A Girl With A Seduction Plan

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Libby would always remember the night before, always. Two of the most life changing things had happened to her. She had lost her virginity was the first major point. Although Libby had a reputation as being a bit of a whore at her high school, she had never actually had full-blown intercourse. The other major thing that had happened was that she had finally managed to seduce her brother, Pete. This was something Libby had been trying to do since she was about eighteen but had not succeeded at it until last night.

It had all started two years ago, on her eighteenth birthday. Libby threw a massive party to celebrate her eighteenth birthday; about halfway through she had gone to the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face. When she was walking back down the stairs Libby heard moaning. Being so naïve she instantly thought they must be moans of pain. Thinking her brother had taken ill she rushed to his door and looked through the crack. What she saw stayed with her forever. Pete was naked, on all fours with one hand pulling himself off. She was standing behind him and could see a porno mag underneath him full of girls wearing leather. There was a wax candle sticking out his anus, which he had obviously lodged there. He was moaning as pulled faster and faster not realising that all the time, his little sister was watching. What frightened Libby was the fact that she was getting wet watching her brother. After what seemed like a lifetime he came all over the magazine. Libby watched as he pulled out the candle from his backdoor and stood up. She crept off to her bedroom and after making sure the door was locked she masturbated quickly on the bed until she came, the picture of her brother still in her head.

After that night she decided that her project was to seduce her brother. It didn’t actually happen until she was twenty and Pete was twenty-four but she had always made small hints and gestures to try and give him the idea. For example one day Libby had “forgotten” she only had a t-shirt on when she went downstairs, when she knew her brother was behind her she lent right over to get something out of the fridge giving him an eyeful of her tiny ass and some of her cleanly shaven, pink, pussy. She had heard Pete half choke on his orange juice before quickly excusing himself to go to the bathroom. Another example of Libby’s hints was every time she was watching TV on the couch with her brother she would reach across him to get the remote control and “accidentally” brush her hand across his crotch. Not only did this type of thing excite her brother but also it exited Libby- knowing what she was doing seemed so wrong and so dirty and that was what turned her on.

It was hard for Libby to find exactly the right time to put her seduction plan into action because Pete went off to college and only came home in the summer and at Christmas. Libby, however, only went to the local college and stayed at home during term time. She knew the right time would present its self eventually but she had to wait a while. It was the summer when Libby was twenty it finally happened. Her parents had just installed a new hot tub on the back deck and she knew this would be vital to her plan. Her parents decided to spend a week in Portland without the kids for their anniversary canlı bahis şirketleri and she knew that this would be the time. Libby’s parents went away on the Friday and come Sunday Libby knew she had to put her plan into action. That day she went to the nearest Victoria’s secret and bought a dark red chemise that hardly covered her breasts, with maroon stockings and a garter belt to match.

Next she went to a shoe shop and bought some strappy high heels in the same colour. Libby also bought herself some maroon silk scarves and a lipstick. When she got home she set about preparing herself. She shaved her pussy, this she had been doing since she was seventeen so there really wasn’t a hair to be seen on her puffy pussy lips. She also washed her hair, shaved her legs and underarms and applied baby oil to soften up her skin. Once she was sure she was ready Libby went down stairs in a bikini that had also bought that day. The top half of the lilac bikini showed most of her voluptuous breasts and the bottom had was just as skimpy with bows holding it together at each side. Libby strutted into the sitting room where Pete was watching TV. She watched his eyes travel down her body to the end of her long legs and back up to her face. He obviously liked what he saw.

“Hey Pete, I’m getting in the hot tub. Why don’t you come and join me?” This was an offer that Pete was not going to refuse.

“Sure, Get in- I’ll join you in a minute.” He replied. Libby went into the kitchen and poured two large glasses of champagne before opening the deck doors and lowering herself into the hot tub. Pete joined her a little while later and she handed him a glass of champagne.

“Wow, sis, what’s the occasion?” he asked a little suspiciously.

“Oh nothing, I’ve just been noticing that you have been doing so much work recently and you need a treat.” She said in a low, suggestive voice.

“Well, I’m not arguing. What else have you got planned?” he asked.

“That would be telling now wouldn’t it but I assure you, you won’t forget tonight in a million years.” She said in the same voice. Libby swivelled herself around in the warm water so she was behind her brother. She started to rub his back. “You need to unwind Pete. That college life must take it out of you, I’ve never seen you so wound up.” Libby continued to rub his back instructing him to drink up. Once Pete had drunk the glass of champagne Libby handed him another. She knew how fast alcohol went to her brother and played on her knowledge. By the time he had consumed the two glasses he was quite drunk and ready for pretty much anything his sister had planned. Libby started to rub his back again this time getting lower and lower until she was almost massaging his ass. She rubbed his waist and brought her hands around to his toned stomach. Pete was completely relaxed in her arms until she started to bring her hands down towards his crotch.

“Wait, Libby, are you sure you should be…”

“Shhhh,” she cut him off mid sentence, ” I’m just looking after my brother the way a sister should.” Pete said nothing but his body did all the talking. Libby felt his erection grow in her hands as she ground her breasts into his back. When she slowly started to masturbate him he groaned with pleasure. Lust canlı kaçak iddaa had totally overtaken him and he turned around and tried to unhook her bikini top. ” Not here, come up to my bedroom in ten minutes,” Libby whispered getting out of the hot tub and heading upstairs. Once there she quickly changed into the underwear she had bought that day. Libby applied the lipstick and rubbed some oil onto her breasts to make her skin glow.

Ten minutes later Libby heard Pete climbing the stairs. He had obviously sobered up quite a lot as she heard him take the stairs two at a time. As he entered the room and saw her his cock instantly sprang to attention in his swimming trunks. “Y-y-you look amazing,” he said.

“Take off your shorts.” Libby demanded as a reply. Pete did so and Libby led him to her bed. When he was sitting up with pillows behind him she got the silk scarves and bound his hands to the bedposts. “Now just relax and let me do all the entertaining.” Pete did as he was told as his sister put on some sexy music. She began to sway to the rhythm running her hands up and down her body. Libby closed her eyes and cupped her breasts through the thin material of the chemise and pinched her nipples making them hard. She pulled down one strap after the other very slowly making sure her brother took in every inch of her body. Libby slipped the straps right off her shoulders and let the material fall down to the floor leaving her in the stockings, high heels and a thong. She continued to caress her breasts looking her brother right in the eye. He was very turned on at this point, his erection was throbbing and not being able to touch himself or Libby was driving him wild. She kept on swaying in time to the music as she kicked of her high heels in a seductive manner. Libby turned her back to her brother and unhooked both stockings from the garter belt, then she slowly bent down and ran her hands over her right leg. As she ran them down her thigh she took the stocking with her and when she reached her ankle she kicked it off and did the same to her left leg.

Then standing in just a thong she turned back around to face her brother. She slipped her thumbs inside the waistband and slowly removed the thong much to her brother’s delight. He could now see his sister in all her glory. Pete’s cock got even harder than it already was and he felt the first drops of pre-cum dribble down the shaft. Libby, still moving in time to the music put a finger in her mouth, she made eye contact with her brother and she sucked her finger then taking it out of her mouth she ran it down between her breasts, over her stomach and down to her pussy. She slowly ran the wet finger over the outer lips of her newly shaven cunt. As she did this she closed her eyes and let out a long moan mainly for her brother’s benefit. She walked over to the bed where Pete’s wrists and ankles were still bound to the bedposts. Libby climbed on to the bed and straddled her brother’s legs. She leaned down until her mouth was about an inch from Pete’s cock, then she looked him right in the eye and said teasingly, ” Tell me you want to feel my mouth on your cock, tell me that I am the hottest girl you have ever seen.”

“Oh please, I need your hot mouth, I want you to suck me off. You are so hot and canlı kaçak bahis you make me so hot just looking at you.” Said Pete almost pleading with his sister to stop teasing him. Thinking that Pete had waited long enough Libby lowered her head down on to his cock. She took about 5 inches of it before she felt it hit the back of her throat but he didn’t care that she was no expert at sucking him off. She continued to bob her head up and down his shaft before lifting her head up and concentrating all her attention on the head. She rolled her tongue around it and liked over his piss hole making Pete groan louder. He could feel the pressure building in his balls and knew he was close to coming. He wanted to come over Libby’s breasts so he told her to stop. She sat up and jerked him off with one hand whilst massaging his balls with another. This was just too much for Pete and he blew his load over her chest and stomach with great force. The white, sticky liquid started to drip down her torso so Libby started to rub it in to her breasts and lick her fingers so she could taste his salty juice.

Libby did not undo the scarves that bound his limbs. Instead she told him that now it was her turn. She turned around and straddled Pete’s face. She lowered her wet pussy down on to his waiting mouth. He ran his tongue right from her clit to her ass making sure she was nice and wet. He continued to lick the length of her puss but being quite experienced with liking pussies he knew how to drive her wild by varying the pressure he used and the direction of his stokes, he nibbled her clit gently making Libby’s hips buck wildly. She had never known pleasure like this in her life. He kept on playing with her clit with his tongue by flicking it and sucking gently. Then he ran his tongue to her now dripping hole and making a spear with his tongue he pushed it inside her making Libby shudder.

He thrust his tongue in and out of his sister getting deeper every time until he could tell she was very close to orgasm by the volume of her moans. His cock was now completely hard again and Libby knew that she needed to feel it inside her soon. She was a little nervous, as she had never had a cock as big as her brother’s in her before, she guessed it must have been about 9 or 10 inches long and the width of her wrist at least. She undid the maroon scarves and told him to take her doggy style. Libby got on to all fours and Pete positioned himself behind her. He ran his cock up and down the length of her pussy again to lubricate himself with his sister’s juices before putting the head of his cock against her now anticipating hole, he pushed quite hard as Libby was very tight but to no avail. It took quite a lot of pressure before the head slipped in. Libby moaned as she felt herself back at the brink of orgasm. Pete slipped inch after inch of his thick cock into Libby as she started to come.

She clenched her floor muscles around the 9-inch invader. Pete continued to thrust his cock in and out of his sister ever so slowly at first but getting faster and faster. Wave after wave of pleasure was hitting Libby and at one point she felt she might pass out- that was how heavily she was coming. Pete soon joined her as his thrusts became as fast as he could manage he felt his cum bubbling up and eventually erupted inside his sister. He felt his cock go limp inside her and withdrew it slowly so he could savour the last moments of being with his sister. The siblings fell asleep in each others arms completely exhausted from their steamy session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20