Bred for This Ch. 02

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Authors note: I am still learning the ins and outs of Literotica. Some of the dialogue here is better emphasized with italics, and may not read well, but I promise to learn and add it for future stories.


Today has been an unusual day. I was instructed to come outside of my room today and I am supposed to be seeing a client later on, but for an interview. I don’t know how I feel about this. I remember seeing other men that looked like me, but somehow I kept forgetting what they looked like exactly. I remember seeing us all naked, with blinking collars on our throats. We stood in a single file line, and then I was taken away.

Now it is feeding time. We have food premade for us, blended up or chopped up into small bites. Today I am eating a blended meal, and the cup his very large, filled with thick green contents. It doesn’t taste so good, but I know when you eat this meal its very easy to pass. After I finish my meal, one of the people in uniform comes over and grabs my shoulder. I start to feel a little high and I follow her.

So many lights. Every hallway has bright lights and the walls are silver or white. I want to be back in my room, waiting on a client. Or looking at the scratches on my window. The guard takes me around several corners and I start to notice the age of the hallways. As we go further into the building, hallways and walls darken to softer grayer colors. I start to feel a pain in my head and the guard opens a door.

Before I can react, I’m cast on all fours. Wrapped around my neck is the blinking collar, but something has been added. I cannot lift my head. My breathing picks up and I begin to hear voices. The voices of two men talking. I can see nothing but the floor in front of me. I can tell my hands are there, but I cannot see them.

“Yeah, they come equipped with our micro-machines. This one is pretty good, and is above average. It’s temperament is anxious, so it’s good to keep it busy. I’d suggest taking the other if you want something to use now and then.”

“No, I think a good month is OK. I can pay you for the month, but you’ll understand if I only pay for fifteen days and then the rest on the sixteenth? Do you mind if I inspect it?”

“Oh sure, you could’ve done that the moment it came in! Do what you want. If you want to take him now just to get one for free, it won’t bother me. We are not shy here.”

The two men laugh and I hear one get closer to me. I see tanned feet in sandals walk towards me. A hand touches my ass and my body reacts. A high seeps out over casino siteleri my brain, but its minor. I feel curious as to what this man might do. I feel his fingers tease my asshole and spread it apart. He blows air in my hole and the cold strikes my pink flesh and I lurch forward. They chuckle at my reaction.

“Here’s the control for the collar. These things do not know themselves. You cannot consider them people. But, due to physiological limitations it is a person. So we drug it and keep it equipped with micro-machines. You will have to administer the drugs.”

The pressure on my neck fades, but I can only move my head side to side now. I don’t see anything but the man’s feet and light from the window. I feel a compulsion to move and a high trickles out over my body. I watch his soft pink heels as I follow him to his chair. Pleasure starts to pour in my body as the high rises, my neck snaps up and I am freed from the collar a little. I cannot see what is behind me, and all I am able to see is the bulge under the man’s shorts. His cock is growing and my attention pulls away from my surroundings and my mouth gets watery.

“You can do anything. Here, take this tablet.”

The man takes the tablet and holds it to the side. I can see the shape of his shaft press against his shorts. For some reason I want to see his penis, to see if it needs any care, to make sure it’s alright.

“I take that back. You can do most things. Now this sex slave if you will, is programmable. You don’t always have to program it though. Try basic oral instruction. Pick the testing option. For those that prefer to be verbal, the slave will learn to respond to vocal commands and over time, the programming will influence its day-to-day actions. If you’re more of an automatic guy, you can control each technique it does and even queue them up. So how do you like your head?”

I hear the man’s fingers tap the tablet and then my high grows a little more. I feel a compulsion to suck his cock, but I am not allowed to do anything just yet. I haven’t been given any commands, but my mouth is starting to salivate and I hope I will see his dick.

“I pretty much just go for something on my dick. I don’t really have a preference now that I think about it.”

“You do! We all do. You have to start thinking with your kinks. You mind if I pick for you?”

“Go ahead.”

I hear the man behind me tap his tablet and I find myself pulling back the man’s shorts and exposing him. His smell is a little sweatier, but its strong and I desire it. I slot oyna don’t think his cock has been cleaned, but I can do that with my mouth. I take a few moments to look at it and he is amused at how concentrated I am on his cock. My mind focuses and I figure out what to do.

His penis is a little lower in average girth, but not length. It is straight, veiny and very long. At least seven inches. Each ball hanging below his cock sags, and they are both of average size but fit his sack very nice. I sniff his cock, putting my nostrils close to his head. He flexes it and it hits me, but to his surprise I manage to catch it in my mouth. I hold my position and my mind stops.

“…And freeze! During our initial data gathering tests, we created a repository of men to select from. Based on a simple one to five rating, we combined our data to get fellatio types and the most preferred type of sucking, based on the shape of the penis. A cock like yours might prefer more deep throat because you have more reach. The ratings will turn into a sensitivity scale later. We don’t always try to deliver the perfect blowjob, we try to deliver a blowjob. The difference is that it’s hot when someone doesn’t know how big you are but is committed to sucking you. To learning how to suck you.”

The man takes his penis from my mouth and slides the underside of his head along my lips. I cannot move even though I want to, so I move my tongue and lick as much as I can.

“OK, just so you see how quickly our processing power is, try deep throat for five seconds into a deep throat hold for ten.”

As soon as the words come from his mouth, my high swirls and the back of my throat swallows his head. I force my face into his public hair, pulling his stench into my nostrils with every breath. Before I can gag on his enlarged head in my throat, I pull back to the tip and slurp as if I could swallow his long cock. For a few moments I go back and forth until I nestle my face in his public hairs and breath through my nose. The man sighs in pleasure and gingerly places his fingers on my head and pulls me in closer. I feel his cock stretch through my mouth to my throat, but all I can concentrate on is breathing through my nostrils.

“Wow, that’s really good!”

“I know right? I’ll leave you be. I could speak all day on how well they’re designed. Submit your half payment through the app before you leave and that’ll give the collar your level of access so you can leave with it. Later.”

For the next few moments I sit in between his legs as the other canlı casino siteleri man exits. Once we are alone, my client has me suck the head of his penis on all fours using no hands. I pull on his penis with my lips and dribble it around with my tongue inside my mouth, embarrassed by the gurgling sounds I make. He seems uninterested, maybe less horny that most men. When I try to add more pleasure, my mind snaps to a slow deep throat and I push my face into his pubes. When I pull back, his fingers grip the back of my head and pull me close. I feel his warm cum fill up the back of my mouth and something takes over. I start swallowing it, unable to taste it. He cums a lot, so much that I can feel my minor hunger subside. I step back, swallow the remainder and sit on my heels waiting for instruction.

The man reaches for some moist towelettes in a free bowl. After cleaning up his cock, he dresses himself. Grabbing a spare one, he holds my head still like a child and wipes the saliva from my lips and the corner of my mouth. After I am cleaned, I wait for him. He taps something on his tablet and I hear a bell ring. My world goes high and dark, and I fall off to slumber.

The amount of time that has passed is unknown to me. I am inside a small shack, filled with old rusted tools. I am naked, save for a white, panty laced jockstrap. My mouth smells like a combination of saliva and semen which has been drying to a crust on my face. Around me, there is my client and two other men. My client must be a white American and the two men with him seem to be black Americans. One is dark, very fit and lying naked slumped in his chair. The other is laid across a table, marked with semen on his ass. If his hair wasn’t thick and curly, he might’ve passed as latino or a very tanned white guy. All the men are naked, and as I get up I can tell the inside of shack has been pushed back to make room in the center. When I stand, I feel a cold wetness between my ass. My hand reaches back and I feel more cum. Without thinking, my body squats and I push outward. I can hear the cum leak out of my ass along with air bubbles.

Then I see it. The foot of my client has a trail of crimson near the back of his leg. After I purge myself, I walk over and examine each man. All are dead. The client has a hole in the back of his shoulder, the black guy has one his chest, and the light-skinned male as a hole in his ear. I place my hand on the collar and hear the beeping signal from the tablet. Looking around, I see it nestled next to the client’s side. Once its my hands, I crouch down and begin to study it. I feel power surging through my mind and I begin to faint. With the same willpower I used to make the scratches on the wall, I fall so the tablets safe under me. Maybe when I wake, I will use it.

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