Bicurious Fantasy Becomes a Reality Ch. 02

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A few days had passed since I sucked cock and took it into my ass for the first time. Greg, my coworker and good friend, had easily seduced me into worshiping his big cock and plum-sized balls with both my mouth and my ass. I considered myself extremely lucky because my first gay experience was with a well-endowed man in every aspect. Just the thought of his big, thick tool throbbing and shooting a strong load of cum made me INCREDIBLY horny.

Just as a review, I was 22 at the time and I had been blessed with a thick bubble butt on my thin and athletic frame. It has attracted attention from both guys and girls my entire life and my experience with Greg made me realize that my butt was made to be fucked. It helped that I had a very thin waistline with virtually no fat on my stomach and sides. On top of having a healthy girl’s ass, my first cock sucking experience also taught me that my gag reflex was almost non-existent and I was able to take cock into my throat without much trouble at all. I had a dirty, almost unhealthy, obsession with big, fat balls as well.

When I was leaving Greg’s house a few days prior, I had made a comment that I would love to dress up like a girl for him since I had indeed become his little bitch. Although I hadn’t talked to Greg for a few days, I wondered if the day would come that I could live out this fantasy. I spent the next few days on Literotica searching for and reading stories about submissive cross-dressers. Reading stories about guys taking time to “do themselves up” to look like a girl for their perverted partner(s) continued to fuel my sexual curiosity. Not only was I turned on by the thought of wearing sexy female clothes for Greg, but I imagined myself doing everything I could to make myself into a sexy girl. This included using full make-up, a wig, and painting my nails among other things. If this fantasy was going to play out, I wanted Greg to believe 100% that I was a girl.

Google is a wonderful tool for many reasons. I spent the next day or 2 doing research on how to best cross-dress and appear as a woman. I learned how to apply make-up and fake nails, how to choose the best clothes to accentuate my thin frame and thick ass, and how to strut like a sexy girl. I took time to get accurate measurements of my entire body to determine the size of clothes I would need because my plan was to order everything online in order to avoid odd glances at the mall.

I ordered my make-up which included fake lashes, mascara, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, and a tube of cherry red lipstick. I then hunted down a fake nail kit and red nail polish. After the make-up and nails were in order, I proceeded to find a sexy, rather expensive blonde wig that was promised to not come off my head too easily. I found a sexy, heavily padded pink bra that would make it appear that I had relatively large breasts and a sexy pair of pink, low-riding “boy shorts” from Victoria’s Secret online that would hug my butt snug and match the bra. I always loved the way those “boy shorts” made girls’ butts look so good. It took awhile to find the clothes I wanted, but I found a short, tight-fitting white skirt that was sure to cup my big bubble butt and show off my long legs. I then came across a pair of black high heels that would be perfect to tone my legs and accentuate my feminine butt even further. I would just have to train myself to walk in them! The shirt I chose was a simple, black woman’s t-shirt to match the heels. I learned that wearing darker tops would draw attention from my upper body and focus it more on my hips and ass.

It took about 5-6 days for all of my clothes and accessories to arrive at my house. During this period of waiting, I took 2 showers a day and really scrubbed my entire body vigorously in order to not have any blemishes and I took care to use expensive lotion on my body(especially my ass and legs) in order to get the very soft, feminine skin that I desired. When everything finally arrived, I decided to go through the process of trying everything on for a “test run.”

I got into the shower that day, cleaned myself well, and took the time to fully shave my entire body smooth. When I got out, I turned my ass to the mirror and involuntarily said “wow!” under my breath as I looked at my smooth, hairless butt. This was going to be so much fun!! I started by applying my fake eyelashes as well as all of my make-up, making sure to take my time and do it right. I then applied the blonde wig securely. What I saw in the mirror was a young, feminine girl’s face staring back at me and I couldn’t help but grin. It was at this point that I decided I wanted Greg to have an idea of what was in store for him, so I took a picture of myself from the neck up with a slutty, sly grin on my face. I didn’t want to send him any full body pictures with myself dressed up because I wanted to make him wonder and keep it a surprise. About 5 minutes after sending the picture, I received a text message reply from Greg. Upon illegal bahis opening it, a large picture of his thick, erect cock and fat, shaved balls popped into view with text under it reading “Wow! Such a sexy little girl! I need that pretty little mouth on my balls!” I instantly became hard and just stared at the picture while licking my cherry red lips.

A few more minutes passed and I received another text from Greg. It read “Send me a shot of your body so I can stroke while I think of you.” I didn’t want him to stroke it though. As I said, I wanted to surprise him and leave him wondering, but I also wanted him to hold off masturbating over the next few days so he could build up a big, juicy load to share with me.

“Be patient Greg,” I replied. “And you have to promise me you won’t jerk off and waste that cum. I plan on coming over in a few days and I need you to have a nice, thick load built up for me.” I was so horny that I was shaking.

“FINE. If you promise to come over this Saturday around noon, I’ll try my best to hold off cutie. I have a little surprise for you as well..” he shot back. Surprise? What surprise? I was curious and excited. What could he mean? I decided to play it cool and not pry with questions. After all, Saturday was only 3 days away and I loved surprises.

“Deal! :)” I replied.

After the text convo ended, I resumed my little game of “dress-up.” I wasn’t totally sure if the clothes would fit right, but I was hoping that the time I put into research would pay off and everything would work out. I first slid the pink panties and bra on and looked in the mirror. Perfect fit! The padded bra made me look like I had perky tits and upon turning around, I noted that the boy shorts fit nice and snug and my plump butt cheeks poked out of the bottom a little. Next was the white mini skirt and black shirt. The shirt fit perfectly, but the skirt took a minute or 2 to get into. When I was finally done, I looked into the full-length mirror and my jaw dropped. The skirt couldn’t have fit any more perfect and it hugged my hips. The shirt showed off a little of my thin waist (as intended). I turned so my butt was towards the mirror and my jaw dropped even more. The white skirt cupped around my cheeks PERFECTLY. Next, I fit my feet into the black high heels. They were a little snug, but not too small. I didn’t have much trouble standing up in them, but I knew I would have to put some time into getting used to walking in them. Standing in the heels made my calves look well defined and made my butt look even better than it already did. I was so damn excited that I wanted to scream! Everything fit perfectly! The final step would be applying and painting the fake nails, but I decided to wait until Saturday to do that.

The next few days went by slowly. I spent some time learning to walk in the heels so that I was comfortable in them. Although I started the summer off working with Greg, we were laid off at this point in time. My uncle didn’t have a job lined up for us and he was preparing for a lucrative construction job with a multi-millionare who wanted to build a mansion. This meant that I could do nothing but wait around the next week or so until work picked back up. I didn’t really mind, though, because I had some money in the bank.

Saturday finally arrived. My excitement was on overload and I couldn’t wait to get ready. I awoke around 9 o’clock and laid in bed for a few minutes with questions racing through my head. What is this big surprise Greg has in store? Would he try something that I wouldn’t be into and ruin the experience? Would I love it? The suspense had me more excited than ever, so I hopped out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I took care of business on the toilet and used the enema I had stored in the closet to clean my boy pussy. After I decided I was good and clean, I got into the shower, cleaned myself up very thoroughly, and shaved my entire body completely smooth. After finishing up, I applied an ample amount of lotion to my slick body and began the process of applying my make-up and doing my nails. When I was satisfied, I slid on the panties, bra, shirt, tight skirt, and high heels. I was now a pro walking in the heels and I walked around a bit to make sure I was ready. I took one last look at my sexy, feminine self in the mirror, smiled, and sent Greg a text that read “Is my daddy ready for his little girl? ;)”

“The question is, are YOU ready? I’ll be waiting in the living room. There’s a drink waiting for you on the counter in the kitchen..”

My heart began to race. Butterflies filled my stomach. Pleasing Greg’s perfect cock and balls was all I could think about. I couldn’t wait to get the chance again. I gathered my belongings and hastily got in my car and drove the 10 minutes to his house. I was so horny that I didn’t even bother knocking on the door before I walked in.

Greg was sitting on the couch and his head instantly turned toward me. I slowly, almost hypnotically illegal bahis siteleri walked towards him. His eyes got wide and his mouth hung open.

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed. “You look perfect! So.. ssoo.. BEAUTIFUL!”

I put a sly smirk on my face as I continued walking past him, letting my hips sway back and forth as I strut into the kitchen and grabbed the tall mixed drink that was sitting on the counter. I could feel him watching my every move as I grabbed the glass, put it to my red lips, and gulped down half of the drink. With my back still towards him, I turned my head to look at him and noticed his eyes glued on my bottom. I pushed my butt out a little and gave it a little shake.

In my most feminine voice, I said “Does daddy like what he sees???” He looked dumbfounded, almost as if it was impossible for him to speak. And he didn’t speak right away. I walked past him again and then sat on the couch which was situated a few feet from his chair. I crossed my legs, flipped my hair back, and took another drink from my glass with a big smile on my face. I felt so sexy and I loved how he stared at my body. “I’m dying to know. What is this big secret you have for me Greg???”

As if he snapped out of a trance, he looked at my face and said “Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough. Let’s just say that today will be double the fun for you…” He lit up with a big, almost evil grin. Just as I was putting things together in my head, there was a knock at the door. “Come in!” Greg yelled. Then it hit me. Greg invited someone else over!

The door swung open and in walked another man. He appeared to be about the same age as Greg. He was tall, had dark hair, and even though I wasn’t turned on by a guy’s look, he was definitely a handsome guy. I froze as he stopped in the doorway and looked me up and down. All this time I pictured myself being Greg’s slut for the day, but now I was going to be a slut for 2 guys?!? I began to get nervous again. What was happening???

Sensing my surprise and bewilderment, Greg said, “This is my friend Brian. I’ve known him since kindergarten.” I shyly looked up at Brian, meekly smiled, and softly said “hi…”

Basically ignoring me, Brian looked at Greg and said “Wow! I didn’t expect him.. er her.. to be so fucking HOT man!” This was all happening so fast. My eyes darted back to Greg.

“Brian and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Back in our glory days, we would pick girls up and double team them on a regular basis,” Greg said with excitement. “You think I have a big cock? You should see his..”

Brian started chuckling. “I doubt it’s bigger than yours man!” He walked to the couch I was sitting on and plopped down beside me. “Nice to meet you sweetie!” He was hungrily staring at my smooth-shaved legs as he spoke.

As that single, strong glass of liquor that I pounded began to quickly take effect, reality set in. I was in between Greg, who I know has a big and beautiful cock, and Brian who(supposedly) also has a big cock. I had a feeling that this day was going to be nothing short of amazing. An overwhelming sense of excitement washed over me. I looked at Brian, smiled, and batted my long eyelashes at him. “Nice to meet you Brian,” I said in my practiced girly tone.

“Why don’t you go make us all a drink in the kitchen?” Brian said. Slowly and methodically, I got up and walked to the kitchen, again letting my hips sway back and forth which allowed my thick butt to wobble in the tight white mini skirt. “The glasses are in the bottom cabinet next to the dish washer.” With my backside in perfect view, I bent over at the waist to give the 2 studs a good view of the ass that they were about to own. I placed 2 tall glasses along with my empty glass on the counter, grabbed some ice out of the freezer, and made 3 tall and strong vodka/7-up drinks.

“Perfect!” Greg said as I made my way back to the living room and handed the 2 men their drinks. We sat around and talked briefly while gulping down our drinks. I could tell that Greg and Brian had no interest in being sexual with each other as they told me stories of their past conquests. It seemed like they just really enjoyed the whole bravado aspect of dominating women together. As I continued to get more buzzed while listening to their stories, I really began to feel feminine and almost painfully turned on. Pretty soon, both of them began to just stare at me like a piece of meat as they talked. Brian had on a pair of snug athletic shorts and as I glanced over at him, I noticed him blatantly caressing his HUGE bulge. This thing was obviously big and he wasn’t afraid to show it. I glanced over at Greg and he started to do the same thing.

“I am so fucking horny,” Greg said. “Why don’t you show us how you can shake that beautiful butt baby?” This is all the motivation that I needed. I was borderline drunk and craving cock. I couldn’t take it any more, so I stood up and walked toward the middle canlı bahis siteleri of the room. Upon getting up, Greg left his chair and sat next to Brian on the couch. I started very slow, hypnotic movements with my hips as they sat back and watched with lust, still stroking their cocks through their shorts. I would alternate between slow hip movements and making my cheeks slap together as I moaned and ran my hands up and down my hips and thick ass. Neither of them said a word, and they didn’t have to because I was momentarily in control.

After 5 minutes or so of me playfully seducing them, I bent over slowly and pulled my skirt and panties down revealing my bare, flawless cheeks. I stood back up and continued my dance as I steadily backed up to where Brian was sitting until my butt was right in front of him. Instinctively, he began to run his hands up my silky thighs towards my ass, but I grabbed his hands and pushed them down gently. I turned my head around and said “Not quite yet. Let me finish my dance for you first.” He gave my ass a quick swat, grinned, and placed his hands at his sides. It felt so damn good to be spanked, but I wanted to tease him first.

I pushed him back so that he was laying back comfortably against the couch. With my back to him, I placed a hand on each of his thighs and then slowly lowered my butt down until it was resting on his hard pole that was snugly fit in his tight shorts. As soon as I touched it, I gasped. His cock was fucking huge. It may have even been bigger than Greg’s! I began to roll my hips and rub my cheeks up and down the length of his pole. Giving this big cock a lap dance was making me even more turned on, so I began moaning.

“Mmmmm your cock is so damn bigggg” I purred. I stopped briefly with his cock lodged between my cheeks. I just wanted to sit there for a minute, take it all in and enjoy the feel of his cock. I could hear him moaning and then suddenly I felt the big snake throb beneath me. The feeling was amazing.

I looked to my right and noticed that Greg had completely pulled down his shorts and underwear and was gently rubbing the head of his cock. The time for teasing was over. I had to have that thing in my mouth. I looked at Greg hungrily and motioned him to stand in front of me.

“I knew you missed sucking my cock you little slut,” he snapped at me as he stood before me, his fat, pulsating cock dancing 6 inches from my face. I watched it throb 5 or 6 times violently up in the air. My vodka buzz combined with the sight before me made my sex drive and hunger go into overdrive. Greg already knew what turned me on, so he held his cock at the base and began rubbing it all over my face. It was so warm and felt so damn good on my little girly face. Meanwhile, I resumed my lap dance for Brian.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore. I lifted my ass off Brian’s lap and grabbed a pillow from the couch and put it down on the ground, sinking to my knees in the middle of the room. Brian got up from the couch and lowered his pants to reveal the monster that I was grinding on moments earlier. His cock appeared to be about an inch longer than Greg’s, but not quite as thick. Just like Greg’s cock, it stood straight out from his body and his balls were also clean-shaved and hung down like grapefruits. How could I be so lucky? Here I am on my knees, getting ready to be fed 2 huge cocks and both of these guys had HUGE balls. I was literally drooling as they walked up on either side of me.

They began stroking their heavy cocks as I took this opportunity to taste Brian’s hypnotizing ball sac. I moved my head forward and engulfed both of them in an instant and began to tenderly lick and suck on them.

“Oh wow!” Brian growled.

“Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you how much the little slut is obsessed with balls,” Brian said. “Aren’t you, you little bitch?”

I pulled my mouth off of Brian’s hangers with a ‘plop!’ and replied “Fuck yeah. I wish I could suck the cum right out of them!” I was in heaven as I moved my mouth over to Greg’s balls and gave them the attention they deserved. While I was humming on Greg’s balls, I reached my hand up and grasped Brian’s long cock for the first time. It was burning hot and Brian seemed to make his cock throb in my hand as I slowly stroked him up and down. I looked over towards it and marveled at how great it looked. He had several thick veins that ran along its length which led to an angry looking and perfectly shaped helmet.

After a few minutes, I pulled my mouth off of Greg’s balls and grasped Greg’s pole with my other hand. Both of them were softly moaning as I held Brian’s cock upright, lifted my head over it, and let a glob of spit roll off my tongue and run down its length as I continued stroking. I turned and did the same thing to Greg’s cock, lubing both of them up as my pretty little face smiled at them. I couldn’t decide which cock I liked more. Brian’s cock was longer and his balls were a little bigger, but Greg’s beautiful cock was nice and fat. Turning my head towards Brian’s meat, I noticed a nice little pearl of pre-cum on the tip. I looked up at him and slowly moved my head forward, stuck out my tongue, and licked it off.

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