A Horse of a Different Kind

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A Horse of a Different Kind

I want to start by saying that per the current medical community, the average size of a male penis is 5.1 inches; while the average depth of the female vagina is 3.5 inches and then elongates during arousal. Most men don’t have a ten inch cock; and no, most women don’t have their cervix banged during sex. While some will say fantasy imitates art, I prefer to let fantasy exaggerate reality. So, it’s time to let our fantasy run wild and thank you for reading.

Claire Barr rolled over on her bed and sat up on the edge. Reaching up she wiped the sweat that threatened to drip from her brow. Now THAT had been a work out she sighed. She stared out her bedroom window as her mind went over not only what had just happened, but more the why.

Some people say there is that “moment”, that epiphany. For Claire it had been a collection of moments that had culminated together. At forty-eight she had been enduring the battle with menopause for the last few years. While there were the usual hot flashes and mood swings, what had hit the hardest was the sudden surge in her libido. To put it plainly, she couldn’t get fucked enough.

Adding to the collection of moments was her husband of twenty years being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. It had been benign and he was treating it medically; but it had created an unknown problem; erectile dysfunction.

Oh the Viagra helped some, but as his ‘manhood’ was affected, so was his drive. Embarrassed he couldn’t perform he had drawn back on his drive. While Gary’s drive had dropped Claire found hers going through the roof.

They had always been the average couple, sex a couple of times a week, usually missionary, and for both satisfying. This new constant urge was new to Claire, and it didn’t help that Gary seemed almost oblivious to it.

That growing gap had led to Claire resorting to the old standby, the dildo. She had amassed quite a collection over the last couple of years. The regular rubber penis, the vibrating egg, even a multi-function rabbit was stashed away in her bedside stand.

The art of masturbation was something Claire had cultivated into a true art form over time. There had been porn videos on her laptop, and all the usual fantasies that fueled her sex starved hormones. It had been the fantasies that had added the last “moment” to her collection.

God, she sighed. It could have been anyone. Some hung stud ravishing her needy body, some nameless ten inch cock pounding into her. Ten inches, she shuddered and looked back at the recent addition to her toy collection. It lay on her bed, coated in her white cream; she reached out and picked it up, staring at the tan rubber.

God why did it have to be Evan, she sighed. She rose and walked to her bedside stand, sliding the toy inside; she had to almost bend it to get it to fit.

Evan was Evan Barr; her son and the current focus of her nastiest fantasies. Claire shuddered at what would go through her mind when she thought of her son. He was so innocent of what he even did to her.

For Claire and Gary, Evan had been a miracle child. The doctors had told her she couldn’t get pregnant, then a little over a year later the bundle of joy had entered their life.

Now that bundle of joy stood six foot tall, his piercing blue eyes and quick smile melted Claire whenever she had tried to discipline the boy.

At first Claire had thought Evan was just painfully shy, but he seemed to have friends easily enough. No it wasn’t friends that had triggered the final moment; it had been girlfriends. Or the lack of them Claire thought.

Evan had dated a few girls, but usually only a time or two and then the girls seemed to vanish. Eventually the dating had just seemed to go away entirely. Now in his senior year of high school, Claire had been shocked when Evan had announced he wasn’t going to his senior prom. She had been confused and worried, what eighteen year old didn’t want to go to his senior prom.

She had badgered Evan about the issue, even tried using her husband to find out the reason. The badgering finally came to a head three weeks ago when Evan had come home from playing basketball with his friends. Covered in sweat, wearing only his loose shorts, she had confronted him in the hallway outside his bedroom door. For Claire it was like it had happened just today.

“I don’t understand Evan” she had told her son. “What is it about prom?” she asked.

“I just don’t want to go” her son had answered sullenly.

“Evan, what’s wrong” Claire asked. “Is it dating, is that the problem?”

“Yeah, kind of” Evan had told her.

Claire had steeled herself for that moment. “What, are you gay” she had pushed back at her son. “Is that why you won’t date?”

“Jesus mom, not every guy who doesn’t date is gay” Evan snorted back.

“Honey it’s OK” she had tried consoling her son. “If you are, your father and I will work it out.”

“I’m not GAY” Evan had screamed at her in the hallway. “I’m a fucking illegal bahis FREAK OK mom.”

Claire had been stunned by his announcement. Was there something she didn’t know about her own son? Did he have acne all over his body? Did he have some kind of growth she had missed?

“Honey….” Claire tried to find words that day. Then it happened, Evan moved to stand in front of her.

“There isn’t a girl in school that will go with me” he had almost sobbed. “Why do you think they called me horse all the way through school” she could remember his voice cracking.

“It’s because of THIS!” Evan had yelled.

At that moment, the raging hormones, the prostate issues, all the fantasies collided as her eighteen year old son had jerked his jockey shorts to his knees.

“Oh My God” Claire had whispered as IT came into view.

It had to have been at least seven or eight inches long, and it was soft. Jesus how big was it when it got hard. Claire had not been able to tear her eyes from the sight of her sons’ massive cock as it swung between his thighs.

“See, even you admit I’m a freak” Evan had told her. “My own mother staring at the freak” her son had growled.

“Oh baby” Claire had almost moaned. She was stunned to feel her nipples harden to pebbles inside the cups of her bra.

“What girl wants THIS shoved up them” Evan had ranted. “One look and they all run away screaming freak.”

Before Claire had the opportunity to respond, Evan had turned and gone into his room; slamming his door behind him. Claire stood frozen in the hallway as the image of her sons’ cock burned in her mind. His words, shoving that monster inside some girl, sent a sudden gush of wetness into her panties.

“Evan” she remembered whispering and then slowly pulled herself away and down the hall.

That had been the culmination of her moments, Claire realized. From there every fantasy began to revolve around that slab of meat. To the point she had searched on amazon and found a ten inch realistic cock toy. The same one she had just spent over an hour ramming up her tight pussy as the image of her son pounding into her filled her fevered brain.

Twice over the last three weeks Claire had tried to banish the thoughts using her husband. The first had failed miserably when Gary’s poor six inch cock had barely gotten past half mast. The second time he had simply grunted and rolled over in bed, leaving the mature mother to fall into a fitful sleep filled with dreams of her sons’ massive dong.

As Claire glanced at the clock, she knew Evan would be home from school soon. Even after torturing her body with the massive toy, she could still feel that burning need between her thighs. Something was going to give she knew, and soon.

After dinner that evening Claire sat watching television with her husband as Evan studied in his room.

“Has Evan said anything to you about prom” Claire finally broached the subject.

“No he hasn’t, why” Gary barely took his eyes off the television.

“He won’t go, he doesn’t have a date” Claire said softly.

“Bullshit” her husband spit out. “Every kid needs to go to prom. Hell I didn’t have a date either, never let that stop me” he grunted.

“What’s his problem” Gary suddenly asked.

“He has…an issue” Claire tried to find the words.

“What, something wrong with him” her husband asked.

“No, he’s perfect” Claire felt a tingle between her thighs at her answer.

“Then he can just go with his buddies” Gary said as he changed channels on the television.

“They all have dates” Claire complained.

“Then find the damn boy a date” was her husbands’ gruff reply.

“Prom is next weekend, where would we find a girl by then?” Claire asked stunned at her husbands’ suggestion.

“Why don’t you go” Claire sat in shock at her husband.

“What…me” she stuttered.

“Not like junior here is doing anything next weekend” Gary waved at his crotch. “Go out, have a nice dinner, do some dancing. Let the boy enjoy his prom” her husbands’ words seared into Claire.

“Honey…” Claire tried to softly object.

“What?” her husband turned finally and looked at her. “Not like you’re going to fuck him. Though God knows you could use it” he half laughed.

“Gary” Claire couldn’t help but gasp.

After finishing the short discussion with her husband, Claire quietly ascended the stairs towards Evan’s door. She could feel small somersaults in her belly as she approached the cracked door.

Easing the door slightly open, Claire glanced inside and froze at the sight. Instead of studying at his desk, Evan was stretched out full length on his bed. He held his IPad in one hand while his other slid up and down on his cock.

Three weeks ago she had seen it as it swung soft between his thighs. For the first time her eyes locked onto his erect cock. She barely stifled the groan as his hand barely encircled the thick pole. It stood straight up like a massive redwood sprouting from the hair of his groin. You’re right, she thought to illegal bahis siteleri her husband sitting downstairs. I would fuck that thing in a heartbeat she thought.

Easing the door back shut, she tapped lightly and called to her son. She could hear clothing rustle as he covered himself.

“Yeah” Evan called from the other side of the door.

Claire slipped through the door and stepped to the side of his bed. Her eyes couldn’t help but see the gigantic lump in his sheet he had thrown over himself.

“Evan, your father and I have been talking” Claire had to clear her throat from the dryness. “You are going to prom” She said firmly.

“Mom, we had this discussion” Evan pleaded back.

“Your father and I…your father” Claire changed tactics. “Has decided you should go” she said.

Claire eased herself to sit on the bed next to him. The fact she was only inches away from that magnificent cock sent a tremor through her belly. She reached out and rested a hand on his thigh.

“Mom…please” Evan almost cried.

“You’ll be fine sweetie” Claire said softly.

“I don’t have a date” Evan tried to dissuade his mother. “I don’t even have a tux” he tried to find excuses.

“We’ll get you a tux next week” Claire told him. “As for a date, you’re taking me.”

“Mom, you know why” Evan was still trying.

“I’m well aware of your…issue” Claire answered back. As she rose from the bed she deliberately let her fingers trace over that huge lump in the sheets.

“Quite frankly” she whispered. “That’s why you are taking me” She told Evan.

Evan could only lay in shock as his mother slipped from the room. Had his mom just touched his cock? Had she really just admitted she was going with him because of his cock?

For the next week Claire felt almost giddy as she prepared. A trip to town and a rental store arranged for Evan’s tux. Thank god she did his laundry; it gave her all the sizes she needed to fit him.

A second trip, with the credit card blessing of her husband, and a new dress with matching heels entered her closet. When Gary had seen her choice that night, he had whistled.

“You’re going to give the poor boy a raging boner” he laughed.

Claire had blushed at her husbands’ comment. God if he only knew, she thought. The thought of seeing that cock hard because of her, sent a shiver down the mature mothers’ spine.

By Saturday, Claire spent most of the day in her room. She was afraid to let Evan see her until they were both ready. As she stood in front of her closet mirror something gazed back that she barely recognized.

The bright red dress hung to just above her knees, demurely hiding her legs. That was until she moved, then the slit along the one side opened, showing an expanse of creamy flesh that rose clear up her thigh.

The six inch heels highlighted her freshly painted toenails. They had been tricky to walk in, but Claire had spent the week mastering movement, and now felt fairly comfortable in them.

But it was the top of the dress that drew the eyes. The plunging front gave way to the valley of her cleavage, as her 34C’s pressed together. The wide open back gave mute evidence she was not wearing a bra, a fact also obvious from the two small mounds that poked at the front of her dress.

The waist of the dress dipped in and then hugged her full hips, showing off the curves that come with maturity. She only hoped the dress wouldn’t be too much.

As she slowly descended the stairs, she knew she had hit pay dirt as Evan stared open mouthed at her. Her long brunette hair fell in waves about her bare shoulders, as she clutched her small handbag in one hand.

“Do you like” she asked as she came to a stop only a few feet from her son.

“Jesus mom” Evan breathed. “You look fantastic.”

“I’ll take that as a yes” Claire glanced down at the obvious bulge in Evans trousers. “And you look very handsome” she reached out and straightened the lapel of his tuxedo.

“Don’t you two look the pair” Gary’s voice cut through the foyer. “Remember boy, she’s Claire tonight not mom, got it” he chuckled. “Stick it to the poor bastards with their plain Jane girlies.”

Evan blushed at his father’s words. He was embarrassed at the reaction of his cock to seeing his beautiful mother. The fact she had acknowledged it stunned him.

“Have fun baby” Gary leaned over and kissed his wife’s’ cheek. “Here” he handed a small envelope to Evan. “For when the prom dance is done, you might need it.”

Before the pair could even reply, Gary headed back to the living room and his television.

‘Shall we” Claire asked softly.

Ever the gentleman, Evan held the car door open and watched as his mother slipped in. His eyes were riveted to the expanse of leg that slipped free through her dress slit. Sliding into the driver’s seat he glanced over and was stunned to see his mother made no attempt to adjust her dress.

As the pair drove towards town, Evan tried to steal discreet glances at that supple thigh peeking through canlı bahis siteleri her dress slit.

“Evan” Claire said softly.

“Sorry mom, I mean Claire” Evan stuttered.

“Evan” Claire rested a palm on his thigh. “You can look, go ahead I like it” she smiled.

“Jesus” Evan groaned softly.

“So where are we going” Claire asked, trying to break the ice.

“The Carlton” Evan said maneuvering the car. “It’s the only place with a ballroom big enough.”

Claire nodded her head. The Carlton Hotel was renowned for their ballroom, and held some of the biggest events in the city. It was also very formal and for once she was glad of her dress selection.

Parking with the valet, Claire slipped her arm inside Evans and the pair entered his senior prom. For the next hour she stayed tight to his side as Evan drifted from one group of friends to another. She smiled and shook hands as her son introduced her as Claire Greene, his date.

Claire was surprised the first time Evan used her maiden name. The fact he even remembered surprised her, but it also impressed her that her son was thinking on his feet. Good move not using the same last name, she thought.

What shocked her were the looks she kept getting. First from the girls whose unconcealed stares bore what Claire could only call jealousy; to the hungry looks in the eyes of most of the boys in the room.

It wasn’t more than moments after Evan stepped away to get them both some punch, that two of the boys approached. Claire tried not to laugh at their clumsy attempts at making a pass at her.

“She’s taken” a gruff voice came behind Claire. She turned in surprise to see Evan standing there holding two glasses of punch, anger burning in his eyes. No not anger, something else, Claire realized.

Dismissing the two young suitors, Claire accepted the drink. “Something wrong Evan” she asked.

“They were hitting on you” her son half growled.

“That bothers you” Claire tried a soft probe.

“Fuckers” Evan breathed.

“Someone is jealous” the mother couldn’t help but smile.

“I shouldn’t be, but I am” Evan grunted.

“Good” Claire looked her son in the eyes. “They will try and come back, so if you want to stake your claim; you better be serious mister” she softly told her son.

Three dances and an hour later, and Claire knew Evan wasn’t just serious; he was deadly serious. Never once during that time did he let her out of his eye sight. Every time a boy came within ten feet, he wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her tighter.

Claire reveled in the attention; it had been decades since she had been to a dance; and to be the center of a man’s attention. As the evening started to wind down, Claire found Evan pulling her to the dance floor once again.

Wrapping her arms around her sons’ neck, she snuggled in close, swaying to the slow music. It took less than two minutes before she could feel the hardening bulge press against her belly.

“You’re hard” Claire whispered up at her son.

“God…I’m so sorry…” Evan sputtered.

“Don’t be” Claire told her son. “There are a lot of beautiful girls here.”

Her sons’ sudden silence caught Claire. Sliding one hand from his neck she brought his face down until their eyes met.

“Who is she” Claire asked softly.

“I can’t…” Evan almost moaned.

“Who, tell me?” Claire persisted.

“You” Evan finally gasped out.

“You know how wrong this is” Claire’s soft voice reached up to her son.

“Yes, and I can’t help it” she heard her sons’ admission.

“Why, I want to hear it.” She asked.

“You’re beautiful, you’re sexy and you’re desirable.” Evan almost gushed out. “You know…me…and yet you aren’t afraid” his eyes brimmed with tears.

With a shudder, Claire decided it was time to put her cards on the table. Evan had given her his confession, now it was her turn. She pressed her body into his, feeling that growing snake against her belly.

“Baby you have no idea” Her voice was husky. “I wouldn’t be running away, I would be running TO you” she breathed in his ear.

“Oh God mom” Evan trembled at her words.

“I think it’s time we left” Claire told her son.

Slowly the pair walked back to their table where Claire gathered her small handbag. Suddenly Evan stopped as if remembering. Reaching inside the breast pocket of the tuxedo, he drew out the small white envelope his father had given him.

Flipping open the top, he pulled out a small piece of paper. His eyes stared at it as if not understanding what it was.

“Jesus Christ” Claire heard her son whisper. “It’s an online voucher for a room at the Carlton” he told her.

“It’s what” Claire asked stunned.

“Dad booked us a room” Evan said stunned.

“It can’t be” Claire took the small paper.

Sure enough, it was exactly what Evan had said. Gary had gone online, booked a room for two at the Carlton, and had put the confirmation and payment information into the envelope.

Claire opened her small handbag and pulled out her cellphone. Her fingers flew over the keys.

‘Gary why’ she hit send. It only took a moment for the screen to flash an answer. ‘Because I can’t but he can. Have fun both of you and I love you both’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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