Carmen Ch. 02: Cherries Anyone?

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I grabbed my truck keys off the wall and my wallet as I was led down the hall and out my own front door. Carmen barely gave me time to lock the door behind us as we left.

I pushed the unlock button repeatedly and the lights came on in the truck as we reached it. She finally let my hand go. Carmen jumped in the front passenger seat and I took a quick breath before climbing in to drive.

“FOCUS!” I screamed in my head. I remembered we agreed on Joe’s so I needed to head there … and not think about her still watching my hand fiddle with the ignition key.

“Joe’s is open late tonight.” Carmen said with a smile, finally breaking the odd silence.

I replied, “It’ll probably be a bit packed too since it’s really one of the few decent places around here for good food. I’ll have to share a few secret eating spots off the radar. There is a great little ma and pa ice cream parlor on the edge of town. It’s one of those hidden treasures in town.”

Carmen smiled, “I’m sure you’ve seen me with my ice cream on the deck. I can’t help but eat it. I think the summer comes around just for people to really enjoy ice cream.”

As I drove to Joe’s, Carmen looked through my collection of CDs as music played on the radio.

Carmen smiled and said, “Yep, just as I thought, you do like a lot of the bands I do. I told you we have things in common.”

Her smile was contagious. I felt like a little kid that told the teacher the correct answer to a tough question in front of the whole class.

I licked my lips, still tasting cherry. I really need a beer.

As we pull up to Joe’s we see flashing police lights. The trouble was starting early tonight.

We park and head to the door. We both notice some loud yelling and stop by the front window. Sure enough the doors are flung open and two men are being escorted out by two police officers.

We look at each other and smile. We waited until Jason and his partner Craig got the two men situated, then I slowly followed Carmen over to speak with them.

“Hey Jason is the trouble over now?” Carmen asked before throwing her arm around him.

“Yeah, but don’t you start any tonight girlie.” Jason states with a smile.

“I won’t. I promise” she begins, “I’m too hungry to start trouble.”

Jason side steps Carmen to see me better, I was trying to stay hidden a little bit.

“Sam?” Jason exclaimed, causing me to tense.

“Hi Jason,” I mumble sheepishly, “How have you been?”

Walking past Carmen, Jason grabs me up in a bear hug and kisses my cheek.

“Well, there is a story here I don’t know yet.” Carmen states. “You about shoved me in the backseat with that guy.”

“I did no such thing! I’m just happy to see Sam again.” Jason stated.

Craig quickly nods to Carmen and I, then turned to Jason, “Ah man, he’s spitting. We have to get that son of a bitch to the station before the seats are covered.”

“Hi Craig” I say. Then in a teasing voice I add,” Taser him.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Craig replies. “It’s been a while. Glad you’re back. Lady’s missed you too.”

“Give her a kiss for me.” I said and turned back to Carmen and Jason, who are both still staring at me.

“Ah… ok. Sam you need to fill me in a little.” Carmen says as she watches Jason.

“Just a little,” Jason says with a smile. “Carmen IS like my little cousin.”

“Go to work Jase.” I smirk. “Your little “cousin” is hungry.”

“I think we all know that’s a bad thing.” Jason pokes at Carmen “Have fun. We’ll have to catch up soon, and you KNOW I still hate that nickname.” says Jason with a miserably failed stern face.

Carmen and I watch Craig and Jason get in their cars and drive off.

I exhale.

Carmen grabs my hand again and leads me inside. I really, really need that drink now and I don’t think a beer will do it. Neither of us said a word as we wait to be seated. “What the hell was that about?” she asks as we finally sit down at the table. “Now I need details since he told you not to share them.”

“Well a couple years ago Jase, eh Jason and I kind of … dated.” I regretted the pause but there was no polite way to put it.

“Oh My God! You’re Sammy?” Carmen exclaimed almost as a yell.

“Eh. Yeah I hated him calling me that, and that’s how he got HIS nickname, but yeah, I believe I’m THAT Sam.”

Our waitress arrived to take our orders, I was glad it was Heather.

“Hey Heather, how’s it going Hun?” I ask as Heather sauntered over to take our order.

“Hey, Sam… you see those assholes? They started with Becky at the bar, one got too ass-grabby and Jaimie smacked him in the face. Then she took him out with a knee to the groin. Luckily Jason and Craig were around the corner, or those two guys may have had to pay Amsterdam Shemale for some broken chairs… Jaime was just getting started.”

“Jaime loves a brawl on the weekend, and I don’t understand how the guys don’t know of her yet. You do not mess with the serving girls!” I laughed.

“Anyway, It’s going to be a long night, what would you two ladies like to start off with?” asked Heather, sporting her giant feather pen and googlie-eyed pad.

“Nachos, ice water, and a Blue Lagoon please it’s going to be a long night.” I stated to Heather, then turned to Carmen, “What would you like Carmen?” I asked as I fiddled with a napkin.

“Ok. Yeah nachos do sound good and what the hell is a Blue Lagoon?” Carmen asked.

“Heather please filled her in on the local drinks that aren’t on the menu.” I smirked.

“Ok. I’m up for something new.” She said.

“Do me a favor Heather, and tell Richard to put the order in my red book.” I said. “Give him a kiss for me too.” I teased.

Heather laughed and said, “He’s still in a mood tonight, some guys got into it last night and damaged one if the pool tables.”

I replied, “Well in that case, give him two kisses. I’m sure from you he’d be more than happy to receive them.”

“I just don’t want him thinking he might get more than that” Heather teased.

I laughed. “Okay, okay. I understand that. Let me introduce my new neighbor Carmen. She also has a brother Michael. Their family and Jason’s are really close.”

“Okay,” Heather nodded to Carmen “Jason mentioned that if your brother got into trouble to call him first if possible,” she giggled, “No trouble as of yet. Michael’s been in here a few times. I think he has an interest in Dawn. “

“Really, aww Dawn’s such a sweetheart.” I said. “I haven’t seen her in a while.”

“Let me get your order in and I’ll tell Richard you’re here.” Heather said and walked off.

“You really know a lot of people in town don’t you?” Carmen asked.

“Yeah, but they know me too which can be kind of annoying. I’ve come here every summer since I was really young, minus last summer anyway. It’s a pretty small town and somehow everyone meets everyone else through Ms. Milly or by bar hopping.” I mused.

“Why not last summer? If you don’t mind me asking … was it Jason?” Carmen asked playing with her straw.

“Yes and no.” I said trying to avoid the question.

“Sorry. I just … well I remember Jason talking about Sammy … you. I can see why now, but I … you saw him. He’s a mess. I just didn’t know what happened. I don’t get it”. Carmen shrugged.

“He wanted me to settle down with him. Move into a new house, wherever I wanted… I just wasn’t ready. I also didn’t know how to gently let him down without hurting him. I know I hurt him anyway though. I left for school with his blessings but never really did stay in touch. I’ve seen him quite a bit, but never approached him since I’ve been back … and now there’s you.” I said with a smile. “I don’t know what to feel about you.”

“You know what I like, and let’s be honest, I think you did too.” Carmen said with a sly smile.

“Yes. It’s something I’ve never felt, I mean experienced before.” Too late, the slip was out and I averted my eyes as I said it.

Heather walked up with our food. I was so thankful for the interruption via nachos.

Right behind her was Richard. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He had me sign the book and told us about the fight from earlier. As Richard is talking I couldn’t help but think Carmen was stewing. She was very quiet. I was happy for the interruptions, but had this feeling I was fixing to be chastised.

Finally we were alone at the table again. We let the heavier conversation drop as we ate and drank and drank and drank.

I noticed that we were running out of room on our table for drinks. “Ok. I’m done drinking. I won’t be able to stand up if I keep on this way” I blurted out.

Luckily I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, “I was fixing to say the same thing but wording wasn’t right in my head. No way can we drive back” Carmen stated.

I said, “Agreed.” as I rummaged for some decent tip money. “I’ll ask Richard to call us a cab.” I slurred. “I just need to stop at the ATM across the street for cab money.”

We waited … and waited … we sat on the stone wall outside the bar. I was feeling so fuzzy and on more than one occasion caught myself staring at Carmen’s tightly button shirt. Her buttons twinkled with the passing car’s lights.

The cab finally arrived. Carmen jumped in first, allowing me a quick view of her lovely ass.

I climbed in, slowly, trying to remember again if I had locked my truck’s doors, windows up, wallet in pocket, house keys in pocket, cell phone in hand… Rotterdam Shemale I was way too fuzzy. I felt like I had such a goofy grin on my face as we began to head back towards my aunt’s house and it got wider as Carmen took my hand.

I leaned my head back against the seat, cooling off my neck. It was nice and did I mention cool. My mind didn’t quite feel my own. I had such thoughts about Carmen. I remembered her kiss. I begin to ponder if we were heading back to my place or hers. She told the driver before I got in. I’m feeling way too…

“Ok, it’s been way too long since I’ve had alcohol to drink.” I say, glancing over at Carmen. She’s smiling at me with those soft, soft lips. “What?” I ask with a goofy grin, I can feel it.

“We’re almost back” Carmen says, and gently placed her hand on my thigh. “Thanks so much for the dinner and drinks, I’ll pay my half in a few days if it’s ok. I meant to thank you earlier, but it seemed like the entire town had to send you off before we got out of there.” She laughed.

I laughed as well and gave my apology by saying, “Sorry about that, don’t worry about paying me back I’m sure we’ll go out again and you can pay next time.”

“Do you promise?” Carmen asked sincerely.

“Yeah, we’ll definitely have to go out again. You and I kept decent pace drinking” I giggled. “I’ll have to show you that ice cream parlor across town too.” I stated.

Carmen smiled, “That works I really had fun tonight.” She leaned over and kissed me. As she kissed me I felt a soft hand against my cheek, caressing my skin. I gave into her lips and kissed her back. Her tongue quickly flicked my own, and I felt her smile.

“Ahem, alright ladies, here you are.” stated the driver as we pulled up in front of the house. I gave the driver a pretty hefty tip and he we both watched him drive off happy.

I laughed, “I think I just might need a hand unlocking my door.” I felt the biggest stupid grin on my face.

“I don’t know how much help I can be with that, I think I’m as fucked up as you are my dear.” Carmen stated and began to laugh too.

We both plopped down on the curb and just giggled until tears ran down our cheeks. “Stop, stop, my sides are killing me.” I whimpered between giggles.

“Ok, we have to get inside before the neighbors take notice. I’m sure Mrs. Howard will be storming out here to yell at us any moment if we don’t keep it down” I say as I try to stand up. I finally get my legs under me and hold out a hand to Carmen. “Gravity works. Let’s go inside.”

“Are you sure?” Carmen asks.

“Yeah, seriously, we are going to be yelled at if we don’t quiet down.” I said.

“That’s not what I mean.” Carmen states and looks at me quite seriously for a moment.

“What? Sorry, I mean yeah I’d love it if you want to join me inside. I could use the company. Don’t have to though.” I say still kind of lost.

“No Sam, I mean if I follow you in, I don’t know that I can behave myself with you.” Carmen stated seriously enough so that it finally allowed the light bulb in my head to switch on.

I slowly reached into my pocket and took out my keys. I smiled at Carmen, her bright eyes staring up at me. I held out my hand again and stated, “Come on, let’s go inside.”

Carmen took my hand, “I don’t know Sam you may not be thinking clearly tonight.”

“Clearly, not so much … but I am comfortable with you. If anything else happens tonight I am good with that.” I said surprising honest about it.

We both conquer the walk to the door. I of course drop the keys during another laughing fit. This time Carmen picks them up. Under the cover of darkness and away from prying eyes she once again gently brushes the hair away from my face and licks my lips.

“I don’t want to scare you away.” Carmen stated as she firmly took hold of my jean belt loops, pulling me closer to her again.

“I’m pretty sure I know the direction this night is going. I’ve been thinking about it the past few hours.” I said, my dopey smile returning.

She let go and fiddled with the keys to the door. Then she froze as the door opened and whispered, “Sam, I can’t go with you.”

My heart skipped a beat, and I just kind of stood at the doorway dumbfounded.

“No, no. Not like that,” Carmen paused. “I just have to go across the street real quick to leave a note for my brother.”

“Oh,” I stammered. “Don’t do that.” I said as I placed my hands on my hips childishly defiant about it.

Carmen smiled sheepishly and said, “Sorry, I completely forgot about Michael. I just don’t want him texting me later on over and over while I’m here. I’ll just leave him a note. If I text him, there will be endless questions, but a note left for all to see somehow seems more innocent. Netherlands Shemale He shouldn’t care anyway, but I’ll do it just in case.”

“Oh yeah… ok. That makes sense.” I stammer, completely thrown off by the change in direction.

Carmen handed me my keys back and then walked across the street and out of view. The porch light turned on and I turned and stepped through my own door. I closed the door and took a deep breath. Of all the memorable things that had happened in this house I had a feeling that Carmen was going to top them all.

I hung up my keys on their hook, took out two glasses, and placed them on the bar. My buzz was wearing off and I began to think of all the drinks we had already downed, I was craving something sweet with a bite.

Cherries! I wanted cherries. I walked over to the pantry, closed my eyes and prayed there was some on the shelf. “Perfect!” I blurted out loud as I grabbed a jar of maraschino cherries and brought them over to the bar.

There was a quiet knock on the door, I smiled and headed toward it. “Hello again” I said with a giant grin. Carmen grinned as well and stepped through the door.

“Hello Sam.” Carmen said as she gently took the door from my grasp. She put her back to the door and slowly closed it behind her. I heard the deadbolt lock followed by the door handle. “You’re stuck with me now. We’re locked in. No escape.”

“What ever will we do?” I said playing a long, both of us smiling like mad hatters.

“I can’t believe I walked across the street and wrote a legible note to Michael.” Carmen laughed.

“I’m craving something sweet, it’s a shame I can’t make those blue lagoons. I love those things. I was thinking about picking up my buzz since it’s lost its punch.” I said taking a seat at the bar.

Carmen gently laughed as she spoke, “Those things were rather nummy. I usually don’t like sweet drinks but those were surprisingly good. Oh, and it’s a creeper too.”

I picked up the two shot glasses as I spoke, “I was thinking about a little grenadine and vodka, followed by one of those cherries.” I said pointing at the jar. “Do you want anymore?”

“Yes please.” Carmen chimed in and took a seat next to me. “My buzz has also lost its hold on me and cherries are always nice and sweet”.

I played bartender for a couple of shots, and then Carmen took over after I over poured a shot while giggling.

“Cheers.” I said downing my drink. I grabbed a cherry from the group we set aside. I plopped it in my mouth and discarded the stem.

“Well, that’s one way to do it,” said Carmen as she picked up another cherry by the stem, “Take another shot.”

I added grenadine first then poured the vodka in the shot glass. I drank, only this time instead of getting a cherry off the stem I got a kiss with a cherry attached to it. Carmen had removed the stem and held the cherry between her lips, and gently passed it to me as she kissed me.

“Yes, much better that way,” I said. I licked my lips still tasting the cherry syrup.

“Now my turn” Carmen said, pouring another shot.

We drank a little more then stopped drinking. Instead we began to just pass each other sweet cherries. Once again I was feeling really lightheaded and my cheeks were nice and flush.

I giggled as I tried to speak, “Last cherry, you get it!” I tried to fetch the last one out of the jar and laughed even harder when Carmen had trouble getting it out of the jar too.

“Who needs cherries?” Carmen stated and pulled me close. I grabbed the bar quickly so I wouldn’t fall off the bar stool. Her kiss still tasted so sweet and her hand caressed my neck as we kissed. Her hand traveled down my neck and slowly down my chest, her hand moving across my top to cup my breast. After kissing me again Carmen teased, “I’m glad you settled on this shirt, it’s so soft and smooth and the buttons are sexy.”

Pulling back ever so slightly I said, “Yes, I am very glad we agreed on this shirt and the drinks. I cannot believe how hard my nipples are.” I looked down in time to see Carmen gently flick at one of my nipples.

“I do believe it is time for us to go upstairs” Carmen said as she pressed her hands against my breasts and again gave them a playful squeeze.

“I think you’re right” I said and I kissed her deeply.

We both stepped down from the bar stools. Carmen grabbed her bag by the door and I turned off the kitchen lights. We both headed for the stairs. Carmen took my hand at the base of the stairs, turned to me and said, “You’re more different than I thought you were when I first saw you. I’m glad I agreed to house sit this summer for my folks. Let’s see what we can do to start off a great summer, shall we?”

I replied, “I’m sure this summer will bring new experiences and I think I’ve met a new friend.” I noticed both of us had matching devious smiles on our faces. Carmen gently tugged at my hand and we both started the climb toward my bedroom.


Part III coming soon. Thank you all for your support!

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20