After the Seminar

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It was just another boring seminar. You know the kind. The one your boss sends you across the country for to ruin your entire weekend. About one hundred bored-out-of-their-minds young business men in business casual attire staring at some idiot explaining a Powerpoint presentation in some hotel conference room. After it mercifully ended, I immediately went to the hotel bar for a much needed drink, plus I wanted to catch the NBA playoff game.

I found the bar, got myself a beer and started watching the game. Before long, another guy sat down next to me and also ordered a beer. He was wearing a suit, so I assumed he just came from the seminar as well. He was about 6’1″ and well-built. I decided to strike up a conversation.

“The guy was boring as hell, wasn’t he?” I said.

“Oh my God he was terrible.” We both laughed.

Just then the bartender announced last call. “Damn, the game’s only at halftime, guess I gotta go up to my room to watch the rest. It was nice to meet you…”

“Name’s Mark,” he said. “Actually, I got a few beers in my room if you want to come up and finish watching the game with me.”

“Sounds great, I could use a few more beers. My name is Steve by the way.”

We shook hands and I followed him to his room. We took off our shoes and our button-down shirts, which left us both in undershirts and dress pants. I looked around the room and noticed there were no chairs, just the bed.

“Where should I…?”

“We can both sit on the bed, it’s plenty big.”

He handed me a beer and we both sit on the bed. He was right, the bed was big enough for us both to lay on our back and watch the game without being to close and feeling weird. We made conversation about the game and joked about the seminar. I had had about three-and-a-half beers and was feeling pretty buzzed when the game ended.

I was going to finish my beer and then go. Mark started flipping through the channels to see if anything else was on worth watching. When he got to HBO he stopped. There was a skin flick on. “Whoa, this looks good.”

A man was sitting on a couch and there was a hot girl kneeling in front of him. Her head was moving up and down in his lap. Since it was softcore, the shot was form behind and you couldn’t actually see the blowjob, but it was clear what was happening. “Damn, I bet that feels good. I love getting head,” Mark said.

“Hell yeah, blowjobs are awesome. Too bad we can’t actually see it.”

“I know, nothing is hotter than a pair of lips wrapped around a big cock.”

We sipped our beers and watched the girl on TV give head. I started imagining the girl’s head bobbing up and down in my lap and I started to get hard. Before I knew it I had a full erection that was threatening to burst out of my pants. I was going to get up and go canlı bahis şirketleri to the bathroom so I could adjust myself when I noticed Mark was looking at my bulge. Instinctively I moved my hand to cover myself. “I’m going to get more comfortable,” he said, and took off his shirt. His chest and abs were well defined and completely devoid of hair. “You should get more comfortable too, it looks like you are quite restrained at the moment.” He laughed.

I had a nervous feeling in my stomach as I took off my shirt. My head was spinning from my buzz and I stared at the porno as I began to undo my pants. My thoughts flashed back to the end of high school, and my friend Brian. He and I had jerked each other off a few times and one time he convinced me to put his cock in my mouth. It had felt weird at the time but now I was staring at the TV screen and my fantasy was changing. I was the one on my knees, sucking cock. I slid my pants all the off and lay there completely naked, my 5 inches as hard as they’d ever been.

I looked over at Mark and my eyes travelled down to his crotch. He had a decent bulge as well. “See something you like?” he said.

“Maybe. Looks like you could use some freedom.”

“Why don’t you take a look?”

My stomach was in knots as I moved down to his waist and unfastened his belt. I undid the button, and slowly pulled down his zipper. I reached into his pants and pulled out his dick. It was only half erect but already bigger than mine. “Wow” was all I could say. I pulled his pants completely off and stared at his member.

Tentatively I reached up and grabbed his cock. I started jerking up and down slowly and I could feel him growing in my hand. I could barely believe it when he was fully hard. He was around eight-and-a-half inches long, and thick; my fingers barely touched my thumb. It felt alive and hot in my hand, and hard as steel. I felt mesmerized as I couldn’t take my eyes off the thick purple head. Without realizing it, I had leaned down and my mouth was only inches from his cock.

He made no move to stop me when I took the head of his dick in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around it. I generated some saliva and slid my lips down his shaft, and I heard him gasp with pleasure when his dick reached the back of my throat. I pushed my throat against his cock and gagged, sending streams of saliva down his thick shaft.

I started bobbing my head up and down rhythmically, coming up until his head was at my lips and then sliding back down until I gagged. With one hand I pumped the base of his cock while my other hand was softly fondling his smooth balls. Before long I started to taste saltiness as precum oozed out of the tip. I took a glance up at him. He had one hand behind his head and in the other he still held his beer. canlı kaçak iddaa He was calmly watching me blow him.

After a while of sucking his big cock my jaw started to get tired, so I took mouth off and slowly jerked him. His dick was very well-lubricated from the precum and saliva and my hand slid up and down his shaft effortlessly. That’s when the idea of taking him in my ass popped into my head. His cock was slick, and I began to imagine how easily it might slide into my ass. He seemed to be reading my mind when he said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Climb on up.”

Nervously I positioned myself to be squatting over him with my ass hovering over his cock. He reached up and pointed his dick straight up, and I lowered my self until his tip was pushing on my asshole. I braced my hands on his chest and pushed my ass down, his big cockhead passing my threshold. His mouth opened and he breathed out audibly as he entered me. I stayed that way for a moment, with just the tip inside me as I accustomed myself to the stretching feeling, and the bit of pain began to subside. I was breathing very heavily.

Inch by inch I moved down on his cock. I could feel every vein and ridge as I began to feel more and more pleasure from his warmth and hardness. Little breaths of pleasure escaped me and I moved off my feet and onto my knees on either side of him. I continued to go further down. After what seemed like an impossible length of cock, my ass was touching his thighs. I stayed like that for a bit, all the way down on his dick.

I leaned forward a little and braced my hands on his chest, then started moving my ass up and down his cock like the way I’d seen girls do in pornos. I went slowly at first, moving all the way up until just the head was inside me and then pushing down all the way. As his cock moved into me more and more easily, I began to pick up my speed. I got faster and faster as I fucked Mark’s big dick with my ass, and he started to thrust upwards in rhythm with me. forcing his cock inside me very deep as I lowered my ass onto him.

Using his hands on my ass to guide me, he held me still near the top of his cock and started thrusting up into me while I stayed hovering over him. Before I knew it he was ramming me hard and fast, my own hard cock flopping up and down as fucked me.

“God, your cock feels so fucking good,” I managed to say between moaning.

He continued fucking me hard and fast for a few more minutes, the sounds of his thighs slapping my ass and my moaning drowning out the girl on TV getting fake fucked. After a while he finally began to slow down his thrusting and eventually stopped. He was breathing heavily and put his hands behind his head. The tip of his cock was still inside my ass. I moved up and down a couple more times slowly and canlı kaçak bahis I realized how tired my legs were getting. I pulled my ass off of his cock and sat down next to him.

His big member was resting on his stomach, the head was red from the hard fucking. I couldn’t take my eyes off his amazing cock as I grabbed it with my hand and began stroking him slowly. It was so big I couldn’t believe that his dick was just all the way inside me. Without realizing it I had again moved my head closer to his cock. I was thinking about sucking it but I wasn’t sure how nasty I would be since it was clearly coated in my ass juices. But on the other hand I wanted to please and service this big cock.

As if he could read my mind, he put his hand on my head and gently but firmly pushed it down. I opened my mouth to receive his cock and as his thick cockhead went in I could taste my ass mixed with salty precum on my tongue. He kept pushing my head down until his dick was pushing against the back of my throat. Then he thrust upward slightly, forcing his cock into my throat, causing me to gag and my eyes to water. He held my head down him like that for a few seconds before finally releasing some of the pressure, allowing me to slide my mouth up until his dick was barely in.

Using a combination of using his hand to control my bobbing up and down and thrusting up into my mouth, he slowly began to fuck my face. I was really enjoying the feeling of being dominated by his dirty cock, and I moaned around his dick. Occasionally he would force his dick into my throat and I could hear him exhale loudly with pleasure whenever I gagged. It was all I could do to brace myself with one hand on his thigh and one on his chest as he put both hands on my head and fucked my mouth hard and fast. My eyes were watering and my saliva rolled down his shaft as he continued to pump his big dick into my face.

Mark started to groan and I felt his body tense up and I knew he was about to cum.

“Oh fuuuck,” he said as the first stream of hot jizz flooded my mouth. I started swallowing as fast as I could as his cock shot more and more cum into my mouth. I was surprised I managed to keep it all my mouth, and eventually the spasms became less intense and frequent. He took his hands of off my head but I kept my mouth on him and made sure he was completely dry.

When I was sure he was finished, I sat up and wiped the drool of my chin. Mark just grabbed his beer and continued to watch TV like nothing had happened, his cock softening on his belly.

“Well, I guess I should go back to my own room now,” I said.

“Cool man, well thanks for coming up to watch the game with me.”

I grinned sheepishly. “Sure, no problem.”

I got dressed and walked gingerly back to my room. Exhausted, I flopped down on the bed and realized my cock was rock hard and I hadn’t cum yet. With the vision of Mark’s big cock in my head, I rolled onto my back and it only took about three strokes before I shot a big load of cum all over myself. I fell asleep with a satisfied smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20