Back Seat Fellatio

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This is my first story and completely true. Enjoy!


It started when I posted an ad on Craigslist stating that I was a good looking guy looking for a cock to suck. I made it clear that I preferred white guys with big, shaved cocks. Most importantly, I was looking for a guy who was willing to receive an anonymous blowjob and who could feed me a BIG load of cum.

At the time, I was twenty-four. I am an attractive guy, not the fittest body, but average. However, my best asset is a thick 8-inch cock that girls loved. I consider myself a curious straight guy. I loved women and have been with many, however, there was just something about the thought of sucking a nice big cock and swallowing a big mouthful of cum.

Although I love sucking cock I was only willing to do so in an anonymous setting. I had previously set up a gloryhole in my apartment and, after several Craigslist posts, had the opportunity to suck two nice cocks. Although both were large and thick and tasted delicious, neither produced the huge cumshot that I had been dreaming of.

My new ad specified that I was looking for someone who had a private gloryhole or who was interested in being blindfolded. Just the thought of walking in to a stranger’s place to find a nice cock sticking through a gloryhole or them sitting back, blindfolded, with a big cock ready to be pleasure would make my cock rock hard. At times while walking down the street the thought that I could be passing a guy that I had sucked dry and neither of us knew about our intimate bond was so intensely hot. I often thought about the other guy’s point of view during our hot encounters. I wanted the experience to be as hot as possible for them. The thought of being vulnerable, unable to see what was coming, and having a stranger tease them, giving them slow passionate head, then increasing intensity until the felt their cock explode in an eager mouth, only for the stranger to slip away unknown. It was almost like I was a cocksucking ghost.

Over the next few hours I receive many responses, some good and some hardly worth opening. Despite the amount of responses, I still hadn’t receive the offer I was looking for. As I waited, I read stories on Literotica and watched videos of hot girls sucking big cocks and swallowing cum. My favorite was Heather Brooke, whose skills I envied, as well as the huge cumshots she received from her husband’s big cock. As I sifted through the stories, I noticed I received another response. Upon opening it, I knew this was the one I was looking for.

He was a white businessman in his forties, married, and had very little experience with another man. In his email, he said he was 5’8”, fit, disease and drug free, and had a shaved 7″ cut cock. As he went on, he mentioned that he would love to be blindfolded while I work his dick and that he did indeed shoot BIG loads of cum. The only catch was that he wanted to do it in the back seat of his car…in the middle of the day.

Although I was hesitant to give a stranger illegal bahis head in such a public situation, I decided to respond with my concerns and asked him for a picture of his dick. Five minutes later he responded saying that he had an SUV with tinted windows and that he knew of a spot a couple blocks from me which would ensure complete privacy. I still wasn’t convinced, that is until I scrolled down and saw the picture of his cock. It wasn’t the biggest dick I’d ever seen, but it was shaved and 7 inches, just like he said. It was average thickness, which would allow him to easily slide down my throat, and it was perfectly formed, with protruding veins, big, shaved balls, and I nice thick head that made my mouth water.

I was sold. My cock was growing as I typed a response. I asked when he was available and for a description of his SUV. Three minutes later I received his response — we were to meet at the previously established location in 45 minutes.

I found myself full of nervous excitement as I read those words several time. Realizing I had little time, I rushed off to jump in the shower and shave — I wanted him to experience a wet smooth mouth. After throwing on my clothes, I checked the clock and still had twenty minutes until I needed to leave. To prepare myself, I read some of my favorite fellatio stories on Literotica and queued up some of my favorite blowjob scenes. By the time I needed to leave, my cock was rock hard and had an insatiable hunger for his cock.

I felt like I was floating as I walked the three blocks to the area under the train tracks he told me about. Before rounding the corner into the mostly vacant parking lot, I stop to take a deep breath and calm my nervous. After a minute I turned the corner and saw his white Lexus SUV. True to his word, the back windows were tinted and he was facing a brick wall, making it impossible for someone to see in. As I reached for the handle and pulled open the door I felt the exhilarating rush of the moment when you pass the point to no return.

I climbed into the back seat and turned to find my new found friend with bandana blindfold on wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of boxers. His backseat was large and he was positioned at an angle that allowed me to slip to my knees on the floor of the other seat, giving me perfect access between his legs. At this point, no words were spoken. I could tell he was nervous and honestly, I was a little nervous as well. His boxers were loose fitting, but I could still see the bulge of his stiffening cock. I slowly ran my hands up his thighs and grabbed the waistband of his boxers and he eagerly lifted up to allow me to pull them down to his ankles.

I sat that for a several long seconds for two reasons: too admire his semi-hard shaved cock, the same cock that was in the pic I had admired all afternoon, and to build the anticipation as he waited to feel the touch of his ghost cocksucker. Not fully erect, his cock drooped in a way so the head was pointed directly as my face. illegal bahis siteleri Unable to wait any longer, I slowly leaned forward so the head was just an inch or two in front of my face, and slowly bathed the tip of his cock hot breath. After hours of anticipation, his cock bounced slightly and his breathing became more rapid. I was rewarded with a few drops of precum slowly seeping from his cock head. Finally, I licked my lips one last time, then leaned forward and flicked my tongue out and slowly licked the tip of his cock head. I was greeted by an audible gasp and the sweet taste of his precum.

Completely entranced at this point, I extended my tongue and began to encircle his bulbous crown of his rapidly expanding cock. I then slowly slithered my tongue down the underside of the shaft and worked my way back up to the head. After doing this a few times, I allowed myself to pause at the sensitive underside of the head, flattening my tongue and slowly bathing the underside of his now rock-hard knob. After a moment I slide my tongue back down to the base of his shaft and onto his hairless sack. To the sound of a groan, I took each of his large ball into my mouth and worked my tongue around them.

As I listened to his moans of pleasure, I knew that I needed to feel his cock in my mouth. I slid my lips up the veiny length of his cock to find his cock tip leaking precum. I licked around his cockhead one more time, lapping up the delicious precum, then slowly slid his big knob between his lips and into my mouth. As I drooled onto his cock, I slowly began sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, furiously licking as I moved back and forth gradually taking more and more into my mouth. At this point, my new best friend’s nerves were replaced with lust and pleasure. He was becoming more vocal moaning things like “Fuck yea” and “That’s right, suck my fucking cock!” Overwhelmed by the stimulation I was providing, he started to say dirtier and dirtier things. He called me “his little cocksucker” and would ask me if I liked sucking his big cock, to which I would moan my unmistakable response.

I continued moving his big cock in and out of my mouth, occasionally stopping to lick around the head lapping up the increasing amount of precum. After using only my mouth to this point, he started to moan as my hand slid down and massage his aching balls as I bobbed up and down on his pulsing dick.

“Oh god. You don’t know how good this feels. Suck it, slut!” He groaned. I took this as my queue and slid my lips all the way his cock until the tip was poking the back of my mouth. One more time up and down, then I slowly worked the head into my throat. This was met by a surprised half-moan, half-gasp. I started working his entire cock in and out of my throat, which stimulated more and more saliva from my throat. He was moaning audibly at this point and when I pulled off his cock I could taste more and more precum pumping out. I knew he was getting close and wanted to work him up to an overwhelming canlı bahis siteleri orgasm.

After a few more pumps down my throat I slowly took the entire length of his cock down my throat. Instead of pulling off, I held it in my throat and licked his scrotum. A trick a learned from Heather Brooke herself. This made his breathing become even more rapid and his moaning even louder. Overcome with lust, he put his hand on the back of my head and started pushing my head up and down as he raised his hips to pump his cock in my throat.

I was in heaven moaning on his cock. He fucked his pulsing dick in and out of my mouth with increasing intensity as his groans almost turned to screams. His cock was spewing precum and his breathing was so heavy I knew my creamy reward was near. I was rock hard in anticipation of his seed filling my mouth and would’ve let him do anything to “his little cocksucker”.

He froze with his pulsating cock in my mouth and let out a loud guttural “UUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!” I knew it was time for my reward and moved my lips to the tip of his cock pleading for his cum. His whole body tense and I felt the first shot of his seed blast into the back of my mouth. My eyes were closed as I felt his cock spew several huge shots of thick, delicious cum filling my mouth to the point of almost overflowing. He was shaking and groaning like he was possessed. I kept my mouth on his cock as he slowly pumped out the last few drops of his cum. My tongue swirled around the head, coaxing every drop of cum from his balls.

I slowly pulled my lips off his cock, making sure I didn’t lose any of his sweet, salty cum. As I looked at his hot, wet cock, I took the road in my hand and worked my thumb from the bottom of his shaft up to the tip. To my delight, a couple large creamy drops of his thick white cum leaked from the tip. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I pressed the tip to my lips, pausing to savor the taste, then slowly slid my lips past the head all the way down into my throat before slowly pulling it out, cleaning every drop from his now softening cock. With his huge load still in my mouth, I trace my finger up the underside of his dick, as if to say “Thank you” before turning an exiting his car.

I walked the few blocks home with his cum still in my mouth, savoring the incredibly taste. As I passed a couple people, I was so turned out that I had such a dirty secret behind my lips. After getting home, I looked at the huge load of cum I had on my tongue. I then spit it into a shotglass to admire the incredible amount and consistency. My cock was unbelievably hard and begging for attention. I queued up one of my favorite videos and pumped my cock furiously. As I was about to cum, I took the shotglass and dumped the load back into my mouth. I savored the cum for a moment then swallow the gigantic load as my cock erupted. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

After cleaning up my cock and licking the shotglass clean, I noticed a new message in my inbox it read:

“Thank you. That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to do it again.”

I responded saying that I couldn’t wait either and asked when he was around next week.

I signed it “Your little cocksucker”

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