A Naughty Desire for Daddy Ch. 2

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“Hey, Lisa, you have a nice hot cunt,” a boy called out after school. I love getting such compliments. As I was walking home, and knowing that there were many people looking at my exposing cunt as the wind blew my school skirt up and blowing my shirt apart exposing my nipples, the thought of Daddy came to me.

I wanted to go home so desperately, in which I knew that he was going to be home.

Before I entered the door at my house, I rolled my skirt up higher so that my cunt slit and a bit of my butt cheeks would expose more clearly, and unbuttoned my shirt until I saw that my 36C breasts were exposing clearly. When I entered, I saw Daddy with UNCLE! They were talking business things and smoking cigars.

“Lisa, come over here!” Daddy called out in a demanding and mad voice.

“Lisa, do not tell me that you rolled your skirt up so high for school!’

My heart was pounding as I was walking towards Daddy. Therefore I walked towards my uncle instead, and sat on his lap.

“Oh, Uncle, how are you? I haven’t seen you for such a long long time!”

My uncle was fatter than my father, with a beer stomach, and a bald head.

” Oh, Lisa, you grew so much ever since the last time I saw you! I couldn’t recognize you!” Uncle said as he rubbed my thighs.

As I sat on uncle’s lap, I faced Daddy who was across me, and spread my legs apart. Then, I felt my uncle rubbing both my inner thighs as he was greeting illegal bahis me, in which I wasn’t paying attention to, but paying attention towards my Daddy who was staring at my cunt.

I took uncles hand and rubbed it up and down the slit of my cunt as I felt his middle finger gliding on my erect cunt.

Suddenly, Daddy comes towards me, and pulls me away from uncle.

” Lisa, it is not appropriate of you to sit on your uncle without an underwear on! I am so sorry, Lisa, but Daddy will have to punish you!”

“Daddy, NO! please? Uncle, tell Daddy not to punish me!” I begged.

“Lisa, I am so sorry, but Daddy has a reason to punish you. ” My uncle said as he sat down comfortably smoking his cigar.

” Well, then Lisa, I will have to punish you in front of uncle. I want you to know the humiliation of what you have just done. ” Daddy said as he pulled me towards the center of the living room in front of my uncle. Then Daddy walked and sat besides Uncle.

” Lisa, do as I say if you don’t want Daddy to spank you and this is your punishment made easier. ” Daddy said forcefully.

” Take you skirt off, and lay down on the table. “

Therefore, I slid my skirt off, and now, my cleanly shaved cunt was exposed to them both clearly, and mostly, letting them see the cum juice leaking down and around my cunt. I obeyed, because I knew that if Daddy spanked me, I wouldn’t be able to move for days!

” illegal bahis siteleri Lisa, if you like showing your naughty little cunt so much, rub it, rub it so that Daddy and uncle could see!” Uncle commanded.

“Do it, Lisa!” Daddy said.

So as I laid down on the table, with my legs spread wide open in front of them both, I began rubbing my inner thighs with both my hands. Then took my middle finger and began rubbing my slit. “mmmmmmmmmmmm” I moaned. I began gliding my hands up and down, up and down faster and faster. Then I unbuttoned all of my shirt as I was getting very hot and took it off.

” See, John, I told you Lisa was a hot little naughty girl!’ Daddy said as he took a sip of beer.

” Oh, hell yes, come on Lisa, show us more!” Uncle called out.

At this time, I was so erected and horny. I wanted to show them that I was a big girl now. I began fingering my wet cunt now, as deep as I could and began moaning very much. Then, I put myself in doggy style as I finger fucked my butthole.

Then I told Daddy ” Oh, Daddy, please please, I want more. “

” Oh, John, want to give Lisa some help?” Daddy told uncle.

So, Uncle walked towards me and stood in front of me. I unfastened his belt very quickly, unzipped his pants, and took his massive fat and erected cock out. I hummed the tip of his cock and rubbed the back of it with my two hands in a circular motion.

“That’s my good canlı bahis siteleri girl,” Uncle said as he petted my head. Now, he took my head and began pushing my head back and forth faster and faster.

As I was blowing my uncle, Daddy came from behind me and said ” Lisa, I told you this was a punishment, therefore, don’t think it won’t hurt. ”

I felt him pulling my left leg high up towards my shoulder as I was laying on the couch handle now, and giving my uncle a blow as he was kneeling on the couch.

Then Daddy said ” Lisa, this is called a ‘Bow and Arrow. “

I moaned as he thrust his hard cock in me and began stroking his cock back and forth, back and forth, faster and faster every time. I never tried it, it was so painful but pleasurably. I felt so much of an orgasm, in which I realized was a trick of this ‘Bow and Arrow’ style. My Daddy’s cock would rub my clit in a tricky way every time he pushed his cock in.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ” I moaned as my uncles meat was filling my mouth.

After a while, I couldn’t take it anymore, stopped blowing my uncle, and told Daddy ” Daddy, Daddy! I can’t take it anymore!”

He was also cumming a lot and was very hot, but he said ” Lisa, well, Daddy is very tired now, but I won’t leave you until I cum in you. A punishment is a punishment. “

So, Daddy began pounding his cock in and out of me faster and faster.


And off I felt, I felt all that cum rushing in me bringing me to orgasm. I loved it!

Then Daddy laid on the floor as I laid on top of uncle.

I surely learned a lot from this punishment. I learned a new lesson, the ‘Bow and arrow. ‘

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