A First for Both of Us

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I Have NEVER Done This to Anyone Before!

This is for her – for you, baby – I wasn’t sure which way to write it (you/she), but after 3 hours sleep I’m tired, and I just wanted to get it down.

Last night was the second time she had slept in my bed in less than a week, and waking up beside her, my arms around her, is already all I want for the rest of my life.

She’s been gone an hour and I can still smell her on my sheets, my fingers – my whole body.

Trying to give the background to this would risk identifying us – however unlikely it might be – so I’m not going to.

And I can’t use your name, either, because it’s not exactly common, so I’m stuck with “she/her”.

Let’s just leave this bit at, “it’s complicated”.

Save to say – I fucking love going down on her.

And she loves me going down on her.

She has a very pretty – and I don’t care what she thinks of me saying it – little pussy, and her nub sits proud at the top of her lips, so easy to arouse. I love it. She tastes utterly wonderful. If I sit and really think about it, I have to say she has the best tasting cunt I have ever had. Dipping my tongue into her honeypot, literally drawing her juices out of her, drinking them down, is the sweetest feast I’ve ever known.

Having illegal bahis to leave her hot, sticky, wetness to work on her clit is difficult, to say the least, but the temporary disappointment is tempered by the knowledge that she will almost definitely be arching her back, crying out in agonising pleasure, cumming on my mouth, within a couple of minutes – two of my fingers or the toy inside her as my tongue drums as fast as I can manage on her clit to drive her over the edge.

And that’s how it started this morning.


But amazing as that was, I had no way of knowing what was to come.

After her second orgasm she lay in my arms, satisfied for now, flushed breathless and beautiful. I think I mentioned I love her pussy. Looking down between us I could see the folds of skin covering her bud, and I really couldn’t help myself. I spread some lube on her pussy lips, took the toy and slid it inside her. Kissing her chin and throat I whispered “touch yourself”, and was rewarded with the sight of her hand, tracing over her tiny, pert, perfect breasts, across her tummy, to begin rubbing herself.

For a few minutes I alternated between kissing her, looking in her eyes, and watching her trace circles around and over her clit, a couple of times bringing her illegal bahis siteleri hand to her lips to wet the tips before going back to work. And then I took over, I don’t remember why, but one second it was her fingers on her, the next it was mine. Rubbing, flicking, stroking. Until I realised the toy had slid out of her, leaving her empty. Craving being filled.

She was so wet – her juices plus the lube leaving her almost dripping – my fore and middle fingers slid up inside her with complete ease. She’s hot, wet, soft, beautifully contoured inside and she spread her legs wide, saying nothing but leaving me in no doubt that she wanted it deep and hard. Which she got. Fucking her cunt with those two fingers as deep and hard as I could, her breathing coming ragged and fast, her hips bucking against my hand, occasionally kissing me with her incredibly soft (pierced) tongue in my mouth (with apologies to JM – “one pair of candy lips and her bubblegum tongue”), her hand on my upper arm, guiding me, urging me on.

I made a point of saying which fingers I had inside her, because after a few minutes of those fingers driving into her pussy I made a slight change. My forefinger and little finger rested in the crook of her thighs and my middle two fingers worked their way inside canlı bahis siteleri her.

I had used the first two fingers rigged, like a replacement cock, fucking her fast and hard and deep, but with the new finger I bent them, hooked them up inside her, and instead of sliding them in and out, used them to almost try to lift her off the bed, the hard pad at the base of my thumb pressed hard on her clit, jerking my hand inside her.

She said afterwards it was the first time – although she said it might have happened when I was fucking her on Saturday night, but she’s not sure – and I know I’ve never done it to anyone before; it’s kind of hard to describe. All of a sudden her cunt burst. She literally flooded her juices into my hand, like a wave. I was looking in her eyes as it happened and she said I almost looked scared for a second. I managed to pump her a few more times, and she squirted. She actually fucking squirted, 1½, 2 feet up between our bodies, splashing my chest and the bedsheet with the clear, fresh, almost totally odourless fluid.

I had to remember to breathe. I was kissing her, I was in stunned disbelief, she was smiling at me, so so beautiful. My hand was cupped on her pussy, fingers still inside her, her juices filling my hand, and I felt like the only man who had ever made a woman squirt.

She’s been gone two hours and I miss her so much it hurts. The wet spot on the bed that I kissed time and again after she left is dry now, but I can still smell her on me, and I need her to come back soon.

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