A Weekend In The Caravan Ch. 05

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Sunday morning came. It was a warm sunny day. It’s going to be one of them hot days we have occasionally. I was preparing breakfast when Ann came down stairs.

“What’s for breakfast” she muttered.

“I’m doing toast and coffee – is that ok” I chirped.

We sat down at the kitchen table discussing ‘our plan’. Jill had gone out to friends and will be away until late afternoon. Simon was still in bed. We decided that when Simon got up that I was to ‘chat’ Simon up for some fun while Ann went for a shower, making sure she was a good half hour to give me time to arrange details with Simon. At that point, Simon came into the kitchen.

“Just had a nice shower – I feel real great – it’s a lovely morning – isn’t it” He gushed.

Ann winked at me – I knew that was the ‘Q’ I was waiting for.

“I’m going for a slow shower – I don’t want any disturbance from either of you two” Ann said.

As Ann left the room. I asked Simon if he would like some toast and coffee. He grunted a ‘yeah’. He slumped down in one of the easy chairs by the kitchen door. He enquired what’s on for today. I pointed out that Jill has gone off to her friends for most of the day and your Mum will be going out supermarket shopping soon. His face seems to light up, but he seemed a bit fidgety. I started to wonder if he’s changed his mind about our plan for this morning.

“When is Mum going then” He says.

“Why – why do you want to know for” I said with a smile.

He looked at me and returned the smile. He then stood up and walked up behind me and while I was buttering the toast. I could feel his presence only a few inches from me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.

“This morning then – you know – what we planned” he whispered.

Then I felt his body touch my back. His hands reached out putting them onto the worktop either side of me, and then I felt his ‘boner’, it pressed against my arse crack.

“Are you still gamed for it then” I whispered.

“Yes – I think so” he said.

“We’ll need to wait for your Mum to go out – then we will have about 30 minutes of free time” I retorted.

Simon sat down and began eating his breakfast just as Ann came down from her shower. I winked at her; she acknowledged the wink with a dry smile. She knew from that wink that Simon and I had agreed a ‘plan’ and will be put into action as soon as she goes out.

Ann putting her coat on saying she’s off shopping and will be gone for about hour. At that, she went through the front door closing it behind her.

Simon and I looked at each other with anticipation. I thought casino oyna to myself that I must give Ann a few minutes to creep round the back, and into the bedroom wardrobe.

“Let’s finish our breakfast and wash-up the dishes – then we can have some fun” I said.

It only took a few minutes to wash the dishes, which we did, in silence. Simon put some of the plates in the wall cupboard; I noticed his well-rounded nice arse through his jeans. I thought to myself what a wonderful shape he as.

“Shall we go up-stairs now?” Simon whispered.

I needed more time for Ann to be settled inside the wardrobe I said to myself.

“Just mop the floor while I nip to the bathroom, then follow me up to the bedroom” I said to Simon.

I ran quietly up-stairs and into the bedroom. I approached the wardrobe and spoke softly through the louver doors.

“Are you in there?” I said to Ann.

“Yes – ok – get started” She whispered back.

I walked over and sat on the edge of our king-size bed waiting for Simon to enter the room. As I sat, I became conscious of my massive hard on. It was hurting me due to its confines inside my tight shorts. Then the door opened, in walked Simon, slowly. He stood by the door and closed it with his left hand. The door clicked shut.

We looked at each other. The room was in silence. It felt as if we were in a tunnel, a kind of detachment I’ve not felt before. It’s as if the room was the only thing in the universe. I lifted my right hand and beckoned him over to me with my finger. He slowly walked over to me and stood facing me some 12 inches away. His breathing was quick and shallow. I stood up and started to un-buckle his belt. He stood motionless, not knowing what to do next.

I whispered “Its ok – we’ll take it slow”

He stood with his arms by his side while I un-fasted his top fly button and began to slide his trouser zip down. The zip noise was the only sound in the room at that moment other than the bedside clock. He seemed to be in a frozen state, so I decided to take the lead and control the situation. I let his trousers fall to the floor exposing his bulge that was hidden by his blue boxers that had a large wet patch of pre-cum just where his cock tip is. He had an uncontrolled hard on, it was twitching as I slid his boxers down his legs with my thumbs either side of his waistband and lowered myself to sitting on the bed edge.

I took in his essence, his manly musk. I lifted my right hand and lightly put thumb and index finger over his knob head. I lightly pushed the foreskin back till the head was exposed, then pulled slot oyna it up almost completely covering it as transparent liquid oozed from the pee hole running down his shaft and over my hand. His body shuddered and twitched. I thought: – its time for action, I don’t what him to cum yet.

He put his arm out, holding onto my shoulder and kicked the trousers and boxers across the room. I stood up and guided him to the bed; I bent him over the bedside. His head was laid on the bed with his arms splayed out. I stood behind him and nudged his legs apart a little. I thought: – I must be quick before he cums before I’ve fucked him. I quickly un-buttoned my shorts and kicked them away. Then I reached for the Ky jelly and a condom from the bedside draw and knelt down on one knee behind him.

“No – bare back – ” he grunted.

“If your sure – then bare-back it is” I whispered.

I opened the jelly tube and squeezed a liberal amount of jell onto my cock. I worked it in with my left hand. I looked up and could see him watching me between his legs, not a word was said, it’s as if we both know what to do. I looked down and added more jell onto my knob and shaft, wiped my hands on the bed sheets. I slid my hands up his legs starting from his calves until I reached his butt cheeks. Then I put my thumbs either side of his anus, I worked it making it wink at me. I stared at his arse, it was a little hairy about the anus, fine light hair that ran up his back His anus was a small tight looking hole with no pucker, he clearly had never been fucked, but this was about to change. His balls were on the small side too and nicely tucked up close to his body. I looked again through his legs, he was watching me as I stuck my tongue out and jabbed his hole, he gasped as I prodded him, reamed him, licking him from his balls and back to his anus with my flicking tongue.

I stood up and levelled myself up behind him. I asked him to adjust his legs a little to give me the correct height for my cock to go in at the right angle. There I was, holding his thigh with my left hand and my cock with my right and my cock head just 1 inch from is butt hole. I thought about his mother, Ann, who was in the wardrobe, I was hoping she was having a good view of me and her son that was about 3 seconds away from his first fucking.

I put my knob end just touching his anus, then I moved my knob around his entrance to spread the jell. I whispered to him to tell me if it becomes uncomfortable and I would stop. I put on a little pressure and my knob started to spread his hole, I hesitated and put both hands on his thighs. I canlı casino siteleri looked at him for any telltale sign’s of discomfort, there was none. He moved his head letting it lay on the bed on his right cheek, his face in the direction of the wardrobe where Ann was watching. I then pushed more at the same time I looked down at my cock entering a virgin hole. I always love to look at my cock disappearing into an arse; it gives me such a thrill to know I’m de-flowering an anus. I felt a resistance, so I stopped with my cock about 3 inches in. He had involuntary clamped my cock. I kept a little pressure on and moved my body side to side in small rotation movements to help him to relax.

“Are you ok with this” I quizzed him.

“Yea – go slow” he said.

I waited some half minute but he still had me clamped. I moved my hands placing them in such away that my thumbs were by is hole. I pulled his hole wider with them. Suddenly he made an ‘Ooooh’ sound and then he relaxed, I saw my cock slide in slowly, all the way in non-stop. My body was now pressing up to Simon’s arse.

“I’m right in – I’m all the way in” I gasped.

My spunk was boiling in my balls; I was on the edge of cumin. I put my hands back onto his thighs and moved my cock very slowly in and out of his arse. Simon’s legs started shaking. He moved his hand under his body as I worked my cock. I looked down at my cock as I was pulling back with my tip just in him. I saw his hand slide under our balls and cupped them. This was so hot. He was cupping two sets of ball. That sent me over; I grabbed his shoulders and gave one last shove up his arse and cum.

“Oooo- I’m on my way” I croaked.

I shot wad after wad into his hot arse. I nearly lost control with such a violent climax. I held him tightly as my cock starting to soften and begin its exit from his anus. I was sweating; it was dripping off my forehead onto Simon’s arse. I looked down at him saying with a smile.

“I said you would enjoy this fuck as much as I did.” I giggled.

“Fantastic – I think I’ve cum on the bed.” He said laughingly.

My dick slipped out of him as I was telling him that I was sorry because I would have loved to taste his cum, I will take his wad down my throat next time. Simon stood up bringing into view a large pool of spunk spread on the bed sheets. Simon smiled, turned around and entered the un-suit bathroom to be cleaned up. I wiped my cock on a towel that I had hidden under the bed. Simon came out of the bathroom quickly got dressed and gave me a light kiss on my lips saying he must go because Mum will be back any time now. He then left the bedroom while I contemplated what had just happened in the last 20 minutes, and wondering on Ann’s thoughts about seeing her son being fucked by her partner!!!!!


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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20