A Loving Family: The Birthday Ch. 01

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In retrospect, I guess I should have seen it coming. I mean, it’s obvious, right? All the nights where my parents and sister would leave, making up the same story time after time? But incest was such a far off concept; something I never envisioned for myself. It was what hillbillies and the ancients of Game of Thrones occupied themselves with. But not us. Not sensible, educated, people. While I knew, fully well at this point that incest consumed my sexual fetishes, being my main fantasy, I never expected it to ever happen. Everyone has his or her dark sides, I suppose.

My name is Oliver Kraft.

For about 2 years, biweekly, the door would close late at night with my father, mother, and sister, all gone. The following morning, I would ask them where they were, and upon doing so got the same answer. It was usually something questionable, like going to the movies, meeting some friends, etc. I never cared enough to question it though. It wasn’t until a week before my eighteenth birthday that I finally became truly curious as to what was going on.

I suppose at this point I should preface with some general information about myself. I stand proudly at 6 foot even, with a lanky build. Never bothered me, really, at least I wasn’t fat! I had a messy hairdo at this time, consisting of loose, straight hair. I am bisexual, openly. I guess I was okay looking, as I had a number of girlfriends previous to this time. I engaged sexually with two of them, but they never satisfied me. The restriction of the condom, the effort to impress, it never worked. I always needed something more. That’s why, on that fateful day, my sister walked by my room wearing a towel.

This was the event that sparked my curiosity. My sister strutting by in her post-showers self. I always tried to be sly, glancing at her ass sway inside of the white towel she clutched at her chest. I made sure she never noticed a thing. I didn’t have the chance to look away, though. She stopped and noticed my glancing at her voluptuous walk.

My sister is a few inches shorter than I, and has always been a bombshell. Even while I was awkward and ugly in middle school, she passed through receiving nothing but stares and admiration. Her name is Alyssa. And she was something right out of a fantasy.

She caught me staring just as I would’ve turned away. I pretended like nothing happened, and immediately turned back to my laptop. She giggled and walked towards my room.

“Whatcha doin?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

“Internet, dummy. The usual.” I replied, acting as natural as I could. She smiled and tickled my neck with her foot. I swatted at it, acting in playful brother-sister manor.

“One week kid, just wait.” Obviously, that left me puzzled and hopeful. Confused at her meaning, but hopeful it meant what I thought it meant. That night, I stayed up to watch my parents and her leave. As they were talking, laughing, and walking out the door, I noticed my sister smile and grab my mom’s ass. My mom laughed and gave her a less than motherly kiss on the lips.

Having no idea what I just witnessed, I went to sleep, trying to put things together. Lazily drifting off, I pictured that scene over and over again, my dick rising all the while.

A week had passed with no inferred sexual innuendos, and I was finally about to learn what my sister was referencing in her comment. My 18th birthday was okay, got some money, some things for college, etc. But as the cake was eaten, and the day was wrapped up, I felt a profound disappointment. I mean I don’t know what exactly I was expecting. It’s not like I wanted my sister to blow me under the table at dinner or anything, but I still wanted her comment to mean something.

At about 9:45 that summer evening, I went upstairs to isolate myself in Internet videos and Facebook posts, when my mom came in to invite me downstairs. My Mother, Diane, at this time was considerably young. At just about 44 years old, aside from some wrinkles, she barely looked a day over 35. My sister was her spitting image. The beautiful women in my life drive me crazy.

I followed her downstairs, where my sister and father were waiting for me. My heart raced with confusion and hope. My dad, Jonathan, put a hand on my shoulder and looked at me proudly. I smiled back awkwardly in quiet confusion. Alyssa giggled and covered her face with excitement while her fingers were slipping out of her sleeves.

My mom took a deep breath and said, “Honey, it’s your 18th birthday, and there’s something you should know about. I’m sure you’ve wondered why we leave every so often at night time, and come back early in the morning.” I nodded politely, trying to convince myself that this wasn’t what I thought it could be to avoid disappointment. “Well, tonight, we’re ready to show that with y-“

“Yes, well, we’re going to show you what we’ve been up to.” With that, we walked out the door and out into the cold, dark evening. I turn to look around when my sister who forces a French kiss, sticking her tongue deep in my illegal bahis mouth, and grabbing my waist. When it was broken, she giggled her giggle and looked at my angry mom.

“Sorry,” she said, “I couldn’t help myself.”

I followed them into the car, where we sped off to god knows where. It was silent until my dad piped in, saying “So basically, we made some special preparations for you ahead of time. We know what you like, so we tried to make it extra special for you.”

“Not yet Jon.”

“Sorry sweetheart.”

We arrived at the shadiest, grossest motel I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it looks like a crack house, with garbage littered on the ground. “Here?” I asked. “What could possibly be here?” At this point I was still trying to talk myself out of the obvious, just to be sure.

Alyssa said, “Don’t be fooled. It looks like shit, I know, but it’s fucking perfect. Also, we own a room here.” My mom shushed her again. She smiled.

The inside of the motel was no nicer. The floor was a shitty old carpet, and the lights flickered on and off. A surprisingly well dressed and friendly woman nodded at us, and my family and I continued through the filthy halls.

We arrived at our room, where my dad shuffled through his pocket to find his keys. “We don’t want you to be afraid, sweetheart,” my mom said. “We just want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you. Don’t worry about a thing.

The door opened, revealing one of the most beautiful rooms I had ever been inside of. It was gorgeous. Perfect and gorgeous. I would later find out that this was the gimmick of this motel; providing a shady atmosphere and pristine rooms for discrete lovers. My mom shuffled me inside as I wore a dumbfounded smile on my face.

“We own this room.” Alyssa said. “Isn’t it nice?” My dad shut and locked the door.

I gulped and said, “So, this is where you go every week?” I tried not to make any excitement obvious, but I probably looked like an idiot.

“Every other week. Can’t leave the dog that much. But now maybe we can!” my mom spoke. She then took a deep breath and said “Oliver, we know everything. All your fetishes, fantasies, and the things you’re into. Yes, I know, I’m sorry we read your Internet history. But we just wanted to make sure that this was something you’re into before we brought you along!”

“You didn’t bother to check with me!”

“Quiet Alyssa. We already knew by the way you looked at your father. Anyway Oliver, we’ll be right back with your real present.” With that, they fled into another room of this motel masterpiece. I was left to sit alone on the bed in the main room, finding it unsurprising how unbelievably comfortable it was. I didn’t know what to think. All the years of masturbating to incest, all coming true? I never would have expected it for a minute. My mind was spinning with all the possibilities, and all of the secrets of my family that were now making sense. I found myself feeling a microsecond of anger at their secrecy and lies before forgetting about that, and hoping that there was a chance that I could actually fuck my mother.

It was with that thought that all of my hopes and dreams got a boner when the door opened and my mother and sister came out wearing red silk robes, walking towards me. The way the hips of their perfect figure’s stared at me, enticing me. I imagine I was drooling at this point, but I didn’t take my appearance into consideration. It was all happening so fast, I didn’t notice my dad entering with a form fitting t-shirt and jeans. I briefly considered why that would be his outfit of choice, and then I realized how good he looked. My dad did a lot of manual labor before he and my mom settled down, and I was always very attracted to him. The idea of taking that shirt off of him and sucking his cock suddenly entered my mind, and subsequently blew it.

Next thing I knew, my sister was on her knees in front of me, trying as hard as she could to tease me to death. I noticed my mom next to me, slowly stripping out of her red robe, into laced bra and panties. God, I could’ve exploded right there. Her tits were accented perfectly by her thinly laced bra; large, natural breasts that I once sucked on.

My sister chuckled while sliding my dorky pajama pants off, and I suddenly became very self-conscious about whether or not I would seem impressive. I had a reasonably big dick, measuring at about 7-8 inches in length. I wasn’t ashamed by it, but I didn’t know if my sister would be impressed. My fears were rectified when she slid off my boxers and her eyes opened wide. Her jaw dropped and she said “Mom, oh my god. You have to look at this!”

My mom went to join Alyssa, and I got a good look at her big, sexy ass enveloping the back of her panties. I watched her hips sway as she walked, her cheeks bouncing as she moved. She was amazed at my cock as well. “Jesus Oliver, that thing is about as big as your dad’s! I’m very impressed.” She smiled and put a finger on the head of my very erect dick. I saw a wave of pleasure shiver illegal bahis siteleri down her body as that finger turned into a hand grasping my shaft.

The perfection of the handjob I received from my mother that night cannot be expressed in words. Her cold hands, the very same hands I have grabbed from youth, shook my shaft while my sister stared open mouthed. I tilted my head back, and I think it was about here where I lost control of the situation, and the fun really began.

What happened next was a blur of fast, sexually charged energy. My mom lifted her head onto my cock, and lathered it with her tongue. My sister whimpered, wanting a taste. After a lengthy blowjob, my sister gave me a quick handjob before she too lowered herself onto my cock. The heads bobbing around me were something I had only dreamed of. During the blowing and shaking, my sister lost her robe, and revealed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She came over to me while my mom was busy moaning around my cock.

Alyssa saw my excitement at her naked body and smirked. “Like what you see?” she asked coyly. Believe me, I did. Her large, round tits with their perfect pink nipples stood at attention. Her shaved pussy was already dripping with excitement and anticipation. Alyssa laughed and did a little dance in a circle to show off her ass. I reached out and grabbed it. She moaned and turned around to face me. She bent down to get face to face with me and gave me another one of her deep tongue kisses.

With my mother’s mouth around my dick, and my sister’s tongue in my mouth, I was experiencing the unexpected. Things continued changing when my sister broke the kiss with a profound moan. I opened my eyes to see my sister being fingered feverishly by my dad. In the excitement, I almost forgot he was there. Alyssa stayed bending down on the bed while my dad went to down fingering her. Between her moans and my mom’s talents, I could have cum right then and there. I now wonder why I didn’t but I’m certainly glad I did not have to miss out on what happened next.

My mom lifted her head and said “Fuck son, you taste unbelievable. Wanna taste me?” I smiled and nodded. She got into doggy style position, and I got myself off the bed and put my face right behind her wet pussy. My mother’s pussy, god what a sight. Also shaved, but with a very pleasant, almost nostalgic smell. I skipped my usually eating-out techniques and immediately buried my head into her pussy. She moaned and I could feel her hips shudder in pleasure. “Oh my god Oliver, this is so great. I have waited so long to fuck you!”

My dad stopped fingering Alyssa, and positioned her right next to my mom. There we were, the Kraft family. Me with my face in my mother’s pussy, my dad with his face in his daughter’s pussy. Heaven.

“Fuck me now son, I can’t wait anymore. We don’t use condoms, but don’t worry, I’m not getting pregnant any time soon.”

“I’m on birth control.” Alyssa said between moans. “Don’t worry about me either.”

That was all I needed. Facing all of my past porn searches online, I positioned my cock right next to my mom’s pussy, and plunged my cock inside. The warmth of her pussy was unbelievable. My cock in my mother’s warm and wet snatch, she began to scream the things I always dreamt of hearing:

“Fuck son! Right there, don’t stop!”

“Fuck your dirty whore mom! Oh god your cock is amazing.”

“You like fucking your mom, you dirty pervert? God this is so fucking good.”

“Harder! Fuck me harder! Slap my ass!”

You know, those types of things. We were fucking for a long time before my sister started to get jealous. We also engaged in multiple positions. My mom was riding me, her wet pussy tightening around my cock, when Alyssa yelled “Hey! My turn!” and slid her pussy off of my dad’s fingers.”

“Wait,” my dad said. “I want to be first.” I was confused, but then he stood with his crotch against my face and said, “It’s okay son, do it.” Excitedly, I got off the bed and onto my hands and knees. I was nervous having never sucked cock before, but I found a strange comfort in it being my dad’s.

I liked the feeling of being dirty, so I tried to replicate sucking cock the same way all the whore’s did in the porn movies I so frequently watched. He took off his shirt, revealing a hairy chest with six-pack abs. Looking up at him, I pulled down his zipper and took down his pants. He had a massive tent in his boxers. I moaned while pulling them down and having his cock hit me in the face. Looking up at him, moaning, I gave him what was probably a shitty handjob, considering I was much more admiring the size and perfection of his cock in my hands. I shook his skin, and we moaned together. I licked the head before taking as much as I could into my mouth. I think everyone in the room moaned at that sight. I saw that my mom was busy eating out Alyssa on the bed, while I was on the floor sucking cock. I did all the tricks I wish girls would do for me, and felt amazing while moaning as he grabbed my head, canlı bahis siteleri forcing me down on him.

This oral masterpiece continued for about 15 minutes, while I practiced all of my fantasies on my dad’s cock. My dad didn’t hold back, he really treated me like a little slut. It was a little rough, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I looked over after this 15 minutes to find Alyssa’s little pink pussy inviting me over; waving at me with those giant, perfect ass cheeks. She was laying on the bed, waiting for me to fill her up too. I happily obliged, as my parents watched proudly as their son fucked their daughter for the first time.

I must have been fucking Alyssa for hours. She was goddamn incredible. Her moans and orgasms rocked my mind.

“Oh my god! I love having my brother’s cock in me!”

“Yes! Yes! Oh god, fuck me, yes!”

“Shove that big cock into your sister’s dirty pussy! Oh yeah, oh my god! My brother is finally fucking me!”

We wound up on the floor in unbridled, passionate sex. She got on all fours and said, “Oliver, stick your cock in my ass. There’s some lube on the table. Don’t worry, I’m all clean.”

“Are you sure that won’t hurt?” I asked.

“God no, I cum harder this way. I love anal. So does your mom, by the way.” She winked at me as I grabbed the lube from the counter next to us, and rubbed some all over my cock, and rubbing it on her asshole. I made sure to stick a finger or two just barely inside of her, just to tease her a little bit. I lined up my cock with the tight star of her asshole, and shoved it inside. Her screams of “Fuck my little asshole!” were muffled and barely audible. I didn’t ever want to move out of this position. I grabbed her tits, teasing her nipples while my cock ripped her asshole open. Every so often when her screams became too intense I asked her if she was okay. She told me not to stop no matter what, and I obliged.

I was fucking my sister passionately and I felt a finger lubing up my asshole as well. I turned around to find my dad, lube around his cock, lined up behind by asshole. I moved into a better position and said, “Go ahead.”

My sister moved away briefly to join my mom, while my dad slowly tried pushing his way inside of me without hurting me. I had never done anal. I hadn’t even given in until my sister, moments before. The pain was awful, but so incredibly arousing as I felt his head enter me. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before, feeling myself clench around my dad’s cock. A million fantasies were coming true before my eyes. As he got deeper I let out a moan without even realizing. He took that as his cue to start thrusting harder, and seconds later, my dad’s cock was filling my asshole, balls deep.

We stayed like that for a while, my dad thoroughly fucking me (the pain went away almost instantly) and my mouth eventually found its way to my mom’s pussy. We went into some unusual positions. There was my dad, who I was riding in reverse cowgirl, while my cock was inside of my mom’s pussy. It was magical.

All magic must end though, and I realized that I was going to cum. And believe me, I was going to cum HARD. I announced this, and my sister and mom both got on all fours waiting to receive my jizz in their mouths. My dad pulled out of me, and I had just enough time to position my cock so that it would be spraying on their faces. My mom pushed up her big tits, so some of my cum would land on them. When I was finally finished, I felt faint. My mind was spinning, and I felt like I was going to pass out. I flung myself on the bed, and I don’t remember the next few minutes afterwards. My dad would later tell me that I missed my mom and Alyssa cum-swapping, and swallowing every last drop. My dad wasn’t going to miss out on that opportunity, and while they were covered in cum, he plunged himself back into Alyssa. I was well enough to watch at this point. My mom and I laid on the bed spooning, while my sister was cumming around my dad’s cock. Soon after, my mom signaled for me to get on my knees to receive my dad’s cum. I was excited, as I had never tasted cum before. His wife, and two of his kids received his facial that night.

The taste was salty, but delicious. And I swallowed every last drop that I received for myself.

This put a sweaty, dirty, cum filled end to our escapades that night. I looked at the clock, finding that it was almost 3 in the morning. We had been there for hours and hours. “That’s what we do.” my Mom smiled as we were getting dressed. We laughed and I said thank you.

“Thank YOU!” Alyssa said. “That was unbelievable. We should start doing this weekly now.”

“That’s fine by me!” my Dad said. He ruffled my hair. “This boy’s a trooper! You took me better than your mom did when we first tried anal!” I felt a perverted sense of pride at that comment.

Our story ends for now with my family and I showering together, where a small amount of fooling around was had. But I knew I still had questions. I needed to know how and why this started, and more importantly, who else knew about it? I would later find out the answers to both of those questions sooner than I expected. But at that point, I was perfectly happy knowing I had a family that loved each other like no other family I knew.

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