Another Unforgettable Afternoon

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Stepping up onto the bus that would take me home for my shift at the telemarketing company where I work. It was rush hour and bus was full of people on their way home from work, standing room only. I found a seat toward the back. But just when I sat down, I noticed an older lady looking around for a seat. I waved to her and let her take mine.

When I rose up, I am moved even further back into the crowd of people on the bus. I finally found a small place to stand and tried not to fall or lean into anyone. As the bus was leaving the first stop after picking me up, it jerked forward and I almost fell back. As I did, I felt a pair of hands on my hips and a deep throaty whisper in my ear. ‘I’ve got you’

I regained my balance quickly, but the hands didn’t release their hold my hips, his fingertips gently massaged me. I wanted to look back and say something, but his hands were making me quite nervous. I make a silly motion to push them away, but he ignored it. One of his hands moved back and begins to rub against my butt. I knew he was doing it on purpose then. And not only was I still nervous, I was also getting turned on. I felt my small penis getting very stiff.

His hand moved from my butt, back to my hip and slowly, both hands began moving closer together, I couldn’t help but lean back when his fingers got really close to touching my petite erection. I glanced down and saw his hands holding me so gently, so lovingly. And those large mysterious hands had gray hair of them. So I knew he was an older man.

When my butt made contact with his groin, I could plainly feel how very hard he was in his pants. Without even thinking about it, I ground back against him a few times. That throaty whisper returned canlı bahis şirketleri to my ear, ‘such a good boy’. It had been several months since my boyfriend had to move for his job. And I was desperate for affection.

One of his hands moved to completely cover my penis. When he began to gently massage it, I couldn’t stop my hips from grinding into his touch. His hands had me pulled back against him. My back was arched so deeply, I was struggling to keep quiet as this grown man seduced me in the middle of a crowded bus.

While still discreetly humping against me, the hand cradling my erection began pulling me back against him even harder as the other hand slipped from my hip and teasingly slid under my shirt. When his fingertips made contact with my bare skin, right there on the bus, I had to bite my tongue so hard to keep from moaning loudly.

His hand lightly grazed over my stomach and up to my chest. There, the first finger and thumb began tweaking my nipple. After a short time, his hand moved to the other nipple. His other hand ground up and down across my penis. His hips still humped into my bottom.

I was desperately horny by then. My breathing was heavy and ragged. Somehow this man had gently rubbed me to the verge of orgasm among all the people on the bus and not a soul had even noticed. It was a constant battle to keep from moaning out loud.

The hand on my penis slid up until his met the bare skin of my belly, there he tickled it a little and without warning, he popped the button open on my jeans. That hand then slipped under my jeans and underpants. His strong hand covered over my stiff, bald penis, his palm ground against my bald pubic mound. He whispered once again, canlı kaçak iddaa ‘Mmm, I do like my boys smooth. But I like my boys naked too. Do you want me to undress you Kitten? I could strip you bare right here.’

I almost moaned but caught myself. I know I must have been leaking my excitement against his palm. His hand was just holding my penis, gently squeezing it. If he gave me the slightest bit of friction, I know I’d squirt where I stood.

I finally got brave enough to look back up over my shoulder. He was grinning down at me, standing half a head taller than I do. He had gray hair, crystal clear blue eyes and a 5 o’clock shadow. He must have been older than my parents. I’d guess him to be at least 50.

While I still looked up into his eyes, he whispered down at me, ‘Mine is the next stop, and kitten, you’re coming with me.’ He then pulls his hand from my pants and shirt, buttons up my jeans and straightened out my shirt.

A shiver ran through my body as I squeaked, ‘Okay.’ I moved my eyes back to the front of the bus and tried to calm down. Just as I was beginning to get ahold of myself he whispered once again, “Oh, the things I’m going to do to you when we get home. Or, maybe we won’t wait until we get home, you naughty boy. Perhaps I’ll strip you on the street and fuck you on the sidewalk. Would you like to be fucked in front of strangers Kitten?”

That’s where I lost it. I couldn’t stop myself if I had bit my tongue off! The moan that slipped through my lips was loud enough to make everyone standing nearby look at me. I blushed a million shades of red and lowered my eyes to my shoes. I’d never been so embarrassed.

When the bus came to a stop, his hand slid down canlı kaçak bahis my back to grab a hold of one of my butt cheeks. He squeezed it and I began making my way toward the door. He never released his hold, his fingers rhythmically squeezing my flesh.

The moment we had both stepped off of the bus, he spun me around and kissed me right there. His warm, wet tongue dove into my mouth and danced with my own. One of his hand was behind my neck, the other was sliding back up my shirt to pinch my nipples back to their full stiffness. When the kiss finally broke, I gasped for air.

Laying his hand back on my ass, he squeezed it tightly and we began walking down the street. I saw and felt people looking at us. We were attracting a lot of attention, this man with his hand on the ass of a boy less than half his age. Just when people around us seemed to stop looking, he spun me around again, crushing his lips against mine, kissing me with a passion I’d never known before. I can’t be sure, but I think one of my legs kicked up like girls in the movies. The kiss broke and he held his face close to mine, kissing me more gently as I quivered under his touch. This man had taken my horniness to a whole new level.

Grabbing my ass once again, he led me down the street until he turned me to face a door. He opened the door with a key and we entered a small alcove with mailboxes, two apartment doors and a set of stairs leading up.

He turned me to face him. With his hands on my shoulders and staring into my eyes, he said, “Kitten, this will be your last chance to turn back. Once we start up those stairs there will be no turning back. Be warned, if you choose to stay, I’m going to do things to you. Some things you have probably done before. But other things you will find embarrassing, maybe even a little humiliating. But you can be sure, by the time you leave this building again, you will be sexually satisfied like never before. Now Kitten, I need an answer from you.”

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