A Toy for the Family Brats

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Summer vacation had started and Hunter’s cousin was practically a permanent resident of the house now. Hunter had just finished high school and was in that stressful period of applying and being judged on whether or not he would land the college of his dreams. But, as older people know, at the tender age of 18, his worries were hardly justified. He was justified however, in being annoyed that his sister Tiffany was reaching new record-breaking levels of brat-hood. Well, it depends on how you look at it. Tiffany did catch him sniffing her panties; not only did she catch him, she filmed him too. And what an uncompromising position Hunter was caught in: kneeling on the pink rug next to Tiff’s bed, with one hand on his cock and the other holding bright blue panties up to his nose. Tiffany had always suspected her little brother was a perv. Hunter had always been a bit awkward and she’d never seen him with a girlfriend before. Strange thing was, Hunter looked good: on the skinny side for sure, but you could see his pecs and the creases on his abs, at 5’10, his broad shoulders gave his lean body a touch of manliness. His face was young and boyish, always clean shaven because he couldn’t grow any respectable facial hair. But it suited him and his nice clean jawline. His eyes were like those of a puppy, hazel colored and always open a bit too wide like a child lost in wonder. That combined with his black Justin Bieber haircut made Tiff want to see him on his knees, begging. For what? Didn’t matter. All that mattered was that pathetic, pervy Hunter belonged on his knees whenever in the presence of a goddess like Tiffany.

Tiffany saw herself as a goddess. And it’s hard to dispute the fact. Everyone treated her like one; from early middle school when her tits started perking up, to the second year of college she had just completed. In middle school Tiffany became the girlfriend of Carlos, a boy of Mexican descent, captain of the soccer team and envied by all his peers, not only for his soccer skills, but also for his Latin good looks and his hot girlfriend. The power couple of the school never fucked each other. She learned later on that Carlos turned out to be gay. Thinking back to it, their make outs really were awkward. Now, was Tiffany so hot that she could charm the gayest of men? Was she such an embodiment of feminine perfection that young Carlos decided to never glance at another woman, for they wouldn’t compare to Tiffany? Was she the one to turn Carlos gay?

In high school she had only fucked three boys. They were the captains of the football, basketball and baseball teams. And they got their taste of goddess pussy in that order. They tasted the pussy for a long time too. No man will ever fuck Tiffany Davis without first licking her cunt until she is fully satisfied. And they all did, no matter how dominant, aggressive or alpha, they all put that tongue to work and had it inundated with Tiff’s pussy juice.

Nothing is more important to a young girl than her reputation. And what ruins reputations? Being labeled a slut by her peers. Tiffany knew this well, so her motto was quality over quantity. Only the cream of the crop, the best looks and the highest status was worthy of her. In college, only the most popular guys ever got to talk to her, and of those, only a few were good enough to deserve drained balls and a tired dick at the end of the night. Only the local coke dealer seemed to be an exception, for he was quite sleazy. But even a goddess has her weaknesses.

Dad was dead and mother worked nightshifts. At 8 p.m., Hunter, Tiffany and Mother ate dinner together like the happy regular family mom thought they were. “Bye kids!” Mom said “Be nice to each other and don’t go to bed too late.”

“Yes mom.” They answered in unison, their goodbyes were almost ritualistic.

Hunter washed the dishes and cleaned up after himself and his sister. What a good boy! He had no other choice after all, either be a good boy or his pervy panty sniffing ways would be displayed to the world. And Hunter wouldn’t want that, now would he?

At first, he resisted his sister’s orders. That lasted a total of five seconds. Before he realized the power she had over him.

“Listen you little shit.” Said Tiffany, while grabbing Hunter’s face with her hand, squeezing the corners of his mouth. “You think I hadn’t seen the way you looked at me? Maybe you want to see these too?” She pulled the bottom of her t-shirt down as to highlight the contours of her breasts. “Who am I kidding? I’m sure you had your fun with my bras as well. I don’t blame you for lusting, you’re a teenage boy, you really can’t control yourself, can you?” She forced him to shake his head as if to say no. “But still, my own brother is a complete pervert, sneaking under my bed to grab my panties and then touching that pathetic little thing you call a cock. Disgusting.” She forced herself to shiver. “From now on, when mom isn’t around, you obey me, or else something really illegal bahis bad will happen. Are we understood?” Hunter quickly nodded in agreement, his eyes wider than usual. “Also, from now on, my room will be locked at all times, and the key stays with me.” Tiff finally let go of his face. Hunter rubbed the corners of his mouth to ease the pain. He had never seen his sister this mad. For a final bit of humiliation, Tiffany dangled the key to her room in front of Hunter’s nose and then put it in the back pocket of her shorts, making sure Hunter got a good look of her tight little ass. A man’s lust was like a drug. Her tight little ass, her perky tits, her thin 5’9 frame, her long legs, long eyelashes, tiny button nose, her emotionless dark eyes, black wavy hair down to her waist, long fingers and gorgeous slender toes. Every part of her body was magnetic. Every part embellished with the utmost care. Even her feet had hours devoted to them. They were exfoliated daily to remove imperfections, the toes and arches stretched to assure they remained perfect and uniform; finally, they were moisturized to retain their soft youthful skin.

Ever since that day, Hunter cleaned up after his sister without her having to ask. And today was no different. After everything was washed and in its rightful place, he went to the living room where his sister was watching Netflix, with her bare feet crossed on the coffee table, wearing a white top and shorts. “Anything else Tiffany?” He said, with his chin down and his hands cupped together in front of him. “Bring me a cup of water.” She ordered. He got the water and placed it on top of the coffee table. “You really think I’m going to uncross my feet just to pick that up?” Hunter submissively went to grab the cup but, being a total clutz, he let it slip and the water splashed on Tiffany’s feet.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” Hunter was like a chicken with its head cut off while Tiffany looked at her feet for a second, leaned back, brought her fingers to her forehead and sighed at such incompetence. “Hunter… get on your knees.” Without a second thought, Hunter obliged. “Clean it.” She said “Now!”

“With what?” Asked Hunter.

“You got a shirt on, don’t you?” Hunter did have a shirt on, it was green, it didn’t match with his red shorts. Besides that, he only wore his black boxers underneath. He quickly undressed the shirt and was about to wipe the water off Tiffany’s feet when she stopped him and said. “You know what? That’s not enough. Take everything off.”

“W-What?” He stammered.

“EVERYTHING… OFF… NOW.” Tiffany’s eyes drilled into Hunter’s skull. She rarely raised her voice like this. Poor Hunter fully undressed himself. And was now on his knees, naked, his clothes in a small pile in front of him. Tiffany let out a bratty giggle.

“Now we’re even. You know, since you like smelling underwear so much, grab your boxers and sniff them.”

Hunter couldn’t even look his sister in the eyes. He lifted the boxers up to his face and gave them tiny little whiffs.

“I can’t hear you Hunter.” She said with a sly smile “Sniff harder!”

Hunter took one big whiff after another, the smell of his own cock filling all the space in his nostrils. After a few minutes of sniffing, only a faint smell remained, most of hit had been sucked out by Hunter’s diligent work.

“Good boy.” Tiffany said. “You did so well that the smell is probably gone. Now, wipe the water off my feet with those boxers. And be grateful. That’s the closest your cock will get to touching any part of me.” There was barely any water left on the goddess’ feet by this point. Still, using his boxers like a wash cloth, Hunter gently pampered the feet of his mistress until they were dry.

“Very good.” She said, spreading her toes to make sure no water remained. “Now put them in your mouth.” Hunter couldn’t face his sister yet. But, thinking she was talking about her feet, he stared at her red toenails in awe. “Not that you idiot, your boxers, put them inside your mouth and bite hard.” Swallowing those toes did seem too good to be true, the humiliation of having to bite down on his boxers, full of his own ball sweat, was almost too much. But he did it anyway.

What a pathetic sight that was, a teenage boy being dominated by his older sister. On his knees, naked, biting down on wet boxers that just a moment ago were covering his dick and were then used to dry the lowest part of Tiffany’s body.

“You’re actually like… so pathetic Hunter. I can’t believe I’m related to you.” Tiff couldn’t stop herself from giggling as she mocked her brother some more.

Silence came over the room. Hunter, wondering what was going on, finally got the courage to look up at his sister’s eyes, who in the meantime had remained with crossed feet, totally silent.

A shiver paralyzed Hunter and his eyes grew even wider. In front of his sister’s wicked smile was an iPhone camera, pointed right at him. She had been filming illegal bahis siteleri the whole time. He dropped the boxers on the floor. “Why the worried look Hunter? You look so cute right now… Maybe I’ll share you with my friends.” She laughed. “I want those boxers back in your mouth by the way. I never told you to drop them.” Hunter remained frozen for an instant. Then, the thoughts of everyone he knew seeing him in such a pitiful state caused in him a fear like he was being held at gunpoint by a madman. He quickly grabbed the boxers and put them back in his mouth. Tiffany’s tone got harsher, she uncrossed her feet, placed them on the floor and said “Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, I never said you could use your hands, now did I?” Like a dog dropping a toy for his owner, the boxers once again fell from Hunter’s mouth, only so he could lower his head and pick them up again, biting hard this time. The camera continued to film.

“Hunter! Look at the camera!” She said. “You having fun?” Hunter nodded his head in submission. “I’m getting tired of holding the phone and this table was hurting my ankles. Good thing I have you.” She smiled. “Get on all fours, you’ll be my footstool for tonight.”

Hunter crawled where she told him to. Now on all fours, his eyes facing the ground and his back with a slight bend; saliva started to soak the boxers, it began to drip and he had to suck it back up so it wouldn’t fall on the floor. Tiffany made herself comfortable, stretching her legs, she placed her feet on her brother’s back, tapped it a few times and said “Much softer. This might be your purpose in life Hunter, to be a footstool. It’s a good fit for you.” Tiffany crossed her feet once more and everything was like in the beginning, except Hunter was a softer version of the coffee table and Tiff was more heavenly than ever. “I’ll put the phone over here.” She said, placing the phone on the floor, just below Hunter’s face so it would capture every frame of that pathetic naked boy biting down on his own underwear. “Don’t touch it.”

One of Tiffany’s favorite chic flicks was playing in the background, but neither of them had payed much attention to it up to this point. Tiffany leaned back on the couch again, adjusting her feet to her liking, and went back to watching her show while Hunter stared into the camera and tried his best to not let spit fall from his mouth.

Five minutes passed. “Uh… Let’s have some family bonding time, shall we?” The sarcasm in her voice was palpable. “You must be a complete doormat to your girlfriend considering you just let me do this to you.” It didn’t seem possible given the situation, but somehow, Hunter was starting to get even more embarrassed. “Who am kidding? You never even had a girlfriend, right?” The bullying, from his own sister no less, distressed him so much that poor Hunter got teary eyed. “Do you even know what a vagina looks like? I bet you don’t, that’s kind of sad really.” More and more water was building up in Hunter’s eyes. “Admit it! You never had a girlfriend. Go ahead say it! Have… you… ever… had… a girlfriend?” She asked.

“No…” mumbled Hunter trough the boxer’s.

“Louder! I want to hear it clearly and I want the camera to pick it up too.”

“NO!” Said Hunter in a louder, more prolonged mumble this time. Hunter’s voice cracked and Tiffany realized he was on the verge of tears. So, she decided to humiliate him some more.

Her commands followed “Turn over. Yes, like that… Now… Skootch closer to me… Yes, good.” Hunter was now lying on his back, his hands under his bare ass and his face next to his sister’s feet. With the tips of her toes, Tiffany pushed the boxers deeper into her brother’s mouth. She picked up the phone again, crossed her feet over his chest and started filming Hunter’s face. “Mister Pantie Sniffer is so very obedient, isn’t that right Mister Pantie Sniffer?” She asked, pushing the camera closer to his face as if she was interviewing him for television. “Hold on. Are you crying?” She pretended to be surprised. At any moment now, a tear was going to flow from Hunter’s face and down his cheeks, his efforts to hold it in were nothing but useless.

“Go ahead. I want to see you cry like little baby.” Tiff focused the camera on her brother’s eyes. A single tear was shed. “Look at what we have here! My baby brother, naked, enjoying the taste of underwear, his favorite pass time after all. And now he’s crying. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more pathetic Hunter.” With her big toe, Tiff wiped the tear off her brother’s cheek. “There there little boy. Don’t worry, I’ll show this only to a select few people. That is, if you don’t piss me off too much. Chloe will love this for sure, I think she’ll want to have some fun with you too.” She, again, crossed her feet on Hunter’s chest.

Chloe. What a girl. Chloe is Tiffany’s cousin. Ten times bitchier and twenty times sluttier. Completely different style but arguably just as pretty canlı bahis siteleri when compared to Tiffany. Loves the beach and looks the part, keeps a fake tan all year round no matter the cost, dirty blonde hair, big round ass and thighs, excessive amounts of make-up, lover of ankle bracelets, her feet are naturally pretty but not as cared for when compared to her cousin’s. Chloe. A girl that embodies youthful sex, summer, and being a complete bitch. She was spending a lot of time over at Tiffany’s house recently, always acting mean towards Hunter. So, as expected, he didn’t like her very much, if only she knew what he was doing that very moment.

Tiffany went back to watching her show, her slave below her feet, right where he belongs. Every once in a while, Hunter would shed a tear and Tiffany would wipe it of his cheek with her big toe; never forgetting to bully him every time she felt like it. “Little crybaby!” “How pathetic.” “No wonder you never had a girlfriend you little perv.” were the kind of things she would say.

The chic flic came to an end. Tiffany was starting to get sleepy. She finally turned her phone off and got up. She stood over her brother and said “You can spit that out now.” Hunter spit his boxers out and started panting, slightly relieved, as much as one could be given the situation. He couldn’t face his sister and tried his hardest to avoid her gaze. “Look at me.” She ordered. Using her foot, Tiff moved her brother’s face, forcing him to face her. “You were well behaved today. For that, you get one kiss.” She arched her foot and touched Hunter’s lips with the part of her sole right below her toes. “Only one. Make sure you enjoy it.”

With the camera off, he was more at ease, and for the first time, his cock started to get hard. Hunter’s lips made a slight smacking sound as he kissed the sole of his sister’s foot. A chub erupted. Satisfied, Tiffany flashed a closed lip smile and said “Good boy. Clean this up and go to bed, you have my permission to jerk off tonight. I’d order you to think only of me, but let’s be honest, you’ll be doing that whether I tell you to or not.” She left her slave lying on the ground and walked to her room. Her pussy dripping, she quickly undressed herself, got in bed and played with her clit for a good ten minutes. After orgasming, she fell into a deep sleep.

Hunter remained obedient to his sister. He cleaned everything, went straight to bed and started touching himself while thinking of her. What Tiffany did not know, was that Hunter still had a pair of her used sock’s. He had stolen them a few weeks prior. He smelled one and wrapped the other around his cock. In a few seconds, he finished, busting a giant load on his belly and immediately passing out from the pleasure.

In the mornings, their mother would come back and everything would appear normal. Only after dinner would Tiffany have free reign over her brother who obeyed her every command. The basics were done almost to perfection; washing the dishes, cleaning the table, making sure Tiffany had all the food or drink she might desire. Beyond that, Tiffany was going to push Hunter to his limits. How much physical punishment could her slave take before he has a meltdown? How many attacks on his dignity would it take to break his spirit?

Well, both Tiffany and Chloe were quite curious. Tiffany showed her the videos and both had a good laugh about it. Torturing boys was a shared pleasure of theirs; Tiffany loved being that one girl you just can’t get, the shiny object you can look at, but never touch. Chloe loved sex way too much, so she got her kicks by making boys fall in love with her, then she would sleep with them once or twice and end the relationship without saying a word or providing a reason. Leaving a collection of dented hearts.

The two brats did everything together up until the last year of high school where they got separated. But now, with a new project to work on, a new man to break, it was just like good old times and they couldn’t wait to start conjuring different means of degrading that panty sniffing perv.

Chloe lived nearby, she started coming over for dinner which, for starters, made Hunter have one more plate to wash. But that was the least of his concerns. The two mistresses had decided that Hunter, by default, would be naked after dinner unless he was told otherwise. The living room is where all the training was set to occur. The girls would always wear fresh summer clothes; tops, t-shirts and shorts. Sometimes barefoot, others with socks and sometimes with sneakers.

In many of the earlier sessions, they forced Hunter to paint their toe nails. If he did anything wrong or anything they didn’t like, they would force him to remove the nail polish and start all over again. Doesn’t take a genius to understand teenage boys are not very good at painting any kind of nail let alone toe nails. So poor Hunter would spend entire nights naked, painting the toe nails of his two bitchy mistresses, only to hear Chloe complaining “What the actual fuck is this, Hunter? Like… It’s just painting fucking nails how hard can it be? You know… If I wasn’t so nice, I’d make you scrub them clean… with your tongue!”

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