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I have just returned from a visit back home to my childhood location, I am 57 now but it brought back so many memories of the days of my youth, we lived in a remote part of the country with our nearest neighbour some 25 miles away, my family consisted of Mum, Dad, my older brother and two younger sisters, Jeff my brother and me were almost inseparable when we were young, doing every thing together, he got called up and went off to war in ‘Nam, leaving me at a very loose end, he was five years older than me, most of the people I knew found their little sisters annoying but Jeff loved me so much, and included me in all his games, and adventures, I worshipped the ground he walked on.

We received a letter one day from the military telling us that he had been injured and was in hospital, but not much detail, I was grief stricken, he was my soul mate we talked about every thing and shared so many innocent dreams and plans, after about two weeks of not being able to eat or sleep I begged my Dad to let me go to him, but just as I had worn him down another letter came advising us he was being sent home to convalesce, I went with Dad to meet the train it took most of the day to get to the town, Dad booked into a motel so we could return the following day, when Jeff stepped off the train my heart stopped that strapping fit man who walked with a limp looked more like Dad than my wonderful big brother.

The journey home took most of the following day, when we arrived Mum sent Jeff straight to his room and told me to take him some supper, he sat in the bed looking so old and tired that I cried with him for hours, but persuaded him to take the thick broth my Mother had made for him, over the next few weeks I attended him day and night, I even moved a little bed into his room to be there when ever he needed me, I wanted to be as wonderful a sister as he had been brother to me all those years when I was probably an annoying little brat, nothing out of the way of course we were fairly strict Methodists and even though I helped him to wash and dress it was all very proper, I always averted my eyes when he was naked and deliberately didn’t do anything that might embarrass him, as the days became months he got stronger and I moved back into my own room, we used to take short walks every day to build up his strength.

He was discharged from the military, so started to help around the farm, Dad wasn’t getting any younger and needed more help than I could give him, despite my working full time on the family farm, my eighteenth birthday was one of the biggest parties ever, people came from miles around it was like the summer fair, several of the young men asked me to date them as it was one of the few occasions when we met other people, I took quite a few names and addresses that day, and a lot more kisses, perhaps I would get in touch with them sometime but for now my entire life was getting Jeff back to full health, we walked further each day till at last he could manage the place that was so special to us as kids it was a small wood about two or three acres with the river running through it, we sat on the bank thinking of all the good times we had enjoyed at this spot, he looked at me and said do you still swim in here, I said no not since you left, he said why don’t we take a dip now it will refresh me for the walk home, I told him we had no swimming costumes with us, he smiled and said we didn’t have any then either, that of course was true we simply went skinny dipping, like most other country folk, well kids at least, he said come on Sis we can soon dry out in the sun, and proceeded to take off his clothes.

I casino siteleri sat there thinking it wasn’t the right thing to do, not now we were grown ups, but he stripped off and dived in, I kept my eyes down till he swam to the bank and said come on Sis this is lovely, do it for me, please, I simply couldn’t refuse him he was the most important person in my young life so turning my back to him stripped off, diving in as quickly as possible, knowing just how much I had changed in the years he had been gone, I was no longer a skinny brat my bust was full and due to the hard work I did every day my body was really fit and healthy, and I was well aware of the bush that had grown between my thighs, he thanked me for joining him and we swam around playing like we used too, trying to duck each other, but contact with his naked body was doing things to me I didn’t know could happen, my nipples were hard and sticking out like acorns, it was quite embarrassing.

He suggested we get out to dry our in the sun, this was going to be even more embarrassing there was no water to hide my body, he would see just how much I had changed since we did this last, almost three years ago, it was much too late to do anything about it, so I climbed up the bank and laid on the grass to let the sun dry my wet naked body, I felt really naughty this was not what the preacher had told us to do, we should keep our bodies covered at all times till we were married, and then only our spouses should see us, but he was my brother did it really matter, he came and laid beside me propped up on one elbow looking at me with a strange look in his eyes he said you have grown into a very beautiful woman since I’ve been gone, I bet the boys are after you all the time, I said don’t say things like that it’s not the way we should talk to each other, he replied we could always say anything, noting was ever taboo with us why should it change now you’ve grown up I still love you the way I always have, but now I think you are the most fantastic girl I have ever seen.

All this flattery was going to my head, remember I had lived on a remote farm all my young life never mixing with other people my own age, no one to talk too about growing up, my kid sisters were still only ten and twelve, Mum had told me the facts of life but only as much as she thought I should know, of course living and working on a farm I knew how thing worked animals were doing all the time, we had cattle horses and pigs so mating between them was common place, I had never even seen a girly magazine so didn’t understand the complicated ways of the human animal, he watched me till we were dry then as we got dressed he started to talk to me about boys and what I had done, I admitted I had kissed a few but as soon as they started to get frisky I told them to leave off, in fact you are the only man I have ever seen naked, he smiled and said did you like what you saw, I said I was too embarrassed to look, he said next time you must have a good look so you know what to expect when the time comes, for you to become a real woman.

I remember feeling a funny sort of trembling in my groin as he talked to me about sex between people, he said it’s nothing like the farm animals they do it just to get pregnant, humans do it for fun and to express love for each other, I didn’t understand but nodded my head in the right places, we went down to the river most days after that, mostly in the evening after work was done, he was quite strong again now just a limp to remind us of his near death, and we often raced each other down to the river, never taking swimming costumes with slot oyna us just like in the old days, I was no longer embarrassed by his body nor my own, it was as if we had returned to our younger days both so at ease with the other, he told me to touch his thing, one day as we lay on the grass letting the sun dry our bodies, I didn’t hesitate to be honest I was fascinated by it, sometimes it just hung down quite small and innocent looking but at other time and much more often lately it was sticking out like a flag pole all hard and rigid, I took it in my hand not knowing the effect it would have on me, as soon as my hand wrapped round his cock it stiffened and sent shivers through my body.

Of course I had learned to play with myself and could climax quite easily by rubbing my clitoris, and had played with small cucumbers pretending to fuck myself, I suppose all girls do something like that to experiment, but the feelings I was getting from holding his cock were nothing like that, this was so intense, I realised my pussy was getting wet, and my nipples were sticking out much more that normal, I was getting turned on but didn’t really know it, he said can I touch you, I said yes, not knowing where he meant to touch me, his fingers stroked across my nipples sending shivers down my spine, making me shudder, he said am I frightening you, I said no but you are making me have feelings I have never had before, it’s rather nice but should we be doing this, he said probably not but it will not harm anyone will it, I was not sure, but wanted the feelings to continue, if I thought this was nice I was not prepared for his next move he let his fingers trace a line down my tummy and into the tangle of pubic hair between my thighs, then he stroked across my clitoris, it was about a hundred times as exciting as when I did it to myself, but he still didn’t stop there he let his finger find the opening to my pussy and slip between the folds of my outer lips, as his finger entered me I felt what could only be described as a mini climax, his finger hooked and found what I now know to be my G spot, within minutes I was coming like a train, nothing like this had ever come from my pussy, the orgasms I gave myself were nothing to compare this, my hand gripping his cock as the feeling coursed through my body.

Neither of us said a word just basking in the sun and the wonderful feeling that we had caused, then he rolled on top of me and reaching down between our bodies he inserted his cock into my pussy, I was not prepared for what it felt like, that cucumber didn’t make me squirm like his hot cock did, I without any conscious thought my pelvis tilted up to meet his cock driving it deeper into me, I believed this would be painful, but no, it was pure delight, invading every sense of my body and mind, taking me over so completely, everything in my world was centred on his cock and where it was in my body, then he started to move his hips pulling back just a little then driving it home again, my hips again rising to meet his wonderful thing, I could feel my body beginning to shake as I neared another climax, but if the previous one was good this was off the scale it started in my toes and went up my legs, into my pussy and then on up into my tits eventually erupting in my head, it felt like the top of my head was exploding, the most incredible feelings I had ever experienced, but this was not the end he kept his powerful thrusting, driving me higher and higher, I think I actually feinted because when I realised what was happening he was kneeling between my legs looking quite worried.

We swam again to clean ourselves canlı casino siteleri up, I asked him if he had made me pregnant, I was so naïve, but he assured me he had been careful, we dried out in the sun again then made our way home, there was a very different feeling between us and it worried me, had we done something so terrible? would it spoil our wonderful friendship, all these things pounding through my head as we walked back to the farm house, I went straight to bed, not seeing Jeff till breakfast next morning we didn’t exchange the usual banter, but as soon as we got outside to milk the cows he grabbed my arm and said, I’m so sorry Sis it just got out of hand you looked so beautiful and I lost control, please forgive me, I looked at him and thought what had I got to forgive you made me feel so good, I kissed his cheek and said there’s noting to forgive, we worked side by side all day, even sitting beside each other at the dinner table, at last the work was done we had some free time, oh course we headed for our favourite spot down near the river in the woods, I stripped off my clothes and dived in it was so refreshing and invigorating the cool water sluicing over my naked body, I was eighteen and had never owned a bathing suit just an old one my mother had when she was young, but never one of my own, but did that really matter this was so much nicer, because I was so much more aware of my body, my skin felt more alive, conscience of the water caressing my nipples, as I struck out across the river I was much more aware of the water surging between my thighs, what had happened to me?

We swam for a while letting the water wash away the cares of the day, my mind returning to yesterday would he want to do it again, I secretly hoped so but from his apology this morning I thought it was unlikely, we at last climbed out and lay exhausted on the bank the evening sun warming our bodies I could feel his eyes on me and looked at him, the first thing I noticed his cock was sticking up like yesterday, all hard and impatient, he said we have to stop coming here because I want you so much and it’s not right to want my own sister in this way, I asked him why not, he gave me all the answers that our minister would have but when I answered him that we were also taught not to kill, but he had returned to a hero’s welcome after his tour of ‘Nam, he said that’s different, I said no of course it’s not it’s just the same we do what we have to do and live with the consequence, he looked at me and asked do you want to do it again, I said yes please it’s the most wonderful feeling I have ever had, I want you to do it to me every time we come swimming down here, he said how can I refuse you, and we fell into each other arms, this time it was not quite so intense but just as good, and over the following weeks he taught me how to really enjoy sex, he taught me to blow his cock and he sucked me to climax so many times, he taught me how to be a very sexy woman on that river bank all those years ago, I enjoyed every moment of it and would give every thing I own to have Jeff there with me one more time, on our river bank.

My youngest sister and her husband run the farm now as Jeff died as a result of his injuries, almost a year from that first time, on his death bed he told me I had made his last year on earth the happiest of his life and that I mustn’t cry for him he would be with me every time I made love, I eventually met and married a very good man, who is still with me today, he knows how I learned to please him as I still do, he understands the feelings that can happen between a brother and sister, he was also brought up in almost isolation and had an older sister who taught him how to please a woman, but Jeff was right I have never had sex in all these years without a flash back to the first time down by the river, with my own big brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20