A Writer’s Frustration

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Author’s Note: For this story to have the most impact, I recommend going back and reading my last story Morning Shower Fun. Also bonus points for whoever finds the easter egg. I don’t think it’s that difficult because I wrote the story. If you do get it, pop your answer in the comments below. If you found it easily don’t say ‘That was easy, try again next time’ because I didn’t write it to make difficult. But then again it might be hard because you might not be into what I’m into (like apart from the incest stuff).


Jason read the comments of his latest story in horror. The majority of them were saying how weak the plot was and that is was filled with clichés. Some of these Literotica commenters could have some pretty high standards. He thought they would have just been content with some brother/sister fucking and be done with it. Instead they were too busy analysing his work, paying attention to things like how detailed it was. Or its lack, according to most comments. Of course there were good ones too, but they never struck as hard as the negative ones.

At least this time they weren’t complaining about the length of the story. To write a solid two-page story on the site, you needed to write at least five thousand words. He never got how anyone had the time to sit and write that much. The people who were writing longer than that must be doing this as a living. Fuck them, thought Jason. But as hard as he tried not to think about the shitty comments, they were still plaguing him.

Without thinking, Jason wandered into his older sister’s room and flopped on her bed. Looking over from her desk, Katie said, “What’s up, little bro?” She was a tall and slender and athletic. She was always willing to listen to Jason and whatever he wanted to vent about.

“Ugh, internet trolls,” he exclaimed. “You write a perfectly good story and then they have to go and shit all over it.”

“You write stories?” she asked. Katie had never suspected her little brother as the creative type. He was always too busy studying or hanging out with friends. She didn’t even see when he would have the time to sit down and write. “Maybe you should let someone read them before putting them out there for the world to see.”

“Well, the thing is-,” Jason stopped himself before going on. He had been so used to his sister being a sympathetic ear, that he had totally forgotten who he was talking to. He couldn’t come to her with this problem. What would she think? The last thing he needed was his older sister thinking he was some kind of pervert who wanted to fuck her. Well, he was, but she didn’t need to know that. This was just something that he needed to bury deep down inside.

“Uh, actually, you know what? never mind. It’s stupid. This is the sort of thing I should deal with on my own. Thanks anyway.” Jason quickly scooted off her bed and left her room. Katie was left slightly shocked. Her brother had never done that to her before. Normally, he would be eager to hear her advice for whatever his problem was.

But now he had piqued her interest. What could Jason possibly be writing that he didn’t want her to see. He was a pretty open guy and fairly confident in the things he did. Whatever it was must be pretty embarrassing for him. Out of curiosity, she decided that she had to take a look at whatever it was. That way she could at least think of some advice to give him.

The next day, Katie knew Jason would be going out with his uni friends. He had just finished his second year and was already out enjoying the summer. Using the time that he was going to be out, she planned to go check out what he had been working on. She knew that he would leave his laptop open as he always did and no one in their family was mistrustful enough to set passwords on their computers. She picked it up off his desk and sat crosslegged on his bed.

The first place Katie thought to look was in Jason’s browser history. As soon as she clicked the history dropbox she was shocked at the amount of porn that was there. It seemed that he had quite broad tastes when it came to the type of videos that he watched. Katie couldn’t really talk because she watched a fair bit of porn too, but even then she kept it limited to a select few types. But what he was looking at was crazy. Big tits MILFs, slutty schoolgirls, bondage and even a couple of shemale clips.

Katie wondered for a second whether she should take a look at one of those. She always wondered what the appeal was. No, she thought, I came here with a goal. There was no time to get distracted. But as she scrolled through his history, Katie couldn’t find anything that could be remotely related to writing. There were the usual Facebook and YouTube links. The only thing that kept coming up was a thing called Literotica. It sounded slightly familiar to Katie. A couple of her friends had mentioned that they really liked it and she was aware that it was an erotic story site.

Surely that wasn’t what her little brother was writing. She clicked on one of the links and went to the site. It casino şirketleri was more shocking than she could have anticipated. She was taken to a page full of incest and taboo stories. Katie couldn’t believe it. Is this what Jason was into?

She was not one to shame others for things they were into, but couldn’t help but feel a little bit uncomfortable at the thought of her brother being into incest. It wasn’t likely that he was attracted to their mother. And they didn’t have any female cousins so that only left her if he was into anyone in the family. But maybe it was just one of those cases where a guy was in it for the thrill. He was already logged in as JayKenway and she clicked through to a list of his stories.

At the top of that list was the latest story that he had written. Katie had committed herself to helping her brother and if it meant exploring something she wasn’t sure about. Despite his claims of harassment, Jason’s story Morning Shower Fun had an average rating of 4.5 stars, so the majority of people must have thought it was good. She could see next to the score how many people had rated and seen the story. She was amazed and impressed at how many people had done so. More than a hundred thousand people had read it, Katie knew that nothing she would ever do would reach that many people. She wondered how Jason kept such a cool head about it.

Katie found Jason’s writing was quite sensual and she felt the heat that rose inside her as she got turned on. Was this the sort of thing that Jason fantasised about? Was he turned on by her? Despite herself Katie felt her nipples stiffen at the idea of her brother thinking about her sexually. The description of the girl in the story hardly matched what she was like in real life, but then again the reader wasn’t really given a good idea of watched she looked like. This was something that Katie would have to bring up to him, if she ever got a chance to talk to him about it, that is. In reality, she was taller than the five foot five that he had made her in story, as well as having blonde hair instead of brown. He did however get right that she had a great ass. Is that something he had noticed about her? Butts certainly weren’t his thing according to his porn history.

As she read on, the girl in the story had her brother wash her back and press up to her so she could feel his cock. Katie wondered what it would feel like to have Jason’s cock press against her. Because they were similar in height, his would probably sit right between her buttcheeks. Slowly, Katie unbuttoned her shorts as she sat on his bed.

As the siblings started to have sex in the story, Katie began to rub her pussy almost absentmindedly. She put herself in their shoes and imagined having sex with Jason. Did she just get more wet at that thought? She lay back on his bed and slid her shorts and panties. She became aware of the different smell of her brother’s room as she slowly slid one finger into her increasingly wet hole. The taboo of what she was doing turned her on more than she expected that it would. She inserted another finger inside of her pussy as spread her legs further to go deeper.

Katie curled her fingers slightly and imagined that they were Jason’s cock pumping in and out of her pussy. If only she had anticipated what she had found on his computer, she would have brought one of her toys with her. She was definitely enjoying the moment too much to stop now. She found herself wishing that her younger brother was here now, sliding his cock in and out of her sopping cunt. With urgency, she brought her other hand down to clit and rubbed it as hard as she could.

As she did this, Katie felt the first crashing wave of her orgasm washing over her. She writhed on her brother’s bed and moaned, “Jason”. The pleasure she was feeling was so intense, she realised that this was the hardest she had ever cum. As it subsided, Katie lay there on her brother’s bed, a mess of tangled clothes pushed down around her ankles, her lower body all exposed. She turned her head to the side. On his nightstand, Jason had a framed picture of her. It was that he had taken when they went away with the family last summer. She was wearing her favourite yellow dress and was laughing at some joke that he had told.

Suddenly, Katie was flooded with shame at what she had done. She couldn’t look at her brother the way he obviously saw her. She was was the older sibling, by at least three years. That was old enough to know better. But he did see her that way. Part of her was flattered, but it was still wrong.

While she was laying there she heard the front door open. The sounds of her brother and his friends carried upstairs. Katie quickly scooted off Jason’s bed and pulled up her panties and shorts. Being caught in his room by Jason would be awkward enough, but she heard the voice of his friend Aaron and didn’t want to have to be around him at all. Aaron was one of Jason’s friends from high school and had always been super creepy around her.

As the voices got to the top of the stairs, casino firmaları Katie slipped quickly and quietly across the hallway into her own bedroom and shut the door. Moments later, she heard the boys go into the room and she went and sat on her own bed. She wished that something would come to distract her from what had happened in her brother’s room, but her mind was spinning.

There was a soft knock at her door and Jason popped his head in through the door. “Hey sis, I’ve just got some friends over. Let me know if we’re making too much noise.” Katie nodded her head dumbly. “Are you ok?” he asked, “you look kind of flushed.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just had the biggest orgasm of my life because of that story you wrote about having sex with me,” she pictured herself telling him. Looking at him caused her to blush even more. How would she even go about bringing it. “I’m fine,” was all she could manage rather breathlessly.

When Jason closed the door, Katie flopped back onto her bed. What is happening to me, she thought. She was so conflicted about the whole thing. Yes, what Jason had written was incredibly hot and sexy, but he obviously hadn’t intended for her to read it. He was obviously suppressing some very dark desires about her and she wanted to be able to help, as she had always loved that part of being an older sister.

A couple of hours later, Katie heard her mother come in downstairs. Thankful that she had a reason to escape her room, she bounded downstairs to see how her mom was. From the sound of it, her mom had had a crazy day at the hospital where she worked. “I could really use a hand cooking dinner, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not,” Katie was super keen to distract herself and cooking always did the trick. As she set about helping her mom, she felt her mind start to relax. It was helpful as she always had trouble getting caught up in her own thoughts.

But that restfulness went away, when her mom asked, “Can you go and see if Jason’s friends will be staying for dinner?” Katie nodded, but her stomach was doing somersaults at the idea of facing Jason once again, not to mention being perved on by Aaron. She really hoped he wouldn’t be staying.

She got to the top of the stairs and knocked on Jason’s door. When she heard a response, Katie opened the door. The three guys were all glued to Jason’s big TV playing whatever game they were into these days. She didn’t even realise that his other friend Lucas was here, but then again he did seem like the shy type. “Mom was just wondering if your friends were staying for dinner.”

In a rather quiet voice, Lucas turned around and said, “It’s okay, I gotta get going home soon anyway.”

Aaron on the other hand was full of confidence. “I don’t know, it might be worthwhile if you’re going to be dining with us,” he replied directly to Katie. She shivered at the slimy guy’s words.

“Dude, that’s my sister,” Jason said, jumping to her defence.

“Well whatever you decide, mom’s serving it up in half an hour.” She left hoping that that would be the last she saw of Aaron.

However, Katie found herself disappointed when she saw Aaron come down and take a seat across from her at the dining table. Jason sat next to him with a smile and Katie didn’t feel as tense because of it. Their mom bought out the bowls of pasta and they all dug in.

“Oh boy Mrs V, this sure is tasty,” said Aaron with a sycophantic grin.

“You don’t have to thank me,” mom said, “it was Katie who did the most of it.”

Aaron took a long look at Katie. “Well thank you,” he said with a sneer. Katie just thought about how she should have poisoned it if she knew he was going to be staying. The rest of the meal passed silently as everyone quietly enjoyed the meal. She was also aware though that Aaron was trying to get a look at her every chance he got. She didn’t think that the tank top she was wearing was too provocative or revealing, but that didn’t seem to bother Aaron much. To her surprise, although it shouldn’t be, she told herself, Jason was also taking furtive looks in her direction. Katie couldn’t help but feel a twinge of wet heat between her legs as she remembered how hot the story that he had written was.

When the meal was done, Katie quickly excused herself to take in the empty bowls and wash them up. She was relieved to be out of that room and was glad when she heard Jason see Aaron to the front door.

Later, when Katie was laying on her bed reading a book, Jason knocked on the door and came in. “I just wanted to apologise for Aaron. I know he’s a pervy dick and I shouldn’t really hang out with him”

“That’s okay,” replied Katie. “Sometimes we have those friends who just stick around no matter how much we want to get rid of them.”

“Yeah, he’s a bit like that. Thanks for understanding.”

“That’s alright. Big sisters are always gonna be there no matter what. It’s not like you were the one constantly checking me out.” Katie was surprised by what she had said. She hadn’t meant to let slip that she knew Jason güvenilir casino had been ogling her too and she hoped he wouldn’t pick up on that. But judging from the deep shade of scarlet her brother’s face had now turned, he had gotten the hint. All he could manage was a nervous chuckle.

Since she realised she was already going in this direction, Katie asked, “So have you gotten over the criticism your story had gotten?”

Jason shrugged, “Uh yeah, I just put it down to people not being into it. That’s alright I guess.” He turned to go but Katie stopped him.

“Wait a second,” she said, getting up off her bed, “I don’t get a goodnight hug?” Jason came over thinking it would be a quick hug, but Katie pulled him and close and wrapped her arms tight around his back. She made sure that she pressed her boobs into his chest and was pleased when she felt his hard cock against her leg through his shorts. Although she was tempted to reach down and give a squeeze, she held off. “You know, I’d be happy to read one of your stories anytime,” she whispered into his ear in a sultry voice.

Jason pulled away and Katie could tell that he was reluctant to do so. When she looked at his face he looked both content and in a daze. Obviously what she said had the desired effect. “Uh yeah,” was all he could manage as he left the room. Katie grinned to herself once he had left the room, knowing full well that the plan she was coming up with on the fly was going to eventually pay off.

It felt so real when Jason came to her room that night. Katie gasped as she felt her brother slide under the covers next to her. When did he become so bold? She felt his hands exploring her body, pulling up her t-shirt to squeeze her breasts, hands probing inside her panties to feel her dripping wet pussy. “Jason,” she whispered, “is this what you really want to do?”

“Mhm,” she heard him moan. “I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time.” He grabbed her shoulder and turned her so she was facing him. Katie could just make out his eyes in the dark. She could tell they were burning with desire for her. Her excitement was paired with a slight fear of what she saw in her brother’s eyes. Not only did she passion and desire, but sensed an urgency in him. An urgency that told her he would do no matter what to get his pleasure.

Katie was shocked as she felt him roughly tear he panties down to her knees. The coolness rushed in on her now exposed pussy, made cooler still by her wetness. She realised how needy she was to be filled by his cock and when she sensed it grazing her thigh, she reached down in an effort to guide it towards her hungry hole.

As soon as it was touching her spread lips, Jason thrust his cock roughly upward and into Katie’s pussy. She gasped at it’s thickness, stretching her more than she had anticipated. She clasped her hands around the back of her younger brother’s neck and stared at him, her mouth gaping open, as his thrusts became more and more harsh. She could hear animalistic moans coming from deep inside her brother, almost as if he was growling as he took his sister.

For Katie, this was bliss. She was now going along completely with her brother, gyrating her own hips in turn each time his cock slid into her soaked cunt. She could feel the pleasure rising, deep down, and it was amazing. This pleasure was like nothing she had ever felt before. No guy had ever made her feel such a prolonged buzz. As she came closer and closer to her climax, her vision blurred and she moaned as loud as she could, not caring who was able to hear. The bliss was so intense as she approached her orgasm, just inches away.

When she opened her eyes, all of Katie’s pleasure disappeared in an instant. The sunlight was pouring into her room and Jason was nowhere in sight. The dream had felt so real that Katie was sure that she was about to cum. She felt under the covers to find that not only was her pussy soaked. She felt robbed. Her orgasm had been so close a moment ago only to be snatched away by reality. It was incredibly unfair and she knew that not even touching herself would achieve the pleasure she had just experienced. She knew that there was only one person who would be able to get her to that same point now.

She lay there thinking of Jason. He was really cute now that she had time to reflect and he really didn’t know about the effect he had on girls. Katie would always see other girls in high school fawning over him, but he was to awkward to notice. Even girls in her year would murmur things about him here and there. But maybe it wasn’t that he didn’t notice. Now that she knew he wanted to have sex with her, Katie realised that Jason probably knew how he was seen by girls. That made her fill with joy, knowing that her brother not only lusted after her but probably had feelings for her too.

Katie got out of bed and was thankful that the summer day was already hot. She could tell from the lack of clouds in the sky that it was going to be perfect pool weather. She would get a chance to lie out and get some sun in her favourite yellow bikini. Katie changed into a pair of clean panties, making sure to pick some that really hugged her ass. She thought twice before reaching for a pair shorts, deciding that this would be a better way to tease Jason.

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