Baby Doll

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Authors Note: My third story…please read my others and remember, comments are always more than welcome!


As usual we were both laying in bed, each of us wearing one of your old oversized T-shirts. I was reading and you were busy typing away on your new laptop. I finished the chapter, turned my lamp off and snuggled down under the big comforter to sleep. You had other ideas.

You shut down the computer, turned off your lamp, snuggled down under the comforter and slowly wrapped your arm around my waist and pulled me closer to you. Because we both sleep on out right side, this caused my body to move right back into yours. I could feel the beginning of a very nice hardon lightly poking into my ass and I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle.

“Well now what was that giggle for?” you asked in a seductive whisper as you snaked your hard up underneath the light fabric of the T-shirt and across my stomach.

“Oh nothing” I said, smiling as I wiggled closer to you, rubbing against your growing cock. Apparently you weren’t expecting such boldness from me because you let out a soft groan as I wiggled against you and in return moved your hand up to one of my breasts and began to gently kneed at it and lightly kisses the back of my neck, knowing just where to kiss to make little moans escape my lips.

We lay there like that for a few minutes until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I could feel your cock growing harder and harder and I pressed back into you and I just had to feel that marvelous cock for myself. I gently eased your hand out from under the T-shirt, slipped it off over my head and turned to face you. I smiled seductively at you and kissed you passionately as I slipped my hand down your chest, over your abdomen and down to your waiting cock. You moaned softly into the kiss as I gently wrapped my hand around your cock and began to slip my thumb across the head, which was already covered with your salty precum.

As we kissed I slowly eased you onto your back and broke the kiss to pull your T-shirt over your head and throw it on the casino siteleri floor next to mine. I straddled your body and began kissing my way across your collar bone, down your chest, flicking my tongue over each of your delicious nipples, down your stomach, swirling my tongue around your navel before kissing lower, down to your groin, where I carefully kissed all around your hard cock.

I kissed and licked at your balls and all around the base of your cock until you made a small whimpering noise and thrust your cock up to my mouth. I smiled up at you and carefully took your cock in my hand and flicked my tongue out across the head. You moaned softly and I rewarded your verbalized pleasure by lowering my mouth over the head of your cock and sucking gently. You responded by thrusting upwards again, pushing your cock farther into my mouth. I worked up a rhythm, moving my mouth up and down over the top half of your cock, sucking hard on the upstroke and pumping my hand at the base of your cock in time with the sucking.

As your quick little groans became louder I increased the speed of my mouth and my hand. Sucking harder and pumping faster swirling my tongue around the head of your cock every now and then. I could feel you on the edge, about to cum and I pulled your cock quickly from my mouth.

You looked down at me with a look on your face that reminded me of a little boy whose puppy has run away. I smiled up at you and said, “I don’t want to waste all that yummy cum in my mouth, I want to feel you cum inside me.” You smiled at me and made a small growling noise in the back of your throat as I moved up your body to kiss you deeply.

We lay there kissing for a few moments before you began to ease me over onto my back knowing I always prefer you to fuck me in the missionary position. You kissed me softly and positioned your body between my legs, which were shaking in anticipation. Then, instead of plunging your cock deep into my aching pussy, you slipped your hand down between my legs and started sliding your finger up and down my wet slit. I moaned and moved against your hand, hoping slot oyna to give you the hint of just how badly I needed you.

Unfortunately, you didn’t take the hint, you just kept sliding your finger up and down my slit, not entering me or sliding up far enough to touch my aching clit. I finally gave up and cried out, “God just fuck me. I can’t stand it anymore!”

You smiled up at me and said, “As you wish,” with a silly grin on your face. You slipped your hand away from my practically dripping pussy and kissed me deeply as you positioned your hard cock at the entrance of my hot cunt and slowly slid inside me. I moaned as I felt you move within me and kissed your cheek in a silent thank you. You eased slowly back out of my pussy and plunged deeply back inside making me arch my back of the bed, bringing you even deeper inside me.

You picked up a steady rhythm, pulling out slowly and then plunging your hard cock deep into my hot pussy. It felt so wonderful I never wanted it to end, but you were swiftly picking up speed and I knew it wouldn’t be very long until you would cum into me, and oh how I yearned to feel you cum inside me.

“Oh yes, that’s it baby, fuck me, fuck me baby, fuck me harder, ohhhhh yes fuck me, fuck my cunt, yes, yes, oh baby I need you to fuck me hard, oh, oh that’s it baby, fuck me deep, yes, yes, harder, that’s it, oh God, fuck me baby, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!” I screamed as you plunged deeper and deeper into my hot cunt until you finally groaned and pushed your hard cock even deeper inside my hot pussy and let loose a hot geyser of cum inside me. “MMMMMM baby you feel so good” I murmured in your ear as you slowly relaxed and laid down on top of me, leaving your cock inside me for a bit knowing how much I enjoy feeling you inside me.

Once you regained control of your breathing you knelt above my body, smiled down at me and said, “Now was that what you were wanting?” I grinned wickedly at you and whispered, “Oh maybe” You gave me a self satisfied look and said, “Well I think I’ll just give you a little extra to tide you over for the rest of the night,” then you bent canlı casino siteleri down and kissed me before I could respond. That kiss was so full of passion and hunger that I released a loud moan into your warm mouth that I didn’t even know I’d been holding back.

When you finally broke that passionate kiss I was so worked up that you had to hold my hands down as you ever so slowly kissed along my collar bone, down my chest, leaving soft wet kisses on each of my nipples, down my stomach, flicking your tongue in and out of my navel, and then down to leave a soft kiss on each of my inner thighs, which now framed your handsome face. It seemed like an eternity before you slipped your tongue down to slip gently across my throbbing clit, and when you did I rewarded you with a loud moan of pleasure.

You looked up at me and smiled, “You like that huh baby?” I bit my lip and moaned again in response, to busy relishing that single feeling to use words. You kissed the inside of my thigh tenderly and were it not for your hands holding mine down I would have pulled your head back up to my throbbing pussy.

I lay there moaning for you to eat me until you finally slipped your tongue slowly into my aching cunt. I moaned loudly and moved my hips up to meet your warm tongue as you wiggled it wildly inside my needy pussy. With your miraculous tongue working wonders inside me it didn’t take long until I was pushed to the hilt. “Oh god baby that’s it, eat me, eat my pussy, yes baby yes, oh yes, oh God yes, yes, yes oh baby yes, that’s it baby, eat my pussy baby, oh God yes, oh yes, yes yes yes, oh God, Oh God, yes, Oh God I’m CUUUMMMMIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG” I screamed as my body spasmed with an orgasm so incredibly intense that my legs clenched around your head so tightly that I thought I’d crack your skull open.

As the waves of the orgasm subsided I slowly eased my legs apart and you slowly moved up my body to kiss me passionately. “I love you so much baby doll, thank you for letting me make you happy,” you said as you held me close to you.

I kissed your shoulder softly and whispered, “I love you too sweetie, and you don’t have to thank me.”

Just as I was on the brink of sleep I heard you whisper, “Sleep well baby doll,” and then you gently pulled me closer to you and rested your head against my back and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20