabbed me, threw me to the floor, pulled my legs over his shoulders, and started pounding with all his might. I noticed I hadn’t felt Ethan’s cock in my mouth again, when suddenly, I felt a mouth on my once-again hard cock. It was Nadine. She then straddled my face and I began lapping up a mixture of the four men’s spunk. Her pussy was so abused that I felt that I needed to lick it back to health. I didn’t make her orgasm but that didn’t stop me from having yet another one. I came for the forth time since our guests had arrived.

When Chuck had made a very large deposit in my ass, and Nadine rolled off, I sat up to see Ethan buried in Carrie’s drenched snatch. He was on his back and she was leaning back on his chest. She had so much cum in her, that every time he inserted his beautiful salami, some more would run out of her and down his cock, balls and in to his crack. For the first time, I decided to do something aggressive and, crawling over to the two of them, I started licking them all over. I kissed her deeply, sucked cum off her beautiful breasts and belly, and devoured all of the juices off of both of them. I spent extra time with Ethan’s balls and loved every minute of it. I slid my tongue in and out of his ass and when he said he was coming, I pulled his cock out of my wife’s cunt and swallowed every drop of it.

We all showered off and then went for a swim in the outdoor pool. After Jake and Johnny had gotten dressed they both kissed Carrie for a few minutes each and then said they looked forward to next time. When they had driven off, and Chuck and Ethan had gone back in the house, I asked her what they meant by “next time”.

She leaned in to me and hugged me for the first time in two weeks. “They invited me to go stay with them for a weekend. I’ll leave in two weeks. While I’m gone you’ll have to keep Chuck happy. So good luck to both of us.”

To be continued…

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