Black Lust

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t was noon and I was already on my second cock of the day. He was a young guy, about eighteen who had been told about my skills with black meat. I never caught his name but he fucked my mouth like he’d been dreaming about it forever. His perineum gagging me with deep and long strokes. I’d look up at him and he’d stare down at me like I was his bitch.

The stall was tight and we had to be careful if someone came in because my boss thought I had left for lunch. What he didn’t know was that I often took lunch in the men’s room and often, lunch was a hot sticky load from a big black anonymous boner. If this stall could talk… well, I’d be out of a job at the least. I felt it was worth the risk though, worshiping black skin was what I was meant for. Currently I could feel his cock ready to release and as he tried to pull out I sucked him harder and he let his sperm coat my mouth and throat. I swallowed every drop, ever time. I didn’t want there to be a mess or evidence, except whatever photos some of them took. I was okay with that too.

After work, I went over to Darnell’s. I’d often tell him about my experiences then suck his sock dry then let him pound my ass until his nuts were sore and drained. After I finished him off this time, we sat in front of his computer and he rubbed my cock while I looked for horny black cocks on Craigslist. I wanted them all. We stumbled onto an ad posted by an older white guy.

David was in his 60s and he desired cock of all sorts. He was uncut and very hairy from what I could see. Though his cock was nice, I paid more attention to his wants than his pics. He stated that BBC went to the front of the line.

Darnell seemed interested. “I’d love to fuck an older white dude,” he said. My precum coated his hands as he continued to stroke me.

I sent a message to David that read, “I’d love to watch you and my owner fuck.” I then just left Darnell’s address and a time that was about two hours away. I felt that was plenty of time for Darnell to recharge his batteries.

We then called Cleo and Shawn and invited them over to watch. Though they wanted to, they were busy at a breeding party. I think Darnell preferred it to be just us and I went about cleaning up so that the place didn’t look like a total mess. We weren’t sure if David was going to show up and when the clock showed fifteen minutes after the time I posted, we were sure he wouldn’t. I began to get ready to head home when there came a knock at the door.

I answered the door and found David standing on the welcome mat outside Darnell’s door. We hadn’t seen a picture of his face but he wasn’t unattractive.

“David?” I asked.

“Yeah, sorry I’m late. I didn’t check my email until just after the hour. I came over as soon as I could. The wife thinks I’m out at the bar,” David rambled nervously.

I let him in and before he could get comfortable I told him to take off his shirt. He looked at me nervously then he looked at Darnell.

“I’ve never done this before,” he started.

“David,” I commanded, “shut up and take off your shirt.”

He did as he was told and I began undoing his belt. I got him down to his underwear. Tighty whities. He was thin and his whole body showed signs of age but his package was full.

“Come over here,” Darnell ordered and both David and I listened. I helped David kneel in front of Darnell and he began fondling Darnell’s thick meat through his shorts.

“I think about cock a lot,” David admitted as he began to pull Darnell’s dick out. He stroked it casino siteleri a few times before biting the bullet and putting the thick head into his mouth. I watched intently, correcting in mistakes in David’s cock sucking skills. I forced David’s mouth to the base and he gagged.

“He’s a hungry faggot,” I said to Darnell as I pulled David’s underwear down. His ass was hairy and I pressed my lips against his hole. He moaned and Darnell enjoyed the humming. I rimmed him and fingered him, preparing for a proper black breeding.

Threads of precum dripped from his cock and onto the carpet and I reached up and touched his engorged penis, smearing the clear fluid on my palm and tasting it. He was very sweet.

“Does your wife know you want cock?” I asked.

“Fuck no!” he said, shocked at the very idea of her knowing.

“So you’ve never even asked her to play with your ass?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “She hates fags.”

I tongued his asshole again, getting it as deep as I could. He was very tight and obviously virginal. He sucked noisily on Darnell and I could hear Darnell giving him minor corrections. “Loosen up your throat. Less teeth. Lick the shaft to keep it lubed.”

I was surprised by how turned on this older guy was making me. I played with his foreskin and until Darnell was ready to fuck. I lubed up Darnell’s cock then put a good amount of desensitizing cream on David’s puckered and hairy asshole. When I was sure time enough had passed for it to take effect, I coated his hole with lube and then squirt some inside. I then guided Darnell into David, watching the cock slowly disappear into the old man’s tight and horny ass.

I put my cock in front of David and he sucked me in easily while Darnell and I kissed. I loved his lips, so full, thick and strong.

“How is it?” I asked.

“He’s nice and tight,” Darnell said. “Like you used to be.”

David looked up at me. “Why aren’t you tight any more?” he asked.

“Because I’ve had a lot of black cock inside me. I’ve been bred by a lot of men.”

“You’re a lucky guy,” he said to me.

I turned around and bent over, showing him my tattoo. “I’m property that gets used hard and put away wet,” I said.

He moaned as Darnell finally got his entire length into him. Then came the slapping sounds as Darnell’s rhythm picked up and he fucked him looser and looser.

I kissed my black lover again and said, “I want to taste him on your cock.” He smiled and we continued to kiss while fucking this old man like a pig on a spit.

“I feel like I have to pee,” David said as we used him.

“That’s common because he’s so deep inside you. It’s okay,” I said.

“So I don’t really have to pee?” David asked.

“You might but I’m sure you can hold it,” I said.

Darnell pulled out and we both admired David’s hairy, gaping hole.

I took pictures of it as Darnell stretched it with his fingers. David moaned.

“You think your wife would like Darnell’s cock?” I asked.

“No,” David answered. “He’s too big.”

I flipped David onto his back and stuffed my cock back into his mouth then sixty-nined him. His cock was good for a white guy and I could tell that he didn’t get oral often by how he responded to my expert throat. His precum flooded my mouth and I swallowed it gulp after gulp. I then felt David’s finger begin to play with my ass and I swatted it away. “That’s black only,” I said.

“Sorry,” he said solemnly and I continued to suck his cock.

Darnell’s cock thrust harder and slot oyna deeper into the old man and I could tell that the floor was burning his knees. We got up and moved the action to the bedroom. Once there I laid David on the bed and sucked him while he sucked on Darnell some more.

“Would you own me too?” David asked Darnell between slurps.

“We’ll see,” Darnell said as he motioned for me to switch him spots. “I want to blow my nut inside his old white ass,” Darnell said.

His dirty talk turned me on and I kissed him then said, “I love your dirty mouth.”

I spread David’s legs for him and Darnell was deep inside him once again. David nursed hungrily on my cock while Darnell filled his asshole.

“I want him to cum inside me,” David begged.

After a few thrusts, Darnell’s cock released its seed inside the old man and he gyrated his hips around Darnell’s cock. As Darnell pulled his long cock out, I played with David’s wet and loose asshole, fingering it intensely and tasting my owner’s cum. I could feel David’s ass slowly tighten around my fingers as Darnell’s seed dripped from him.

I then went to work sucking his old cock, making slurping noises and giving him a hummer. When he came, his nut shot out against the roof of my mouth then the rest oozed out and I swallowed it down.

I then lay back and let him suck on my uncut cock until I came inside his mouth. He got a sour look on his face at first then swallowed and continued to eat my sperm.

“I wasn’t expecting so much,” he admitted.

“I don’t cum very often,” I admitted. I usually get filled up with cum and that’s it.”

We lay there in bed and David played with our limp cocks, happy to have finally removed such an act from his secret bucket list.

“I think I really love cock,” he said to Darnell and I.

“I should hope so,” Darnell said, “because you just got fucked with mine.”

I watched Darnell and him kiss and inside I kind of felt jealous but then I realized that that was what Darnell wanted.

“You think you could come by once a week?” Darnell asked.

“I don’t know,” David admitted. “She may catch on.”

“Not even for this?” I said as I lifted Darnell’s limp but still impressive cock up.

David smiled.

He left about an hour later. He was only there for two hours or so but I could tell that Darnell thoroughly enjoyed the older white ass.

I left a little while later after Darnell and I made out for a bit.

I discovered that having the tattoo made going out anywhere turn into a possible random encounter. I was at a Walmart late one night when I bumped into April. We shopped together and talked about what we’d been up to.

“Still seeing Darnell?” she asked.

“Yeah… among other people,” I admitted.

“How many others?” she asked.

“I don’t turn down any blacks at all,” I said flatly. “If they want to use me for sex, I let them. If they want me to mow their lawn, I do it. I’ve had a black woman have me over to wash her dishes and get naked in front of her so she could laugh at my cock.”

April’s eyes grew wide. “Why?”

“Because I’m black owned,” I responded.

“Do you like that?”

“I love it,” I said.

We made our way to the register and the cashier was a black dude in his thirties. He looked at the spade on my arm and without missing a beat said, “I’m off in an hour, wait for me outside.”

April looked at me, surprised at how forward he was.

Outside I waited in my car and watched as April drove away. canlı casino siteleri When the cashier came out I met him and went to his car and we drove to a secluded road and I blew him in his car. His cock wasn’t big but his nut was hot and thick so I was happy.

“Get out,” he said after I swallowed his cum.

I obeyed and he drove off. I walked a mile back to my car and drove home only to find April was waiting for me.

“That took a long time,” she said.

“He reminded me of his dominance by having me walk a mile to my car after I sucked him off,” I said.

“Did you even get his name?” she asked sarcastically.

I shrugged.

Inside we watched some TV and I felt that the visit seemed a little awkward then she leaned over and kissed me. “I can still taste him,” she said as she kissed me again. “I miss black cock. I haven’t had it in months.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“The last time I partied with Cleo and Shawn, she fist fucked me in front of a bunch of guys and let them gang fuck me. She took a bunch of pictures and emailed them to me,” she seemed to be embarrassed for what happened next. “I was visiting my parents for a week and I was looking at them on their computer and somehow my dad ended up seeing them and he blew up at me and called me all sorts of names.” She began to cry and I pulled her close.

“It’s okay,” I said.

“No,” she said quickly. “He’s a racist asshole but he was right to call me a whore.”

We made out for a bit and went to bed. When I woke up, she was watching a porn of me getting fucked by a group of black guys and stuffing her pussy with my black dildo. I watched for a bit and then offered a solution.

“I’m off today. I have the whole day to dick around… literally. Come with me. I’m sure to find some fun.”

She smiled.

Her and I drove around and found a black club. We entered and we weren’t in there long before I started seeing guys look at us and talk to each other. My spade was in clear view so I knew they were getting ready to make their approach.

The two that approached introduced themselves as Eric and Malik.

Eric sat down next to April and Malik sat next to me.

“You that white fag?” Malik asked me.

I smiled.

I turned to see what April was doing and Eric had his fat cock out. Passersby watched as April went down on him.

“Eric, we aint doing this shit here,” Malik said to his friend and we all got up and went back to Maliks apartment.

On the way we stopped by a group of black guys and Malik told them that for five bucks I’d suck their cocks. One guy pulled it out right there and I sucked him from the backseat window. He laughed and pulled his cock back, not finishing. He tossed Malik a five dollar bill and went back to hang out with his friends.

At Malik’s I watched them take turns on April. She really enjoyed them and at one point to one in her ass and one in her pussy. I wanted to try and take them both too.

She watched as I straddled Malik and sat down on his dick then I leaned forward and let Eric stuff my ass full. It felt so good. Their precum lubed each other and I thought how great it would be to feel them both shoot their loads in me.

The both fucked me for a few minutes before Eric pulled out and stuffed his dick into April’s mouth. She cleaned me off of him and then spread her pussy open for him and he fucked her until he came inside her. Then Malik did the same. I was impressed with her eagerness to have their black cocks.

Malik drove us back to the club so we could get our car and April and I went back to my place. Once there I ate her sticky cunt, tasting their cum as it dripped out.

“Thanks,” she said, pleased and happy.

“Anytime,” I said. “Anytime.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20