Auntie and Her College Nephew Ch. 03

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The Thanksgiving Dinner hand job from Aunt Helen was just about the most erotic event in my young life. If you haven’t read my last submission you should check it out. Prior to the Thanksgiving Day hand job I slept with my mom’s sister, Aunt Helen, and shot a load of cum over her tits and belly. Then a few weeks later, she gave me a sneaky hand job under a blanket with my dad and uncle watching football in the same room.

I had absolutely no remorse over my sexual activities with Aunt Helen. She was hot, sexy and I wanted more. She also wanted more of me and she made no secret of it. She constantly reached behind me and rubbed my ass whenever she could get away with it, or brushed her hand lightly against my dick at every opportunity. Still, we had not fucked conventionally. My dick had never entered her pussy. Our last erotic activity was in November.

In February I drove to Atlanta to take my girlfriend Cheryl to a concert on a Saturday night. Cheryl and I had still not gone “all the way”, for some crazy reason known only to her. She was a warm and affectionate girl and was crazy about me, but anything beyond a hand job or me fingering her to orgasm was off limits.

I would not see Cheryl until Saturday, so Friday night was free. I arrived at Aunt Helen’s apartment and entered with my own key. Aunt Helen had left a note asking me to meet her at Jalapeno’s, a little Mexican place about a block from her apartment. I debated showering first since I had worked out before making the trip to Atlanta and was still dressed in sweats. I was eager to meet Aunt Helen, said what the fuck, skipped the shower and headed out the door to meet her.

At the bar there was a pitcher of margaritas on the table in front of Aunt Helen. She introduced me to a few of her friends around the table who worked with her at the bank. The atmosphere was cheery and I shook hands all around, exchanging stiff greetings. Aunt Helen was the casino oyna exception. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, with a slight bit of tongue action too. I knew Aunt Helen had to be tipsy because we didn’t kiss on the mouth in public, and certainly not with tongues.

We drank the pitcher of margaritas and ordered another one. We ate chips and dip, quesadillas and an assortment of bar food but that didn’t keep us from getting a huge tequila buzz. After a couple of hours we said goodbye to the bank crowd and headed for the apartment. We walked along holding hands, laughing and singing a Hank Williams tune, “Hey good lookin, what ya got cookin, hows about cookin something up with me!”

Finally inside the apartment with a nice buzz I remembered that I needed a shower as I was still stinky from my afternoon workout. Aunt Helen got me some towels and I stripped out of my sweats and got into the roomy shower under the warm spray.

The shower door soon opened and Aunt Helen stepped inside with me. I had seen her naked once in a dark bedroom but this was my first time seeing her naked with the lights on. I filled my eyes with the sight of her perfect 36 yr old body. She gave a big sigh as she hugged me, wrapping her arms around my waist and moving her body in a circular motion against my already stiff dick that was sliding on her belly. I picked up the shampoo bottle and squeezed some into my hand working a lather into her hair. She turned her back to me and faced the shower head while I massaged the shampoo into her hair and down her back, finally rubbing the suds between her ass cheeks and pushing my thumb slightly against her asshole.

She moaned as she reached around and grabbed both my hand and the shampoo bottle, guiding the bottle downward between her legs, holding both my hand and the bottle between her pussy lips. She moved the slippery shampoo bottle to the entrance of her vagina and pushed slot oyna it inside with a deliberate shove. Aunt Helen’s face twisted with pleasure and she let out a moan of enjoyment as the bottle filled her pussy. She held the bottle tightly as she moved it slowly in and out of her slippery pussy.

Next she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, opening her tight ass fully as I pushed my thumb slowly inside. There was no shortage of lubrication as soap suds and pussy juice mixed to wet my thumb as it moved deeper and deeper into her tight hot asshole.

I withdrew my thumb and stood behind her pressing my naked hard cock against her anus. Aunt Helen was bent forward under the rushing water as she pressed back against my cock moving it deliberately inside her asshole. She let out a loud moan as the shower was beating us continuously. She pushed against me firmly as I shoved my cock deeper into her ass.

I moved my cock into her ass until I had entered her to the hilt. My balls were squeezed tightly against her butt cheeks. Her ass was engorged and open to my thrust, her muscles grabbing my cock tightly. I threw back my head and let out a scream that echoed off the shower walls as we moved together in a frenzied burst of lust and desire.

The hot water pounded on us over and over as we pushed into each other, nothing mattering but the thrust of my cock in her asshole and the shampoo bottle slamming her pussy. Our bodies possessed each other as she pushed her butt back as hard as I pounded my cock into her. Each thrust lifted her to her toes every time we smacked together.

I could hear her groans from the force of our fucking and my own grunts as I pushed hard and fast and deep. We fucked so wildly that we could barely keep our feet under us. Her asshole clenched my cock in a grip so tight I had to shove hard, almost forcing it into her ass with each thrust as we continued to move and pound and canlı casino siteleri grind.

Aunt Helen’s body began to tense up in anticipation of her own orgasm coming. She had to feel my cock starting to expand as I had long lost all pretense of being gentle and pounded into her ass with each stroke. I could hear the shampoo bottle make sucking noises in her pussy as she clutched it tightly and fucked herself even harder than before. I could feel myself ready to explode.

“Oh my god, oh my fuckin god,” she screamed. “Fuck me harder, keep going, you have to fuck me harder, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

The muscles of Aunt Helen’s asshole gripped my cock making the fit even tighter. Her entire body began to tense and then shudder as her orgasm hit her head on. Sensing my own moment at hand, I shoved my cock up her asshole one last time just as a wave of orgasm hit both of us. I felt myself explode, sending shot after shot of cum deep inside her body.

Aunt Helen slowly dropped to her knees on the floor of the shower in front of me. She lay on her side with her knees drawn to her chest, letting the water rush down over her body. I watched her naked body glistening from the water that coursed down onto the places that had just brought us so much pleasure. I trembled with lust while I washed Aunt Helen then rinsed the soap from her back. Aunt Helen cried softly as I gave her shoulder a small love bite. She was a child in my arms as I finished rinsing her. I turned the shower off and helped her to her feet, wrapping a bathrobe around her and taking her to her bed. We lay together in one another’s arms for hours, hardly speaking.

We held each other tightly, kissing tenderly and lovingly. The lust and primal needs that we experienced in the shower were satisfied for now. We murmured soft sounds to one another, not yet able to speak words. We moved beneath the bed covers, laying together, touching, laughing, and kissing as we drifted off to sleep.

This was our third sexual encounter and a thought occurred to me. We had still never had conventional sex together. Although my dick had never penetrated her pussy, I was sure the best was yet to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20