Bad Timing

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“I’m scared,” Larry said to the lad sharing his bed, but unlike the many other times the cherubic boy had said that to him, his lover sensed that this was different. Larry was weakening, his fear being mitigated by the sweet caressing that Dylan had been giving him for the better part of an hour.

The sheets were soggy and the two boys were both glistening with sweat as they had explored each other’s bodies. Dylan had been after Larry for the last few weeks with one thing in mind, but although Larry had given his classmate everything else a man could give his love except one, the plump chub’s resistance was waining.

One part may have been the fear of losing Dylan, as he had hinted at the last two times they had been together, and the other may have been the fact that Larry was about ready to explode from the teasing Dylan had been giving to him.

In fact, Dylan’s hand was cramping up on him, the result of stroking Larry’s thick stub to the brink of orgasm countless times, only to back off when Larry appeared ready to erupt. Dylan’s other hand, or at least two fingers of it, had been corkscrewing into the plump bottom he had craved, hitting all the right spots and making Larry crazy in the process.

“I won’t hurt you,” Dylan whispered as he nibbled on Larry’s neck, and although that was probably not true, he would be as gentle as he could be given the size of his manhood.

It was that very organ that had been the way into Larry’s heart, because there was no way that the two of them could find themselves together otherwise. Dylan was the son of a single mother who had been deserted long ago by the boy’s father, and while she did the best she could, the lived on a shoestring.

Larry, on the other hand, lived in comparative luxury. His father owned a small chain of hardware stores, and did well enough to afford a trophy wife, along with the resources to spoil his only child.

Now that child, who might have been nearly 19 but was a spoiled brat, was about to lose his virginity to Dylan, who was only a month older than him. Larry had spent most of the school year drooling over Dylan because they were in the same gym class, and while it was obvious what Larry found appealing, Dylan’s motives were different.

Even though Dylan had meager resources, he was an somewhat attractive lad who was painfully shy but when Larry did everything but drool on him in the showers after gym, he didn’t have to make the first move.

Larry wasn’t very attractive, being overweight and immature, but the more Dylan looked at his plump rear end, the more appetizing he became to Dylan. Larry was already in love, fascinated my the slender lad who was so very well endowed.

The time was at hand, and so was Dylan’s cock, so hard that it was curling toward his flat stomach as he slathered lube on it while getting up to his knees and positioning the fleshy butterball for the taking. He had been in the very position Larry was in a couple of times with an older man, but this was going to be his first time on top.

“Don’t put it all in Dylan,” Larry whined. “It’s way too big. Just put a little in this time.”

“Relax,” Dylan said as he cuddled up close to the fleshy ass, because Larry’s blubbering was only making him more nervous, since this was all new to him as well.

“What the fuck is going on?”

“Shit,” Dylan mumbled after being startled by the booming voice behind them, and he didn’t have to turn around to know who the voice belonged to.

Larry, after hearing the voice, moved so fast that you never would have believed a plump guy could move like that. After scrambling from under Dylan, he had flown over the side of the bed like a crab on speed, crying and begging forgiveness for what hadn’t even happened yet.

“Sorry Daddy – he made me!” Larry whimpered from the other side of the bed, pulling sheets over himself and crying like a baby. “I didn’t want to. I swear.”

Daniel Mondello, Larry’s father, just stood in the doorway and stared at the unkempt bed and the boy that was still kneeling on it. Dylan had grabbed a handful of the sheet that Larry hadn’t managed to yank off the mattress and held it in front of his privates, but to his credit he didn’t crawl and hide like his own boy had.

“Lucky I forgot something and had to come back for it,” Mr. Mondello had said after his son had whined that he wasn’t supposed to be back until after midnight. “I think I interrupted something pretty vile. Isn’t that right son?”

The skinny kid kneeling on the bed shrugged his shoulders, and after a moment of awkward silence Mr. Mondello suggested maybe it was time for Dylan to leave.

Dylan climbed off the bed and turned his back to Larry’s father and looked for illegal bahis his underwear, which Larry had peeled off frantically as soon as they got into the bedroom. He couldn’t find them, so he just slipped on his sweatpants and pulled on his t-shirt, and after mumbling an apology, slid past Larry’s father and hurried out the door.

“Stop blubbering,” Mr. Mondello said, frustrated that his only son had turned out to be such a Mama’s boy, dreading the day when he would have over the family business to him. “Act like a man for once. I’ll deal with you later.”


“Son,” Mr. Mondello yelled out the car window as he pulled up alongside the shadowy figure walking down the road. “Hop in. I’ll give you a ride.”

“Uh – that’s okay,” Dylan mumbled, but Daniel Mondello wasn’t the kind to take no for an answer.

“Come on. I’m not going to kill you,” Mr. Mondello assured him. “Want to have a talk with you.”

Dylan went over to the car very tentatively, and only got in when he saw Larry’s father was holding his underwear in his hand.

“Thought you might want these,” Mr. Mondello said, handing them over to Dylan, who stuffed them in the pocket of his sweat pants. “Probably chilly without them – too chilly to walk home.”

“Um – I live – it’s a left turn,” Dylan said, and Daniel Mondello smiled when he saw the panicked look on his passengers face, a look that showed even more concern when the loud click locked the doors of the Mercedes Benz.

“Going to make a stop first,” the older man said, reaching over and patting the lad’s knee while driving the opposite direction. “Relax, son. You’re acting like I’m going to kill you or something.”

“About back at your house,” Dylan blurted out nervously. “I know you’re mad. Larry said you were going to be out all night, and I swear – I wasn’t making him do anything.”

“Don’t you think I know that – what’s your name again? Dylan?”


“Are you 18, Dylan?” the older man asked, and when Dylan said no he yanked his hand off of the boy’s knee like it was radioactive.

“I’m 19 sir. Just turned 19 last week.”

“Oh, well in that case, happy belated birthday,” Mr. Mondello said. “You don’t look it.”

“I know,” Dylan said with a resigned tone in his voice.

“Larry a bit of a Mama’s boy, as you obviously know,” Mr. Mondello explained while pulling the car into the lot of the warehouse that supplied his stores with merchandise. “I knew that he wasn’t doing anything he didn’t want to do. Either that or you talked him into it. Such a sissy he is.”

“What are we doing here?” Dylan asked as the car pulled up to the building.

“Want to take you on a tour,” Mr. Mondello explained as he unlocked the doors. “Show you a few things.”


“Sure is a big place,” Dylan said as Larry’s father took him through the building, and then back into the offices.

“You going to need a summer job?” Mr. Mondello asked. “Books and things are expensive. Maybe I could help you out with a job in the warehouse. The work is hard but the pay is good.”

“Sure,” Dylan answered, and then when they reached the back of the offices they stopped in front of a plain metal door.

Daniel Mondello opened the door and turned on the light, and when Dylan heaved what seemed to be a sigh of relief he laughed.

“What were you expecting? A torture chamber?” he laughed, and after ushering Larry’s friend into the room he closed it behind them, quietly turning the lock on the room that was furnished like a studio apartment. “This is for when I get snowed in or work too late to bother going home, or sometimes for other things.”

“Like I said, I’m not going to hurt you,” Mr. Mondello said while walking toward Dylan, who was standing near the side wall, and as he approached Dylan backed into it awkwardly. “Not like you were going to hurt Larry. You fuck him in the ass a lot, or do you do each other?”

“We never,” Dylan said, shaking his head so hard his shaggy blonde hair waved around wildly. “I swear.”

“Is that so?” Daniel said, raising his hand and slapping it on the wall next to Dylan’s head.

“I swear. I never did that to anybody ever,” Dylan insisted, and even though Dylan was only a couple of inches shorter than the man in front of him, he felt much smaller.

“I’m kinda sorry I interrupted you two,” Larry’s father said, his other hand coming up to Dylan’s chest, poking him lightly with his index finger. “Maybe that’s what my boy needs – a stiff cock up his fat ass.”

“Problem is though,” Daniel Mondello sighed, looking at Dylan’s scrawny chest heave and his eyes showing terror. “I don’t think he’s man enough to take what you were going to give him.”

“OH!” Dylan gasped as illegal bahis siteleri Mr. Mondello’s hand slid smoothly under the waistband of his sweat pants, and with no underwear to deal with, the older man’s fingers raked through the tiny tuft of golden curls and right to his cock.

“Damn!” Daniel Mondello muttered as he gripped Dylan’s flaccid member and began to pull on it. “Back at the house – I thought I must have been seeing things. Your cock is huge!”

Dylan’s eyes were closed as she stood there frozen in place while his friend’s father milked his cock under the sweats, the older man’s hand sliding easily on the organ that still had some residue of lube on it from earlier.

“Don’t you like what I’m doing to you?” Mr. Mondello asked after his pulling did not seem to have any effect. “I know you can get it up. You got it up for my boy,”

“I’m scared,” Dylan whimpered. “Only been with one guy before tonight, and he was a kid like me.”

“You’re not a kid, Dylan, you’re a man,” Mr. Mondello replied. “Most of you looks like a boy, but this is a man’s equipment, and that’s putting it mildly. After I get this cock hard, how long is it going to be?”

“I dunno,” Dylan answered, but after receiving a dubious look from the old man, reluctantly added, “Eight or nine inches, I guess.”

“How’s a little fella like you end up with a cock like this?” Mr. Mondello asked, and then smiled when he felt the tube of flesh in his fist begin to get harder. “That’s my boy. Let’s get these off of you.”

Daniel Mondello let go of Dylan’s cock long enough to tug the lad’s sweats down before grabbing this long prong once again, squeezing the crown of the cut tool before sliding his hand down.

“Feel like I owe you something,” Mr. Mondello said. “After ruining you breaking your cherry tonight and all, I mean. How would you like to have a go at me?”

“Huh?” Dylan asked.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” Mr. Mondello explained. “I know mine’s not fat and pale. My ass is hard and hairy. That bother you? You like the chubs? How about it? You want to make me your first?”

“Really?” Dylan asked with wide eyes. “You?”

“Bet I won’t squeal and cry like my boy would have,” Daniel Mondello said. “But you can certainly try to make me. I like it hard and fast. You man enough? Yeah, well first there’s something you can do for me.

The older man’s hands came off the wall and the cock they were holding, going directly to Dylan’s shoulders, and as the lad went to his knees Mr. Mondello undid his belt and let the trousers fall to the carpet, followed by the boxer shorts.

Daniel Mondello calmly stepped out of the clothing bunched around his ankles, and as he saw Dylan staring at eye level with his genitals, he reached down and gave his flaccid organ a tug before offering it to the lad.

Dylan looked at the dusky uncut stub that sprouted from a thick bush of black curls and then back at the owner, who smiled down at the lad and suggested that his son must have inherited his shortcomings.

“Larry didn’t get my brains and confidence, but he got my little dick,” Mr. Mondello said in a matter-of-fact manner.

“It’s not little,” Dylan said as his trembling fingers took the thick stub from Larry’s father and brought it to his lips, opening wide to take in the shrouded bulb and letting his lips slide down into the crinkly pubes.

“That’s it,” Daniel Mondello sighed, running his hand through Dylan’s hair as the lad’s mouth began to make his cock come alive, and soon his cock was as hard as blue steel. “Damn, you’re good. Here, lick my nuts.”

Daniel Mondello took his cock from Dylan and lifted it upright, exposing his furry nut sack for Dylan’s tongue, and only after he had licked the salty and musky sac to his satisfaction did he let Dylan go back to sucking his cock.

“Hold up,” Daniel Mondello as he felt himself about to cum. “Let’s do it.”

Daniel Mondello had peeled off his shirt by the time they got to the cot, exposing a fairly trim torso with a furry chest and a nearly as hirsute back, and although the older man wasn’t sure whether the look he was getting was one of approval or not, the way that Dylan’s cock stuck straight out spoke wonders.

“Going to have to use the lube that’s already on you – plus what you’re going to add,” Daniel Mondello said while climbing onto the bed on all fours and presenting himself like a mandrill, and when he looked back and saw the lad staring at his hairy crack with a confused look on his face, he elaborated.

“Never put your cock anywhere you won’t put your mouth, son. Haven’t you ever rimmed my boy? No? Well, here’s you first lesson. Don’t be shy,” Mr. Mondello said as Dylan climbed onto the bed canlı bahis siteleri and slowly lowered his face toward Larry’s father’s anus, which was buried in the hair that sprouted around it. “That’s it. Prime me up good. Get me ready for that big prong of yours.”

Mr. Mondello smiled as he felt Dylan’s cheeks against his ass, and he leaned back when he felt the tentative dabbing of his tongue, remembering the first time he was introduced to the art and how frightened he had been to put his tongue in what had been a pungent crack.

“That a boy,” Mr. Mondello sighed when he felt Dylan become more aggressive, making snorting noises as he attacked his anus. “Get in that hole with your tongue. Get it in deep. That’s it! Ooh… even your tongue is well developed! Work it in!”

Daniel Mondello made a mental note to keep some lube around the office, because it would have made it easier for both of them, but feeling Dylan’s tongue burrowing into his ass was a delight. Luckily, while Dylan’s cock was exceptionally long, it was pretty normal in thickness, so this might still hurt but it would be worth it.

“Give it to me,” Mr. Mondello suddenly barked, and it seemed like Dylan brought his flushed face out of his boyfriend’s father’s steaming ass crack with a shade of reluctance.

“It’s okay,” Mr. Mondello said as he felt the lad fumble around, poking the head of his pecker in the general area of his balloon knot, but when he finally found it the older man thrust back into the stiff tool, impaling himself with the glans of the virgin cock. “Yeah! Stick it in me!”

“AW FUCK!” Daniel Mondello screamed as the lad lurched forward, sending the long rod deep into his bowels, but when he felt Dylan stop he implored him to go even deeper. “Don’t stop! Fuck me hard!”

Dylan did as he was told, holding on to the older man’s hips as he pounded in and out of Larry’s Dad, the hot hole so tight around his cock making it feel way too good. The lad tried his best to delay it, but much too soon for him he felt his orgasm roaring through his loins, and no amount of effort could head it off by then.

Mr. Mondello groaned along with his son’s boyfriend as he felt the cock lurching inside his rectum, the hot seed filling his bowels with warmth while the lad leaned over and hugged him.

They both gasped when the lengthy snake slithered out of Daniel Mondello’s ass, and when he asked Dylan if he liked it, he got an enthusiastic yes in response.

“I didn’t last long enough, did I?” Dylan said. “I wanted to, but it felt so hot and tight that I couldn’t hold back.”

“You’ll get better,” Daniel Mondello assured him. “And any time my boy doesn’t want it, feel free to let me know.”

The thought of his blubbering kid trying to endure getting impaled by Dylan’s cock was amusing, but who knows? Maybe he would be able to do it.

“Okay, but is it any good for you, sir?”

“It was,” Daniel Mondello replied. “But I could use a happy ending of my own right about now.”

The older man rolled off the bed and stood nest to the edge, presenting his erect and drooling cock for Dylan’s service, and the boy eagerly went over and took him into his talented mouth.

“You’ve got amazing oral talents for such a young fellow,” Mr. Mondello declared while looking down at Dylan’s blonde locks bouncing as his mouth went up and down nearly the entire length of his organ. “Do you swallow?”

Dylan looked up and nodded affirmatively as best he could, considering the mouthful he had.

“Good,” Daniel Mondello groaned. “Because here it comes.”

Dylan only gagged a little as Larry’s father coated his throat with a load of his seed while cradling the boy’s head in his hands, and Dylan kept sucking until the fat cock in his mouth went dry and limp.

“Larry’s a lucky boy,” Daniel Mondello declared. “Let’s get you home.”

They drove to Dylan’s house, conversing as if nothing had happened, and when they reached Dylan’s place Mr. Mondello repeated the offer.

“Hope to see a lot of you around the house,” he said. “And what I said before, I meant. I never had a young stud as big as you before, and I was kind of afraid that I couldn’t take it, but I did. Next time, with lube it would be ever better.”

“Better?” Dylan said. “That’s scary.”

They both laughed, and after Dylan got out of the car the men were both smiling.

Daniel Mondello was happy because there was nothing better than getting drilled by a young stud, especially a cute, well hung one like Dylan, and as he felt the seed still oozing out of his burning anus he hoped Dylan would take him up on his offer soon.

As for Dylan, he was looking forward to going to the Mondello house again real soon as well, maybe even the next day. The only thing he wasn’t looking forward to was having to spend time with Larry beforehand, because after being with his Dad, Larry was nowhere near as interesting to him.


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