Adventures of a Cottager Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Cumming in Cannes

For those of you who have not read chapter 1. my formative years, of which I can say nothing on here, left me with a penchant for old men, exhibitionism, taking orders, and anonymous outdoor sex. Now I am getting towards being an old man myself I thought perhaps its time to relive the memories and share them with others.

On the advice of the local tourist information office I booked into a small hotel next to Cannes station. Its main attraction was that it was cheap (very cheap compared to most of Cannes) but still clean and comfortable.

I do not remember anything about my first day in Cannes. I suspect after my exertions of the previous day and night I slept most of it. The next morning I came down for the traditional croissant, baguette, and coffee breakfast. There were a few couples in the breakfast room and a single guy in his late 30s.a little overweight and balding.

As I left the room the guy followed me into the tiny 2-3 person lift. I pressed for the 3rd floor, and he seemed happy that that was his destination too.

” Bonjour” he said and I muttered the same back to him.

Then he said something I did not understand along the lines of “Vous-etes en forme?” Perhaps someone could enlighten me as what it was he said, but the meaning soon became clear as he repeated his question and then briefly touched my crotch. The appropriate answer seemed to be “oui”.

As I said this the lift opened and we both got out. My room was just opposite the lift. As I unlocked the door I felt hands on my arse and it seemed only seconds later that I had been pushed back on to the bed, my jeans and pants pulled down to my knees, my t-shirt pulled up above my chest, a hand was twisting a nipple and a mouth was engulfing a rapidly rising cock.

Soon the experienced stranger had worked me up to a rock hard throbbing erection. His hand pumping the base of my shaft as he sucked around my circumcised helmet. My nipples hard, sensitive little bullets as he played with them. I closed my eyes and prepared for release, savouring this unexpected post-breakfast delight, but then suddenly I felt him stop, leaving me just on the point of coming.

I moaned in frustration and opened my eyes to see him undressing “Silence” he commanded. Then enforced his point once he was naked by straddling over me, and shoving his chunky prick into my mouth. Grabbing my hair, which in those days came down nearly to my shoulders, he proceeded to face fuck me. His cock banged against my throat as he thrust forward and pulled my head up at the same time. Rocking back his hips he pulled my head back on to the pillow., then thrust forward and pulled me back towards him. I was completely under his control as he repeated this time after time, unable to suck or lick him properly, barely able to breath, just having my mouth used for his pleasure.

He reached behind güvenilir bahis him to grab my cock which was now covered in precum, and wanked me as his thrusting got faster. “Uurrrgh” he groaned and squeezed my cock tightly. I felt a blast of spunk coating my mouth, then another followed, and yet more. My own cum started to rise from my balls, prevented from release by the hand still squeezing my shaft. As his orgasm finished he loosened his grasp and my own cum shot out over my belly and the stranger’s back.

As we cleaned up, we introduced ourselves. It seemed odd giving an introductory shake of the hands to a naked guy who had just been shaking a more intimate part of me, but it did not seem to faze Jules as his name turned out to be. He was Belgian with almost non-existent English and a difficult accent in French. However he made it clear as he left that I was to be ready go to a club with him at 9 that evening.

For the rest of the day I wandered round Cannes, avoided the expensive sea front bars and restaurants, and did a few hours sunbathing on the beach. This was the first time I had seen topless girls in public and by the end of the day my bisexual libido was beginning to rise.

I made sure I was ready for Jules at 9 pm, dressed in my only non-jean trousers and proper shirt. However when he arrived he seemed unhappy with my choice of clothing and after inspecting the meagre contents of my wardrobe he pulled out a white t-shirt and pair of Levis with a studded fly . He told me to put those on, insisting I go commando. I was thankful there wasn’t a zip to catch where it would be painful.

The club turned out to be in a basement. There was a bar at the back in front of which was a small semi circular dance floor with tables and chairs laid out around it. Jules led me to the far side where there were bench seats with tables in front of them. Most of the seats were occupied even though the rest of the club was fairly empty, but we found a space and Jules went off to buy some beers. He came back with the beers and a couple of other guys, both somewhat older.

” I’m Francois” said the older of the two- a small gray haired guy approaching 60 I guessed.- “I will translate for Jules and Henri, it will be hard for you to understand in here when it gets noisier”

Henri, a tall elegant man in his 40s sat opposite me as Francois and Jules sat on either side of me. As I sipped my drink I felt Francois’ hand on my thigh. My cock began to bulge against my jeans as his hand moved slowly up my leg. I cannot remember if we talked much, but I don’t think conversation was the top priority as Jules stroked my other thigh. Soon both hands were rubbing over my crotch and the bulge was becoming painful in my tight jeans. Jules ripped open my fly , released my cock from its prison, and offered it to Francois.

Happy that no-one other than Henri could see what was happening I rested türkçe bahis back on the seat and wallowed in the delight of Francois’ hand gently milking my prick. I reached out to both sides and found the bulging laps of Jules and Francois. I rubbed them gently as Francois’ grip tightened and his pumping became more insistent. Just as I began to prepare for release, the pumping stopped. There was an exchange of rapid French between Jules and Francois and then Jules pushed my cock back into my jeans, fastened just a couple of the studs, and hauled me to my feet.

“Follow him” said Francois, looking none too pleased.

Jules led me across the room,which had now become quite crowded, and into the toilet. Pushing me into a cubicle and down onto the seat, he stood over me omitting to close the door behind him. Unzipping his fly, he proceed to face fuck me in a similar manner to that morning, only this time he ignored my cock completely before he emptied his load down my throat, cumming noisily and oblivious to anyone who could see and hear what was happening.

Jules stuffed his now limp cock back into his trousers, told me to buy four beers and left. I followed passing several men hanging round the toilet watching me leave. I found a space at the bar and ordered the beers. While I waited I felt someone pressing behind much closer than even the crowded bar warranted. A hand moved round my hips and a finger slipped into my half fastened fly, followed soon by another one. With short, rapid movements the fingers worked me back to as near a full erection as the tight jeans allowed. When I proffered my francs in payment the barman smiled and gave a little wink which seemed to be directed behind me.

I could have stayed there all night enjoying the fingers, but thought I had better take the beers back to our table. As I picked up the tray the fingers were removed and by the time I turned round their owner had disappeared.

Only a few minutes after I returned, seated this time between Henri and Francois, most of the lights in the room were turned off, leaving only the bar and dance floor lit. Francois told me this meant that the club was now closed to any newcomers and the fun could begin.

“What fun” I asked?

“This” he replied, unfastening my belt.

Henri pulled open the remaining studs of my fly, and he and Francois pulled my jeans down to my knees. Although Jules was sitting opposite I was sure anyone who looked closely could see what was happening. As usual that thought of being seen by strangers caused me to go erect instantly.

Henri slid his hand up my t-shirt and began to tweak my nipples and Francois resumed his pumping of my cock. Henri then leaned over and took my circumcised helmet in his mouth, his tongue playing with the super-sensitive underside. Francois was still milking the base of the shaft, and it was not long before a final pinch of a nipple by Henri güvenilir bahis siteleri sent me over the top, squirting my cum into his mouth.

Henri swallowed it all, and followed up by licking my shaft until it was clean. When he finished I looked up to see the barman standing by the side of. Jules. I tried to pull up my jeans, but Francois stopped me, saying it was OK. The barman said something I couldn’t translate, to which the others nodded in agreement, before collecting the empty glasses from the table with one final lingering look at my now limp member.

I thought it was probably time to return the favour to Henri and Francois so I tried to unzip their flies. They did not seem to be as happy to expose themselves as they were to expose me, and for the next hour or so they allowed me only to fondle them through their trousers.

“Time to go” said Francois. “You are going to come back to our hotel n’est-ce pas?”

Although this was phrased as a question I did not feel it was anything other than a command.

A few minutes later I was in their hotel room, naked,kneeling by the bed, with the three of them sitting on it facing me. Taking a cock in each hand I went down on the one in front of me. I am not sure whose was whose, it did not matter. I wanked and licked and sucked until all three cocks were hard. They stood up and shoved their cocks into my face, I sucked them all moving quickly from one to the other in turns, my arms around the two of the guys fondling their arses. While I sucked one cock the others slapped their cocks into my face.

Someone grabbed my hair and began to direct my sucking, moving me from one prick to the next, Then my hands were grasped and placed onto two of the cocks, a clear sign they were to be wanked. My face was pushed and pulled along the other prick. Spunk splattered over my face as someone came. My head was pulled back and the cock I had been sucking erupted sending cum all over my face. I closed my eyes to avoid the splashes, then felt another stream hitting me from the side.

When my head was released I rose to my feet, wiping the spunk from my eyes, but as I started to head for the bathroom, I was pushed down on to the bed. As I fell I caught sight of myself in the mirror. With my face covered in cum I looked a complete slut. The spunk ran all over my face as I lay on the bed, so I closed my eyes for protection, and lay there as the others climbed on the bed with me. I could feel hands all over my body as I was caressed, fondled, squeezed, and sucked by three pairs of hands and three mouths until I came all over my stomach, and promptly fell asleep.

I awoke to find Henri and Francois asleep next to me, but no sign of Jules. I went to the bathroom, showered and removed the spunk which was caked to my face, stomach and hair. By the time I returned to the bedroom awake the others were awake, and asked me to stay for breakfast. As it turned out I stayed all day as the other two belied their age with a remarkable display of stamina and ability to repeat.

After dinner I was sent back to my hotel with instructions to meet up with Jules.

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