Back Yard Jacuzzi

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He had been in love (or at least lust) with her since he met her two years ago at work. After having been passed up for this party the year before, he was surprised to have been invited to the party she threw this year for fellow employees.

All evening while they were chatting he was realizing there was more than just her body. He loved the way her mind worked, and that her sense of humor matched his more than any woman he had ever known. As the party guests were beginning to leave, he ventured out the patio door to the back yard. He thought to himself that he wanted to remember as much about her home as he could, so he would have life like images of her in her home for future fantasies. He was thinking that he had dreamt about her in just about every imaginable place, but her home would be more perfect, make them more real.

As he walked through the tall tropical garden like-back yard, he noticed that the path led to a Jacuzzi which was hidden by plants from party goers all night. He was so caught up in imagining her walking through the plants naked, occasional leaves brushing against her naked flesh, maybe arousing her, her nipples hardening, then getting into the hot slippery water of the Jacuzzi that he didn’t realize how much time had passed.

She knew, though, as she had seen him walk out that door and disappear through the plants. She tried to hurry the guests out, pleading a headache and complaints from the neighbors. She had noticed him two years ago at work, and had wished that she could run her delicate hands over his strong body. She imagined many times getting him into the Jacuzzi out back, but alas she was a shy woman, not assured of her beauty, and thinking she was not enough to catch his eye. She had not invited him the year before because she was afraid he would sense her attraction to him and turn her away. She was not sure she could handle rejection from him. All night she had been talking to him, noticing how much he looked at her, when he thought she wasn’t paying attention to him, but her eyes had kept him in sight all night.

As the last of the other guests left, she locked the door and dimmed the lights. Quietly she walked out the still open patio door hoping he hadn’t fallen asleep looking at the stars. She hoped find him as in need of her as much as she was of him. Deciding to risk it all, she removed her clothes and laid them over the table on the patio. She prayed that she wasn’t making a complete fool of herself, but was unable to resist this urge. She slowly made her way down the path. He had imagined her walking casino oyna down that path exactly as she now was, but still he could not see her, the plants hid her from view.

All his thoughts had him almost painfully hard, imaging her in the Jacuzzi naked, and wanting him. He had removed his clothes. The image so vivid in his mind that his clothes were a crumpled heap in the grass near the Jacuzzi as he couldn’t stand the pressure any longer. His hands traveled down his body as he imagined hers would be as she caressed his hard nipples and continued down his stomach to encircle his manhood and rhythmically stroke it. He pictured in his mind that it was her hands on his body.

As she nears the end of the path, she sees him standing naked by the steaming Jacuzzi. Her eyes are drinking in the sight of his naked body. She hears the soft moans coming from him as he imagines her hands on him, and hears him softly whisper her name. His speed increases and the moans get louder. She knows then that he is attracted to her she hesitates no longer. Quietly she moves toward him hearing his breathing become erratic.

She kneels before him and he is so lost in his fantasy he missed seeing her already aroused body walk down the path. Placing her hands gently over his, she moves them back up his body. Simultaneously taking his throbbing member into her wanting and waiting mouth, he feels a startled jolt at her touch and flings his eyes open, and fills her mouth with his hardness almost enveloping it completely. Still not believing this could be happening, but not ready to let this fantasy go, he begins to move his hips slowly pulling in and out of her mouth. His hands are running through her long soft hair, massages her shoulders and he hears her moan softly all the while his hard cock in her greedy mouth. Her tongue caressed him, her lips pulling on him she feels it getting harder, throbbing, knowing he is about to go over the edge

Her hands reach around to cup his butt, squeezing it, pulling him deeper still into her mouth. As she moves faster and more erratically along his hardness, her swollen nipples brush against his thighs. She hears his swift intake of breath at the contact and she does it again and then lightly slaps his ass taking the chance that he might enjoy it. Noticing that the slap cause a rather jerky movement of his hips she picks up the pace of her mouth making frenzied love to his hard cock with her mouth. Her delicate hands are stinging his bottom lightly with little smacks, and she is pressing her hard nipples into his thighs as she slaps and slot oyna squeezes his ass. Pulling him closer and deep-throating him she feels the joy of his release in the warmth filling her throat. His fingers have tightening in her hair, and slowly she slides her mouth from him. She slides his body, kissing her way to his lips. While deeply kissing him, she feels that his breathing is still ragged. She pushes him slightly backwards until he is sitting on the deck that holds the Jacuzzi.

Her hands are now running over his heated body and she looks into his eyes and smiles a wicked little smile. His eyes are still glazed over with passion as he looks at her in wonder. He reaches out to touch her , still not sure it wasn’t just his active imagination playing tricks on him again. He had imagined her touching him like this too many times to count, but this time was different. When he reached out to touch the image of beauty before him ,he came in contact with warm living flesh. He almost jumped startled his eyes roaming over her as he now noticed the subtle differences between her in the flesh and her in his fantasies. The fantasies were lacking the sparkle in her eyes, the full sweetness of her lips, and the list went on. Reality surpassed imagination with her as.

He looked deeply into her eyes noticing that they were as glazed as his felt. He rolled her from her side and from the wall where she was leaning against. His still overly warm body was pressed against her back. He stood staring at her in wonderment yet again. His hands tracing her jaw line lightly, brushing over her full still slightly damp lips. Her tongue was snaking out to brush against his questing fingers and she looked directly into his eyes as she nibbles gently on his finger and sucks it into her mouth. They moan together at the sensation. His other hand has been trailing slowly towards her breasts, their tips still proudly erect due to both the chill in the air and the man looking lustfully at her. His hands worshiped her as his questing fingers found one nipple and rolled it gently between them bringing a gasp from her lips. She slides his not damp finger from her mouth to circle her other nipple. His eyes drinking in the sight of her, hearing her soft throaty whimpers of need, as he trails kisses down her neck to her breast.

Taking the swollen nipple into his mouth, her body jerks in reaction to being engulfed by his hot mouth and his fingertips trail lazily ever so slowly towards her waist and below to the hot wet welcome that was waiting for him. Her body tensed as the teasing fingers canlı casino siteleri linger to circle her bellybutton causing goosebumps on her heated flesh. His fingers reached their destination feeling the heat radiating off of her as he lightly brushes over the hair that hides from his view. His fingers tease her clit, first rubbing then circling. They slide along her lips feeling the moistness hidden there and the heel of his hand continues to mount excitement in her as the tip of his finger inserts itself into her tightness.

Her hips arch into his hand and a moan once again escapes her lips. He trails his now damp fingers back up her body, his mouth moving the opposite way he stops to taste his fingers. He watches her reaction and then continues kissing his way down her tummy as her muscles quiver under his lips. She is now loudly proclaiming her need of him as he slides his tongue across her hard clit. lingering over it slightly, then slides his tongue to delve deeply into her. Her whole body jerks as her nails are scratching against the deck upon which she lays. Her body is still flushed with the excitement of catching him pleasuring himself thinking about her that she is almost ready to orgasm.

She tries to hold it back wanting it to be with him, and says “don’t hold back baby”. He breathes into her mound “I want you to cum for me” as his ministrations with lips and tongue continue. She loses her grip on reality and goes spinning off into the stars screaming his name. Her quick responses to his explorations have him hard again. He wonders how she can do this to him. Her body is still trembling as he moves his body up hers, showing her how much she turns him on. With out the use of words he rubs his now stiff member against her still throbbing slit. He is loving the way her hips jump, moving her closer and then farther from him. Slowly he slips inside her easing into her tightness, glorying in the feel of her muscles still erratically contracting around him

He slides in and out of her deep and hard ,holding her hips to him to her. She is surprised as his deep thrusts are quickly talking her back to the place she just visited. Her body moving with his, they come together harder. Each thrust brings them closer and their spirits soar quickly to the release both of them have been craving for 2 years . Panting, their bodies slam into each other. Her nails clawing at his back, their breathing ragged almost sounding like it is one person breathing. They tense in unison, backs arching, tension exploding in a wave like nothing either had previously encountered. They kiss deeply as they fall over the edge of ecstasy.

Their names are a whispered word between them as they manage to pull themselves to the Jacuzzi and lay there in the hot water cleansing themselves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20