All in the Family Ch. 05

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All In The Family – Chapter 5

The Explanation


Please read the introduction to Chapter 1 if you haven’t already done so.

I am writing this story as close as I can from the material shared by this amazing couple. They trusted me with their story, and I hope I have done them justice. With their consent, I have taken liberties with the sexual content and in creating much of their dialogue in the interest of telling a more erotic story, but the basic settings and occurrences are accurate. I have also chosen to tell it in my friend’s voice instead of as a narrator. Jack


Clearly either relieved or happy to unload her secret, mom started in earnest.

“According to my mother her first husband died before I was conceived. She changed her name back to her maiden name – Dixon. We were left broke and in debt. She went to work for a lawyer named Jacob Harrison, who needed a receptionist and was willing to help her with the creditors. Mom didn’t have too many skills and she thought the guy was real nice so she worked very hard for him, learning all she could and, about a year later, mom was promoted to his personal legal secretary. My mother told me that during that year she had fallen in love with someone and they had an affair. She got pregnant but the man was married so she had me alone. An abortion was out of the question. My mother said lawyer Harrison was very generous, giving her a little more money and the time she needed during the pregnancy. After I was born, my mother sent me off to live with her sister and continued to work for lawyer Harrison. About five years later the lawyer’s wife died after a long illness. My mother spent a lot of time with him then, keeping him together so his practice didn’t collapse. After all, she needed the job and the benefits.”

“Then late one afternoon, when everyone else had gone home, lawyer Harrison asked her to marry him – just like that. He said he had, after all, a seven-year-old son to take care of and he needed help. She could sleep in her own room and he wouldn’t ask her for anything physical. In exchange for being his “wife” and helping to raise his son and attend the occasional social function, he would pay off all of her debts and the mortgage, sell her house and match dollar for dollar whatever she received as the sales price, have me live with her and him and provide for me and pay for my education. In addition, he would make sure she was provided for in the event of his death. ‘Why don’t you just get a live in’ she asked. ‘Because I am hoping you will come to feel about me as I feel about you’ was his answer ‘and I want someone I can trust to raise my son.’ My mother ultimately agreed and shortly thereafter they were married. Over time, lawyer Harrison was right – my mother did love him and so did I. I could finally call him Jake.”

“We moved in with Jake and his son – that’s dad. Dad and I became instant friends. It was like we had known each other our whole lives. As we grew up, dad and I shared everything and anything. We talked all the time about everything. I got to trust him with anything. About the time we were eighteen, and just finishing high school, my hormones were raging. I was a rebel and wanted to sample sex but was afraid of a reputation if I had it with a stranger or a schoolmate. It was a real small town. Dad had a string of “loose” girls he was screwing on a regular basis so I figured he knew something about it. So I asked him if he was interested in having sex with me. Well, we were so much in love mentally it was easy for us to make that jump. There we were in a full blown sexual relationship, overnight. We saw no reason that could be an obstacle. We weren’t really related, so we made love every afternoon after school until my mother got home from the office. We never looked back. There was no one else we wanted to be with. We continued at it all through college and during dad’s law school. I purposely took a job at the law school to be near him. We were living together and our parents never had a clue. Dad came home to tell me he had accepted an offer to work in Hartford, Connecticut and that he would be moving east. He wanted me to come with him and I agreed.”

“We celebrated in the new apartment in Connecticut. We agonized over how to make it work – Dad was going to be a prominent lawyer (we hoped) and living with, or even married to his stepsister was difficult to sell in conservative New England. Just like that he came up with an idea. The plan was I would change my name back to Dixon, as I had changed it to Harrison on my sixteenth birthday as a surprise to Jake. He would marry another woman in a relationship of convenience. The woman would know about us and she would agree in advance to our continuing relationship. It was a wild scheme and we needed a really good friend to make it work. I didn’t care so long as I could be with him. We convinced my friend Cecile, someone I was working with, to participate in the casino siteleri plan and she agreed. They liked each other well enough. She was from very modest means and just wanted her fair share of him and a life style and financial security. Her terms were that they were to be married. In exchange, she would sign an agreement stipulating to everything we had agreed. Dad and I agreed to not see each other for a little while to let the two of them “adjust”.”

That’s when she stopped and looked at both of us.

“You want to say anything?” she asked. We were both speechless.

“What was real strange” she continued “was that Cecile and I got pregnant around the same time. She had insisted that a child would cement their image and dad conceded the obvious. I said it was OK with me but I realized that the child was an excuse. Cecile had fallen deeply in love with dad, something I completely understood, and she was jealous of our relationship. She figured if she had a child with him, he might be less willing to spend time with me and honor the “bonds” of matrimony, notwithstanding our agreement. It was driving a wedge between us and it was a hurtful act – something I never forgave her for. Dad and I agreed to an open relationship considering he was sleeping with Cecile so that I could find a friend as well. For a while it seemed to work out. That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life. But life has a funny way of messing you up. During one of our infrequent times together, as it turned out to be for several years, was memorable. We made passionate love all night. Shortly thereafter I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t tell dad.”

“I never said anything to dad until we ended up in the same prenatal class. What a shock that was for all of us. Our due dates were within four weeks of each other. As it turned out, I was early and she was late so you were born on the same day. Dad was going crazy in the hospital having his wife and me giving birth at the same time. The nurses and doctors were constantly trying to calm him down as he went from room to room. In the end we both gave birth at about 10:30. Dad spent the next three days in the hospital. He almost had a nervous breakdown from the stress. We agreed then that we needed to try to stay apart for the kid’s sake and for a little peace for him at home. I loved him so much I was willing to give him up for his happiness. Jake had died and left my mother some money. Dad denied his financial inheritance keeping only his father’s library so that my mom would have plenty and not have to worry – he is so like that. About when you were 18 months my mother died leaving me the money and papers from Jake. That’s what we supplemented our income with so I could afford to spend more time with you until you started school and I could go back to work full time. Dad gave me money when things were tight as well.”

“So I’m your child with dad and Dan is Cecile’s child with dad. That makes us half-brother and sister not step-kids. We have a problem!”

“What kind of problem” mom asked.

Well, I thought here goes the ballgame.

“You are right about Dan and me” Dania said ” we have been lovers since we came up here to the lake. We did the usual kid stuff at home while we were growing up but nothing serious until now. We were pretty open at home when you guys weren’t there – modesty wise. It started out innocent enough, but now there is no one else I want to be with. He is the only one I feel safe with and who will accept me as I am. I love him so much and he is so much a part of me now, mentally and physically, that I would rather die than be separated from him.”

“And you” mom asked me.

“I feel the same. You must understand what that total feeling is. Besides we didn’t think it was a problem – we didn’t know we were really blood relatives! You just told us how it affected you. So what do we do? Shouldn’t we tell dad?”

“God no – don’t tell him. It would kill him. He is so proper, just us being stepsiblings is bad enough. Besides, I’m not sure he knows for sure that Dania is his child – the subject never came up and I never told him. It is the only secret I have kept from him. So we have to keep all this between us for now. I will help you – if you want me to – to keep your relationship from dad for the short run only.”

Dania and I looked at each other stunned. Did we just hear that her mom, my father’s step-sister, my new mom, was going to let us continue our relationship and help us keep it from my dad?

“I just have one request” mom said “don’t flaunt it in front of me. I love you kids and all I want is your happiness. I don’t have to like it, but I respect where you are coming from. After all, I’m not so far from that same place. I won’t pry, but be discrete – even with me. Maintain the game you two have been playing and I think I can control what dad perceives. Remember he isn’t blind and he is very observant. Break that promise and I will have to slot oyna end it – one way or another. And above all, don’t get pregnant! Deal?”

“Oh mom” said Dania “I love you so much. Thank you … thank you … thank you.”

“Mom” I said, she smiled at me when I called her that “we will do everything in our power to warrant that love, trust and confidence.”

“You will make a fine lawyer some day – or a politician” she said and we all hugged each other.

We had a hell of night. All I wanted to do was crash with Dania in my arms. So we all cleaned up and went to bed. Only this time Dania and I went to her room together. As I walked into her room with her, I turned to shut the door and saw mom frowning. Dania and I talked all night about what we were going to do next so we could stay together. As the sun came up, I got an idea that would not only have us living together, alone, without anyone questioning our relationship and meet with my dad’s approval. It was simple really. We would rent an apartment at school instead of spending the money on room and board. The institutional food, we had heard, was terrible and expensive so we could cook for ourselves in our own place. Pleased with our brilliance, we fell asleep, after Dania and I made quiet love on the floor. It was like a new beginning – even more so than before.

The following Saturday, mom went to pick dad up at the airport. Earlier in the week, we had discussed our plan with mom and she was willing to support it so long as we rented a two-bedroom apartment. I started making calls to realtors and found there were five or six apartment complexes that would fit our needs and they all currently had vacancies for two-bedroom semi-furnished units. We checked around and decided to ask them to hold a unit for us in the one closest to campus and that we would be there to inspect it two weeks before school started. They agreed so long as we sent a deposit which mom took care of by mail. Part one accomplished.

But life has a funny way of messing you up. When dad arrived at the cabin he looked totaled. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days. Mom whooshed him off to bed and told us to fend for our own dinner that she was going to take care of dad. I asked whether everything would be OK and she said he would be fine, not to worry. Throughout the evening, Dania and I would sneak up to their door and try to hear what they talking about. We got bits and pieces and I heard the name Jake and Miranda (mom’s mother) mentioned a few times so I knew they were discussing them.

About 11:00, when Dania and I were just getting ready to go to bed, mom came down the stairs. She looked distraught and very, very tired.

“Come here kids, we have to talk” she muttered. We all sat down together in the living room.

“Mom, what happened, is everything all right with dad, is he sick or something.”

” No, he is physically just fine but very tired. Something happened on Tuesday and he hasn’t slept since. He was moving one of Jake’s books when it accidentally fell to the ground. Out came this paper. When dad looked at it he had the shock of his life. It was my birth certificate and it said that Miranda and Jake were my mother and father. That means that dad and I are not stepsiblings, like we thought, we are half brother and sister! It’s destroying this wonderful man and I don’t know what to do. I kept asking if he felt any differently about me and he said no – if anything he loved me more. I am hoping this will be OK over time but you guys need to be very careful. If he finds out about you at this point it could crush him.”

“We’ll cool it when dad is around and not do anything around the cabin at any time” answered Dania. “I don’t think we want dad to be anything but the happy guy he was last week and if we can make that happen, then all the better. Are we supposed to know?”

“That’s part of his problem” mom said “he wants to tell you and get rid of that big ax of dishonesty hanging over his head but he is having a hard time justifying telling you. It may take a while – so play along. I know you guys can handle it. I see the maturity you guys are displaying about yourselves.”

“We’ll take your lead, mom” I said and we agreed to head up to bed. Dania and I slept separately.

The next morning dad and mom were already up when I got downstairs. Dania was still sleeping. I poured some coffee and sat next to dad. We had a pleasant but very superficial conversation, something we weren’t used to. I looked at mom. She nodded so I asked

“Dad, is everything alright?”

“Dan, I’ll explain everything when Dania is awake. I need some time to sort it all out. I’m not sick and everything at the office is fine so not to worry. OK?”

My dad had always been straight with me so I acquiesced and sat in silence for a while in the kitchen drinking my coffee.

A while later, my beautiful Dania came down the steps looking radiant as ever. God did I love that woman. She grabbed canlı casino siteleri a coffee and I motioned for her to come into the great room. Dad and mom were sitting on the sofa, holding hands. Mom was stroking dads head in that loving touch that women do to men. Dad was looking a lot better so we both sat down.

“Kids, I have something to tell you. I will make no excuses for it and mom and I have agreed to hold nothing back. I want you to know that we didn’t know anything about this until this week. What we are going to tell you must not go outside this family – do you understand?”

We just nodded.

“OK, On Tuesday I was going through an old book that I got from my father’s estate. I accidentally dropped it and some papers fell out. When I open them one of them was a birth certificate – Amanda’s. I found out from this document that some of the family lore I had been told wasn’t completely accurate. Mom agrees and I want to say to you that we love you both very much and we would never wish to hurt you. Mom is my half-sister – we share one parent – my father.”

Then he did something most incredible. He took mom’s hand, looked softly into her green eyes, smiled at her, turned to us and said:

“But, I wouldn’t have changed anything had I known all this before. I love this woman with every fiber of my body. We are connected in mind, body and spirit and you two are the greatest blessing any couple could have! And that is the only thing that is really important to me.”

Mom and Dania started crying. I didn’t know what to do. I was on overload. I was thinking maybe we should tell dad about Dania and me. I looked over at mom and she must have known what I was thinking. She looked me straight in the eye and shook her head “no”. I nodded my acknowledgement.

Needless to say, the rest of the day was all about these amazing revelations and reading some of the documents and letters dad had brought up. The love letters were simply amazing; these buttoned up people could be so open about their feelings for each other in such passionate prose. I was going to have to improve on my writing skills if I wanted to describe my feelings for Dania.

That night, Dania and I went for a walk on the trail around the lake. After we were out of sight of the cabin, we held hands as we walked. In a clearing about half way around the lake I stopped and took her in my arms.

“I love you more now then ever before” I said, holding her to me closely.

“And I you” was her response as she got on her toes and reached up to kiss me. We stood there in the moonlight, holding and kissing each other. What came across my mind was that it was like a goodbye between lovers. Dania must have been reading my mind.

“Dan how can we not try to be like dad and mom? Do we love each other any less? Are we connected any less in mind, body and spirit? Do we desire each other any less today than last week?” The relief on my face must have been obvious. “Daniel Harrison, were you thinking this was goodbye? My God I hope not. If anything, it should be a renewed hello!”

“The thought had crossed my mind” I replied “but I am still a little confused from today.”

“I have just the thing to fix that” she said. She backed away and started a slow and sensual strip tease. As she unbuttoned her shirt I saw she wasn’t wearing a bra. As I watched her, moving my eyes up and down her body, she was smiling.

“Do I still have that effect on you when you see my body Dan?”

“What do you think” I said and looked down.

Sure enough I was already sprouting a hard-on. That encouraged her to be even more sexual in her movements. She shrugged her shoulders and the shirt fell to the ground exposing her gorgeous tits. She unbuttoned the top of her shorts and tugged the zipper down. As she finished, they slipped to her ankles revealing just a pair of thong panties. They were already beginning to show her wetness. She stepped out of her shorts, turned around and grabbed her panties. As she bent over slowly, showing me her perfect ass, she pulled the panties down. There she was, the most beautiful, desirable and sexual woman in the world – just for me.

“See anything you want sailor?” she grinned.

I reached over and, as I pulled her to me, I turned her around. I reached around her and began to play with her tits. She reached back and unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the ground. Then she stuck her hand in my briefs and pulled out my cock and started stroking it. My hands started roaming all over her body, caressing her tits, her stomach and her mound. She spread her legs to allow my fingers to play with her clit and rub her labia. She was wet, real wet. I turned her back to facing me and nudged her to the ground. It was soft with pine needles and, as she settled in, she raised her legs and spread them. I leaned down between her legs and started licking her pussy and flicking her clit. I spread her lips with my hands and tongue fucked her. She was breathing hard and pushing back against my face. I stuck one, then two and then three fingers into her and started a rhythmic in and out while I licked her clit. When I stuck a finger in her ass she came almost immediately.

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