Ashleigh Pt. 04

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As she walked back into the lounge, after her shower, Kirsty saw his pad on the table and could not help herself from taking another sneaky look. She looked at how he had drawn her, and was amazed at how anyone could craft a likeness from graphite and paper, with such perfection. Even she had to admit that she looked good in the composition and that despite the fact that she was looking at herself, she found the image very erotic. He certainly had an appreciation for a woman’s body. Hers in this instance. She flipped the page to the lingerie covered next door neighbour. “He did this without her modelling…?” Kirsty had to admit that it was another very sexy piece of erotica. The next few pages were of her in various different clothes, then as she turned the next page she gasped. “Simon you naughty boy.” She looked at his individual studies of the woman, both clothed in bikini and naked. “My God, he really does have an appreciation. That is almost pornographic and quite voyeuristic.” The next few pages were studies of a male model. His powerful physique similar to Simon’s, in fact this could be a self-study, she thought.

More studies of older people followed. Even the detail he put into these was amazing, the wrinkles, the saggy bits, but still he made them look proud and beautiful. When she turned the next page, she gasped out loud. “GOD!” She saw herself in what could only be described as in a Vargas style pin-up pose with black stockings and a black negligee which hid nothing. He had drawn her without any pubes, her labia lips fully exposed and suggestively opening. Her nipples he had drawn as rock hard erections and her mouth was posed in a come-hither look. He had drawn the panels and rivet detail on the nose of the American war-plane which she now adorned as ‘pin-up, nose art’. With the words ‘Coming to get ya’. She had to confess it did make her think of those 40’s style pictures with a 21st century erotic twist.

Kirsty felt her insides immediately churn. This picture was stunning. She had never seen herself as a blatant sex object. Nor had she ever worn this kind of stuff, or considered wearing this kind of stuff for any of her boyfriends. She had certainly never thought of herself being admired by thousands of young men as they walked past her picture, adorning the side of a World War 2 bomber. She was surprised that she found that idea quite appealing. As she turned the page, she saw more detailed studies of herself, from her last lot of posing. He again had drawn her with the clothes she wore at the time, and without them. It would seem that her friend knew exactly what a woman’s genitals looked like, preferring the hairless look again; if Kirsty did not know any better, she would have sworn that she had posed for him completely naked, displaying all. ‘How could he fill in what she hadn’t shown him, so perfectly?’

One thing was certain. These drawings were private to Simon, even though they were of her and the person she now perceived as a rival. She closed the pad and headed back upstairs; she had some hair removal to take care of.

“Wow, about time,” Simon said as Kirsty returned to the garden with her little summer dress on. “That was a long shower, I was beginning to think you weren’t coming down.”

Kirsty handed Simon a very full glass of red wine. “Sorry she said, I found it difficult to get the oil off of my back, and had to get back in again to give it another try, I only realised as I was drying myself off.” The lie spilled a little too easily from her lips.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Simon immediately felt guilty.

Kirsty could no-longer look at Simon in the way she had for years. It had been growing inside her for some time. She had at first seen him as an older brother, a confidante and a friend. But these last few years, and particularly this last year as they both matured, it had made her realise that her feelings were getting stronger for her handsome, hunky, funny friend. The only issue now, was how to broach this with him, without making things awkward between them if he didn’t feel the same way? She could not stand to lose him as a friend.

Seeing the detailed drawings that he had done of her, not just that day, but the sessions before. And seeing his visions of her as a very sexy ‘pin-up’ girl; had given her hope, that perhaps he was feeling differently about her too. She hatched a plan that was simple in its execution.

As Kirsty topped up Simon’s drink, she couldn’t help herself smiling. She was going to do this. She was going to make a move on her best friend. It was now all she could think about. “So, is the food nearly ready? I’m starving. It’s all that posing that you’ve had me doing. She positioned herself on the picnic table, putting her feet up onto the seat. She knew this was very dangerous territory, as her very short summer dress was unlikely to cover the fact that she wore no panties, or the fact that she was now completely devoid of any pubic hair!

It was also a dangerous move, because she was very turned on, and therefore likely to be showing more than casino siteleri just naked flesh.

“Yep,” he smiled at her. “It’s just about done. Glad you are hungry, because I have done lots!” He had too. Raiding the fridge to make a salad, doing some bread rolls, creating a marinade. And making up some kababs on skewers. Simon plated up some food for her, then stood eating and drinking as he chatted away freely to Kirsty. Although she replied and made all of the right noises. She couldn’t concentrate on a single thing he was saying. She could only think about him sitting at the table and witnessing what she had prepared for him, between her legs. She almost willed him to sit, saying it over and over in her head. But uncannily, he seemed to thwart those plans. “So,” she said at last, having drunk enough to begin to loosen her tongue. “I’ve been thinking about your woman problem.”

“What!?” He laughed, “As in my inability to get one? My disinterest to start a relationship prior to university? To what problem do you refer?” He was certainly merry, influenced by the alcohol, but not as much as she.

“No silly,” she sniggered. “The man eater from next door!”

“Who Ashleigh? She’s not a man eater. She’s lovely. Just lonely I think, and maybe a little flirty. And if she gets off on seeing me get on my bike and go cycling, then what harm is that doing me?”

“Ashleigh? Is that her name then? Oh, my poor naïve Simon. Look, from what you have told me, I can categorically state, as a woman, that she is trying to get you into bed with her. So, I have a plan.”

Simon giggled. “Oh, do tell.”

“Well, I will come over, to do some more posing for you. I’m sure you will have some more detailed work that you will want to go over with me, and if not, I have my own idea for a picture that I would like you to do for me. Perhaps we can look into that?”

“Oh, OK. I’m up for that. But how will that sort out my not real, problematic, next-door neighbour?” He looked quizzically at Kirsty.

“Easy, if your voyeur, then sees you with a young beautiful girl, someone that you seem interested in. Well, she should get the hint and leave you alone.”

“Oh,” he said finally taking a seat at the table next to her. “And who is this beautiful girl?”

Kirsty swung her knees around as she had planned and at the same time clipped Simon on the top of the head with her hand. “Me, you idiot! She will think you are going out with me.”

“Oh, I see,” he said, obviously not seeing at all. “And why would she do that? She knows that I’m an artist. She knows that I often use models for reference. So, if she saw me with my pad, and you posing, it is more likely that she would make that connection? And besides, I have been thinking, she’s an attractive woman, does it matter that she is older than me. Should I not look to sleep with her, if that is what she wants? She can probably teach me a lot and you do keep saying that it is time for me to ‘break my duck’, don’t you?”

Kirsty had fully swung her knees towards Simon and had now parted her legs slightly. “No, no I never said that! Certainly, I would not say have sex with an older woman, you should look to someone younger.”

“But think of all the experience that she probably has.”

“Old age is not necessarily a marker for experience. She could have only slept with one man for instance. And being young, does not necessarily mean inexperience either, some of us would consider ourselves quite well versed in that area.”

“Ummm, I… don’t… know…” Simon seemed distracted. And Kirsty following his eyes, hoped she knew why. She took a drink and open her legs just a little more. Then turned away as she saw him looking up at her. When she returned to look at him again, his eyes were hungrily locked on to what she was displaying under the short skirt.

“So, she purred. Do you fancy it? Simon, Simon… I said do you fancy it; do you like it?”

Simon seemed flustered. “Do…do I fancy what? Do I like it, what it?”

He was fighting to draw his eyes away from between Kirsty’s legs and she was loving every minute of it. The only problem was she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She knew that already her dress would be showing signs of this sexual ‘leakage’ and she could not stop herself thinking about feeling his head between her thighs licking at her eager pussy.

“Why my idea of course Simon. What else did you think I meant,” she said in a teasing fashion. “You seem distracted, are you OK?”

“Umm, er… Look KT, I have to be up early tomorrow. I think I had better be going. I’ll give my dad a ring and ask him to pick me up as I have been drinking. Shall we pack away the things?”

Kirsty bit on her lower lip. “Why don’t you stay here? You can sleep in the spare bed and drive home in the morning. You don’t want to disturb your dad if you don’t have to?”

Simon couldn’t help his eyes from dropping from Kirsty’s face, back down to between her legs, before he replied. “I don’t think I should Kirsty… I…”

“Look, I don’t bite. slot oyna You’ve slept here before when you’ve had a drink, what’s the difference?”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Sure, and thanks for the offer.”

“What are friends for?” She said smiling inwardly. “Now let’s get packed away.”

“Sure, you start, I…I er…just need to text the folks and let them know I won’t be back. Simon hoped he could buy enough time to allow his erection to subside.

They messed around more than cleared away, both now quite merry on the drink. Finally moving inside as the night began to get cold. “I’ve got some Port if you fancy it, and I have some cheeses, we could have a Port, cheese and biscuit session if you are up for it, whilst watching a film?”

“Yeah, that would be good. I’ll get the Port and glasses; you get the cheeses.”

They sat and watched a non-descript action film, talking over most of it, but towards the end, Simon noted it had gone quiet. Kirsty had snuggled up to him like a little kitten and was asleep. How long she had been, he didn’t know. Smiling he got up and picked her up easily, taking her up to her bedroom and depositing her on the bed. He covered her with the covers and went to his room, stripped to his boxers, got into bed and fell asleep instantly.

He was up early, as usual and quickly got dressed. As he passed Kirsty’s bedroom, he stuck his head in to see if she was ok. He wished he hadn’t. She was sprawled deliciously across her bed, face down, head to one side. Her hair was splayed out about her head and shoulders. A single sheet wrapped about one of her legs, covered very little else of the completely naked woman. She must have removed her dress in the night as it was on the floor. Her hairless pussy was very visible to him, but it was more the beauty of the pose that caught his eye. He could not help himself taking a few pictures on his phone. He would ask her later if she minded, and if she did, her would remove them, but the lighting and the natural composition of her pose on the bed looked enticing. Couple that with say the sheen of black silk sheets, and it would make one alluring picture.

He turned away with difficulty, his feelings about the naked woman getting very confused. He had noticed that she wore no panties the night before, he had also noticed that she had removed the pubic hair that she had during the posing session. He wondered why, why then? Did she often go without knickers? This was a side to his friend he had not before investigated, and he was not sure how he felt about it, or what he thought about his motives or his body’s reaction to her nakedness?

He left the house quietly leaving a little note that simply said “Thanks, see you in a couple of days.”

Simon wasn’t the only one up and about early. Ashleigh was awake and had come into the kitchen for her usual morning ‘pick-me-up’. She noted however, that Simon’s car was still not there and was suddenly overcome with annoyance and jealousy at whoever had kept him away from her much needed ‘pick me up’. Why she felt so strongly all of a sudden, she could not say. But she had come to enjoy her morning routine, and coupled with him not witnessing her little bikini display yesterday, she was not very happy that she was going to miss out on him displaying his charms to her, as per the norm. As well as the thought he obviously stayed overnight somewhere, possibly in another woman’s bed. Though she did reason with herself that he had every right to do whatever he wanted, the thought that he had slept with another woman still seemed to upset her. She turned from the kitchen and went back to bed.

She was awoken by the sounds of activity in the garden and looking out of her bedroom window saw that Simon was back and working on the fence. He had procured the fence panels by the looks of things and was stacking them up ready to use. The sun was high and he was already shirtless and wore knee-length, cut down jogging bottoms. Ashleigh walked to her front bedroom and picked up her binoculars, returning to her room she stood a little back from her window and spied upon Simon at work. The glasses made her feel like she was peering through a keyhole, or a crack in a door. She felt dirty spying on the young man like this, but it also made her feel very hot.

His muscles rippled, his barrel chest surged with life and energy, the exertion and the early morning heat, had already given Simon a sheen of sweat, which left Ashleigh only wondering what he tasted like. She could already visualise her tongue running down his spine, or in between his pectoral muscles and across his wash-board stomach, to play inside his belly-button.

She fidgeted as she watched him, rasping her thighs upon each other, squeezing her knees together to apply pressure upon her pubic area. Her chest had begun to heave and she knew she would not be able to abstain from her usual masturbatory session, after witnessing her targeted fantasy man. She moved to her bedside draws and drew out her ‘love egg’. She loved this remote-controlled vibrator, and had canlı casino siteleri often worn it whilst out and about, wondering if people could hear the quiet buzzing as it pleasured her. Every now and then she would need to stop and sit down, or grasp hold of something as it induced the intended orgasm.

Placing a leg upon the bed, she ran the oval shaped toy along her vaginal cleft. She felt the smooth shape slip easily through her lubricated lips and groaned a little as she slipped it into her vagina. She was incredibly wet already. “Simon, look what you do to me. God, I need you to fuck me.” She resisted the urge to turn the toy on immediately, instead picking out a small skirt, a loose-fitting top and some tights. The tights were designed so that they looked like a pair of stockings, the darker banding of the stocking top, was represented as a darker weave in the tights. She slipped those on, knowing that they will keep the egg in place and that they would make her legs look incredible. She had not put on any panties though.

With the skirt and top in place, no bra, she cleaned her teeth, brushed her long dark hair, put on a smattering or make-up, then went down to speak with Simon, having turned on the vibrator and put the remote in her skirt pocket.

Before she went outside, she put the kettle on to boil, and as she walked towards Simon, she was already on shaky legs. Such that she had to lean against the picnic table, for fear they would give way. “Hello Simon,” she purred. “I have the kettle on, can I offer you anything?”

Simon was kneeling on the ground by one of the fence-post holes, reading the text that KT had just sent him. He had a wry smile upon his face. He looked up; Ashleigh looked incredible. He could not but help think, ‘what a fit and enticing woman she was.’ She certainly knew how to push on his buttons. Older woman or not, there was something about her he found very appealing. As he looked upon her long nylon-clad legs, he noted an almost imperceptible tremor in her left thigh, a little like a nervous tick, but this seemed to be getting worse as he looked at her, rather than going away. Her loose blouse showed volumes of rounded flesh that only just hid everything and promised everything. Her little skirt settled around her firm thighs, again alluding to more delights beneath.

“That would be lovely,” he croaked, his eyes finally making contact with Ashleigh’s eyes, he knew it had taken him too long to get there. She was biting upon her bottom lip and seemed a little distracted, but smiled at his response, cocking her right leg up against the table, her left leg seemed to tremor all the more.

“Great, what would you like?” Her voice appeared a little shaky too. “Tea, or coffee, and how do you like it?”

Simon couldn’t help but think that her words dripped with sexual connotation, but simply replied, “Coffee please, strong and black.”

“Um, is that how you like your women Simon?” Ashleigh panted out a laugh. “Sugar?”

“Certainly is,” he said, picking up on her joke. “And no, I’m sweet enough.”

“Of that there is no denying Simon.” Ashleigh slipped a hand into her skirt pocket and seemed to be fiddling with something. “I’ll…I’ll go and get it then…um.” Suddenly her body seemed to tremble even more and an “OOohhhh,” escaped her lips. She continued to fumble inside her pocket.

“You OK Ashleigh?” Simon’s eyes were reappraising her body, with her leg raised slightly as it was, he could see all the way to the top of her legs and beyond. His eyes were feasting upon her pussy, lightly encapsulated within the nylon. Her labia lips were fully swollen and were splayed within their nylon prison, a spash of raw pink against the darkness of her skin. Without a discernible gusset, there was nothing left to his imagination. He heard the sudden increase in buzzing sound that he quickly recognised, along with seeing the little extraction hoop of the toy that he now knew to be imbedded inside her vagina.

Ashleigh had mistakenly hit the wrong button, whilst fumbling in her pocket. She had intended to turn the thing off, as staring at the shirtless Simon, whilst having the toy vibrating deep inside her was already too much, and she knew she was about to explode in orgasm right before him. But in her haste, she had switched the vibrating egg to pulsed vibrations that increased in intensity. She had almost come on the spot. How she held it together, she didn’t know, but her squirming, she knew, had easily given away what was going on. Seeing Simon’s eyes burning into her flesh and locked onto her underskirt however, was all that she wanted; ‘you cannot run inside to have your orgasm’, she told herself, ‘you must hold yourself here at the edge for as long as you can’.

Simon was now also in visible trouble. Ashleigh was obviously very turned on by what she was doing, he could see the translucence of her juices beginning to soak into her tights, and the trembling leg was a real give away, if the vibrating noise and the squirming, had not made it a certainty. But even had that not been the case, her beautifully long legs, flat stomach and large breasts, coupled with her attractive face and long black hair, and the up-skirt experience he was receiving, would have started his motor running.

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