Bottom Boys: Justin , Paul

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Paul was dumbfounded when Justin came up to him after class. He didn’t think Justin knew he existed to be honest. Paul was quiet, a face that blended in the crowd. He had friends, well, associates really. He was your typical tall thin pale timid geek with black curly hair that refused to be tamed. The boldest thing he had ever done was coming out.

Justin was his complete opposite. When he walked into a room all eyes were on him. With his toned and tan body, he was one of the most, if not the most, popular guy on campus. His hair was always styled to perfection and when he smiled, Paul could swear there was a twinkle. He was charming, confident and bold.

It was that boldness that threw Paul off. Justin had come up to him and ordered, “Give me your phone.” Paul didn’t question it. He fumbled to get his phone out and unlocked it for Justin. He watched Justin type onto his phone then he heard Justin’s phone alert him to a text. “Study date at my place Friday at eight. Don’t bring your books.”

He winked at Paul then handed him back his phone. Paul just stood there, his classmates moving around him. He looked at his phone to see Justin had put his contact information in his phone along with a calendar reminder of their non-study date. Paul put his phone up and headed to his next class.

Paul was a wreck for the rest of the day. It was Thursday which meant his date was tomorrow. He was fairly certain that Justin was playing some elaborate cruel joke on him. He’d show up and be made fun, like the plot lines for those old teenage angst movies. He made up his mind that he wasn’t going to go. Then, while he was lying in bed, his phone buzzed.

Justin had sent him a picture of himself, from behind. Paul’s cock grew hard looking at those perfect smooth peaches. There wasn’t a tan line to be seen, which made the white straps of the jockstrap he was wearing stand out. It was followed by a message that read, “Looking forward to tomorrow night, cutie.”

Paul gulped hard, not knowing how to respond. He scrolled through his pictures to find the best naked picture to send back. He was a geek, but he was Gay. It’s Gay 101. Have at least twenty nude photos on your phone at any given time. When he couldn’t find one he liked, he decided to take one.

He pushed down his covers, turned the light on and pulled his boxer briefs tight along his cock and snapped a picture. He was happy with the result, sent the picture to Justin saying, “As you can see, so am I.” He instantly regretted it after he hit send, but it was too late to do anything about it.

He sat his phone down, turned off the light and was about to settle down to sleep when his phone buzzed once again. It was Justin. “Tell your roommates not to expect you home tomorrow night. Sweet dreams.” It was followed by a winking emoji. Paul didn’t know how to take that, so he just responded with, “K, sweet dreams.”

Word must have gotten around campus about Justin asking Paul out, because the next day he saw people whispering and pointing at him. Some looked at him with lust, others scorn and just a few with disgust. It made Paul uncomfortable. He wasn’t used to the attention. Why did Justin have to ask him out so publicly or at all?

An hour before his date, Paul had just about talked himself out of going. He had started the text message to Justin a dozen or so times saying he wasn’t going to be able to make it when he got another message from Justin. “I’m really looking forward to studying with you tonight. Remember to forget your books.” There was another winking emoji after that.

Paul knew he couldn’t back out on Justin. I mean, it was Justin. He stood you up, he didn’t get stood up. He had to go. That was the social order of things. That reasoning got him dressed and out the door to Justin’s place, which was just a block off campus. He was still a little uneasy about it, but he had made it this far.

He knocked on the door. His heart was racing. He was about to turn and walk away when the door opened. “I’m glad you made it.” Beamed Justin. “Come on in. My roomies are out for the night so we have the place to ourselves tonight.” Paul just stood quietly in the entryway, unsure what to do. Justin grabbed his hand and gave it a little squeeze. “Relax.”

“I… uh.” Paul couldn’t form the words. He was so nervous that he was surprised he hadn’t pissed himself. Justin just kept smiling at him. Paul closed his eyes, took a deep cleansing and breath then focused himself. When he opened his eyes, Justin was still there, waiting. “Thank you for inviting me over.”

Justin patted his hand. “You don’t need to be shy around me. Come on, let’s get to know each other.” Justin pulled Paul into the house and into the living room. He sat Paul on the couch then sat down so close to Paul he was almost in his lap. “Are you okay? Do you want something to drink? Smoke? Vape?”

“No!” Paul practically shouted. “No, thank you. I don’t drink or smoke or vape.” Justin turned his body so he was looking at Paul’s profile. Paul could feel the heat from casino oyna his cheeks. “I, um, really don’t do much other than study and go to class.” Justin began playing in Paul’s unruly mane. “I’m not like you… I mean not to say you don’t go to class or study, I mean…”

Justin moved into Paul’s lap, cutting his rambling short with a kiss. Paul was shocked at first, then when he felt the press of Justin’s tongue trying to get into his mouth. Paul relaxed, kissing Justin back. Timidly he moved his arms around Justin. When Justin didn’t protest he kept them there, squeezing his plump ass.

“There.” Justin said, finishing the kiss. “It’s always good to get that first kiss out of the way.” He stroked Paul’s baby face before moving off him. “I’m going to be honest, Paul.” When Paul didn’t turn his head, Justin reached over and turned it toward him. “Focus, Paul. I’m talking. When I talk, you listen. It’s only polite.”

Paul gulped and uttered a soft, “Sorry.” Justin smiled, that toothpaste commercial twinkle smile. “I mean, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude.” Paul had a hard time focusing with all the blood rushing from his head to his groin. “Go ahead, continue. I’m listening.” Paul licked his lips. He was nervous and horny. That was a bad combination.

“Good boy.” Justin resumed running his hand through Paul’s hair. “The reason I asked you over, as you may have guessed was not to study.” Paul nodded. “I know, big shocker, right?” Justin’s joke didn’t ease Paul’s angst. “I asked you to come over to use you for sex. Mind numbing, bed breaking, claws down your back earth shattering sex that is so good that it’ll ruin you for all other men.”

Paul’s eyes grew big with shock. He was about to get up when Justin moved his other hand to Paul’s crotch. “You see, I heard about you.” Justin moved his hand along Paul’s hard outline. “You don’t sleep with a lot of guys, but the ones that have had you have bragged how big you are.” Justin squeezed Paul through his jeans. “They also said you know how to use it.”

“I… I think I should go.” Paul was beginning to feel uncomfortable. “Justin, you’re hot and all, but I, um.” Paul bit his lower lip nervously. “I’m not comfortable with this.” Justin just kept running one hand through Paul’s hair and the other along his shaft. “I know I came over here expecting sex, but I just can’t. “Justin put two fingers on his lips silencing him.

“Paul, there’s more to it than just sex.” Justin’s voice was soft as a kitten’s purr. “This is more of an audition for you as my new cock boy.” Justin shifted closer to Paul. “If you do good on this audition,” Justin leaned in and pecked Paul’s lips, “well, let’s just say there are benefits being my cock boy that you’ll love. One of which is getting to sleep with me.”

Paul’s cock was as hard as steel in his jeans. There was a wet spot forming on his left thigh that was just getting bigger and bigger. “What do you say, Paul? Let me help you out with this?” Justin squeezed his cock causing Paul to moan softly. “I promise, I’ll be gentle.” Justin moved his hand from Paul’s cock to up his shirt. “The first time.”

Paul’s eyes rolled back in his head when he felt the brush of Justin’s fingers over his nipple. “It’s up to you.” Justin’s lips brushed over Paul’s. “Are you going to ruin my reputation or are you going to be able to brag how you bagged the hottest bottom on campus?” Justin withdrew his hand from under Paul’s shirt but kept playing in his hair. “Just tell me what you want to do. “I’ll respect your…”

Justin’s words were cut short by Paul’s mouth on his. Paul’s basic instincts had kicked in, pushing aside his fears and trepidations. It was just sex. That was what Justin was saying. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had a meaningless one night, and he had come here knowing Justin’s intentions. If he wanted to be honest with himself, he came over with those same intentions.

Justin was taken by surprise at first, then kissed Paul back, pushing Paul back against the couch so he could straddle him. Paul’s hands tentatively went around Justin, resting his hands on the small of Justin’s back. Justin put his hands on Paul’s chest, pushing himself away from Paul’s soft lips.

“I like your choice.” Justin pressed his forehead to Paul’s. “I also like your enthusiasm.” Justin’s hand found its way into Paul’s hair again. “But this isn’t that kind of story. I want you to kick back and enjoy the ride.” Justin fisted Paul’s hair. “I’m going to show you how I drive stick.” The grin that spread across Justin’s face was as wicked as it was smug.

Paul’s cock throbbed in his pants. He was used to taking the lead. That’s what bottoms expected of him, but Justin didn’t want that. Justin wanted to be in control and that turned Paul on in ways he didn’t understand. He nearly creamed his pants when Justin leaned in and kissed him softly. Paul felt Justin’s free hand on his, moving Paul’s hands down to his ass. “Hold on tight, baby. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Justin felt the squeeze of Paul’s hands. Justin saw the tornado of timidness, slot oyna excitement and confusion in Paul’s eyes. Justin leaned in and whispered into Paul’s ear, “Don’t worry. You’re going to enjoy this. I promise.” Justin wiggled his hips, feeling Paul’s excitement. “I can tell you’re looking forward to it.”

Paul gave him a bashful smile. “You’re cute when you blush.” Justin reached down to the hem of Paul’s shirt and pulled it up and off of him. “Nice.” Justin ran his hand over Paul’s slender chest then kissed him hard and deep. Justin ground his hips into Paul. Paul squeezed Justin’s ass, and thrust his hips up against Justin.

Justin pulled Paul’s head back and licked down the length of his neck. Paul let out a low moan. Justin slipped down, latching onto Paul’s nipple. Paul squeezed Justin’s ass. Justin flicked and licked, raising the tiny nub. Justin fumbled with Paul’s pants. Paul raised his hips, allowing Justin to undo his pants.

Justin kissed his way down, slipping down onto the floor and between Paul’s knees. He kept his eyes locked with Paul’s as he pulled off his shoes and tossed them aside. Paul raised his hips when Justin turned his attention to his pants, pulling them along with his underwear off his slender hips and down his legs.

Justin smiled when he saw the eight inch drooling monster cock resting on Paul’s thigh. Justin was happy the rumors were true. He reached up and took hold of Paul’s cock. It fit in his hand perfectly. He kept his eyes locked with Paul’s as he leaned in and down, taking the tip of Paul’s prick into his mouth.

Justin enjoyed watching the expression on Paul’s face as he slowly swirled his tongue around the tip, then slid his lips down Paul’s shaft. He could tell by the look on Paul’s face, no one had ever really appreciated his cock the he was doing. He decided he’d show Paul how a real man sucked dick.

Justin closed his eyes, concentrating on working Paul’s cock into his throat. He reached up with one hand, ran it over Paul’s chest, through the sparse chest hairs. Justin pressed his nose into Paul’s groin. Paul’s monster cock was resting comfortably in his throat. He could feel the drool Paul’s cock coating his tonsils.

Justin pulled back, listening to Paul’s restrained moans and groans. Justin’s other hand began fondling Paul’s hefty balls. Paul continued his wordless praise of Justin’s work. Justin continued moving along Paul’s shaft slowly, feeling every vein and bump along the way. Justin couldn’t get enough of his taste.

Justin’s hand trailed down Paul’s chest, across his stomach and took hold of his cock. Justin stroked Paul slowly. He wanted this to last. He kissed the tip then moved down to bury himself in Paul’s balls. The gasp Paul let out when Justin ran his tongue over his balls was music to Justin’s ears.

Paul’s balls were too big to take both at once, so Justin worked one then the other. He looked up to see Paul looking down at him. He gave Paul a little wink then licked his way up to Paul’s tip then back down to his balls. He felt Paul’s cock pulse and his body shudder.

Justin had to have him back in his throat. Paul felt so natural there, so when he licked back up to the tip, he swallowed Paul down. Paul let out a muffled cry at the feel of Justin’s mouth and throat surrounding his cock. This time Justin worked him a little faster, but careful not to set Paul off. He wanted this to last.

Paul sat there in disbelief, watching Justin’s head move up and down in his lap. This wasn’t some random school or app hook up, this was Justin. Justin was sucking his cock and he was good at it. Correction, he was great at it. He gradually brought Paul up to the edge then slowly brought him back down. He was fucking amazing. He couldn’t wait to find out how Justn’s ass felt.

Justin had other ideas, though. He slowly dragged his lips up along Paul’s shaft, swirled his tongue around the head then gave the tip a soft kiss as he pulled off of Paul’s cock. Paul was panting. He watched Justin stand. Justin leaned down and gave Paul a soft kiss. Justin stood, stretching his long lean body for Paul. “I can’t wait till you let go of your inhibitions.”

Justin pulled his shirt off revealing his sculpted toned smooth chest. Paul watched Justin run a hand down his chest to the top of his pants. Paul swallowed hard as Justin popped the button of his pants open. Justin lowered his zipper, revealing a black jockstrap underneath. Justin saw Paul’s body tremble with excitement. He pushed his pants down over his plump ass and down his hard muscled legs. He stepped out of them, kicking them to the side. “You look hungry.”

Paul licked his lips. He definitely was hungry. Hungry for Justin. “Damn.” Paul exhaled taking in the sight of Justin’s beautifully perfect body before him. He leaned forward. His hands trembled when he reached up to take Justin by the waist. Paul’s lips found Justin’s slender taunt stomach.

Justin ran his hands through Paul’s unruly hair. He tossed his head back at the feel of the tender kisses on his skin. canlı casino siteleri Paul’s hands moved around to Justin’s ass. Justin smiled. Paul dropped off the couch to his knees. He mouthed Justin’s hard cock through the fabric of his jock. He reached around and squeezed Justin’s ass, taking firm holds of each cheek.

It was Justin’s turn to moan. He allowed himself to enjoy the pleasures of Paul’s appreciation for a while. It felt so good, but Justin had other plans for Paul’s mouth. He took Paul by the sides of his head, pulled his head back so he could look down into his soft brown eyes. Justin needed to see if all the rumors were true.

Without a word, Justin stepped around Paul, got up on his knees on the couch and presented his ass for Paul. Paul turned around and saw Justin’s glorious globes waiting for him. Paul knew exactly what Justin wanted. He wanted it too. “Damn, that’s just beautiful.” Paul ran an appreciative hand over Justin’s cheeks.

Justin pushed his ass back, silently ordering Paul to worship his ass. Paul obliged.Wasing no time, he put both hands on Justin’s cheeks and spread them open further. Paul leaned in and he licked from the base of his crack up to the top. “Fuck.” Justin closed his eyes. Paul’s tongue tickled his hole, danced across the sensitive skin and darted into Justin.

“Those stories didn’t do you justice.” Justin mewed, arching his back into Paul. Paul was pulling double duty, coaxing Justin open as he slicked him up with spit. Justin felt Paul’s hand caress his full pouch. The touch was feather light, but sent shivers through Justin’s sexually charged body. “Damn, he does know what he’s doing.” Just thought to himself.

Paul fondled the overstuffed pouch before pulling it aside and freeing Justin’s firm seven inches and his baby smooth balls. He wrapped a hand around Justin’s swollen prick and began stroking him in time with his long licks along Justin’s crack. Paul’s mouth ventured lower and lower till he was swaddling Justin’s balls.

Paul pulled Justin’s rigid cock back, allowing Paul to run his tongue along the underside of his shaft. Paul traced a line from the tip of Justin cock the top of his ass then back down. He ran his tongue around the tip before moving so he could take Justin. Paul’s back was against the couch, his head rested on the cushion between Justin’s legs with Justin’s dick wedged into his mouth.

Justin reached down underneath him to run his fingers through Paul’s hair. “Someone’s ready to have their throat fucked.” He held onto Paul’s head while he thrusted his cock into Paul’s willing mouth. “Yeah, man take that fucking dick you damn top whore.” Justin’s cock slipped easily into Paul’s throat, his balls bouncing off Paul’s clean shaven chin.

“That throat is velvet.” Justin moaned, humping hard into Paul’s mouth. “Damn, baby. I could get used to this.” Paul felt a slight twinge of pride at Justin’s comments. He reached up and took hold of Justin’s ass, squeezing the perfect peaches. “Yeah, squeeze those cheeks, baby. You’re going to plow them shortly.”

It was Paul’s turn to moan. His cock bounced with excitement. His fingers dug into Justin’s skin. He still couldn’t believe that he was swallowing Justin’s cock, and that he was actually going to get to fuck Justin’s deliciously perfect ass. Paul was lost in that thought when Justin pulled out from his mouth.

Justin stepped down from the couch straddling Paul. He squatted down, bringing his face to Paul and resting his ass on Paul’s thick and hard cock. “I want to watch your face as I ride you.” Justin raised himself up, reached behind him, took Paul’s cock and lined it up with his ass. He knew this was going to hurt, in a good way.

Paul watched Justin take in a deep breath and then exhaled slowly as he lowered himself onto Paul. “Oh, my God.” Paul breathed out when he felt his cock enter Justin, the warm feel of his body surrounding his cock. Justin closed his eyes, put one hand on Paul’s shoulder, the other on his chest.

Justin didn’t open his eyes again until he was resting on Paul’s hips, with Paul’s monster cock wedged deep inside him. Paul was in awe. No one had ever been able to take him all. He put his hands on Justin’s hips. Justin looked Paul directly in the eyes. He didn’t say anything, just rose up slowly then back down.

Paul kept his eyes locked with Justin’s. He saw the intensity in Justin’s face as he slowly rose up and down his dick. Justin rolled his hips. He picked up speed slowly, his fingers digging into Paul’s shoulder. Paul moved his hips up to meet Justin’s downward thrusts.

They moved in perfect sync, like a well-oiled machine. The only sound in the room was the slapping of their skin peppered with their grunts. Justin leaned in and kissed Paul, deep and hard. Paul’s hand moved behind Justin and up his back. He held onto Justin, keeping him firmly planted on his cock.

Justin broke the kiss, sucking on Paul’s lower lip as he pulled away. “I want you to fuck me.” Justin’s chest heaved. “I want you to really fuck me, Paul. I want you to go deaf from me screaming your name.” Justin slammed his mouth against Paul’s then slipped off of him. Paul let out a sound of dismay when he no longer felt Justin surrounding his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20