A Weekend Home

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It was a weekend that a lot of alumni, myself included, came back home. I was sitting home that afternoon, and my phone rang. It was Tory. Tory is a friend of mine still, and we have been known to have some all night sex sessions when our individual sex lives slow down. Not friends with benefits exactly, more like…friends who turn to each other. We made a great sexual pairing, me with my slim, petite frame and perky A-cups with big, pale pink nipples, long, curly red hair, and bright green eyes; her a curvier build, short blonde hair, dark eyes, firm C’s with small brown nipples. Tory was known to have a tongue that could give an iceberg an orgasm in no time at all. She told me her parents would be away that night, and that she wanted me to come over to hit the hot tub, drink some wine, reminisce and tell stories. What surprised me, however, was that Kate would be there. Kate was a girl who I would have given anything to sleep with, but I never thought I had a chance. A similar build to Tory, in between us height, a honey blonde with the most delectable B cups and big nipples I’ve ever seen. She seemed straight as an arrow, and for her to come along to one of Tory and mine’s infamous “girl nights” seemed insane. Nevertheless, I said I wouldn’t miss it for the world, and started to get ready.

I rummaged through a drawer for my favorite bikini. A slinky little blue number, it had a rather skimpy string halter top, and super low riding bottoms. I took of my clothes, and took a look in the mirror before I put the suit on. College life didn’t afford me much time to be naked (a favorite pastime of mine), so I took the opportunity to savor it. I pinched my nipples and played with the ring in my right nip that I had gotten while I was away, and started to sway my hips a bit. My right hand took on a mind of its own and started snaking down to my pussy, idly teasing when it reached its destination. I snapped out of it and decided not to cum before seeing Tory, not knowing what she had in store for the night. I did, however, decide to do a little grooming before I headed out, realizing that my little patch of hair had gotten a little too unruly for my liking. So off to the bathroom I went, and came back with just a little triangle of short hairs above my delta. I threw some pj’s and a pair of panties into my bag, put my suit on, some jeans and a tank over it, and left for Tory’s.

I pulled up to her house, hopped out and knocked on her door. She came to the door wrapped in just a towel, and we hugged. “I was just out working on my tan,” she said. “Kate will be here any minute. But how the hell have you been?” We exchanged the usual descriptions of illegal bahis our lives at college, and walked over to her room. She asked for a minute to get changed, and we talked through her door as she put on her bikini. When she came out, I stopped mid-sentence and gawked. Her tits were straining against a tight bandeau top, her legs seemed to go on for days below her high cut thong bottom, and then there was her ass. Perfectly round, tight, and on display by her thong. She snickered and asked me if I liked what I saw. All I could do to respond was reach out and give her a loving little smack on the rump. She pulled me closer to her and just as her lips met mine, the doorbell rang. “Kate’s here!” Tory exclaimed. So we went and let Kate in, and chatted about the whole college thing for quite some time, when Tory suggested we move to the hot tub. The idea met no opposition, so we all got up, and Tory grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge.

We got to the jacuzzi, and I yanked my tank top off, and started unbuttoning my jeans. I wasn’t surprised when I saw Kate’s modest, but still supremely hot suit. She always was a modest one. We slid into the tub, poured some wine, and resumed our conversation. Soon the topic turned to stories of sexile and horror stories about room mates. We all nearly died laughing when Kate told us about a girl on her floor who brought a guy home, started giving him a handjob, and grabbed a bottle of self-tanner instead of mosturizer in the dark, and couldn’t understand why her hands were orange! After a few more glasses of wine, I told the girls about my new nipple piercing, and Kate asked to see it. Always the exhibitionist, I pulled down the triangles of my top and reveled in the oooh’s and aaaah’s of my friends. I felt Kate’s hands on my thighs and she leaned into to get a closer look at the barbell, and Tory started to touch it. After Tory got it nice and hard, it was Kate’s turn to play. She got really into it, and I closed my eyes and basked in the pleasure. I had told them how sensitive the ring made my nipple, and that information was not lost on them.

I felt a hand creep up to my left breast and begin to tease it. I felt lips press against mine, and I responded by kissing them back. When I opened my eyes as the kiss broke, I was shocked to see that it was Kate feeling me up! Tory flashed me a wicked grin from the background, and I moved closer to Kate, sliding my hands up her sides. Kate wasted no time in untying my top and ridding me of that little scrap of cloth. Tory slid up behind Kate and bit her neck as we got hotter and heavier. Kate slid her hands down and between my legs, and I wrapped them around her illegal bahis siteleri waist. My fingers found her nipples through the fabric her bikini top, and they felt like they could tear through at any moment. In a flash, Tory and I freed her mounds from their confines, and I kissed down and around her breasts. By now, we were a tangle of arms and tongues, Tory reaching around Kate and rubbing her folds, and Kate teasing mine, my lips latched onto Kate’s big nipples. By now, the confines of the Jacuzzi were a touch too small for us, so we moved our feminine knot up onto the deck.

Tory hadn’t gotten enough attention, so Kate and I laid her out on her back, Kate kissing her delicately, me kissing all over her tummy. I used one hand to play with Tory’s mounds, and began kissing my way up to her lovely globes. Kate pulled Tory’s arms over her head and I slid her bathing suit top up and off. To my surprise, Kate pinned Tory’s hands down to the deck and continued kissing her, and began to give her melons the lovely and slightly rough treatment I knew she loves. Before I knew it, Tory was squirming all over, and as I started to slide her thong down to get her off, she told me to stop. “Let’s make this about Kate for now,” she told me. More than happy to oblige, I pounced on Kate, and taking cues from her treatment of Tory, pinned her arms and legs down with mine and kissed her ferociously. Tory and I then set about pleasing Kate.

Tory slid in between Kate’s legs, and I continued kissing her, and began to massage her breasts, feasting on the peaks of her proud tits. From Kate’s gasps and groans I knew Tory had started eating her out, and how good it was feeling was obvious. Kate started out quiet, her muscles tense. As her pleasure grew, she was constantly moaning, and writhing under my and Tory’s bodies. She grew louder as Tory continued, her movements growing more and more erratic. Suddenly she bucked and cried out, her whole body twitching and spasming. She clutched Tory’s head, pulling her into her delta. After several more lurches, she rolled over onto her side and stretched out, smiling like the Cheshire cat. She rolled over onto me after she recovered from her bliss and began to kiss me.

I felt her hands snake down my tummy and untie my bikini bottoms. She ran her fingers all around my folds, getting them soaked with my juices. She gently rubbed my lips and dipped into me, deliberately avoiding my hugely engorged clit. Tory kissed and nibbled my legs, and then rolled onto her back and lapped at Kate’s pussy. I slid up so that Kate could eat me out, and I wrapped my thighs around her head and basked in the treatment. The tip canlı bahis siteleri of her tongue traced my slit and her moans sent tiny, intense waves of pleasure. I got closer to the edge, and my vise grip on Kate’s head grew tighter. My hands tangled up in her hair, desperately seeking a hold on something. I moaned louder as my orgasm barreled at me, and then my world exploded as Kate gently nibbled my pearl. I grunted out like a cave-woman as my orgasm peaked, then I pulled Kate’s loving mouth away as her licks became too much for me. I dragged her up to eye level, and kissed her passionately, cleaning my nectar off her now saturated face. Kate and I began to lose our selves in our kiss, when I heard a soft moan from Tory. I broke away from Kate to see Tory rubbing her clean shaven folds. Kate and I immediately moved to her, kissing, nibbling and licking all over her body.

I crawled over to Tory, and kissed and bit my way up each leg before planting a kiss right on her nub. At the same time, Kate started at her hip, dragging the tip of her tongue up Tory’s side, and then tracing patterns on her breast, ending with a gentle nibble on her nipple. I knew from her expression that Tory was positively dying to cum, so I dove in with the technique I knew she liked best: light, quick circles on her clitty, firm motion from a finger inside her. Between what had gone on before, and the pleasure she was giving herself shortly before, I knew it wouldn’t be long till her orgasm came. When Tory came, the whole world knew. All manner of swears, cries to god, inhuman grunts, and screams uttered forth from her lips. She bucked against my face, screaming and curling her fingers into my hair, toes curling to find purchase on something. After an eternity, her body relaxed, her cries became soft murmurings, and she just laid there, covered in sweat and girlcum, the picture of bliss. She cuddled into Kate’s back and continued her cooing. I snuggled up behind Kate and we three stayed there for a while, kissing and rubbing a bit.

Kate eventually turned around to kiss and fondle me, while Tory remained in what was nothing short of a sex coma. She pulled me on top of her as we kissed feverishly, her fingers zeroing in on my white hot puss. She ran firm circles on my clit, and I kissed and nibbled the spot on her neck that gave her goosebumps. Before my orgasm could build too much, I got off her, turned around, and straddled her head, burying my own in her wet snatch. We licked each other with abandon, furiously chasing a second orgasm. Kate cried out and bucked to announce her orgasm, and she somehow kept eating me with remarkable skill. She continued pleasuring me through my orgasm, and when we both came down, we shared a very wet kiss, mixing our delicate flavors together into one. Tory eventually woke up, and the three of us, smelling incredibly of sex, moved to her bed, where we spent the rest the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20