Anniversary Present

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Eden Kelly paced around her room, the frustration was driving her bonkers. Try as she might, Eden hadn’t the slightest idea of what to get her parents for their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

She was home from college on her summer break, her parents had given her a great homecoming. The pretty, auburn-haired student truly adored her parents, they’d been loving and supportive when she’d chosen a career in dance. They had matched her tuition, dollar for dollar, so she didn’t have a student loan hanging over her head. She’d taken a job Go-Go dancing at a 60’s-themed nightclub, she was making extremely good money. But all the money didn’t help, she could not, for the life of her, figure out what present to get for them.

She found it hard to believe they’d been married that long anyway. Her mother, Patrice, was only 43, having married Eden’s dad when she was 17 and giving birth to Eden a year later. Blaine, her father, had been a highly-regarded football player in High School and college, even advancing to the pros for a while. Eden’s father had invested well and now owned three Sporting Goods stores, so they were comfortable. Blaine still kept in terrific shape, the only thing that belied his age was the greying at his temples. Eden and Patrice teased him that it only added to his sex-appeal.

Sensual. Her parents were sensual, attractive, vibrant people. Her mother’s regal, sensual bearing, her grey eyes, high cheekbones, long legs and nearly-platinum hair, round breasts and bouncy ass still attracted admiring glances. Her father was never threatened by that, he knew he had a hot and sexy wife. They were still wild and a smidge kinky – Eden knew that, her parents weren’t exactly quiet in the bedroom.

What to get them? Lingerie for her mom? She knew her mother loved all kinds of lingerie, kinky and sensual and practical – Eden had often raided her mother’s lingerie drawer, sometimes to turn on a new lover. Eden, like her parents, had a wild and kinky streak, which had only intensified at school. Dancers had been very wonderful, creative and – limber – lovers. Nor did Eden confine herself to one sex, she had expanded her sexual horizons considerably.

Eden knew instinctively that a sensual, sexual, romantic present was best for her parents. But what? For a brief second, she considered asking one of her dancer friends / lovers to join her parents in bed – Eden was fairly certain her mother was bi, Patrice was always very open-minded.

Then the idea hit her like a bolt of lightning. It was radical, but it was unique. It could be a very risky game she would play, but if it worked out, her parents would have an anniversary they would never forget.

Patrice drove her Mercedes into the parking lot of Blaine’s sporting goods store. He had asked her earlier in the day to pick him up, knowing he’d likely be doing a fair bit of drinking during his lunch. Patrice got out of the car, she could feel the admiring glances in her direction. She had worn a cream-colored miniskirt that would scandalize many people, but she knew Blaine would love her in it. Blaine had no hangups about his wife’s still-wild sex drive, he was proud to have such a sensational-looking wife.

Blaine met her halfway in the lot, taking her in his strong arms and kissing her passionately, he still loved her deeply. As she pulled away, Patrice wasn’t surprised to hear him say “Wow, that skirt and heels look great on you. Did you wear that for me?”

Patrice smiled back at her husband and ran her tongue across her full, pouty lips. “Sorry love, but I didn’t. Don’t you worry … ” she said, noting his disappointment ” … I have something equally naughty for you waiting at home.”

“Then who?”

“I had a nice afternoon with Krystyl and Craig, remember them?”

“That sexy newlywed couple we met at the Browning’s party last month?”

“That’s them. Oh baby, she had the sweetest, yummiest shaved pussy I’ve eaten in months. I was her first girl too, lucky me. And his cock – well lover, it wasn’t as good as yours, but it was nice and thick and he did know how to use it. You know me hon, I love fucking newlyweds, they’re so eager!”

Blaine chuckled at his perverse, sexy wife. He knew even after 35 years of marriage, she’d still be amazing him. He kissed her again, taking a moment to squeeze the round cheeks of her ass.

“Okay darling, and how was your lunch?”

“Pretty nice, hon. You remember my secretary, Vicki?”

Patrice nodded, sexy strawberry-blonde Vicki was hard to forget. “You mean that sexy little lesbian you hired last year?”

Blaine smiled. “That’s the one, although she isn’t a lesbian — well, not anymore, anyway.”

Patrice smiled at her husband. “I assume you’re going to explain that last comment?”

“Don’t you think we should be getting home?” Blaine teased as he began to open the Passenger door to the Mercedes.

Patrice hit the remote and locked the car door. “We’re not going anywhere until you ‘fess up, okay?”

He grinned teasingly at her. “Okay hon, I suppose casino oyna I can give you the details. Well, Vicki invited me to her place. She and her roommate, Lois – a really hot brunette who is also her lover – cooked me up a great casserole, we had some wine. Then Vicki excuses herself and goes into the bedroom. Soon as she does, Lois is all over me, jamming her tongue into my mouth, rubbing these AWESOME tits all over me, fondling my dick through my pants. All the while, I’m figuring Vicki’s gonna freak.”

“Obviously, she didn’t?”

“Nope. She comes out of the bedroom almost starkers, all she has on is these tiny pink bikini panties and bedroom slippers. She leans over, kisses Lois softly, they both kiss me and Lois goes into the bedroom.”

“Then …?”

“Vicki starts opening my fly, she fishes out my cock, starts licking and sucking on it, really giving me a hot blowjob. Lois comes out of the bedroom in this hot white lace teddy, joins her girlfriend on the couch and both of them suck me off until I cum, then they both take me into the bedroom. Wow, what an afternoon!”

“So, they’re not lesbians?”

“Nope, not anymore. Turns out, Vicki’d been curious about fucking a man for a while and Lois is bi anyway. So, they figured I’d be a great guy for their first threeway. Lucky me, huh?”

Patrice smiled. “”That’s for sure. Wish I could have been there to see it.”

Blaine grinned. “Next time, you will be. I’ve invited them for a barbecue this weekend.”

Patrice frowned, ever-so-slightly. “And what do you suppose we do with our daughter, who is home from college?”

Blaine screwed up his face. “Shit, I hadn’t thought about that. Damn, if she had a steady boyfriend, we wouldn’t have to worry. Oh well babe, we’ll think of something.”

Patrice smiled as they got into the car. She had no doubt about that, her husband’s mind was almost as perverse as her own.

Eden primped for a few minutes in front of her vanity mirror, putting on the final touches to her makeup, brushing a few stray wisps of hair from her eyes. The butterflies in her stomach felt more like a plague of locusts, but she was determined to see this through.

Eden heard the purring of her mother’s Mercedes as it pulled into the driveway. She steadied herself and descended the stairs to greet her parents and get the evening started.

Her parents entered the house, she gave them both a big hug. From the surprised look on both their faces, they had obviously taken notice of her outfit.

Eden had chosen every facet of her outfit deliberately, calculating every little nuance. She wore a tight, form-fitting black cocktail dress. It was almost scandalously short, showing off her best asset, her long, slender legs. Those legs were encased in black lace, patterned stockings. She wore a brand new pair of black stilettos, they’d cost a fair penny, but from her father’s admiring gaze, had well been worth it. She’d had her long auburn hair trimmed and styled, it was wavy and just past her shoulders. Taking great pains to do her makeup, her long lashes were accentuated with mascara, her dark brown eyes were shaded with a powder-blue eye shadow. Eden wore no bra, with her firm, sweet tits, she didn’t need one.

“And just WHO is this little sex kitten?” her father teased.

“I think it’s our daughter” her mother joined in.

“All right baby … ” Eden winced, she hated to be thought of as a baby – but she knew that would be over soon ” … to what do we owe this honor?”

Eden flashed the largest, brightest, most seductive smile she could manage. “I am taking you and Mom out for a night on the town, all on me. Our reservation is for Seven, so you and Mom need to go upstairs and shower and change. Dress classy, we’re going to La Belle Champignon.”

“My goodness dear, that’s far too expensive” Patrice protested.

“I’ve worked lots of extra hours mother, I can afford it, so I won’t take no for an answer. Now, scoot and get ready.”

Her parents looked at each other, shrugged and went upstairs to get ready. Eden sat down on the couch and picked up a magazine, but she wasn’t paying attention, she was far too nervous. It seemed like her parents were taking forever to get ready, but it was likely only half an hour. When they came downstairs, it was Eden’s turn to stare.

Her mother looked stunning, even moreso than usual. She had brushed her hair until it shone, she’d put on a dress Eden had never seen before. Patrice was in a long, silver lame evening gown, slit high up the side, showing off her long legs. She was wearing sexy, silver heels with straps that crisscrossed up her long, silk-stocking clad legs. Her eyes almost seemed to smoulder with erotic possibilities.

Her father had opted for one of Eden’s favorite outfits on him, his charcoal-grey suit. It fit him like a glove, hugging his still-muscular frame. He had opted for the cream-colored turtleneck she’d given him for his last birthday. He was wearing her favorite cologne as well and it made her happy.

Eden slot oyna smiled at them both. “You both look great. God, we’re a sexy family!” she laughed, her parents joining in. “Let’s get going.”

While they walked to the car, Eden watched her mother walking. She loved the way Patrice walked, she moved like a girl, a slight sway to the hips, feminine, graceful and alluring. Eden always tried to emulate that herself, to be conscious of her movements and how they affected her admirers. Judging from the passionate encounters in her past, those movements had been appreciated.

Her father still moved like an athlete. Blaine moved like an animal, he was the kind of man that when he entered a room, people noticed him. Patrice and Blaine were a couple whose raw sensuality truly complemented each other. When she’d brought a boyfriend home, from time to time, Eden had noticed them checking her mother out. Some of her girlfriends [ some of whom were also lovers ] had complimented her on her sexy Daddy [ and her hot Mother as well ].

They reached the restaurant in short order, as Eden had expected, all eyes were on the sexy trio. The Maitre’D kept stealing illicit glances at Eden and Patrice, even as he was seating them. The Wine Steward was tripping over his tongue as he poured the Champagne Eden had ordered in advance.

Both her parents had huge smiles on their faces as they clinked glasses with their beautiful daughter. “Here’s to a wonderful evening!” they toasted. “You have no idea HOW wonderful it’s going to be” Eden thought to herself.

“What do my lovely ladies fancy this evening?” Blaine asked.

Eden smiled at her father. “Daddy, have you ever tasted Chateaubriand?”

“Many times baby, do you want to try it?”

“Yes, please.”

Blaine turned to the waiter beside him. “Can you prepare Chateaubriand for three?”

“Certainly, sir.”

“That’s what we’ll have then.”

The waiter went away, then came back a few minutes later with two others. They had brought the meat, vegetables and all the seasonings, making quite a lavish show of preparing the food. While they did that, Eden kept making surreptitious glances in her parent’s direction, they were drinking their wine and very obviously enjoying the evening.

Once prepared, the food was exquisite. Were she not so anxious to continue the rest of the evening, Eden would have been quite satisfied to linger over pie and coffee. But she wanted everything to go perfectly, she didn’t want to have the slightest risk of failure.

Unlike some of her contemporaries, Eden liked spending time with her parents. They were bright, articulate, young-thinking. Eden had few secrets from her mother, her entire sex life wasn’t an open book, but she was certainly more open than many of her friends were with their parents.

When the bill came, Blaine got out his wallet, but Eden stopped him. “Daddy, this whole evening is on me. I’ve been saving up for a while.”

Blaine protested, but Eden would have none of it. “Daddy, you’re always spoiling us, so this is my turn. Come on folks, we’re going dancing.”

She could see the pleased look on her Mom’s face, Patrice loved to go dancing. Luckily, she was married to a man who also liked dancing and was good at it. Blaine didn’t look like a spastic chicken on the dance floor. Blaine and Patrice went dancing at least once a month, so he kept in good practice.

Eden had chosen one of the local hotspots and it was hopping, lots of people moving to the music. Eden ordered another round of drinks for them all and then she asked her father to dance with her, a very up-tempo song by one of her favorite bands. Her father waved his hand. “I need to sit for a while honey, I’m still full from dinner. Patrice, why don’t you dance with our daughter?”

Patrice got up from the table, took Eden’s hand and moved towards the dance floor. Patrice loved to dance, any excuse to move around and be free, it all made her happy. She and Eden reached the dance floor and began moving sensuously to the pounding beat of the music.

The tempo, the rhythm, it was all getting to both women. Eden could sense eyes upon them, people were watching the two beauties. They had made space on the floor for them to dance, their was a palpable heat filling the room.

Eden felt alive, aroused, feeding off the energy in the room. She put a little bit extra sex appeal, some pizzazz, into every move she made, watching intently as Patrice did the same. When the song ended, the room broke out in tumultuous applause for their dance.

Upon reaching their table, Blaine raised his drink in a salute. “Looks like my two girls caused quite a fuss. Good for you both!”

Eden smiled and took a sip of her Sex on the Beach. She was pleased, her parents seemed to be having a great time. The best, however, was yet to come.

A very sexy, slow song played next, one that Eden had asked the DJ in advance to play. “Feeling up to a dance now, Daddy?” she asked.

“Okay sugar, I think I canlı casino siteleri can summon up the energy” he said to her teasingly. He took Eden’s arm in his own and went to the dance floor. As she expected, Eden’s father moved with a quiet, elegant grace, holding the sexy co-ed close. She could see a dreamy look coming over her father’s face, he was holding her a bit closer now, his hands moving lower. Was she getting to him? She glimpsed down, thought she detected a bulge, and smiled to herself.

The trio lingered a while longer in the Club, the women still attracting a lot of attention. Soon, her parents said they’d had enough dancing, it was time to head home.

“Blaine honey, I don’t think any of us are in any condition to drive home!” Patrice said to her husband. “Eden isn’t either, maybe we should call ourselves a cab!”

“You’re right about not driving, Mom” Eden agreed. “But I’ve got an idea. There’s a hotel right above us, why don’t I see if I can snag us a room and we can sleep it off?”

Patrice thought that sounded like a good idea, so Eden excused herself, coming back a few minutes later. She frowned slightly as she approached the anniversary couple.

“Well — they have a room, but only one, they’re really full. But it’s a large room with a couch, so I figured it would do. You okay with that?”

Both her parents nodded their assent, so they made their way to the elevators and started their journey up to their room. Eden noticed her parents seemed ever-so-slightly tipsy, she hoped it would help her to achieve the final surprise of the evening.

They reached the room and Eden unlocked it with the Key Card. Leaning on each other, her parents followed her into the room, where they had a small, chilled bottle of champagne waiting for them. Eden grinned as she said “Well, I figured if we’re not going to be driving, why not have a bit more fun?” She poured them all a drink and raised her arm in a toast. “Here’s to the happiest couple I know! I hope you have many, many more loving years!” The trio clinked their glasses and drank the champagne.

Next, it was Blaine’s turn. “Here’s to two of the loveliest women a man could ever want in his life, my beautiful wife and my charming daughter.” Again, another drink.

Patrice completed the toast. “To the two loves of my life, my wonderful husband and my darling daughter.” One final drink and the trio put their glasses on the nightstand. Eden yawned. “My, I’m getting tired. I think I’ll go freshen up before hitting the hay.” She excused herself and went into the bathroom, her heart thumping like a Marching Band. It was time to put her plan into action.

Eden emerged from the bathroom moments later, seeing the surprise in her parent’s eyes. Neither of them had realized that underneath the cocktail dress she wasn’t wearing stockings, but instead, a full body stocking that was incredibly sexy and provocative on her slender form.

Eden walked, putting a little extra “oomph” into her walk, over to her stunned parents. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed her father first, but it was like no kiss a daughter should share with a father. She used her tongue on his lips and traced a line along them, inserting her skilled tongue into his mouth in an attempt to heat his passions.

Her mother was her next victim. She moved over to Patrice, pressing her sleek form against Patrice’s own curvier frame, she pressed herself close against her slinky mother, kissing her hard while grabbing the cheeks of her mother’s terrific ass. Patrice returned the kiss with an ardent fervor.

Eden sat on the comfortable bed and looked up at her parents, eyes blazing with passion. The silence in the room was palpable, until Blaine finally got up the nerve to speak.

“B-baby — what the heck is going on here?”

A nearly-wicked smile came over his daughter’s face. “Can’t you guess, Daddy? I’m seducing you – BOTH of you!”

Blaine scowled, and wagged his finger at his daughter. “Eden, don’t be ridiculous. We’re your parents, we can’t do this, we … ” Patrice pulled her husband to one side of the room, out of earshot of their daughter.

“Blaine darling, are you really sure this is what you want to do?”

An amazed look came over Blaine’s face as he discussed the situation with his wife. They were libertines, to be sure, but this? Patrice went on. “Blaine, we’ve both had younger lovers before. We certainly have never worried about what society thought, now have we?”

Blaine was about to say something, but Patrice put a finger to his lips and continued. “Darling, think about it. You and I have done some outrageous things in our life together. You fucked my sister and I a few times, and you saw Cherie and I eat each other’s pussies.”

“Yeah, but —- “

“And last month, at Silvia Bowman’s party, we both fucked with her and her daughter and husband, remember? You told me that Courtney Bowman was one of the best fucks you ever had, remember?”

Blaine’s face took on a dreamy countenance, Patrice was right about that. The nineteen-year old had been possessed of sexual skills beyond her years, she had also made Patrice weak-kneed with passion. It always thrilled Blaine to see his sensual partner in the throes of passion with a beautiful woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20