Avery and Jenna Pt. 03: Fantasy

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A noise could be heard coming from the dressing room. It was a loud and frequent pounding against the wall of the dressing room. It were as if the person inside were banging himself against it for no particular reason other than to make it evident that he was inside. However, if one got close to the dressing room, they could hear the unmistakable sound of two persons breathing rather heavily, but softly, as if to keep the outside world from hearing them. Inside the room, the temperature had risen a great deal. The mirror was already fogged over. There were clothes scattered all over the floor. The loud thud could now be heard by anyone that concentrated hard enough to hear it. Two figures were creating such a noise. One of them was a young girl. Her face held the impression of pure bliss on it. Her eyes were closed, and she was trying with great strength not to scream out loud. She was naked, save a red T-shirt and a white bra underneath. She was pressed sharply against the wall. Her arms and legs were wrapped around the other figure, a moderately tall dark-skinned figure. He was holding her up with his arms. His pants and boxers were on the floor, blending with the girl’s pants and panties.

The two figures were making love, and they did not care that they were doing it in a public place. The thought that someone may actually catch them in the act just intensified their love making. A fire burned inside them, one that had to be put out. The banging became louder, the breathing heavier and sporadic. The girl’s face clenched up, her teeth gritted together. A tear weld up in her right eye, and came pouring down as she herself came pouring down. The thrusts, once hard and fierce, lessened until they were non-existent. The dark-skinned figure placed her down, but she was too weak to keep herself standing, and fell to her knees. He caught her as she fell, and went down with her. She engulfed his mouth with hers, and the two traded saliva for several moments before getting dressed again, cleaning the sweat from their foreheads, and left the dressing room smelling sweetly of their intercourse.

Two months had passed since Avery and Jenna became a couple, and if one thing had grown since then, it was Jenna’s appetite for sex. Whenever she was with Avery, she would want him, in more ways than one. Their sex life was very healthy, save for the few times like aforementioned when they would have sex in public places or outside for anyone to just come walking up and spot them in their deed. Avery sometimes had to double his efforts to satisfy Jenna. Often, they would make love three or four times an evening. The word nymphomaniac would often come to mind, and then it was dismissed just as quickly. What mattered was that they were together.

Their three month anniversary was the next day. They had gone out shopping for Jenna, because Avery promised her he would take her out. Their journey had been most fulfilling, both for Avery and Jenna. Avery was happy with just making Jenna cum. It was enough for him. Most times they would make love in public, he would hold back from reaching that release for simple reasons. Most of the time, they would have sex without a condom or any kind of protection period, something both of them knew they should not be doing. Second, should he pull out and cum, where would it go? They did not exactly carry tissues or towels with them wherever they went. Jenna would let Avery cum in her thirsty mouth, but it was a rarity. Hardly ever would his cum actually go into her mouth without getting on her face or in her hair.

The two of them got into Avery’s Infinity, and drove away from the mall, the thought of their incredible sex still on their minds.

“Avery?” Jenna said, still tingling between her legs.

“Yes?” Avery responded, turning down the radio to hear her.

“I want tomorrow to be special because it’s the longest I’ve ever been out with someone before.”

“I understand, Jenna.” He stopped at the red light, and ran his hand through her gorgeous red hair. It was indeed, the object of his obsession, closely behind his fetish for tits. He touched her face gently, the way he always would. Jenna smiled, and everything was all right again, save the growing moisture between her legs.


They sat in the movie theater, watching a generic action movie with a bunch of aging, over-the-hill action stars. They made a deal with each other that they would switch off. One time, Jenna would decide what movie they would go see, and then Avery would. Avery saw other movies with his friends when Jenna was not there, but he never told Jenna about it, because it would surely bring up conflict. This was Avery’s choice. He was actually enjoying the movie. Jenna, however, could not keep her mind off her burning sensation between her legs, and she needed to relieve herself one way or another. It was like a scratch that no matter how hard you scratched it, it would not go away. Finally, she could take it no longer.

“I’ll be right casino siteleri back Avery,” she whispered. “I gotta use the bathroom. Tell me what I miss.”

“Okay baby,” he said. He was slightly concerned for her. She usually did not leave right in the middle of a movie. He figured it was just one of those girl things he did not understand, and went back to the movie.

Jenna raced to the bathroom. She quickly made it into a stall, pulled her white pants and panties down together, and began to massage the outside of her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned quietly. She quickly slipped two fingers inside her swollen pussy, and began to masturbate. She pushed them inside. Faster. Faster. She reached up with the other hand and grabbed a tit to make her climax come faster and harder. Her hand was moving with a speed that would make extra strength Tylenol look slow. She squeezed her nipple hard. A scream left her mouth as she did, but quickly she regained some composure, and continued to please herself. Her two fingers were doing their job well, and soon she felt that familiar rush building up inside of her. She fingered herself even faster, and pinched her nipple until her hurt, and she exploded onto her fingers. She fell back onto the toilet, and relaxed, her fingers still rubbing her pussy lips. She licked her fingers clean, and got dressed. She walked to the sink to wash her hands.

“What’s wrong with me?” she said to herself out loud. In just three months, she was blossoming rapidly into her sexuality. As she washed her hands, she thought to herself. Was it fair what she had done? She had cum twice today, while Avery sat in the theater, his penis still flaccid and unused. What could she do now? There were way too many people in the theater to do anything. She could not just have sex with him right in the middle of the theater, and a blowjob was out of the question as well, because of the fact that she hated doing it. Then she thought to herself.

“I know!” she said, rinsing the liquid soap off her hands. She headed for the towel dispenser, pulled some paper towels out, and dried her hands. Then, she looked around to see if anyone else was in the bathroom. She pulled out several more paper towels, folded them, and put them in her purse. She raced out of the bathroom, hoping that Avery had not gotten worried.

“What took you so long?” he asked her as she made her way back to her seat. She smiled at him, and leaned into him, her large breasts pressing into his arm.

“I fingered myself thinking about you just now,” she said sensually. Avery’s nerves caught on fire. His penis, once flaccid as Jenna predicted, had gotten a jolt back to life. He repositioned himself to hide it. Jenna knew he was growing, and she wanted to feel him grow even bigger.

“I want to thank you for earlier,” she whispered into his ear. She kissed his cheek, and placed her hand on his thigh. Avery relaxed and pretended to watch the movie. She moved slowly, very slowly, to the zipper of his pants, and began to pull it down. Avery grew harder and harder. She looked at the screen, but occasionally looked down to make sure of what she was doing. She reached into his jeans, and pulled his large penis out of his boxers. It felt hot and tense in her hand. Avery loved the way Jenna’s hand felt. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, she began to jerk it off. Avery exhaled deeply. He could not believe it. She was giving him a handjob right in the middle of a very crowded movie theater! She stroked his penis up and down slow at first, but soon added a little speed. The vein in his penis was popping out. Avery’s balls were swelling. He would not last much longer.

“Jenna, I’m…I’m gonna..,” he managed to speak out. His eyes were closed, and he could feel that wave come over him. She reached into her purse, and pulled out the paper towels she had taken from the bathroom. She looked down at his penis, long and wide, as she jerked it off into the paper towels.

“Here it comes,” Avery whispered as he fired his first shot onto her hand, and subsequently, into the paper towel. The following shots were large, thick, and massive, and they saturated the paper towels. She cleaned his penis for him, and scooped up a medium size glob of his cum from his penis. Avery watched as she put the finger in her mouth, savoring the flavor of his cum. Avery was amazed! She zipped up his pants, and they returned to watching the movie. She rested in his arms, like a small child. Avery sat watching the movie, feeling five pounds lighter than before.


Jenna sat in her bed, pondering the next day. She had planned it for several weeks. One day while she was reading erotic stories online, she found one that particularly struck her fancy. It was about an interracial couple, much like Avery and herself that ended with the man cumming inside the woman. The feeling of the man cumming inside of her drove her over the edge into a level of ecstasy that Jenna had never got to experience. She wanted to experience slot oyna it. She wanted Avery to fill her up. The days were counting down until Jenna and Avery were to be separated by their freshman year of college. Avery chose a school five hours away from Jenna. He wanted to get away from the beach; Jenna wanted to stay close to home. However, there were complications. The first was Avery. Never in a million years would he ever actually cum inside of her. He would need to be persuaded. Second, she was concerned about the whole pregnancy thing. That could be easily taken care of with the proper safety precautions. But, more important, she wanted it to be special, not like their other nights together. As she felt the sleep come over her, she wondered what Avery had in mind…

Avery, who had completely forgotten about the whole thing, was busy sleeping.


Avery stood, looking over the boardwalk at the beach. It was still very early. The sun was just rising, and he wanted to see it. It was not a custom for him to wake up so early to watch the sunrise, but it was when he could not sleep. The sun glowed orange against the crystal water of the beach. Although it reflected the sun with perfect accuracy, underneath the surface was a different story. It was times like this that made Avery feel whole, complete. There were others, but most of them involved some kind of assistance from Jenna. He sighed, watching the beauty unfold before him.

“Avery?” he heard a voice call his name from behind. He turned around to see a petite pale skinned girl. She had small hands, tiny waist, smooth milk legs, and her chest protruded slightly. Avery caught her in her face, and remembered instantly who she was; that seemingly innocent voice, her small body, her gorgeous straight strawberry blonde hair.

“Tiffany?” he said, realizing he had checked her out five or six times. She had a pair of small running shorts. Her shirt, a tiny white Nike shirt from the looks of it, was slightly soaked in her sweat. Underneath the shirt, you could see the outlines of some kind of black bra.

“Hey, didn’t expect to see you here this early,” she said, still standing the same way, the same place.

“Yeah, what a coincidence,” he said sincerely. He did not know whether it was an act of God or simple luck that they were in the same place at the same time. He looked down, then at her again, her gorgeous face radiating both the sun and her natural inner light. He turned back to the sun, which was racing upward towards its destination.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked. Tiffany had a look of incompetence on her face. “The sun rising, it’s beautiful.”

“Yeah, I come here sometimes when I jog to watch it,” she said, walking to his side, also being mesmerized by the sun’s celestial beauty.

“You know, that sunrise doesn’t hold a candle to you, Tiffany,” Avery said. A kind of uneasiness took over. Avery cleared his throat and returned his full concentration to the sun. Tiffany, on the other hand, was feeling quite torn. She did not exactly know how to take his comment. Sure she would receive comments like that from people all the time, but it was different coming from Avery. Feeling to blame, he decided to break the silence.

“Well, I guess I better be going,” he said, turning around to walk away. As he did, he felt something grab his wrist. He looked to see Tiffany’s hand there.

“Please stay,” she said. Avery turned around to her.


Tiffany sat on Avery’s lap, her arms wrapped around him. Her lips were meshed gently against his. Avery’s large hands were around her waist. They were locked in a tight embrace. Avery’s lips left hers, and traveled down her neck. Tiffany lifted her shirt, a black sports bra underneath. He kept going, kissing her shoulders, smelling and tasting her sweet flesh as he went along. He stopped when he realized he was cheating on Jenna.

“I can’t do this,” he said.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, holding him in her arms, not easily going to let him escape.

“I’m seeing someone right now. She’s very special to me. I’m sorry,” he said, still holding her around the waist with his hands. Tiffany smiled and leaned to Avery’s ear.

“She doesn’t have to know,” she whispered into his ear. It was sensual, but full of lust. Avery’s body, however, reacted in a way that even surprised him. She slowly rocked herself on his lap, massaging his growing erection in his pants. Avery was torn, but she did make a good point. As long as Jenna did not find out, it would not hurt her. At least that was the simple logic his penis forced him to believe. She kissed him again, and this time he kissed back, letting his tongue escape to meet hers. He could taste the oranges she had consumed earlier as a snack. They rubbed their tongues together. Tiffany loved the feeling of his tongue. They broke the kiss, and Tiffany continued kissing him. She left kisses on his cheek, chin, down his neck, smelling his sweat. She lifted his canlı casino siteleri shirt off his body. He placed it on the floor with hers. She kept kissing, down his chest, stomach, and abdomen. She began to untie his shorts and pull them down. He relaxed, but at the same time, prepared for anything she may do. She finally found her prize, and pulled it from his boxers. She admired the way it felt in his small hand. It was thick, pulsing with his heartbeat. Her mouth began to water. She started stroking it, instantly making it grow larger. She reached down, and began to lick the head. Avery shook a bit as she did this.

“Did you like that?” she asked, looking back at him, but stroking his dick still.

“Oh yeah, keep doing it,” he coaxed. She smiled, and kept on jerking. She leaned down again, and kept licking the head. Then, at last, she took him in her mouth, swallowing as much of his large penis as she could. She held her gag reflex to nearly take him to her base before she stopped. She began to suck slowly at first, moving up and down with her mouth, her hands massaging his balls. Avery exhaled deeply, loving how hard she sucked. She added a little more speed, and her head was now bobbing up and down on his penis. She let it go just for a moment so she could take his balls in her mouth. Still jerking his dick, she licked and sucked on his balls.

“You like it?” she asked, taking off her sports bra. Her tits were small, and her pink nipples protruded outward.

“Ohh yeah,” he said.

“You wanna cum, Avery?” she said, stroking his dick faster.

“Yes!” he cried out. Her hand jerked him off like a piston. He could feel the cum rise up in his balls, and he knew he did not have much time left. Her hand worked its magic on him, nearly putting him over the edge.


Avery was furious! Who could be calling this early in the morning? He reached for the phone, his dick still in the safe and secure hand of Tiffany. She stopped her jerking.


“Hey baby,” Jenna said. “I just thought I’d wake you up this morning to say happy anniversary.” Avery hit himself on the head.

“Happy anniversary baby!” he replied. Tiffany smiled, and began to jerk his dick off again. He let out a small moan on the phone.

“Avery, what are you doing?” she asked, excited by what she heard.

“Nothing,” he said innocently.

“I wish I were there helping you baby,” she said.

“Well baby, just pretend you are here helping me,” he said. Jenna smiled on her bed. She got under her covers, pulled down her panties, and began to touch herself.

“Avery, tell me what you’re doing,” she said, playing with herself.

“Nothing baby, just thinking about you,” he lied. He was concentrating too hard on the girl that was jacking him off.

“Baby, can I call you back?” she said.

“Aw, don’t leave me,” he replied back.

“I’ll call you back. Suddenly I’m no longer alone,” she said.

“Okay, but you will pay for it, and with interest.”

“That’s okay with me,” she said sexily.

“Bye baby.”


Avery went back to Tiffany, who had reached her previous speed. How had he managed not to cum? He took her hand, and moved it.

“Lie down on the bed,” he ordered. She did as she was told, laying her small body on the bed.

“Take off your shorts and panties for me.” She hesitated, but then put her thumbs around the straps, and pulled them down for him, revealing a gorgeous pussy, pink and flawless. She was a natural redhead, from the little trim she had. He knelt down and prepared to push inside of her.

“I should probably tell you I’m a virgin,” she said.

“I didn’t know. We don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he said to her.

“It’s okay. I want to,” she said.

With that, he rubbed the head of his dick on her pussy lips, which had saturated themselves. He gently pushed inside of her. She had to fight the urge to lunge forward and take him all in one thrust. She had to spread wide to accommodate him. Her mind nearly went crazy. Avery was completely lost in her. She was so tight. He pushed through her hymen, causing her to scream out. He stopped. They waited a few minutes.

“Come on, Avery, fuck me,” she said. Her hips moved up to meet him. He grabbed her around her waist, and began to drill himself into her, disregarding the fact that she was a virgin. She did as well, pushing herself up to meet him, wanting to be fucked roughly.

“Oh yes, Avery, don’t stop.”

He did not. He had no intention of stopping. He slammed her for all it was worth. He pulled her on top of him, and began to hammer her from below. She screamed and moaned out loud for the entire neighborhood to hear. She bounced on his dick, taking inch after pleasure-giving inch of his manhood.

“Oh God, yes, fuck me Avery, fuck me with your big dick,” she screamed.

“Yeah, you like it?”

“Fuck yeah, I love it. You’re fucking stuffing my little pussy!”

He forced himself up into her harder. He pushed her off, and turned her around so she lied on her stomach. He stuck his dick in her dripping pussy from behind, completely filling her up. She screamed for more as he hammered her from behind.

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