Aussie Airways

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It was nearly three o’clock and I could feel my chest tightening from anticipation. Only five minutes before take off and then another two hours and my plane would be landing. I always hated the feeling of arriving on the set of a new movie. The new people always made me nervous as well as trying to find my way around the area. A young woman sat next to me, her brown eyes quickly glanced me over and she smiled. Normally people in first class don’t give me a second look, but I could see that this girl recognized me.

She straightened her skirt out and slipped what appeared to be a laptop under the seat. I inhaled slightly and whiffed her perfume. It was strong, an ex of mine had worn it, and I recognized the smell, Candies. She tucked her shoulder length brown hair behind her ear after she buckled her seatbelt. She leaned back in her chair and inhaled.

“First time flying alone?” I felt the urge to speak to her. I heard my booming low Australian voice speak to her and when she looked at me I gave her a kind smile and ran my tongue over my top teeth on the left side of my mouth.

“No, I used to when I was younger. But it’s my first time going to a strange place all by myself.” Her cheeks blushed a tiny bit. We were in New York ready to take off, and her accent matched the surrounding area.

“I know the feeling.” I grunted as I felt the plane’s engines whirl from starting up. I closed my eyes and felt the vibrations below me from the machine moving slowly against the pavement. I heard the airline hostess begin her routine of safety precautions to take if the plane was to crash. I had heard it a thousand times.

“Don’t like planes either?” She gently asked as if she was trying to wake a sleeping baby.

I rolled the question around in my mind for a few moments and decided to answer truthfully, “No, not the taking off and landing anyways.” I smiled at her and for the first time noticed how innocently beautiful she was.

“Jenny.” She stuck her hand out in salutation.

“Hi, St-“

She cut me off, “Steven Lawsome. I know, I recognized you.” She smiled and her cheeks grew rosier. I couldn’t help but notice how attracted I was to her innocence.

“Nice to meet you.” I continued to smile and took her hand into mine.


After the plane was in flight for a few minutes I took out my palm pilot and began to tinker around with the casino siteleri games on it. Jenny put her table down in front of her and pulled out her laptop. She began typing something, and I couldn’t help but read over her shoulder and see the words “Cock…. wet….. pussy…. slam”. My breath caught in my throat and Jenny looked at me.

“Oh, I’m so embarrassed.” She shut her notebook and covered her face with her hand.

“No, I’m sorry” I pulled her hand down and it rested on the armrest we were sharing, “I should have kept my eyes to myself.”

“I write.” She tried to explain. “For fun, this is just a talent.”

“I see. It’s quite good from what I saw.” I feebly smiled and tried to control my semi.

“Thanks.” She licked her lips and looked me over. I saw her eyes recognize my semi and they sparkled with excitement. “If you want to hear more I can show you first hand.”

My mouth dropped. I had never been offered so forwardly before.

She giggled lightly. “I meant you could read it for yourself.”

“Right.” I laughed. I watched her as she stood up. She excused herself to the bathroom, and before she walked to the back of the plane she cast me another longing come with me look.

I followed her slowly not sure if that’s what she wanted and headed into second class. I felt my unbuttoned sleeves beginning to unroll from the position I had them in when I first got on the plane. I walked slowly with my head down looking up at her. My hands rested on the top of each seat in coach as if no one was in the chairs. She turned her head when she headed into the last bathroom and smirked when she saw me coming.

Her door shut but remained open a crack. I looked to see if anyone was looking before I opened the door and headed into join her.

“Steven, you shouldn’t be in-” I cut her off with a kiss. Her lips were softer than any I had ever had against mine before. I could feel the wax from her lipstick smear against my upper lip as her mouth opened to allow my tongue to glide into her mouth. Her tongue was almost as soft as her lips.

I ran my hands over her curves, slowly feeling her black silk shirt against my fingertips. I was surprised to feel that her bra unsnapped quickly without even trying and she slipped it off through her sleeve. The quarters were tight, barely enough room for one person, so I lifted Jenny onto the sink. She separated slot oyna her legs for me, so that I could cradle between them.

I felt her large breasts press against my chest, and I guided my fingers over her nipples to discover they were already hard for me. Jenny arched her back for me and let out a soft moan for my pleasure. I unbuttoned my blue-stripped white shirt and let it hang open for Jenny. She messed with my oversized collar and giggled when she felt my mouth travel to her cheeks and then neck.

She gripped onto my tousled blond curls as her other hand discovered my chest. I slipped my hand between her legs and felt heat radiating from her pussy. I was surprised to see that when I touched her panties they were soaked from pure want. I pulled them off and tossed them to the floor.

Jenny’s hands ran over my stomach and chest until she finally slipped her hands into my shirt and felt my shoulders. Her brown eyes met mine when I heard her moan quietly that she wanted me.

Her left hand went down and skimmed the rim of my black khakis before finding the button and flicking it open. The zipper went down slowly as her hand slid in my pants down my white cotton boxers. I felt her grip onto my large throbbing cock as she gasped. I let my fingers wander up her thigh. My fingers came to her now bare pussy, and I could feel the wetness slightly on her trimmed curly hair.

My two forefingers investigated the area as I slid between her lips and gently found her throbbing jewel.

“No fair.” She moaned and slid her hand back into my boxers. The cool touch of her hand made my cock raise more to attention, and sent shivers down my body. I moaned slightly and allowed my finger to dive into her wet hot cave. Jenny removed her hand from my pants and threw her arms around my neck and began to writhe against my hand.

Her right hand went around my neck and gripped my hair and guided my head to her lips. She kissed me feverishly and begged for more with her mouth and body.

I slipped my finger out and moved her skirt up. I dropped my pants and boxers to the floor. “Oh my-” she looked at my proud sight before her. I smirked as I dropped my head and gazed at her. “You’re brown eyes are so beautiful” she tried to change the subject.

“Nice try.” I chuckled and slid my cock into her. Her right hand gripped my hair harder as her left nails dug into my shoulder. I covered canlı casino siteleri her squeal with my mouth and realized this was her first time as I pushed through the barrier.

I moved slowly at first enjoying her hot soft virginal flesh. She mumbled something to me about my head being too large for her to handle, and then I felt her body begin to rock with mine.

I knew it was safe to go quicker. She felt my shoulders as I began to slam harder and faster into her. She leaned back and watched in amazement as I thrust in her. I gripped the sink with both hands and cocked my head to the side as I bit my lower lip and looked at her. She ran her hand down to my abs and felt them as they contracted from my thrusting and then lowered her hand down to the base of my dick and felt it move in and out of her. She tugged gently on the blond curls that surrounded my base.

Her eyes gazed back to mine and she began to get more into the action as she threw her legs around my waist and gripped my shoulders again. She moaned my name quietly at first until I realized she was getting louder. I covered her mouth with my hand and kissed her forehead afraid someone would hear. Her eyes squeezed shut as her muscles clenched around me, and I knew she was reaching her orgasm. She gasped as if she was trying to get air, and I felt her scramble her hands behind me to grab my ass.

She sat up with me and squeezed my cheeks and told me to fuck her harder. I began to orgasm when I felt her stroking behind my thighs. She reached underneath my arms and embraced me as she came again, feeling my juices spurt inside her. I clenched my eyes and then opened them as I came. My mouth dropped as if trying to find a sound to express the pleasure.

I pulled out and kissed Jenny on her forehead again then quickly on her lips and began to dress myself before leaving her to gather herself up. Surprisingly no one gave me a second look on the way back to my seat. I suppose I was expecting a round of applause for that miraculous encounter.

I gave Jenny my number before our plane began to land. When we landed I gathered up my leather jacket and slung my messenger bag over my neck. “Give me a call real soon, okay?” I told Jenny.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you get too far away.” She winked at me as we walked up the off ramp. “Oh there’s my limo, I gotta go.” She kissed my cheek and ran off. My eyes followed her to her limo driver, I read the sign to see her last name, it read; JENNY PEDDELTON and beneath it read; STEVEN LAWSOME. I walked towards her in bewilderment. “Didn’t I tell you I was on my way to film my first movie?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20