An Accident Ch. 03

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All Grown Up

I went to my room and took off the shorts and halter I had been wearing all day. After brushing my teeth and taking a quick pee, I went to search for just the right pair of panties. I had company after all, I laughed. Perfect. The pair Megan had given me a few years back. They had four-leaf clovers all over them. I put on my pajama top, ran a brush through my hair to poof it up. Done.

“Hey girl, you forgot something.” Megan said as I entered the familyroom. Looking around not knowing what she was talking about I innocently asked, “what?”

“Ummm, like the bottoms to those pajamas?”

“Oh, I never wear the bottoms, only the tops. I don’t think I even have the bottoms anymore.”

“Are you telling me you walk around your Dad wearing just those?”

Embarrassed, confused, defensive, I replied honestly, “Yea, I’ve worn these to bed since I was a little girl. What’s wrong with them?”

“Honey, you must give your poor sweet Daddy a constant hard-on with you walking around the house like that. I’m not into girls and you’ve got me wet just looking at you like that. If I wasn’t such a cock lover I’d throw you down on your back and start pealing away those little panties.”

With nothing to say in my defense and in an attempt to make Megan feel as embarrassed as I felt at that moment. Misery does love company. I sat on the sofa and laid back. Putting one sexy little finger in my panties as though I were going to take them off, I said in the sexiest voice I could muster, “Come and get me big girl.” Gosh, what would she think if she knew I was crawling into Daddy’s bed each night wearing just this. Was it really THAT sexy?

“Kathy, what you are wearing was fine when you were 4 or 5, but it’s time to grow into something a little more appropriate around your Father, or he will start making moves on you. I laughed nervously. “You are one sick puppy.” was all I could think to reply.

“Maybe I am, but your Dad is only a man. A man who you said always had a good sex life, now has none. Even the strongest man would be tempted. Hell, those panties would tempt the pope.

“Yea, yea yea, I’ll go put on some shorts.”

Before slipping on my shorts I stared at myself in my full length mirror. This time I was doing it with different eyes. I guess what I’ve been wearing might have tempted Dad. When I looked close I could actually make out my camel toe. My pajama top was a size too small. Geeze, what have I done. After today, if I start dressing different Dad will think it’s because I’m afraid of him. I can’t really change anything at this point. Maybe gradually over a few weeks time.

“Hey! Are we going to watch this movie? Megan yelled from downstairs.

Slowly I went downstairs. I told her that I really wasn’t feeling well and if we could watch it some other time.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you or criticize.” Megan apologized.

“Naw, it’s not you. I have been feeling weird since this afternoon. I guess I’m just tired.”

“Ok, how about if I give you a call tomorrow. Maybe we can go shopping and have lunch.” She offered.

“Yea, maybe.” Being as noncommittal as possible. I still had to get through tonight with Daddy. I had no idea how that would make me feel.

Megan gave me a friendly hug and was out the door. Something tells me she was going to be able to find something a lot more fun to do than sit with me watching boring movies.

Now I lay me down to sleep….

After Megan left I slipped the shorts back off. I was so confused. First I get Daddy constantly horny by wearing little or nothing around the house, then I cause the death of the woman who was his sexual release. As if all that wasn’t casino siteleri bad enough, then I crawl into Daddy’s bed night after night wearing just thin little panties. God, I’m really stupid. Now, how do I repair all of the damage I’ve caused. All I ever did was think of myself. How I felt. Well, that would all change now that I was aware of what I had been doing.

I didn’t want to withdraw from Daddy. I was all he had. I don’t know how he would react if he thought the last person in his life was disgusted with him, or rejecting him. No, I had to keep acting like I always did. At least for now. Over time I could change my way of life. Maybe in a week or two I’d get up in the middle of the night and go sleep in my own room. I’d get pajama shorts to cover my panties.

It was 11pm and Dad still wasn’t home, but that was ok. I’d go to bed and Dad would be home soon. I looked at my four-leaf clover panties and they looked just fine. I crawled into Daddy’s bed and couldn’t sleep. Thoughts just kept whirling in my head. My mind had been going non-stop since Daddy deposited his cum on my belly this afternoon. What would happen when he came to bed? Would he pretend nothing had happened? What if he didn’t come home? Maybe he was too embarrassed, too ashamed. Would he try to have sex with me? I mean my being in his bed after what happened this afternoon was the same as saying I accept him and what he did to me was alright. I pulled the sheet back, starting to change my mind. I sat with my feet on the floor and looked over at the photo of Mom on the dresser. I’m sorry Mom, I thought. What would she think of me if she knew what I was willing to do for Daddy. That’s right. I’m doing this for Daddy. I crawled back under the sheet and turned off the light. Maybe nothing would happen except the usual kiss on the forehead, rub of my tummy with his hand and the usual “Goodnight sweetie.” I decided that’s what most likely would happen. It was Daddy and I am his daughter.

A few minutes later I heard the door open and soon Daddy climbed the stairs. The light was off in his room, but the full moon provided enough light through the windows that he could see I was in his bed. He never said a word because he couldn’t see if I was awake or asleep. Daddy went into the bathroom and prepared himself for bed. He came into the room wearing his usual boxer shorts and crawled into bed. He turned to face me and I waited for him to say “Goodnight sweetie,” but he didn’t. Instead he moved closer to me. To kiss my forehead, I was sure, but he didn’t. I looked him in the eyes, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he rested on his side, staring at me for what seemed like hours. Maybe he was waiting for me to say something. I didn’t.

He moved his right hand to my belly and I was sure he would then kiss my forehead. Instead, he undid the lowest button on my pajama top. I froze. My heart racing I turned my head away from him. He put his hand on my belly, but this time it was different. His hand was inside my pajama top, he was touching my bear skin. The skin which, earlier in the day, had been bombarded with his cum. He undid the next lowest button, pausing. Most likely waiting for my protest, but there wasn’t any. The third button completely opened my pajama top. Slowly he pealed back the left side exposing my left boob to his gaze. The air on my nipple caused it to become very hard, as though I were aroused. I wasn’t. I was scared. Next he pealed back the right side of my pajama top. exposing my right breast. Now this nipple hardened. My head turned to the left, I continued to gaze away from my Dad in total silence.

His large hand squeezed my left boob, and then my right. Back and forth between the two slot oyna pale globes which stood firm, with absolutely no sag. I tensed as I felt Daddy’s breath on my chest. He was going to do it. He was going to suck on my virgin nipples. He took his time and kissed each of them all over, except intentionally avoiding the nipples. I don’t think my nipples were ever this erect. Dispite what I am wiling to admit to myself, I was becoming aroused. My body betraying the indifference I was attempting to feel. With his left hand Daddy pushed my hair away from my neck. He leaned in and kissed it causing goose pimples to pop out all over my body. From my neck he kissed his way down, over my breast to the awaiting prize, my nipple. As he sucked on my right nipple, he pinched my left one with his thumb and forefinger. My pussy was now noticeably wet. With the thick mucus I had at this time of the month, it started feeling very uncomfortable. Not from a the moist sensation, but from the need to have something hard satisfy it’s needs.

I closed my eyes as Daddy continued his sucking and biting of my nipples, giving them equal attention. I started imagining it was Megan. In my dream she admitted that she loved me as only a lover could. I was working myself up to an orgasm when I felt Daddy’s hand back on my belly. This time he didn’t stop as he continued moving down to my mound. He put his hand on my pussy over my panties. The fact that they were soaked betrayed me. I was aroused and now Daddy knew it. Megan says when a guy discovers how wet a girl is, it’s the same thing as giving him the “green light.” I wasn’t giving Daddy permission I continued to think to myself. I was wet because I was being touched by someone I cared about. Someone I loved. Regardless of how inappropriate that touching was.

Daddy raised himself up and pulled the sheet the remainder of the way off my body. I now lay before him semi-nude. He got down to the foot of the bed and raised both of my legs. With two hands he pulled down my panties to my ankles, and then removed them completely. I was frozen. Was he now going to enter me? For the first time I could see the tent in his boxers, but he didn’t remove them. Instead he pulled my legs apart and lowered his head to my dripping pussy. I couldn’t believe my Daddy would want to do such a thing to his baby girl. He actually wanted to taste my pussy juice, and lick me there. I started to shake. Not out of fear, but in expectation. I had fantacized about Megan doing that to me for so long. Never in my wildest thoughts would I have imagined the first person to explore my pussy would have been my own father. I kept my head turned away to keep my eyes from making accidental contact with his, but I could see my legs over his shoulders, my feet up in the air. Each of his hands were squeezing one of my butt cheeks. His tongue probing into the folds of my mound. My toes curled it felt so amazing as his tongue entered my pussy hole. He wiggled his tongue around before removing it. He began kissing my inner thighs and all I could do is long for his tongue to get back into my pussy where it belonged. OMG. I actually had a fleeting thought that my Daddy’s tongue belonged in my pussy. That was so wrong.

My arms were at my side, my hands clutching the sheet beneath me. I closed my eyes and decided to think of Megan. It was Megan’s tongue and lips which were now exploring my pussy. Kissing me tenderly. Her long dark hair and emerald eyes. Oh God Megan I thought to myself. I love you making love to me. I love looking at your breasts, kissing and touching them as you kiss and touch mine. My pelvis began to thrust as I approached a mind blowing orgasm, but once again, I was cut off as my Daddy withdrew canlı casino siteleri his tongue and lowered my legs from his shoulders. Did he change his mind when he tasted my fertile mucus? Why did he stop? I felt him get off the bed and part of me was relieved, part of me was disappointed. I had been brought to the edge twice tonight and pulled back both times. I needed to cum bad. In my innocence I thought Daddy had just come to his senses, or was somewhat satisfied at what he had been able to experience in using my body. He had received enough pleasure.

I was wrong. As Daddy stood at the foot of the bed I glanced, with squinted eyes, in his direction only to see him remove his boxer shorts. His cock was hard and stood proudly in front of him. I was lying on his bed, totally nude and horny, in front of him. He had to have sensed my need. The need he had caused by his actions. He had successfully seduced his own daughter. His baby girl. Daddy knelt on the bed. He grabbed each foot as he pulled my legs apart. Like a lion on the prowl, he slowly inched forward, his cock leading the hunt. Daddy had to know I was fertile, but he didn’t seem to care. With my eyes still squinted I watched him grab his cock in his hand, just as he had earlier in the day. Maybe he was going to jerk off on top of me like before. That would keep me from getting pregnant. Just as the thought was finished, it was proven incorrect. Daddy lifted my legs slightly and placed the tip of his cock against my swollen pussy. He was going to enter me. Fuck me. Now I was certain. There was little to stop him. I was as lubricated and as slippery as any pussy could possibly be and use of my 9″ vibrator over the past year had more than prepared my pussy for his smaller cock.

Daddy pushed forward tentatively. Maybe he was expecting to find my intact hymen. As his cock inched forward I clinched the sheets once again. My Daddy was now on top of me. I was enveloped by him completely. He paused as though waiting for me to say something. I didn’t. I couldn’t. My head was still turned away from him. I convinced myself I was only doing this for him, but as he moved in and out of my pussy, my body once again betrayed me. I met each of his thrusts. Never had anything felt so good. I closed my eyes as my body began to convulse in orgasm. It was so strong it was only the fact that my Daddy weighed much more than me that kept me from throwing him off as my pelvis bucked wildly. Then I felt it. Daddy’s body stiffened and he rose up slightly. This time his cum went inside my belly as he continued to pound into my pelvis shooting load after load into me. When he was done, he paused. He looked down at me, holding himself up with his hands. Daddy had just fucked me without either of us saying a word. Neither in favor of, or in objection to, the action. He pulled his now softening cock from me and rolled over to his side of the bed. He was lying on his back and so I turned my head to look up at the ceiling. I waited for him to kiss my forehead and say “Goodnight sweetie.” Instead, he turned on his side away from me. A single tear ran down my cheek as I turned on my side away from him. My pussy was still wet from my cum and Daddy’s spilled sperm, but I was too tired to clean up. I fell asleep wiping the tear from my cheek.

When I woke up Saturday morning I could hear music downstairs. I looked over and Daddy wasn’t there. I got up, went into my bathroom to clean up. I put on some summer shorts and a halter and went downstairs. I could smell bacon cooking and saw Dad moving around the kitchen humming to the music and dancing around a bit. He turned and saw me.

“Oh sweetie! I’ve cooked us breakfast. I hope you’re hungry.” He was actually smiling at me. Something he hadn’t done in months. I thought after breakfast we’d go shopping. I’m sure if you looked really hard you could find something to buy,” he winked at me before kissing my forehead.

My Dad was back.

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