Another Life Ch. 02

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Each assignation starts the same way, with minor deviations.

I am phoned and told to be at a small private airfield some way away at a certain time.

My engagements are seldom in my country, they are often in my master’s country whose language I speak fluently or some other foreign destination. It was one of the provisos of the arrangement, to protect my “normal” life which surprisingly I quite enjoy.

I am completely anonymous, taking with me no identification of any sort. Were I to die overseas they would never know who I was. I have been given a phone number from my master and if I am apprehended by the law for whatever reason, I am to phone that number and my master will vouch for me. I have had to do this once or twice in my “career”, maybe more of that later.

Needless to say I have never been prosecuted; I did say I have a rich and also powerful master.

The plane always takes me to another small private airfield, never a large one. There is no passport control. How this is managed I have no idea. A car transfers me from the airfield to my destination.

The usual hotel is in the better part of large cosmopolitan town. It is not too ostentatious, but is obviously for rich. It is an older late nineteen century building of about twenty rooms, well appointed and discrete. The doorman always greets me with a smile as he opens the front door. I carry no luggage, as I have no need, all is provided for me. The receptionist is also the figure of discretion, handing me the key to my room with a warm smile and without question and without judgement for which I am eternally grateful. I walk up the long sweeping staircase to room no 20. It is always room 20, as if this room is reserved especially for my master, permanently. I suspect he owns the hotel. I enter the suite for it is larger than a room, and stop as I always do to admire the muted affluence of the fittings and furnishings. You might wonder whether this room is the only meeting place for my subjugation, but no this is often only the starting place.

I always arrive at least an hour before my appointment. I have to shower, using a particular jasmine scented soap, shampoo and deodorant. There is a bidet and I have to pay scrupulous attention to my private parts, ensuring they are clean inside and out. There is also discretely placed in the bathroom cupboard a enema douche which I am required to use. After which I apply a slightly scented lubricant lightly to those nether orifices. I have to plait my hair in a French plait on top of my head, which leaves my neck free and uncovered. These preparations calm me, but also excite me at the same time. In the space of an hour I have to adopt an entirely different persona.

Of course during the preparations I am totally nude.

The room is warm and comfortable. My lack of clothes is to ensure there are no clothing marks on my body, especially from a bra or tight panties.

I wear very little makeup, and this is put on with great care, my master is very fussy that I look my best and not like a slut!

At 10 minutes before my appointment I put on the clothes for the start of my assignation, they are always laid out for me; they always fit me perfectly. Unless ordered by my master, I am not to wear any underclothes, no panties and no bra. More often than not I am to wear stockings and skimpy suspenders, never tights!

Tonight my clothes are a very short black mini skirt and a pale green silk blouse, with no buttons or ties. It is open to the waist, parting at the thrust of my breasts to show my cleavage. I stand in front of the mirror and look at this changed woman. The sheer lightness of the blouse clings to my breasts, my nipples forming distinct bumps in the material. The mini, only just covers my crotch. Whatever the clothes, they are beautifully made, obviously expensive and always a perfect fit for my figure, I suspect they have been made especially for me.

There is of course one other item I wear, a collar. It is red leather with 2 D rings on it, one at the front and one at the back. Attached to the collar is a gold disc inscribed on the front with my name “Jasmine” and on the back to remind me of my position, “Property of Gerard”. I must always wear this when I’m with my master.

Now comes the interesting part, 5 minutes before the meeting time I open the door and leave it ajar. Then in the center of the room, just hidden from any casual observer by the door, I have to face away from the door, kneel on the floor and prostrate myself. My face has to touch the carpet and in my long life I will always remember its smell as I waited my bottom high in the air and my hands clasped behind my back. I am not allowed to look behind me. Of course you must realize, avid reader that wearing a short mini in this position does nothing to cover my vulva and anus. So to anyone entering the room the first sight they had of me was the ginger hairiness of my sex and my cunt with its prominent lips curled in the center between the paleness of my buttocks, below the puckered red of my tight arsehole, illegal bahis like an inverted exclamation mark! There was no way a man, nor even a woman entering, could not notice this obsceneness immediately. I then have to wait. Remember readers the door is ajar, anyone could enter quietly and witness my debasement, an efficient porter, or waiter, or just an inquisitive guest. I would never know as the door opened silently and the floor is heavily carpeted. But those were the rules and being a slave I have to obey them. I have been ordered to remain there whatever happens unless my master orders me to rise or my name is used with the order. So if somebody were to enter the room I would be completely defenseless and at their mercy.

There are times when there are no clothes laid out for me! Think of that!

You may be wondering how one makes the transition between being a lover and being a slave. What happened on my “first” subjugation?

Well let me tell you.

The events of the Founders Day left me stunned and bewildered, had I really done those things? Of course I had, but what would happen now.

In the morning after that day as we ate coffee and pastries on the hotel veranda, Gerard explained to me.

“Ah ma Cherie, what good times we are going to have!”

“But when will I see you again?”

“No my pretty Jasmine, that is not how it works, you will be told when and where. From this moment in time if you agree you will become owned by me. You will come when I call you will go when I tell you to go. We will not be lovers.”

He saw my look of disappointment.

“No you do not understand, lovers are people who become tired of each other after a while. You are not looking for a lover, you are looking for excitement. And I can assure you will experience that. If you agree to be my slave, you will do exactly as I say, if this means you caress and fuck another man you will do this, without question, no matter who they are.”

He saw my look of amazement.

“No I lie not! I have a lot of powerful and rich men, who are used to getting their own way and whom I use and need to control my business. If I tell you to entertain them you will. Do you understand?”

“Yes but will we make love?”

“Of course ma Cherie, but I have no problems with you fucking somebody else, why should I, you are very beautiful and I am very generous.”

He took a sip of his coffee, wiping his lips and placing his hands back on the table.

“Of course you will be paid very well, when you return you will find I have made you a gift. Please do not feel you are being turned into some cheap prostitute, you will become my slave, and I will become your master. All good masters reward their slaves.

I will call you when I next need you, be ready and just do as you are told. I will email you a complete set of instructions, you are to follow these to the letter, you understand? Are you willing to do this?”

I thought for a moment, my desire for him was only part of his charisma, what was attractive was the other part. The part where I craved to be owned and commanded.

“Of course you know I will. Will you beat me? I have heard that slaves get beaten and whipped?”

“I will not give you any more pain than you would give anyone else, you will never be marked or scarred. That is not my pleasure. Now what do you say?”

“Then I will await your call.”


We talked a while longer before he told me he had to go.

As he departed he reached into his pocket and took out the red collar, and gave it to me.

“I knew you would say yes, whenever you are to meet me, unless I specify differently you are to wear this.”

I turn it over in my hands reading the inscription “Property of Gerard” those words sent a thrill through me.

“Au revoir ma Cherie Jasmine, until next time.”

He kissed me tenderly and left.

I was taken home, my life changed forever.

It was a couple of weeks before I received my instructions and I was becoming anxious. I read through them, they outlined what I had to do when I was taken to my destination, the procedures I had to go though.

I was told to be ready for the driver on a certain date and time. I was told to wear a top, skirt, bra, and panties. I followed these instructions, as I explained before I carried no identification just a small bag with female things cosmetics and the like. Of course I had to place the collar on my neck. I had tried this on several times after that night, but to wear it in earnest was different.

I won’t bore you with the details of my travel, although I will say it was amazing to be treated in this way.

On the journey I could not stop myself playing with the tag on my collar, and finally when I realized what I was doing had to consciously stop myself.

On this occasion as it was my first time Gerard arranged to meet me at the airport. My heart jumped as I saw him waiting on the tarmac by his Mercedes. I walked up slowly to him not sure what was expected of me. I should illegal bahis siteleri not have worried he took my hands and kissed me softly on the lips.

“Ah, Jasmine you look lovely.”

He led me to the car, the chauffeur opening the door as we approached. We got into the back. The smell of leather upholstery was almost overwhelming.

The car started and the chauffeur drove off. I smiled at Gerard and looked out at the passing scenery as we drove along.

“Today is a little different than normal as it is your first time, I will take you to the hotel first to show you what I want in the future. No matter what hotel you are taken to the preparation will always be the same. After that I am going to entertain some old friends of mine. You will be the maid for this evening.”

“But I have no suitable clothes!”

“Have no worries Jasmine, as I said in the instructions all has been taken care off, you will never have to worry about what to wear again when you are with me.”

“Thank you … Master.”

“Good you said that as though you meant it.”

“I did.”

“Are you sure you a comfortable with your new role?”


“You realize there is no turning back.”


“Good the journey is not far, about half an hour. But I would like you to take my mind of the time. Take off all your clothes.”

“What here, Gerard!”

I nodded at the chauffeur.

“Jasmine you are my slave you do exactly as I say and never mind where I say it, or who is there. Now take of all your clothes.”

I took a moment to look around at Gerard the chauffeur and the scenery. The car had slightly tinted windows and so nobody would be able to see in clearly. Feeling very strange I undid the zip to my skirt and lifting my bottom off the seat slid the skirt off and placed it next to me. Next was my top, which I grasped at the hem and pulled over my head. It felt odd to be undressing as the car drove along, the county side flashing past.

Gerard smiled as I stripped.

Next my bra, my breasts were free, my nipples exposed and of course erect.

Finally my panties, I again lifted my bottom and slid them down my legs and off. I placed all the clothes on top of each other, and sat back, resisting the impulse to cover the pubic hairs of my crotch with my hand.

I was naked, save for the red collar, in a car being driven along in a strange country with two almost complete strangers. This was madness and I loved every minute. I caught the chauffeur’s eye as he glanced back at me sitting nude. I was blushing profusely, my cheeks on fire.

Gerard’s eyes passed over my body.

“Beautiful, you are truly lovely Jasmine, let us enjoy the drive.”

With which he placed his hand on my thigh and sat back. I was stunned. Any other man would have jumped on me, I started to realize this would all be different.

Gerard told me a little about the countryside we were traveling in, his hand softly caressing my thigh, the fingers on the inside. The car started to feel hot and I realized I was becoming excited.

Gerard noticed my smile and smiled back. He reached forward and from a small cupboard took out a towel.

“Here Jasmine lift up you bottom.” I did as directed and he slid the towel under me smoothing out the creases. I sat back down.

“You like being naked here, do you not?”

I glanced at the chauffeur not six feet away.

“Yes, I think I do.”

I said quietly.

“I thought so, Jasmine you are a very naughty girl, I think not only do you like it, you are aroused by what you are doing, yes?”

“Yes, I am.” I said huskily.

“Good that is good, open your legs and masturbate yourself.”


The look Gerard gave me made me realize we were moving into another way of me looking at things, I realized I had no choice, my master had said masturbate and I had to do it.

I opened my legs, Gerard hands still rested on my thigh as my hand moved to my sex. I closed my eyes, to shut out the sight of the car, and the chauffeur as my fingers sought my clitoris. From habit, I raised my fingers to my mouth and licked my fingers before parting my labial lips, although this time I was so wet I hardly needed the extra lubrication. I rubbed my fingers up and down the pink slit of my sex. My fingers found my clitoris and concentrated on pleasuring myself.

“Open your eyes and look at me!”

I did as ordered, never had I looked at anyone when I was having sex, let alone masturbating in front of them. Gerard smiled as he watched. I felt my body starting to respond to my fingers. Again and again I rubbed my sex, sliding my fingertip into my vagina, my body started to move as my level of excitement rose. My clitoris was sensitive, fully aroused the hood drawn back as I rubbed my fingers across the slippery flesh.

Christ what was happening, finger fucking my self in front of a couple of men!

“You must tell me when you are going to climax, and you must look at me!”

My hips moved as I rubbed canlı bahis siteleri more urgently. My breath was coming in shorter burst now, gasping.


The tension rose, my cunt now was very wet, ready for sex, my fingers entered my vagina one , two, three. Sliding slowly, in and out.

My other hand rose to the nipple on my left breast, teasing it and squeezing it.

My fingers working at the head of my clitoris, round and round up and down, I could not stop my abdomen rising as the sexual tension rose.

“OOhhm…I am coming… ahh!”

It happened, my hips bucked as my finger finally took me to conclusion.

Both men laughed as I called out, but not in a bad or coarse way, they were congratulating me. I smiled.

Sweat beaded my brow as I collapsed on the seat.

“Good, well done that was lovely, you liked that eh?”

“Yes I gasped.”

“You see I was not wrong about you. Now we are almost at the hotel, you are wet, it is a good thing I placed the towel under you.”

He chuckled as I wiped my genitals and bottom.

“Please put back your clothes, just the top and skirt, you will not need the bra, or panties.”

I dressed as the car drove through the town. It was not a large place, obviously a small provincial town. The scenery had been soft beautiful, we were in France maybe? You would like to know, well that is my secret.

The car came to a halt outside of the hotel I described before; a porter opened the door, and stood aside as we got out.

“Jacques, return in about an hour.”

“Yes monsieur.”

Gerard led me inside introducing me to the receptionist before taking me up the stairs to the first floor. I followed along just behind.

At one of the doors along a very plush corridor, we stopped at room number 20 and Gerard entered. The suite was lovely, large with the main room divided into two sections, a lounge with comfortable leather chairs in a circle each with its own side table and a bar room with a bar and table and chairs. Off the lounge was a large bedroom and off that an en suite.

“Take your clothes off again.”

I obeyed easily this time, now we were safe inside and away from any other eyes.

“Walk around yes that is lovely, your breasts have a lovely motion, that way, turn round, beautiful, now away, yes never hurry, that way you keep them moving without them flapping, we’ll save that for later.”

What he meant by that I had no idea.

“Come here and kneel before me, Undo my trousers and take out my penis and use you mouth until I come.”

I knelt down undid his trousers which fell to the floor. His cock was already hard and stiff inside of his shorts I drew these down as well. His cock was fully engorged the foreskin drawn back. I drew my tongue up its length before engulfing it in my mouth.

I won’t carry on about sliding it in and out, but after a few minutes of my ministrations his member stiffened and with a small gasp he came fully onto my tongue, the musky saltiness filling my mouth, with not an unpleasant flavor. I swallowed the lot without being told as I knew this would be expected of me.

“Jasmine you are truly wonderful.”

His member deflated and looking around I saw a small towel on one of the chairs I went and fetched it, drying my saliva from the shaft. He was not embarrassed about standing there with his trousers around his ankles, but I helped him to put these on.

“Now Jasmine go into the bathroom and follow the instructions I gave in the email. I will be out here when you return to dress you.”

He indicated the door off the bedroom.

The bathroom was truly luxurious, and I admired myself in the multiple mirrors as I showered. as there was no cubicle or screen, it was just there along one wall. During the next half an hour I prepared my self, scrupulously washing my genitals and bottom. The bidet took a little getting used to, but I soon mastered it, I also used the douche bag provided by the side, with a short note on its use. The feeling of warm liquid entering my rectum was odd as I have never used one before, but not unpleasant.

I finally prepared my orifices and with a last look in the mirror to make sure my hair was as instructed went naked back into the bedroom.

I was starting to become a little nervous, knowing in a short time I would be going to have to undertake a strange new role.

Gerard was on the phone, but as soon as he saw me he bid farewell and ushered me into the lounge.

“Lovely and now ready for anything. You remember what I wrote in the email. Imagine I am not here and show me what you would do after you have prepared and are waiting for me.”

I walked over to the center of the carpet and proceeded to kneel down.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

He nodded to the door, oh yes I had to leave it unlocked and a little ajar. With some trepidation I opened the door a little.


I opened it again a little more.

“No, more!”

How far did the door need to be open I wondered? I opened it until it was half way open. Now I returned to the spot I was in before and knelt down, becoming quite nervous with the door so far open and me kneeling here as naked as the day I was born, though I hoped a lot more interesting.

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