A Night with Mom Ch. 01

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“What a fucking whore,” I muttered to myself as I parked my car in the garage. It didn’t make sense since she had refused to sleep with me, but when you are a teenage male with blue balls things don’t need to make sense. After an expensive dinner date, I was expecting to get lucky. But not tonight, my 18-year-old girlfriend of two months had started giving me a hand job but after 5 minutes, she got tired and quit. It was Friday night, and I was left with a raging erection and no one to use it on.

I softly opened the door that led from the garage to the dining room. It was 0130 in the morning and my parents would both be asleep. I crept through the hallway, past the front door and the stairs leading upstairs. I entered my bedroom, retrieved my lotion, some tissues, and then went over to my closet. I pulled out my shoebox and opened it. I grabbed the top DVD case not even looking at what it was. I needed to blow my load and any porn would do for now.

As I moved silently back through the dining room my ears caught the sound of moaning. I strained to hear if it was coming from upstairs but to my surprise, it seemed to be coming ahead of me. I tiptoed into the kitchen and the soft glow of the television illuminated my way. I snuck over to the room divider separating the kitchen and the living room, and peered in.

On the screen, a dark haired young stud was ramming a buxom young blonde-haired woman from behind. She appeared to be moaning loudly, but the volume must have been low as I could barely make out her feigned sounds of pleasure. My eyes wandered to the couches, expecting to see my dad. I was shocked when I spied my mother. She was wearing a small pink robe, currently open at the bottom as her hands gently rubbed at her clit and fingered her hairy pussy.

My mouth dropped open, and my cock began to engorge. She silently continued masturbating, her eyes tightly shut as her mouth twitched in response to her self-stimulation.

I do not know why I moved into the room, hormones maybe, but I did. The floor creaked as I did and my mom’s eyes flew open. She pulled her hands away from her crotch and attempted to cover herself unsuccessfully as the robe was too short. “Honey, what are you doing?” she demanded.

“Mom what are you doing?” I responded.

“I was just… your father… it’s just…” She took a deep steadying breath, “Mommy was just taking care of herself, so if you could please go to your room and let me finish.”

“Mom, I was coming in here to do the same thing. I have blue balls right now and I really need to cum.”

Her breath was ragged as she tried to get rid of me. “Well I am busy in here, wait in your room for a few minutes for me to finish, then you can relieve yourself.”

“Mom it hurts so badly though. I can take the love seat, and you can stay there on the couch.” I moved over to the couch, crossing between the couch my mom was sitting on and the television.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Tom,” my mom began.

“Its fine Tammy,” I responded using her first name, as I did anytime an argument came up where I needed to assert myself as an adult. We had a close relationship. Not so much when I was young, but it my teenage years we had become extremely tight, and we could discuss anything with each other. So I knew just how to work this. “It’s dark in here so we can’t even see each other,” definitely untrue, “and I will be quick.” I unzipped my pants and dropped them to my knees.

Her eyes darted to the tent in my briefs, for a brief second before returning to the screen. “Fine but keep your eyes on the screen, and no talking.”

I pulled my briefs down, exposing my rock hard 7-inch cock. I sat down on the love seat, setting my lotion and tissues by my side. From my current vantage point, I could see the TV. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see my mother opening her illegal bahis robe again, her fingers going back into her waiting pussy.

I squirted a load of lotion onto my left hand, and slowly rubbed it into my throbbing cock. I focused for a moment on the screen as the blonde whore was now taking the cock in her asshole. I continued a slow steady rhythm on my member, watching my mom continue to finger herself. As the stud picked up his pace in the girls ass, my mother’s fingers increased their speed. Her left hand wandering up under her robe to caress her hidden breast. Her small sounds of pleasure growing in volume. I kept my pace steady, waiting patiently.

After another two minutes, she began to buck on her own fingers and small cries escaped her mouth. I stopped pretending to watch the porn, and focused on her as she orgasmed. She finished, and began to slow her breathing. She suddenly stood up, on shaky legs and looked at me.

Her bright brown eyes, glanced at my cock, before snapping up to my lock with my own similarly brown eyes. I increased my pace as we stared at each other. She smiled a small coy smile as she turned, “Goodnight sweetheart.” I watched her small tight ass sway seductively as she walked away. My hand began to slam up and down as my cock swelled. As she began to turn the corner she cast a sly glance my way just as I erupted, dumping my load up onto my shirt, which I had forgotten to remove. I grunted as I continued jacking my dick, forcing another three spurts of cum onto my chest. When I finally opened my eyes and picked my head back up off the couch, my mom was gone.

Next Friday Night

At 1230, I headed into the living room, carrying my equipment. I set the lotion on the left armrest of the couch, as I took my special DVD and placed it into the DVD player. After the federal warnings the title screen popped up, Slutty Stepmom in big bold pink lettering. I hit play and moved back to the couch. I dropped my pants and briefs and sat down. A shitty plot began to play out where the young red headed stepmom with huge fake boobs began to tease and seduce her stepson and stepdaughter. I normally enjoyed the first scene but it was not my focus today. The stepdaughter played the innocent role extraordinarily well, as her “stepmom” taught her all about pleasing a woman.

Just as the young girl was reaching her orgasm, Tammy arrived. I slowly turned my head and looked at her. She looked extremely sexy in her pink robe, her slender body illuminated by the soft glow of the television. Her long brown bangs, framing her angular face. I noticed her lips seemed especially red with a slight hint of a sparkle. My hand stopped jerking but remained wrapped around my cock. “Hey Tammy.”

“Hey Tom. I was just coming down to um…”

“We are both here for the same thing, so go ahead and sit down.” I glanced over to the right side of the couch, and used my free hand to indicate she should sit down.

She chewed her cheek for a second before moving to sit down on the couch, where I had indicated. On the screen, the young girl was now pleasuring the stepmom. I held my cock; this was not the scene for me.

Tammy undid her robe, allowing it to fall to her sides. Her breast remained covered with a black lace bra, so I bided my time. I slow jerked, while she began to pleasure herself.

I watched patiently as the stepmom was brought to her own climax. The plot turned back to the son as he returned from mowing the lawn. He was sweaty and needed a drink, so of course the step mom helped him. She then proceeded to blow him. I shifted to the right, as I began jerking off in earnest. I could hear the soft slurping sound of my mother’s fingers plunging in and out of her wet pussy.

The young man began moaning, “Mom”, and “Mommy” as she deep throated his cock.

I increased my speed at the sound. I began to encourage illegal bahis siteleri him, “Yeah fuck her throat. Give her your fucking load.” I noticed Tammy had slid to the left. I slid closer to her and our lower legs touched. She leaned forward and reached back to unbutton her bra. She slid it off, moved back shifting such that her thigh moved up against mine. I subtly turned my head towards her. Her small perky breast sat high on her chest, her nipples poked out like eraser heads. Although it was dark, I could see her dark bush as I watched her finger bringing her pleasure. “Oh Mom I going to come!” The young guy on the screen announced. I increased my pace and began to massage the head of my cock. As he began to dump his load on her face, I erupted. “Uhhnn,” I moaned, as my load shot all over my chest. I continued to yank my cock as the last of my seed spilled out onto my stomach. I leaned back and to the side, coming to a rest with my arm resting against Tammy’s shoulder.

Her arm rubbed mine, as she continued to pleasure herself.

My breathing slowed as she leaned into me. I slipped my arm around her, allowing her to rest in my body. My arm draped down, my hand coming to a rest on her hip, still covered by her robe. Her pace increased, as her left hand came up to pull on her hard nipples.

Back on the screen, the young stud was now lapping away at his stepmom’s pussy. She was moaning and screaming away. “Yeah, baby. Eat out your slutty mommy’s pussy. It taste good doesn’t it.”

Tammy began to pant and moan. She bit her lip, but the sounds still escaped her mouth. “That’s right your mommy is a dirty whore,” the buxom lass proclaimed loudly.

Mom exploded over the edge, moaning loudly as her body began to spasm wildly. Her spasms lasted for around thirty seconds before she came to stop. Her breathing continued at a rapid pace, while her finger slowly moved inside of her. “Ooh, that was so good.”

“Wow Tammy, you were really getting into it.”

She turned her head to look up at me, her hair tickling my arm. “I’m sorry honey; it’s just been a long time since I had a really good orgasm.”

“Well why don’t you just go upstairs. I don’t think Dad, or any man for that matter, could say no to you.”

“Well sweetie, your Dad is getting older, and his libido isn’t really what it used to be. Plus he takes a sleeping pill almost every night to help him sleep… I should not be telling you all this.”

“It’s fine Tammy. We are both adults here. I don’t see why we can’t have an adult conversation.”

“Well it’s just kind of weird, talking about my sex life with my son. I remember changing your diaper, for craps sake.”

“Well it’s probably not normal for a parent and their child to be masturbating in the same room.”

She chuckled, “You got me there. It’s just I am going through my sexual peak, and your father is in such a low period right now. It has been three years since we had sex. Between stress from work and getting older, he couldn’t even perform when he tried.”

“And I’m sure his recent weight gain, has not helped,” I chipped in.

“That’s not nice,” Mom muttered as she lightly elbowed me in the ribs. I had not cleaned myself off and my cum was still puddled on my body. Her strike caused my jizz to run down and drip onto her ribs. “Tom, you got your semen on me.”

“Sorry Tammy, I hadn’t cleaned myself off yet. Besides, you hit me. So it is kind of your fault,” I teased.

“It’s fine,” she responded. “I will clean it up when I get up to go to bed.” She rotated her body into mine, resting her head on my shoulder. Her left breast grazed my chest, her hard nipple causing the blood to run back to my cock. “This is nice.”

“Yeah it is,” I responded. My eyes flickered back up the screen. The finale was about to begin with the Dad and Son double penetrating the canlı bahis siteleri stepmom. My semi-rigid cock continued to harden. “Um, hey Mom. I think I am going to need to jerk off again.”

“Again? So soon?”

“Yeah well, this is one of my favorite scenes. I have finished to this so many times.” She snuggled in closer. “But I am comfy.” Her soft breath tickled my skin.

My cock rose up to full mast, pointing to the ceiling.

“Well, apparently you do need to take care of that. Am I in your way?”

“I can get it done with my free hand,” I replied. I leaned back to the right, Tammy falling with me, as I squirted a bit of lotion into my hand. I sat back up, Tammy wrapping her left arm, around my back. The motion had apparently drawn her robe up, as my hand was now resting on her thick ass. My hand rubbed slowly her soft flesh. My left hand gripped my cock and began to rub up and down. Tammy’s right hand crept up my stomach to my chest. She began to massage my left pec.

In the video, the young stud walked in on his dad jackhammering in and out of his stepmom. She smiled up at him and beckoned him forward with her finger. He dropped his shorts, his hard cock leading his way. “Hey Dad, you mind if I join you guys?” His father, continuing to pump away, “Its fine by me son. As long as your stepmom is cool with it.” The son had already stuffed his throbbing member into her mouth. “Well I can’t hear her complaining.” The duo established a strong rhythm drilling the girl from both sides. I had established my own rhythm with my cock, as my mother continued to massage my chest. I squeezed tightly, grabbing a handful of her ass. She responded by squeezing my left pec, her nail scratching across my skin. Her lips brushed my right pec, coming to a stop on my nipple. She kissed it gently.

In the video, the father pulled his cock free, and pushed the stepmoms ass off the couch. “Get on your knees slut!” he commanded. She obliged, and both cocks were presented to her face. They both began to slap their cocks against her face and she moaned in response.

“Are you really turned on by that?” Tammy asked. “How can that even be pleasurable for anyone?”

“Something about her being so subservient and enjoying herself is very sexy,” I grunted back.

“So you like to dominate girls then? You like to smack your hard cock against their perky breast. You like to hear the dirty little sluts begging for your big hard dick to impale their pussies.”

I had no idea where this had come from, but dirty talk has always been one of my kinks. My hand-increased speed, as my mushroom head began to leak precum. “Yeah, keep talking Tammy.”

“You wish you were him, don’t you. You wish you filthy stepmom was on her knees, and you were slapping her with your fat cock. With her big boobs jiggling, as you punish her whore mouth. Shoving your hard cock down her throat.” The stepson moved to his stepmom’s backside. He spit on his cock and begin to ream her asshole. Tammy began again, “Oh yeah. Fuck her filthy asshole. Do it rough as she begs you to go slow. It is the biggest cock she has ever had, and it is the first cock in her ass. But you don’t care you need to cum and she is just your cumdumpster.”

“Fuck,” I moaned. The sound of my pure and innocent mother talking like a whore was amazing. “I am almost there Tammy, a little more.”

“So where do you choose to dump your load in your slut. In her tight little asshole. Or maybe you will pull it out and force her to lick it clean as your hot seed floods her mouth and throat. Cause that is what your mommy wants, your load all in her mouth.”

“Fuck,” I shouted as my orgasm overtook me. I bucked my hips and jerked my cock as hard as I could, trying to will my semen to fly all the way up my body to my mother’s face. Unfortunately having just ejaculated recently, and once that morning, my power was low and my shots fell to my stomach.

Tammy muttered something under her breath, before pulling her feet up under her body. She turned fully to me and kissed my cheek. “All right sweetie, I am going to bed. Same time next weekend?”

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