Aftershocks Ch. 05: Commitment

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All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old


Tuesday, November 10, 1992

8:00 a.m., Cathedral City, CA


As Eduardo Guerrero drove his black 1991 Mercedes north on Cathedral Canyon Drive toward Ramon Road, he glanced again at the route he had copied from the Thomas Guide he kept in his business office. The atlas was a great help when the occasional customer called in for a dinner to be delivered, or wanted a party catered. It was also helpful when he had personal business in unfamiliar areas. He read his Spanish scribbles aloud to himself, “East to Date Palm Drive; North across The Ten to Varner Road; West to Mountain View Road; North toward Desert Hot Springs.”

Returning his eyes to the street traffic, Eduardo chuckled and said, “Fácil. Veinte minutos… tal vez veinticinco… ¿y luego?… ‘¡Hola, Alice!’ ”

At that same moment, Luz Guerrero, holding two paper cups with hot coffee, tapped her boot toe on the door to her mother’s bungalow suite at the Casa Cody Hotel in Palm Springs. When Mariana answered the kicking knock, Luz greeted her, “¡Buenas Dias, Mamá! I brought coffee from 7-11. Are you ready to go get the U-Haul?”

“Oh, Luz,” Mari protested. “You are sweet, but it was not necessary. There’s free coffee and to-go cups in the lobby.” Then, after taking the cups from Luz’ hands and setting them on a nearby table, she pulled her daughter into a big hug. “Of course, I am ready. I have been making a list of things not to forget. Just let me get my purse.”

Minutes later, the Guerrero women, settled in Luz’ Yugo, were moving in the slow morning traffic. “It’s so congested, Mamá, everyone must be running late for work,” Luz suggested between coffee sips.”

“Yes,” agreed Mariana. “But, when we get to Ramon, we’ll be going the opposite way to it. Anyway, we are not in a rush. Eduardo is already at La Familia and probably yelling at Manuel, or Gwen, over nothing!” She snickered inwardly, happy to be removing herself from that scene for good. Then, more seriously, she instructed Luz, “Swing by the Ralph’s, please. We need to pick up a couple of muchachos for the heavy lifting, and I want to make a phone call.”

In the grocery store’s parking lot, in a far corner, several Mexican men wearing assorted rough clothes lounged in the shade from a smoke-tree. As the Yugo drew near them, three stood and waved, while the others continued talking among themselves. Luz pulled up to the more ambitious day-laborers, rolled down her window and called out, “Necesitamos dos hombres. Para mover muebles por un par de horas… Veinte dólares por cada hombre.”

One disinterested fellow moved away to the main group. The other two shrugged at each other, then nodded to Luz. The younger man asked, “¿Ahora?”

Continuing in Spanish, Luz looked up at the cloud-free desert sky and replied, “Yes. Before it gets too hot!” Then she inquired further, “Can either of you drive? We’re going to rent a van.”

When both men indicated they knew their way around trucks, Luz said, “Good! Hop in the back.” Pointing to Mariana, she added, “Mamá has to stop at the store for a minute and then we can go. Do you have lunches?”

As the workers got in the GV3’s backseat, they each pulled wrinkled empty paper sacks from their pants pockets and showed them to Luz. She took the sacks and said to Mari, “I’ll get some sandwiches at the deli counter while you make your phone call.” Then, pushing the shifter into first, she moved through the lot. Re-parked near the store entrance, Luz smiled at the two men then assured them, as she and her mother exited the little car, “We’ll be right back. Don’t go away!”

Mariana walked straight to a nearby phone kiosk and direct-dialed a number in Hermosillo, Mexico. As she fed coins into the slot and listened to the ring-tone through the receiver, she wondered whether Juvenal Diego Flores was even alive. It was not until her mother’s hospital confession, that she learned the truth about why he left them, in late October 1972, and permanently returned to his family’s rancho. Based on her knowledge that Juvenal had murdered his own brother, after finding out that Tío Sebastián had raped and impregnated her at her engagement party to Eduardo, she was certain he was the avenging angel she needed now.

The line crackled in Mari’s ear. A strange man’s voice answered, “Bueno… Rancho Diego.”

Mariana asked, “¿Puedo hablar con Juvenal Flores, por favor?”

Juvenal replied, “Sí, soy yo. ¿Quien es este?

Remarking to herself how Juvenal’s voice sounded older than his fifty-seven years, she wondered what had happened to him during his twenty years away. She decided to commit herself, anyway. Taking a deep breath, she answered, “Es Mariana, querido viejo … ¿te acuerdas de mí?”

In Sonora, Juvenal grinned into the telephone and immediately said, “Of course, I remember you, Mari. How could I not? It was for the love of you and your mother that I did… what I did. Did she not tell you? I am sorry if casino oyna you thought otherwise!”

Mariana’s heart swelled to hear the anguish in her first father’s voice. She did not inform him she had found her real papá, but she assured him she knew the truth about his leaving and she loved him for it. “Which is why I am calling you, now, viejo,” she explained. “It is about Eduardo and it is very bad. Mamá gave me this number and assured me I could call you anytime.”

When he heard his son-in-law’s name mentioned, Juvenal snorted, “Bah! That cabrón? He is no good. Never was. Out of charity, I forgave him his assault on you, but I kept a close eye on him until… the thing. What has he done? Tell me everything!”

Mari withheld her tears while her mind hardened. “There is no time to tell all, viejo, but he has been very cruel to Luz and I fear for her. I am moving away from him, for good, tomorrow and she will be left with out a buffer. Is there anything you could… uhm, do? To help ease the situation?”

Juvenal’s jaw muscles worked overtime and his temples pounded as he fought to control his growing anger. He seethed into the phone, “Yes, of course, I can do something. We have a truckload of beef to deliver to La Familia the day after tomorrow. I will drive it myself and have a good… talk… with Eduardo. No te preocupes, hijita. He will not inflict himself on Luz again.”

Mariana sighed her relief and gushed, “Oh, viejo! Thursday will be perfect. Both Luz and I will still be away, though. We will not see you. I will trust to you to take care of things and I will not tell her about our conversation. I love you so! ¡Agradece millones!”

“De nada, querida, yo también te quiero,” Juvenal said quietly. Then he hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom to find aspirin for his splitting headache.

When Eduardo was about to enter the Rancho San Gorgonio Mobile Estates, a shiny metal-flake blue 1978 Pontiac Trans Am wheeled recklessly out from the trailer park. Spinning highway grit and dust behind as he peeled north, the hothead driver was soon a distant speck in front of the SL 300. Eduardo shook his head. Glad for the near miss, he completed his turn thinking, “He must be late for work… but now, where is Lot 17? Where is my little Alice?”

Following the main asphalted road, Eduardo quickly arrived at his quarry’s address and pulled into its narrow parking space. His sleek black roadster looked wrong beside the weather-stained green-trimmed white single-wide trailer. Exiting his vehicle, he grimaced at the sad battered and primered oxidized-red 1970 Volkswagen he had blocked. Philosophically, he thought, “She’s just a minimum wage waitress, what did I expect?”

Stepping up to the trailer, Eduardo knocked on its door and waited. He heard movement inside, then Alice’s small voice asking, “Who’s there?” His neck hairs stood in excitement. Behind his navy-blue linen drawstring slacks, his balls tingled and his prick perked up with interest.

Modulating his voice, he concealed his inner turmoil as he answered, “It’s Señor Guerrero. I have something for you.”

Alice stammered her surprise. “Wh-what are you doing here? Chet just left… People will see you and talk!”

Eduardo said, smoothly, “Let me in and there will be nothing for them to see.”

“But your car…” objected Alice.

“My car… so what? Don’t worry,” Eduardo replied. Then, more sternly, he repeated, “Let me in, pruebita… ¡Ahora!”

The sharp command did the trick. Alice obediently swung the trailer door outward and retreated submissively. Eduardo followed her, quickly secured the latch, then surveyed his twenty-one-year-old waitress’ home. Though slightly untidy, it was not grubby in any respect. Breakfast cereal boxes, used bowls, and partially filled coffee cups cluttered the small kitchen table.

Alice stood nervously in the living room with her back to the couch centered beneath the trailer’s main front window. The curtains were drawn such that she was little more than a shaded paper-doll cut-out. Eduardo squinted into the dimness, then calmly ordered, “Come over here where I can see you. There’s no reason to be shy with me, now.”

As Alice, barefoot in dingy open-toed yellow terrycloth scuff slippers, moved toward him, Eduardo took in her hodgepodge outfit. Her pale pink soft-stretch poly/cotton pajama bottoms’ faded cartoon-unicorn print testified they were her favorite sleepwear. Conversely, her black Trailblazers uniform top, though wrinkled, looked almost brand-new. Her proud young tits pushed out the white-outlined red-lettered team name and player number ‘9’.

Buying time to appreciate Alice’s petite, and otherwise unencumbered, hourglass 32-23-31 figure, Eduardo asked, “Who’s Chet?” He was, however, far more interested in the way her breasts’ bulging sides billowed Number 9’s low-cut armholes as she breathed, than he was in learning about her roommate, who he already hated without ever having met him.

“Well, duh! He’s my slot oyna boyfriend, Eduardo,” Alice retorted, without thinking.

Quick as a rattlesnake, Eduardo burned the impertinent girl’s left cheek with an open-palm slap and hissed, “Show some respect, chica! At the restaurant, you may call me by my name, like everyone else does, but, anywhere else, or whenever we are alone, you will say ‘señor’ and always you will speak politely to me.” Returning his right hand to her smarting face, he soothed the red mark he had left and said, more softly, “I hate to hit, pruebita. Please do not make me do that, again.”

Alice, regretting her rash words, fought back her tears then lowered her eyes and mumbled, “I’m sorry, señor. I will remember.”

Eduardo slipped his hand behind Alice’s head, up against where her black elastic scrunchy gathered her ash blonde hair into a pony-tail. Urging her closer with gentle pressure, he said, “Gracias, now give me a little kiss, to assure me your promise is true, then tell me nicely, who’s Chet.”

Alice lifted her chin and craned her neck to meet Eduardo’s mouth with hers. As soon as their lips touched, the heat on her cheek ran away to her tummy and built a low fire there. Willingly, she leaned into him. Her hardening little nipples poked through the official N.B.A. tank top and burrowed in his baby-blue viscose Cubavera patio shirt.

“Ummm,” Alice half-moaned as Eduardo pulled back from her kiss. “He’s my boyfriend, like I said, señor, and this is his trailer that he inherited when his grandma died last year. He works as a towel tender at the Two Bush Palms Spa and Resort in D.H.S.”

Cuddling up, Alice laid her unbeaten right cheek against Eduardo’s textured chest and flattened her small hands on his mid-back as she added, “Chet’s big and he’s jealous. He was in a hurry to leave this morning… what if he comes back for something he discovers he forgot?”

Eduardo heard the concern in Alice’s voice, but, even more, he felt the heat she was transferring to him. Hooking her scrunchy, he pushed it to the pony-tail’s end and loosened her hair around his wrist while he drew her body tight against him with his left hand splayed between her scapulae. Nose-to-nose, he looked straight into her wide gray eyes and said huskily, “We’ll all just have to hope that doesn’t happen.”

“But, now, mi pruebita,” Eduardo continued, as he dropped both his hands to Alice’s loosely covered tight little butt. “Let’s come back to you being very nice to me and me giving you something special in return.”

Suddenly Alice was airborne as Eduardo gripped her ass and slid her up his trunk. Then, while he supported her petite bubbles on his left forearm, he held her by her armpits on his raised right biceps and crutched right hand. She had no choice but to wind her slim legs about him. Her C-cup boobs compressed against his hard pecs.

Turning one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, Eduardo spied the open door to the trailer’s lone bedroom. “Ah,” he said. “There’s the perfect place for us to unwrap packages.”

“Oh, please, señor,” Alice begged earnestly. “Let me make the bed. It’s all mussed up.”

Eduardo laughed as he carried his toy down the narrow hallway from the kitchen. Moving past the combination bath and laundry room, he replied, “I am not here to inspect your housekeeping, chica. And besides, what would be the point?”

Alice was horrified to realize Eduardo planned to fuck her in her own bed, on the very sheets which were probably still wet with her and Chet’s love juices. She had hoped that all he would want would be more fingering, or perhaps a blowjob. It had not occurred to her that he would actually screw her then and there. Risking another slap, or worse, she objected, “No! Please! Señor, this isn’t right!”

Eduardo bulled his way through the bedroom door and launched Alice backward onto the double waterbed. As she bounced, then settled, in the unmade bedding, he reminded her, “You are on probation. Carlos will be sad, indeed, if you forget your commitment. I said yesterday that I would inform you of your new duties. Now, unless you are going to go back on your word, get on your hands and knees and come to me.”

Alice lost her fight with her tear ducts as she curled forward and assumed her position. Struggling with her balance on the soft-filled sloshing water-mattress beneath her, she crawled toward Eduardo. When she reached him at last, she grabbed his legs for support. Holding her bare shoulder points steady, he praised, “Muy bien, pruebita. But why are you crying? I’m not going to hurt you.”

Alice sniffled, then sat on her heels and looked up past the dark decorative pick stitching on Eduardo’s shirt to his placid face. Hesitantly, she answered, “I thought you were going to… you know… and I…”

Eduardo smiled generously and said, “No empezar la casa por el tejado.” Noting the question marks swimming in Alice’s wet eyes, he stroked her skin softly and translated, “That means ‘first things first’. And our canlı casino siteleri first thing is to introduce you to your new jefe.” He sidled forward until his polished woven leather huaraches bumped the heavy wooden bed frame. Sans underwear, his stubby hard-on tented his linen trousers.

Gently pressuring Alice’s shoulders, Eduardo pulled her off her heels to her knees, with her face less than a foot from his crotch, then calmly directed her, “Pull the drawstring. Be nice. Like you promised.”

Relief flooded through Alice. Off the pill since August, and hoping Chet would marry her if she got pregnant, she had been disappointed by washouts in September and October, but her cycle was again at its most critical time. If she could suck this son-of-a-bitch’s nuts dry, he would have no energy left to fuck her and it would not matter whether Chet had nailed her this morning or not. Resolving to go for it, she thought, “A half-Mexican baby is the last thing I need in my life!”

While Alice untied the cotton cord at Eduardo’s waist, he folded her shirt’s hem up over the big red ‘9’ and white-lettered ‘AINGE’ on its back, then slipped his hands under her chest to cover her firm dropped breasts. Again, a small heat wave flashed in her guts as he twiddled her bullet points. He shivered his ass and shook his loosened slacks over his hips to the floor. She involuntarily gasped with surprise at the shortest fattest full erection she had ever seen, or could even imagine.

Eduardo laughed out loud and exclaimed, “Ho! Don’t be embarrassed and don’t be afraid. Every woman is amazed by my stout carajo! And my huevos are the envy of bulls! You have a sweet little mouth… see if it will fit over my redheaded friend!”

Alice hated to admit it, but Eduardo’s huge heavy balls, suspended in his hairy nutsack, really turned her on. She felt challenged and excited. She also sensed her cunny’s treacle as it began trickling onto her pajama-clad inner thighs. Horny as hell, she consumed his broad spongy spade in self-defense.

Eduardo was more than pleased by Alice’s eager response. Clamping her titties, he pulled her harder onto his bone while milking her like a cow. She groaned, moaned and hummed around his thickness. Desperately ignoring the fire he was setting in her fertile field, she massaged his pigeon-eggs and tried to suck the flesh off his glans.

Eduardo’s eyes rolled up behind his lids as he felt his impending uncontrollable release overfill his flume. Abandoning Alice’s heaving breasts, he buried his hands in her falling hair and secured her face to his throbbing dick. Surprised by how quickly he painted her throat with his strong hot cum shots, she choked reflexively. Then, recovering, she increased her vacuum and relaxed her larynx.

Eduardo jerked his hips forward and simultaneously crushed Alice’s lips to his pubes. With her mouth completely filled, she bobbed her head and swallowed furiously. He danced on jake-legs and wondered if his heart would hold out. Saddling his wide oval cock with her tongue, she rode the bucking little monster to a standstill.

When his powerful flow finally ceased, Eduardo crowed, “¡DIOS MIO! Never have I felt like that! You said you would be very nice and you were!” He flexed his four-inch pole in Alice’s closed mouth. She drew strenuously on it, enticed a final soft spurt and prayed she had successfully drained both his reservoir and his libido. Meanwhile, in conflict with her mind, her tense body screamed for its satisfaction.

Eduardo moved his hands away from Alice’s neck to unbutton his shirt. Freed from his restraining hold, she backed off his slobbered dick and wiped her mouth with a quick hard hand swipe. Unchanged, except for the cum-and-spit glaze coating it, his swollen bulb stared at her while his projecting prick air dried itself. She could not believe it was still so stiff.

Eduardo stretched back his elbows and shrugged off his sport shirt. Then, expanding his barrel chest and tightening his slightly pudgy gut, he bragged, “I’m not in bad shape for forty-two years old, eh? Maybe a few too many cervezas, but a man’s got to live, right?”

Alice cringed and sat on her heels again to gain distance from her abuser. She worried, “Why is he taking off his shirt instead of pulling up his pants? He got his goddamned blowjob! Why isn’t he leaving?”

As if he had heard Alice’s unasked questions, Eduardo lumbered onto the waterbed and stabilized himself in a kneeling crouch. With his big hands on her narrow waist, he surrounded her closed bent legs, ate up all the personal space she had gained and looked hungrily at the pale provender exposed beneath her pushed up uniform. Then, toppling her backward, he said huskily, “A man of experience knows a woman has needs, too. No te preocupes, pruebita, I am here for you.”

In a flash, Eduardo unfolded Alice’s legs, raised her feet in the air and, like a wrestler on a mat, pinned her shoulders in the bedding. Her bare breasts quivered and her tummy rippled in her fear. The copper-and-black scorpion tattoo on her midriff moved like a live creature with its head and claws already hidden beneath her pink pajama waistband. Holding her ankles high, he spread her thighs wide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20