A Lifetime Kink Ch. 12

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Author’s Note:

It’s hard to believe that I’ve written so much in such a short space of time on this story, and looking back it’s been quite an eye-opener. As expected, A Lifetime Kink has divided people, but not in the way I imagined.

Then again, the story also went in directions that I didn’t imagine. I had extensively planned from chapter to chapter, and sometimes got ahead of myself. And there were rewrites, and sometimes changes of heart and conscience.

In the end I’m happy with the outcome and it seems that many of you are too. So thank you for your patience. And otherwise what will be will be. Now this is the current conclusion, but not the absolute end.

Very special thanks to bwmom, RanDog025, LoganFC23 for your constant support throughout.


Sunday morning Stevie came around lying alone in her own bed. A brilliant blue and cloudless sky tempted her from the other side of the window, the blinds turned inward. If only she had the strength to move. Her legs, her arms, everything felt like a dead weight.

Just lying there, staring out through the window at that sky, barely breathing, barely even blinking, beyond the sound of the neighbours’ lawnmowers whirring along the pounding silence insisted of reality’s walls caving in.

She could not get last night out of her mind…

So she had sucked his cock. Stevie had sucked her son’s cock, long and hard until he erupted all over her hands, her tits, himself – everywhere!

And he was such a heavy comer. There had been so much of it, so much more than that one time she had watched him masturbate. The force alone she had never seen anyone spurt so hard.

Equally light-hearted and light-headed, Stevie had run off to the bathroom to clean herself up, and then returned to his bedroom with a damp towel to rub him down. And few words were possible as these events took place, or after. But no words were needed.

That’s as far as they went and they seemed happy enough about it. It was all so much to take in, and they were so tired in the end that sleep, not sex, was the next logical step. Sleep, not sex, and not regretting the now inevitable sex for happening too soon and all at once.

To go all the way, even if they had the time and strength, would have been an impossible distance to recover from. And now to enforce that belief, Stevie lay there in her own bed the next morning feeling like she’d been run over by a truck in her sleep; flattened physically and emotionally.

She always thought that she’d feel something profound inside, but for the first time since forever, there was nothing but silence, and she didn’t even know how to feel about that. She imagined that she’d have a lot to think about too, but all the same nothing came.

‘I thought I might hear hell calling,’ she thought as ruminations eventually began to swirl, and as anxiety lurched like a dying dog at the roadside. But there had been no angry god, no divine lightning rod with which to punish her.

‘Just spare me the dread of regretting what I don’t regret,’ she prayed in the silence before forcing herself up. She looked at the bedside clock, shocked more awake when she saw only half an hour remaining before noon came.

Stevie had slept like the dead, and quite frankly she felt it.

And what happened between such people – those who dared to love their own flesh and blood that little bit more, those society shunned and ostracised for crossing the line from disciplined nurture over to baser human nature?

It was what they both wanted. Whether they would regret it, time would tell, but for now normality called – normality and responsibility, even if it was the lord’s day of rest.

They had met in the middle, both consenting adults, but was there a middle-ground? Could they still be family after what they had done? Did they fall in love now, or later?

Or did they just… fall…


She felt worse about the time, and maybe that should have shocked her, all things considered. But that wasn’t on her mind. Lee had been awake a good two hours before her and was lounging around in the sun outside, again in just his shorts.

Stevie walked achingly on two lazy legs that wouldn’t wake up, flat-footed and waddling like a mummy muddled up in its dusty old bandages. Still, after her morning shower she looked good and smelled good.

As she made coffee, he retreated from the sun into the kitchen and walked up behind her barefoot and unrecognised. Had she seen him or heard him? How would she be today? Lee had spent his time alone thinking a million different things, and each with a million different outcomes.

He snuck up to shock her as she flipped on the coffee machine’s switch, spoilt for choice as to where his hands might land. Apprehension warned him. Maybe she wouldn’t react so well. In fact how would they now react to each other?

Stevie was dressed in a pair of loose fitting white short shorts and a pink strappy vest with no telltale signs of a bra underneath. Temptation conflicted illegal bahis with funny bone and vice versa. Instead of tickling her, or grabbing her tits from behind – and he really wanted to – Lee pushed himself up against her carefully, grabbing two handfuls of her inviting bottom, and let her reaction take care of the rest.

Yelping her surprise, Stevie bounced off the worktop and back into his hands, then finding herself trapped. ‘I nearly had a heart attack,’ she admonished briefly before offering him the slightest glance – hinting her embarrassment – before wishing him a good morning.

‘It’s after noon,’ Lee corrected her, giving her a light pat on the bottom before slinking over to her side, facing the same row of cupboards.

‘Don’t remind me,’ Stevie replied and yawned.

‘You must have needed it,’ he offered.

‘Mm-hmm,’ she agreed, nodding off the back of that long yawn. Again, she dared to look at him. If ever a boy could appear both innocent and guilty at once, the little devil. Lee regarded her with a wry but effortless smile, which she immediately mirrored.

Still no word of last night, it was too soon, they pretended as though everything was like clockwork. Business as usual, they stood in silence, both of them subject to flashes of images of the things they had done.

‘What are you doing today?’ Stevie asked after a while, enamoured by the aroma of the rich Colombian roast that filled her nostrils.

‘I plan on doing absolutely nothing,’ he replied almost proudly.

‘That actually sounds like a really good plan,’ she thought aloud. But then she started to like the idea of going to the beach up by the woods to do it. Upon being propositioned, Lee agreed and they went after a light lunch.


Almost as if mocking the laws of physics themselves, the quick drive up to the beach slithered by painfully slow, like a snail on the edge of a knife. It was the silence between them. Now that Stevie was more awake, more alert, she was growing ever more aware of the awkward inability to think of anything to say.

Behind her sunglasses she could just put on a smile and not have to say anything and everything could seem okay, but whereas her son appeared nonchalant and bereft of a need for small-talk, she felt crammed with that invisible elephant sat between them.

She herself was dressed in next to nothing. Stevie had gone loud and proud in a white bikini that compensated for her growing feeling of withdrawal. All the same she felt his eyes on her from time to time and brimmed with nerves to think that he was thinking about one thing only as his eyes glanced over her flesh.

Windows down, the fast drive offered hot air and the smell of fresh cut garden lawns around every corner. A beautiful early taste of summer, and the kind some paid good money to find on the other end of a plane trip.

They both hoped the beach wouldn’t be packed, but they would walk far enough to get away from the screaming mobs of overly excited children.

Formby was a paradise to city people, and not just the beach and the woods. In both directions north and south, there were beaches packed with urbanites that never left their comfort zones. With a little patience one was treated with quiet traditional leafy suburbia where one could only dream of owning such beautiful big houses.

They were treated to sprawling woods, long and wide, in which to cool off with the squirrels after a good grilling under the sun. And along the beach, which lay over a tall sandy hill, the dunes towered like a cliff wall, overlooking the far-out sea.

Stevie and her son went off in search of their ideal spot, a place to avoid ramblers if only for the sake of a quality bit of tanning. Lee suggested they climb high up the barrier dune to find a sandpit in the tall sharp grass.

Eventually they found themselves a little crater in which to lay their blankets and then dutifully, casually disguising his renewing eagerness, Lee oiled her up from top to bottom with lotion as she lay snoozing on her belly; the same little smile beaming out from under her sunglasses.

Time went by, maybe an hour. It was time to give her front a blast, and Stevie didn’t ask him this time if he wanted to do the honours. Instead he watched, his head resting on his crossed forearms, lying on his front as she shined up her legs, her arms, her stomach and everything that tight-fitting bikini top didn’t hide.

He was well accustomed to her body now. There wasn’t an inch left now that his hands and mouth hadn’t touched. Absently he smirked as Stevie resumed sunning, lying down beside him once again.

Turning to face him she caught the look on his face. ‘What are you grinning at?’ she asked distantly as the warm wind shook the grass loudly around them. Lee made a point of grinning widely, and smugly.

‘You can take it all off if you want,’ Lee offered. ‘Nobody else’s going to be up here.’ For a long moment Stevie just smiled at him from behind her sunglasses and otherwise dismissed the thought. illegal bahis siteleri ‘Just the two of us,’ he added when she didn’t respond.

No, she wouldn’t be that easy. Stevie still required some reservations, and especially so soon and with all that had crossed her mind.

‘I’m going to have a little nap,’ she did say after a while, feeling his eyes forever on her. But she didn’t nap, not for a while. She pretended until the intense sensation in her pussy, not all caused by the heat of the sun, subsided enough for her to stop thinking about needing to be fucked so hard right now.

And the silence was bliss, from the moment she passed through the veil of sleep until she resurfaced to a darker sky. Forty minutes had passed, with nothing but the sound of the sea, the wind, and the seagulls. At one point she heard the soft snoring of her son beside her and laughed lazily to herself.

Opening her eyes, Stevie at first looked down, squinting sorely as she took off her shades. She had gathered a good health dose of gold in her skin from what she could tell, but now the sky was a heavy slate grey and bulging with thunderheads.

Lee was now sat on the edge of the sandpit, looking over at the frothing shore. ‘Looks like rain,’ he said. ‘It’s started to thunder.’ Confirming the oncoming storm, the sky over the seaside rumbled with the promise of heavy release. It would not wait until they were gone.

Sitting up rested and refreshed – she really had needed the extra sleep today – Stevie slid her shades up over her eyes and rested them atop her head, and laid her eyes on her son. As he turned to face her, he looked almost taken aback, and gradually even more so by her intentional silence.

Stevie smiled ever so slightly that I was barely noticeable. But in that, her aim to command his full attention succeeded. ‘Shall I take us home then?’ she asked.


They were nearly there, at the car. Lee and his mother had quickly gathered their towels and bottles, and were not far behind the exodus of sunshine revellers, all scurrying for their lives, when the skies opened up on top of them.

With a collective shriek the sunbathers ahead of them seemed to dematerialise in the sudden torrent. Your typical British spring, no matter what the weather said only hours previously, a perfect sunny day had become a washout.

Stevie just didn’t see the sense in rushing back to the car. They were already soaked and it wasn’t as if they had clothes to worry about. The both of them were a few garments away from nothing and the hard rain that came was too warm to worry about catching a snotty nose.

Still, ahead of her Lee skipped on, making fun of the revellers in their fruity clothing and their vain hair and makeup. ‘Don’t you want ice cream?’ he called out, earning him an irksome look from the lone merchant in his now abandoned van.

Laughing along behind him, Stevie ran and bounced, her now wet bikini barely containing her. ‘Get in the car you lunatic,’ she yelled. In the driver seat she fumbled to insert her keys into the ignition, still giggling, and then sweeping the soaking hair out of her eyes.

Beside her he grinned like an idiot, though the sight of her wet body once again began to have an effect on him. ‘Well that saves me a shower, I suppose,’ Stevie said and began laughing again, and then; ‘Are we enjoying the view?’

The mischievous smirk she was becoming easily used to crept up into his eyes and lips. ‘I enjoyed the view last night,’ he admitted while nodding. By the time they returned home they were itching from the sand and rain, yet thinking of everything but.


Just like he’d seen her at the baths, Lee found himself once again turned on by the sight of his mother, wet and sexy as hell in her bikini. Only after all that had transpired the previous night, he was harder than he’d ever been in his life.

There was one fundamental difference now, as he saw her dripping wet from head to toe behind the wheel. They’d committed acts of love, and lust, naked and in bed together. And they’d come so close to committing the ultimate act that he’d felt her pussy around him before pulling out for the better.

All that remained was the question; when would they fuck?

Because he wanted it and so did she. They wanted it so bad that they were slipping into a routine of teasing and talking about it, and wanting it out loud, and fuelling more desire to act upon the fantasies created all the while.

That spark of attraction between them, the sexual tension that had grown since, and the temptation even of uncertainty, all screamed for an end to the waiting. It was going to happen.

Just last night she had sucked his cock not like a woman possessed, but like a woman of deliberation. She knew what she was doing and she knew what she was instigating. Now they were playing the innocent mother and son game while the invisible elephant of sexual tension grew larger.

He wanted to have her the way she wanted him to. She wanted to be taken, canlı bahis siteleri and on his terms. If he could summon the nerve to take them there, and beyond, then there could be no more hiding. His mother could have what she always wanted, and without worrying whether it was right or wrong.

When Stevie saw the look in his eyes she had to ask. ‘Is something the matter?’

Lee shook his head. ‘Fine,’ he muttered, watching her contend with the steering wheel and gearstick.

She was off in her own world for so long, she couldn’t imagine why he was looking at her the way he was – yeah right! – until the tension between them made it impossible to look or to think elsewhere.

‘Did you sleep last night?’ she asked and then stifled a nervous laugh. And then looking back over to him when they were stuck at a red light, Lee nodded, not breaking eye contact for a second.

‘Enough,’ he said.


His shorts, wringing wet, fell heavy to the linoleum of the bathroom floor. Lee stepped out of them, once again bare-naked before her, quickly swelling with pride. Stevie peeled off her damp bikini top, again thrilled to be stood beneath his hungry glare.

Her nipples hardened as if divined toward the heat of her son’s body, and again she longed to be touched. Somehow despite all that had transpired within the last twenty four hours, there remained a sense of virginal excitement.

How far they’d slipped into the depths of their shared taboo remained a novelty still, yet to be fully explored. But somehow still there remained the apprehension, the sense of danger, for how far they had yet to go, and for how wrong this could become.

As though she had done this a hundred times, Stevie stripped out of her bikini bottoms and now they stood naked again before each other. And he was getting harder and harder. She knew why and where it would lead.

That thing she had sucked to orgasm, her son’s needful erection, was advertising itself to her. There was no looking at it any other way. He wanted to fuck her and she wanted him to.

‘You want to do something about that thing,’ she said in the awkward silence, and it certainly wasn’t a question, unlike his response.

‘Yeah I do,’ he replied, staring straight back into her eyes, and then offered her that same devilish look as he had in the kitchen earlier that afternoon, when they had acknowledged each other differently. ‘I want to do you!’

‘Yeah?’ she said with a quickly drying mouth, her heart speeding suddenly in her chest. He nodded, and she offered a little nod back, fighting secretly to breathe. ‘Okay,’ she said and smiled nervously at her wet naked son.


And so they were seeing eye to eye again, Stevie under her son again, and him on top. And now, in his bed again, they didn’t deny what was happening. They celebrated it aloud!

There had been no time for theatrics or niceties. The urge had taken over much the same way it did with most people. The urge to give in to their needs was stronger than any desire to romance or to stage a perfect play.

While thunder, rain, and lightning shook the world outside to its core he led her by the hand to his bedroom and laid her down and kissed with her until passion heated them and drove out the rain chill.

And in the dying light she watched him roll on a condom, her heart hammering at her breast as she wrestled with the wrongness of what was about to happen. God, how she hated those latex things, but all the same there was something incredible in the way he filled the thing.

Every thick muscle and vein, every bump and ridge in his long fleshy pole, seemed to come to life more than usual, and especially now that he was about to fuck her with it – his own mother of twenty-one years!

Communication was key for both of them. Lee knew what he was doing and knew what they both wanted, but still this was his mother and he didn’t want to reduce her to a cheap fuck-toy. That had never been his style, but then never had he been so driven to want and to need sex the way he did now.

Wrapping her fingers around his throbbing latex-clad length, Stevie guided him casually between her legs and pulled him in to whisper into his ears.

Her lips quivered, and then she laughed nervously. ‘Remember when I asked you what you thought about the real thing, you and me?’

‘I wish I’d have just suggested it then and there,’ Lee confessed, but too late; here they were now.

‘God I can’t believe we’re finally doing this,’ she moaned in her agreement.

Tentatively the hardened tip of his cock tickled her, came to rest right where it needed to be, and for a moment they just held each other. There was no going back after this. This was the end of so much suffering and doubt and anticipation, and the beginning of whatever would be.

Finally, the silence and the breathing and just the two of them – the rain gave up and the thunder subsided. Stevie was drenched deep inside and in a panic just waiting to feel him inside her for the first time.

A kiss just to know everything was okay, that then became something deeper, and then so much deeper that they could wait no longer. Moments later he was sawing frantically in and out of her, with no resistance or protest, just her moans in his ear.

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