At the Hilton

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I walk across the hotel room, my little black dress clinging just perfectly to the curves of my body. My only thoughts are of seducing you.

Do you know how badly I need you?

I stop when I’m just out of your reach and turn so my back is to you, I know how you like a tease. Slowly, I unzip the back of my dress, sliding it down the length of my body to reveal my soft creamy skin. I peek over my shoulder to see the look of appreciation on your face as your eyes move from the clasp on my black lace bra, to the slip of fabric on the matching thong, to the black garter attached to thigh-high stockings.

Do you know the things I have in mind?

I turn to you, and take a small step forward still staying just out of reach. The small moan of appreciation that escapes your lips makes a chill run up my spine. My pussy is already wet with lust, and hunger. I want you, all of you. But I’m biding my time. I unfasten my bra, revealing my perfect breasts, my nipples already hard in anticipation. I lick the thumb and forefinger of my right hand and lightly twist my right nipple, keeping my eyes locked on you. It feels good, the slight pain, and the shock of pleasure. I take a half a step forward.

Can you smell me now? My wetness, my excitement? I’m sure you can.

As I inch closer, hands caressing my body, you realize I’m not just wearing any panties…they’re crotchless. You can see glimpses of my perfectly smooth mound, and the glisten of wetness. You lick your lips eagerly knowing that soon you will taste what you’ve wanted for so long.

Reach out to me, you know you want to. You can touch me now, all casino oyna you have to do is reach out.

Your touch is timid at first, grasping softly to my sides as you draw me closer. Your eyes slide over my body greedily, taking in every inch.

Glide your hand down my skin, feel all that you’ve wish. It’s all for you.

We’re close enough now that I can feel your breath on my stomach. Chills run across my body as you flick out your tongue….surprising me by just grazing the skin through the slit in my panties. As you push more forcefully through, touching the tip of your tongue to my clit, I nearly collapse. I have to brace myself against you.

Pull me closer, darling, devour me. I’m so yours.

Your hands grip me so tightly, lifting me just enough that you can now suck on my swollen clit, flicking it occasionally. My wetness starts to slide down your chin as you bring me to a nearly instantaneous orgasm. I know it will be one of many, a prequel of our weekend together.

It’s your turn now. You have far to many clothes on.

I softly push you away from me, down on to the bed. I’m ravenous now, nearly tearing at the zipper of your pants. I want so badly to release your manhood from it’s khaki confine. You lift your hips to aid me in pulling your pants and boxers down and I gasp as your cock springs free. It’s larger than I expected, you’d been so modest all those times we’d discussed this before. I don’t even hesitate, but greedily suck the tip of it into my mouth. I moan with pleasure, slowly sliding inch by inch down the shaft until I feel you pressing at the back of my throat.

You slot oyna taste so good, salty and warm.

Squeezing and massaging your balls with one hand, I grip the base with my other and begin to suck you. I twist my tongue around the head of your shaft as I come to the tip, flicking it lightly just at the most sensitive spot underneath. Your hips begin to rise up to meet me, shallow upward thrusts to match my downward. Your hands are on the back of my head gently but firmly setting a steady pace.

I love the way you fill my mouth.

I want to make you cum…to give you the pleasure you’ve so recently given me. But it would seem you have other ideas as I feel your hand grip my hair and lightly pull me off your throbbing cock. Eyes hazed over with lust, you crawl out from underneath me and stand up, removing what’s left of the clothes you wear. I stand up for a moment, unsure of what you’re wanting next…my only thoughts are of wrapping my lips around your sex again.

I live to give you pleasure, so see you writhe in ecstasy.

You grab me, pushing me down on to the bed. Falling on top of me, your mouth on my left breast, your hand moving to my other. You flick and suck my nipples, alternating nibbles and twists. My hips involuntarily start grinding against you. All I can think of is you being inside me, filling me.

I need you, I want you.

You continue to tease me, taunting me with the tip of your cock. You let it graze against my sex all the while squeezing and sucking on my sensitive nipples. I love the feeling and want to cry all at the same time. My need for you has become irresistible canlı casino siteleri now, and I don’t know if I can wait any longer.

Please. Please fuck me.

You chuckle around my nipple and thrust inside me with one fast movement, burying yourself balls deep inside my waiting pussy. I feel you pause a moment, and I clench my muscles around you, squeezing.

I knew you couldn’t resist. All I had to do was say please.

You pull back out slowly and then quickly thrust into me again, pulling back faster and faster as you go. I pull your head up, and we lock in a passionate kiss. Our first kiss. It sends a fire through me, adding to the already electric sensations coursing through my body. My hips rise to meet you, grinding the nub of my clit against you as you thrust down. Your hand doesn’t leave my breast, the fascination with my nipples seeming to add to your lust.

Harder, baby.

You’re now pounding into me like mad, our bodies matching pace with each other, our kisses broken only by our gasps for air. I feel a second, more intense, orgasm building and I clutch tightly to you. My nails scrape up your back as I cry out in a primal euphoria. The heat spreads across my flesh, my skin flushes with the glow of rapture…and this only spurs you on. You continue your movements and attentions, solely focused on on the sexual intoxication.

I’m going to cum again. Make me cum.

My muscles spasm around you as another wave of orgasm rushes over me, almost seeming to be desperate to keep your cock inside me. You feel the pressure building in your balls, and with one final thrust you explode deep inside my pussy, splashing the muscle walls with your seed, not caring for anything in the delirium of our first amazing union. You collapse on top of me, spent. I hold on to you, relishing in the pure joy of the moment.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20