A Grandmother’s Love

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Ramesh could not believe that his parents were going away for the weekend and he would be staying home with his grandma, Lalitha.

‘Mom! Why can’t I stay home alone?’ he yelled.

‘We already talked about this Ramesh – ‘ Meena warned him,’ – your father needs help at his new construction site and I am going. That’s it.’

‘I am not a little kid. I am already in college for God’s sake. My friends were supposed to be here later today and I want to spend time with them, not Grandma.’

‘Look Ramesh. You haven’t seen your Grandma since you were in fifth grade. She is going to be here in ten minutes, so stop pouting and be on your best behavior.’

He crossed his hands and sat on the sofa. His thoughts went back to the CD he bought from the black market with his friends. Just the thought of the woman on the cover stirred up feelings between his legs. They were supposed to watch it today. He groaned and slumped against the sofa.

The doorbell rang.

‘Ramesh, Get the door.’

As he opened the door, Ramesh was a bit perplexed at the beautiful mature woman standing beyond the threshold.

‘Ummm… Who are – ‘

Before he could finish his thoughts, the woman rushed inside and crushed him in a bear hug.

‘Oh my lovely Ramesh. How has my grandson grown up so much?’

Ramesh could only wonder about the soft figure cuddled against his body and he drew in the scent of lemon against her curly hair. His grandmother was nothing like his past remembrance.

She released him and held his shoulders. Ramesh stared at the wide, soft brown eyes sizing him up and the lovely lock of twisted grey hair that crossed her face.

Just then Meena entered the room. ‘Mom! It’s so nice to see you.’

As the ladies talked over things, Ramesh went to the sofa and sat on trembling legs. He had to walk jagged to hide his erection. He threw a surreptitious look at his grandma.

At sixty, Lalitha did not resemble her age. She looked more like forty and the soft November light almost bounced off her skin. She wore a sleeveless black blouse and her bosom was barely contained by her sunflower patterned white sari that elegantly softened against her entire body. He saw her slightly flabby belly between the folds of her saree and he slowly put his right hand within his shorts pocket trying to push his engorged member down.

Her boobs were slightly saggy but more rounded and arched like a well-tuned missile ready for launch. Her curly black hair was powdered with streaks of grey and set loose against her shoulders which added to her sex appeal. As Lalitha spoke animatedly, her saree drooped down exposing her wide white cleavage to Ramesh.

They finished talking and Meena took her bags outside.

‘Don’t cause any trouble to grandma,’ Meena said and then she was gone.

Lalitha walked to Ramesh with a sway of her curved hips, sat near him and whispered, ‘We have a lot to talk about, don’t we Ramesh?’

Ramesh blushed and he felt as if his grandma had eyed his erection but could not be sure. Lalitha gave him a kiss on his cheeks.

‘I will take a bath and come back,’ she said, her voice husky and lustrous against his ears.

They talked and had dinner later in the evening. Lalitha went to do some chores in the kitchen and Ramesh sat in his room unable to keep his thoughts from her. Even the way she walked stirred his loins.

It was night time and finally Lalitha peeked and came into his room.

‘Good night Ramesh,’ she went near him and placed a kiss on his forehead.

‘Grandma! Can you sleep here with me today?’ Ramesh asked her with pleading eyes. ‘You can tell me stories like you used to do when I was a kid.’

Lalitha was a little hesitant. She realized that Ramesh was already eighteen and on the verge of becoming an adult. She had felt him staring at her all day. Anyways, it was probably just her imagination.

Lalitha nodded and sat down on the bed cross legged. Ramesh placed his head on her lap while his hands were cuddled against her waist. Lalitha sighed. It had been a long time since she was in the company of any adult and even though it was her grandson, she felt a spike of pleasure.

She started to recite some old stories and Ramesh listened. After some time, Lalitha felt pangs of drowsiness hit her and slowly drifted off.

As Lalitha nodded off, her body leaned down and her heavy bosom buried against Ramesh’s mouth. Suddenly she awoke and jolt back up in a feeling of dread as she felt her breast buried against Ramesh. She tilted her head to the right to check on illegal bahis Ramesh. He was in a deep sleep.

She did not want to disturb him. She ran her hand through his hair and stroked his face. It had been a surprise to see Ramesh so grown up. Felt it just yesterday when he was a little boy.

Pale moonlight filtered through the windows and gave a intimate feeling to the bedroom. She observed Ramesh’s even breathing and ran her eyes over his body. Ramesh had a muscular frame, probably from going to gym daily, she thought. Then her eyes went down his stomach and she almost yelled in surprise. His shorts had formed a big tent.

She couldn’t believe that her grandson was having an erection. And she could feel it was big even without touching it. There was a warm feeling and moistness in her nether regions after a very long time.

Her breath quickened.

Then she righted herself back and slowly laid Ramesh’s head on the pillow. She would have to head back and sleep in her own room today.


‘Grandma…’ Ramesh called her and she turned back. His face was still hid in the darkness.

‘Can I cuddle with you and sleep?’

‘Sure you can,’ Lalitha said, not believing the words that came out of her mouth just now.

She went to the bathroom to adjust her Sari and after washing her face crept back into the bed right alongside Ramesh.

Did Ramesh feel her breast against his face? Lalitha thought.

No… he would have been too asleep to feel anything. She would have to stop worrying unnecessarily.

There was just a big blanket for both of them to share. Lalitha pulled up the blanket covering both of them and went to sleep.

Ramesh opened his eyes an hour later. He could still feel his grandmother’s breasts against his face as she had drifted off to sleep earlier. His body had been wound to a tight coil and his heart hammered since then.

He slowly turned his body between the sheets and saw Lalitha sleeping on her side facing away from him. Her left hand rested underneath her head and her right hand against the side. Ramesh edged towards her and put his arms around Lalitha.

For a moment he thought she felt her stir but then there was no further reaction from her.

His breath was acid and he found it hard to control his breath. He edged more closer and his chest touched her back. He slid his right hand underneath hers and lay his hand against her soft belly.

His cock was rock hard and he shifted his hips slightly away from her body to avoid it touching her. Lalitha did not stir.

He felt the nape of her shoulders and breathed hard. His lips brushed against her neck. His right hand softly squeezed her belly and Lalitha let out a whimper. Ramesh started and looked at her. She was still sleeping.

Feeling better, he brushed his hands all over her stomach occasionally touching the underside of her blouse every now and then. Sensing no reaction he felt more confident and moved his hands over the blouse and with a warm grip caressed her breasts from the outside. The sensation was much better than watching the movies. They were so much softer and firmer. He moaned and almost came in his pants.

He felt the quickening of her breath. All of a sudden, Lalitha leaned back and Ramesh felt his grandmother’s ass grinding against his swollen cock.


A soft moan escaped from Lalitha’s lips.

Ramesh was startled but his grandmother’s eyes were still closed. He was afraid but all that testosterone pumping through his body wanted him to take risks.

He grew more determined. He thrusted slowly against her ass while his hands fondled her breasts through the blouse. His lips planted wet kisses against her neck and slowly he felt reaction from her in the form of soft moans. He did not know what to make of it but as long as his grandmother was asleep he did not care.

His fingers traced around her blouse searching for her nipples. He could not believe that he was dry humping her ass and still moving ahead with this. Suddenly Lalitha got up and turned around.

Ramesh closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. He was sure he was caught. The thought of his Grandmother telling his Mom about this made him more scared. He kept the corner of his eyes open and observed her reaction. Thankfully his grandmother got up and went to the bathroom. She came out after some time and went back to sleep, this time facing him.

Ramesh waited for some time to quell his beating heart. He was almost caught last time. After some time, he felt his grandmother move illegal bahis siteleri closer to him and place one hand on his waist. He responded in turn and moved closer to her.

Soon her breathing was even and Ramesh placed his hands on her breasts much more emboldened than before.

They felt much more firmer and softer to the touch. A small smile began to form at the corner of Lalitha’s lips. Ramesh noticed it and did not know whether to ignore it or not. But as his hands contoured the mounds of her boobs he suddenly understood.

His grandmother was not wearing a blouse.

Why had she taken it off? Ramesh thought. There was only one explanation.

She had taken it off deliberately.

It meant only one thing. That she was aware of his mischief from the beginning and she liked it…

Ramesh could not believe his good luck. Lalitha moved closer and ground her body against him. She planted wet kisses on his face but her eyes were still closed.

He did not wait any longer. His fingers dug underneath her Saree in search of her elusive nipples. Looks like she was not wearing a bra either.

His lust was out of the gates.

Ramesh went around the sides of the saree, slipped his hands under and grabbed her breasts. He had big hands but still could only grab half her breasts underneath his palm.

She moaned.

He traced his fingers and found her big nipples, standing long and proud, erect and rigid against all authority pointing upward like an Eiffel tower.

Lalitha moaned and this time Ramesh kissed her on the lips. They kissed long and hard, breathing on each other.

‘Ramesh, Kiss me dear…hmmm…’ moaned Lalitha.

‘Grandma…’ Ramesh nuzzled against her and slid his tongue underneath hers. Their tongues swished back and forth like the blades of a Sword, each one pushing and slicing the other. Their saliva mingled with each other.

Lalitha’s eyes were open now and she kissed Ramesh back with a fervor. She was not going to lose against the young man.

Ramesh removed the saree from the top of her body and stood transfixed by the sight of her breasts. They were colossal and at this age though slightly saggy were upright and defiant of gravity.

He pounced and grabbed each breasts in hand.

‘Grandma… Grandma…’ he moaned and squeezed the breasts.

‘Hnnn… Ramesh. Medhuva pannuda (Do it slowly).’

He licked her taut nipples and kissed all over her boobs. Lalitha squirmed as her body brought back long forgotten sensations and affections inside her. Her juiced soaked on to her white saree. Her fingers sloped down against his back and then she grabbed the front of his shorts.

Ramesh was startled and hummed against her ears. ‘It’s alright Ramesh. Paatty (Grandma) will take care of you.’

She pushed him back and took off her Saree. Ramesh’s eyes ogled the sight in front of him. In the moonlight, his grandmother looked like a goddess. Her ripe mangoes were big and firm and juicy while her tongue ran around her lips taunting him.

He took off his T-shirt and kept his hands on his shorts when Lalitha knocked his hands out.

‘I will take it off,’ she said and there was bright twinkle in her eyes. She slithered down his body and dragged her breasts against his hard boner.

She bit playfully around the corners of his waist and her teeth pulled back his waistband. Her fingers expertly undid the laces of his shorts and with a practiced pull, she yanked it out.

He felt his grandmother’s eyes roaming around the bulge from his Jockey. She eyed him with a lustrous and warm look, and then placed her hands on his boxers grabbing his junk.

Ramesh gasped.

‘Hmm… Evlo perusa irukku. Ellame enakka da? (How big your cock is. Is it all for me?)’

Without waiting for a response, she stroked his cock from the outside – up and down, up and own, her movements neither too hard nor soft. Ramesh could only twist and strain his hips. He could not believe that his grandmother was stroking his cock.

Lalitha pulled down his boxers and stared at the hard penis bobbing and twitching in front of her. Even her husband’s was not this big, she thought and licked her lips.

It must have been seven inches long. She moaned and kissed his cock. Ramesh flopped like a fish pulled out of water. He gasped for breath and sighed loud.

Lalitha licked the top of his penis and felt small batches of precum accumulate. Without preamble, she licked the juice and moved her hands up and down the cock peeling back his foreskin. With the glistening canlı bahis siteleri red helmet head in view, she could not wait any longer.

‘Ramesh… Yennayum seida (Do me also),’ she whispered. Then she pulled down her panties, turned back and ground her pussy against his face.

Ramesh was fascinated by the sight of the beautiful pubic mound in front of his eyes. They were like the petals of a rare and exotic orchid, its fragrance musky and sugary at the same time filling him with longing and delight, wanting him to taste the sweet nectar hidden within that beautiful flower.

He pulled her down on his face. He spread her ass and could see the little brown starfish just above her golden gates. Ramesh stuck out his tongue and licked her pussy up and down, up and down taking in all of her in his mouth

Lalitha moaned and her entire body squirmed. She gulped his entire cock, sucking and licking it inside her mouth. She licked around the base of his redhead and all around the base of his trunk without missing a beat.

Ramesh inhaled her aroma and inserted a finger into her vagina.

‘Ramesh… Ahh… Hmmmmmmmm…You are doing so good…’

He thrust his hips upward. ‘Grandma… Lick mine more and more…’

He sucked her clit and Lalitha moaned. He felt her tighten against him as he put two more fingers inside her.


Lalitha felt his member harden more and knew that he was on the verge. Ramesh moved his hips in an effort to take it out of her mouth before he came. But Lalitha was relentless.

‘Grandma… Grandma… I am about to…’

‘I know Ramesh. Don’t worry.’


‘Don’t worry and let it all out baby. Your grandma will take it in.’

Ramesh could not believe it. His grandmother wanted his cum. In return, he wanted to make her cum as well.

He thrust licked his tongue around her pussy and inserted his thumb inside her ass. He now had three fingers inside her pussy and his thumb corking her ass.

‘No Ramesh. Don’t put it there…Hah…’

Lalitha had never one up her butt and it was so dirty. She wanted to stop Ramesh but it was so much pleasure than ever before. It was filthy and she liked it.

His pelvis tightened. He grunted and licked her ass and pussy alternately while his fingers worked their magic inside her. Lalitha moved her mouth up and down his shaft while her hands squeezed his testicles beneath.

‘Grandma… Grandma… I am about to come.’ Ramesh moaned and thrust his hips up. He felt a roller coaster of emotions boiling within him, his temperature shooting up and up.

Then he exploded in her mouth.

‘Hmmmmmnnnnnn…’ Lalitha felt him launch to a point of no return. Then without warning, he came.

He kept on coming, fast and fast, more faster than Lalitha could swallow and when it was over, she had drunk only half of it.

The cum dripped from her mouth and waxed his warm and wet penis. She bent down and a new sensation of eventuality took over and she cried out.

Ramesh felt his grandmother’s juice filling up his mouth and he licked and fingered her feverishly until she was spent like a strung bow.

Lalitha gasped and moaned and cried and yelped as she came in bouts and bouts. She licked her grandson’s remaining juice from his now soft, floppy penis and gently licked his balls.

They were both exhausted and spent out. Lalitha dropped back and lay stretched out besides Ramesh. She smiled and drew him in and they both kissed each other mixing and tasting the juices from the other’s mouth.

Lalitha could already feel the swell of Ramesh’s cock as it slowly came back to life.

‘Grandma…’ Ramesh buried his head between her breasts and she hugged him back.

She grabbed his penis and it was already hard and rigid roaring back to action underneath her palm.

How she missed her youth, Lalitha mused back to the older days.

‘Ramesh dear, you are already hard,’ she whispered against his ears.

‘It’s all for you Grandma…’

‘As much as I want to do something for my grandson, I am already tired out for the day.’

‘Hmm…’ he snuggled against her.

‘If you let Grandma sleep for tonight, I will do something special for you tomorrow, alright?’

‘Yes…Yes…’ Ramesh’s imagination ran wild as his mind tried to uncover what his Grandmother would have planned for the next day. A thousand thoughts flew inside his head like butterflies.

‘However, before that – ‘ Lalitha smiled at him, ‘- do you think Grandma would let you sleep with this hard one?’

She moved her hands quickly with a practiced expertise and Ramesh was quick to come this time on her thighs.

Enamored and excited with the thoughts of tomorrow, Lalitha and Ramesh drifted off to sleep entwined in each others arms.

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