Australian Surprise

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George Harrington looked over at his youngest daughter, she was diligently organizing his upcoming calendar for this trip and whilst not ignoring him, her concentration on getting all the details perfect left her unaware of his proud gaze.


For the millionth time, he felt very lucky that she was here and accepting him, he remembered all too well his rage when he had discovered that he had a second child.

Felicity was the result of a short but intense affair that he and her mother embroiled themselves in when George had been feeling particularly lonely and unloved by his wife.

The whole affair had only lasted a few months and when he had stopped it and told Melissa it was over, she had tearfully left London and he had never heard from her again.

That is until she was tragically torn from Felicity’s life fourteen years later, George had received a letter from Melissa that she had placed in her will in case something happened to her.

It was then that he found out he had a second daughter, she was nearly fourteen and had never heard of him or been told he existed, her whole young life, she had been brought up to believe that Melissa’s husband was her father.

When he had first gone to meet Felicity he had been unsure if she was truly his, but on seeing her he was left in no doubt.

She had his blue eyes, pale skin and rose tinted blonde hair, while she took after her mother with a delicate small frame and features.

It was undeniable she resembled him in almost every detail. The DNA tests proved it beyond all doubt, but George had been sure they would after his first meeting with her.

He had still been married at that time and his wife Heather was extremely ill, so reluctantly, he had kept Felicity a secret, not even making her true parentage know to her while he arranged for her to change schools and be educated in one of England’s finest schools, the very same school his legitimate daughter Tiffany attended.

Felicity had spent years not knowing she still had a living parent, the posh school had proved difficult and if she had not met and befriended Tiffany, she would have hated every moment of it.

George had known they would meet, but if his own experiences of boarding school were anything to go by, it had been doubtful they would interact much, Tiffany was nearly three years older than Felicity and in her final two years, while Felicity was still in the junior dorms, Tiffany was already living in one of the houses reserved for senior students studying for their ‘A’ Levels.


Felicity looked up at her father as she hit a snag, “Daddy, Sargent Williams can’t do the meeting at four, he’s asking to meet you at five, but that will clash with ambassador Chen, should I bump the meeting with the Chinese?” her tone annoyed with the complexities of this trip.

Startled from his reveries of the past, it took him a few seconds to answer, Felicity looked stressed and he focused all his attention onto her, hearing her calling him Daddy was still a shock, a very pleasant one, but it had taken years for her to accept him as her father.

George swallowed his emotions and tried to be professional, “No darling, we can’t upset the Chinese, call Williams and tell him it’s either Four or he can go find someone else willing to take him and his team.”

Felicity nodded and picked up her phone, she didn’t quite say it as bluntly as her father had, but she got the point across and the Sargent agreed to change his plans.

It had been the last problem she could see and handed the laptop to her father, “I think that’s it, if you are happy with it, I’ll go take a shower, this heat is awful.”

She was perspiring even with the aircon turned as low as it would go, the heat and humidity of Darwin in the wet season was a nightmare and she honestly wondered how people had been living here for so long.

George took the laptop and told her not to worry, he was sure it would be fine and that she should go take a bit of time for herself, they didn’t have anything to do for another two hours.

Felicity beamed at him with relief and in an uncharacteristic show of affection, lent down and kissed his cheek before walking off for her shower and a well-deserved rest.

George smiled at her and then swallowed guiltily as she kissed his cheek, her loose top had gaped at the neck as she had bent forward and he had caught a very full view of her bare breasts, with a sigh of disgust at himself, he focused on the laptop and his itinerary for the week ahead.


One week earlier…

Tiffany and Felicity had been arguing in circles for about an hour, Tiffany wasn’t happy with her half-sisters determination to accept their father’s offer of a working trip to Australia.

As far as Tiffany was concerned it was a blatant attempt to steal Flick away and spend time with her, while Felicity was convinced that her father actually needed her and had asked her to go due to the unavailability of his own PA.

Felicity casino siteleri was really annoyed with Tiffy, it wasn’t as if she had asked for this, Daddy had said he needed her to step in as his PA for this trip because his own Personal Assistant was away on maternity leave, and while there were plenty of good secretaries, none of them had experience at being a ‘Harrington Securities’ PA.

Besides, Tiffy had been the one who had made her a PA and the one who had insisted she learn about the family business, so it was very unfair to now tell her she shouldn’t help their father. Especially when they both knew that no one else understood Harrington better than George Harrington’s own daughters.

Tiffany finally threw her hands in the air, “It’s not just a bad idea, it’s mental, what happens when you get one of your urges? You know you can’t control them!” her voice angry yet genuinely concerned.

Felicity looked at her sister in stunned anger, truly surprised that she would try to use her condition against her, “So what if I do? I’m pretty sure they have MEN in Australia, I CAN be discreet you know.” She replied hotly.

Tiffy glared at her younger sister, the mention of men was not pleasant, they had long ago agreed that men were off the menu unless Flick got desperate, and even then it was Tiffy who got to choose the man. “So the rules are out the window are they?” she growled menacingly.

Flick looked at the floor, she sighed unhappily, she hated arguments with Tiffy and it had gotten out of hand now.

Felicity wanted to help her father though and partially because she had missed out on having him in her life as a child, she now wanted to prove to him she was as good as Tiffany.

To Felicity, her older sister was perfect, she wasn’t just good at her job, she excelled in it and was the youngest ever branch manager of a “Harrington Securities” office. Not only that, she was confident, clever and undoubtedly the apple of their fathers eye.

While she herself had struggled through school and had problems with adult interactions, she admitted to herself she was childish and had an unfortunate need for affection, especially the sexual kind, sleeping with men offered her momentary relief and coupled with her addiction to sex, she wasn’t anything like Tiffy.

Incongruously, she was also shy and self-conscious about her body, disliking sexual interaction or displays, so her addictions and needs totally conflicted with her personality and demeanour.

Logically, she knew Tiffy was right, yet she still wanted this very badly. So instead of arguing further, she begged, “Everything you say is probably right and it could all go horribly wrong, but please, please, can’t you help me? I just want to show Daddy I can do this and that I love him, you had him all your life, I didn’t know he was my father until I was nineteen.”

Tiffany stifled her anger, seeing her sister beg was too much and her heart went out to her, even with all the problems she could foresee from this trip, she couldn’t deny Felicity a chance to be with their father if that’s what she really wanted.

Tiffany let out a sigh of defeat, “Fine, but you CALL, any time of the day, you fucking CALL and if you have a problem you tell me immediately.”

Felicity squealed in delight and she hugged her sister tightly, while Tiffy’s voice had been stern, her face was full of affection, they hugged and even though they both knew that things could go wrong, both of them knew that they would do anything to keep what they had.

The hug turned to kissing, which turned into passionate caresses within moments.

Tiffany was the love of her life and while it was wrong for them to be sexual partners, they had been sharing a bed for years now.

They collapsed onto the clothes strewn bed, undressing each other with urgency as they kissed passionately.

Making love to Tiffy was always special, the feeling of her smoothly waxed pussy grinding against Flicks own silky soft mound sent her eyes rolling back in her head.

Tiffy had a very slim and hard body that felt perfect against Flicks softer curves as their breasts squished together, hard nipples rubbing together while they ground their pussies against one another.

Electric tingles seemed to spark wherever their bodies touched and they tried to maximise that feeling by moulding their bodies together in a passionate embrace of intertwined limbs.

Perfectly in tune, they were the yin and yang, different yet the same. The sex rolled through them and they climaxed together after an hour of lovemaking that left them coated in sweat.

Sighing softly in satisfaction they snuggled up and kissed and caressed, for the moment ignoring the troubles of the world.


Present day….

Felicity took a ‘cold’ shower, it seemed like the idea of a real cold shower was alien to the people of Australia, the water was well above tepid and even without heating, felt absurdly warm.

She left the shorts slot oyna and baggy top she had been wearing on the floor, even after only four hours, they smelt icky to her, instead she wrapped a towel around her small but busty body and went to the room she had been allocated.

There was little she could do with her hair in this heat, it was consistently lank and lifeless, the best she could think of was to plait it. It looked a little immature to her, but at least it didn’t look like a bunch of rats tails.

Hair dealt with, she unpacked the rest of her things and sorted through them for something loose yet professional looking, she needed to look the part at the upcoming meeting with some of her father’s associates.

Tiffany had insisted on helping her pack and it was lucky she had, the things that Felicity had planned on bringing were totally wrong, so thanks to her half-sisters good advice, she had some good options.

She picked out a trouser and blouse combination, that was made from off white cotton and suited to the weather, being thin and comfortable, while at the same time smart and professional looking.

The material was too thin to go without a bra, as much as she would have liked to, so she picked out a white lacy one that wouldn’t show too much and even if someone looked carefully, it would hide her nipples with the lace pattern.

Felicity rarely wore knickers, but once more, the material was very thin and she worried that even though she had light coloured pubic hair, it might show.

Wisely she placed a pair of simple white panties next to her chosen outfit.

A pair of white high heeled sling backed sandals would complete the outfit.

All done with what she was going to wear to the meeting, she checked her watch and still had over an hour to kill.

Reluctant to get dressed too early and knowing that she would start to perspire as soon as she did, she pulled on a loose top that went to mid-thigh and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, the aircon was blasting in every room, yet she still felt hot as she walked through the house.

As she passed her father she asked if he wanted anything from the kitchen, George glanced up and shook his head, “no thanks, I’ve still got my G&T here.” He said amiably with a gesture to the half full glass at his side.

He watched her walk by and noticed that the sun streaming through the windows framed her form in a way that left little to the imagination. He grabbed his drink and took a long swallow, trying to forget the image that had just seared itself into his brain.

Felicity poured herself a glass of water and turned around, she was thinking about what to watch on the telly but noticed her father had finished his drink.

“Oh, daddy, that went fast, I’ll make you another.” She said clueless as to the cause and rushed over to pick up his now empty glass.

Her large breasts wobbled as she trotted over and the thin top hid nothing, he could clearly see her areolas and with the sun shining between her legs, the cleft of her thigh gap and mound.

George gulped and looked away, he knew he should say something about her attire, but he was worried she would take it the wrong way, he was her father, but he didn’t feel he had the right to scold her for what she chose to wear.

It was only recently that she had started to call him Daddy, what if he upset her and she pulled away? George decided to remain quiet and focused on the plans she had prepared. She had done a remarkably good job and if she hadn’t been wearing next to nothing he would have told her so, as it was he clicked approved and closed the calendar, accepting his new gin and tonic without looking at her.

Felicity flounced to the sofa and sat down, she ran through the channels distractedly, she had noticed how he was trying to ignore her and franticly worried she had done something wrong.

Sitting directly under the aircon, she at last felt comfortable and while she was still a little concerned about daddy ignoring her, she settled down and tried to concentrate on the telly.

She hadn’t slept well on the long flight and had then worked hard most of the morning to get the itinerary done, slowly she started to nod off, the cool breeze of the aircon was so nice.

The next thing she knew, her father was gently shaking her shoulder, “wake up darling, it’s nearly time to go.” His voice was soft and caring, he knew she must be exhausted.

Her eyes fluttered open and she shook her head to clear the cobwebs. “Sorry daddy, I must have nodded off, I’ll be ready in a flash.”

She bounced to her feet and walked quickly to her room, she was glad she had already laid out her outfit. Dressing quickly she did a quick makeup check and was back in the living room within ten minutes, a record for her by any standards.

George drove a rented BMW into Darwin’s city centre and they were slightly early to their first meeting as the traffic was nothing like the madness of England.

Even the short walk canlı casino siteleri from the car to the office had them both perspiring, the humidity was oppressive and the air felt warm and almost wet as they breathed it in. Thankfully, all the buildings were air conditioned and they both breathed a sigh of relief as they entered the offices.

George took his rightful place at the head of the large conference table, while Flick took a seat on his right and set up her laptop, bringing up the relevant details for this meeting and quickly double checking through them.

Having only just turned twenty two, she was young to be a PA and was acutely aware of that fact, hence she tended to work twice as hard as she should have, just to ensure she got everything right and that was when working for Tiffany, today she was on a knife’s edge of nervousness as her father was a much bigger deal.

George understood she was nervous, she tended to bite the corner of her lip when she was anxious and was doing so now, he laid a reassuring hand over hers, “Take a breath, you did a great job of the preliminary work and itinerary, try to relax…. I promise you will be fine.” His voice was so calm and confident that she smiled and took a deep breath.

He smiled to himself, his little girl was a star and he felt absurdly proud of her, she had stepped into his regular PA’s shoes without a hitch and was proving she had the Harrington spirit.

The meeting went well and at the end George shook hands with everyone and told them he was satisfied with the progress that had been made.

Felicity beamed as he made a point of praising her efforts and contributions. She was on a high as they hurried to make their next appointment.

By three in the afternoon she was near to collapse, she had already been tired at the start of the day, in the humidity of Darwin’s wet season, she felt truly exhausted as they walked into a bar.

The place was like nothing she had ever seen, it was large with constantly whirring fans and no aircon, people lounged about in shorts and singlets, flipflops were the shoe of the day, while the bar itself stank of stale beer and sweat.

The people looked rough, grizzled old men with nothing better to do than drink beer and watch the sports channel, the women were no better, chilled out as if they were stoned and with no effort made to look nice, swilling down beer or hard spirits along with the men and laughing just as raucously.

As tired as she was, Flick felt invigorated by the place, it was so raw, so real and down to earth, she felt a tingle in her belly and it took her a few moments to realise she was starting.

She glanced at her father, he seemed relaxed and pointed towards a table, “Take that one, I’ll get us a drink.” He said easily, he seemed perfectly at home here, even though he was dressed in a business suit and they both stuck out like a sore thumb.

Felicity headed for the table he had indicated and took a seat, she looked around at the other customers and felt that all too familiar itch.

She knew she would have to do something about it, it was that or end up in full slut mode.

Anxiously she checked her watch, it would be far too early in the UK to call Tiffy. She let out a huff of frustration, Daddy’s contacts would be here soon and she had no intention of ruining the meeting by being a horny slag.

The tremors were building and she frantically looked around for something to help, outwardly she looked fine, just a normal girl sitting in a bar. Yes she was a bit more smartly dressed than the other patrons, but she looked normal.

Inwardly she was a mass of emotions and physically, what was going on inside her could only be described as NEED.

George sat next to her and slid a cold glass of wine in front of her, she tried to be normal, but instead a small whimper escaped her mouth.

Stuttering, she excused herself, “erm. I need the loo, erm, I’ll be back in a bit.”

Felicity bolted for the front door, leaving a bemused George to wonder why she had gone outside when there was a toilet just to the left of their table.

Inside the bar had had fans, outside the humidity and heat were oppressive, yet she didn’t care right then, gulping in large lungful’s of the moist air as she suffered her usual panic attack, it always happened like this.

Panic, then a daze, then coming to in some strangers bed.

Normally she would have let it happen, she knew from past experience that if she didn’t she would feel awful for days, even weeks. Unable to concentrate, a massive headache and an overpowering need to masturbate on a nearly constant basis.

Felicity hunched over, holding onto her sides and hyperventilating.

She tried so very hard to concentrate, Daddy needed her to be his PA, she wished and prayed that she could manage this, but the need was overwhelming her and her right hand moved between her legs as she franticly looked around with blurry eyes for relief.

A man touched her shoulder, “Are you okay?”

She instantly focused on him, ‘MAN’ her brain screamed.

Swallowing nervously, she shook her head, “no, I feel really sick.” She said in a small voice as she looked up at his concerned face.

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