Cat Fight Ch. 02

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The women continued to lie there in their clinch: Lynn, the blonde Amazon pinning down the smaller brown-haired Dina, her arms caught behind her. Their eyes locked, each sizing the other one up. For her part, Lynn thought that the whole thing would be incredibly funny and surreal if it weren’t for her cheeks hurting, proof enough that this was not a dream. Dina, who had stopped trying to escape lest she get smacked again, thought that Evan was pretty clever to have latched onto this bitch. Lynn spoke first.

“So… what am I going to do with you? Tie you up until the police come? I don’t know…” her voice drifted away.

Suddenly, the fight went out of Dina. She felt hopelessly out-classed and gave up. There were other fish in the sea, after all.

“Forget it,” Dina sighed. “You can have Evan. If he hadn’t cheated on me with you, it would have been with someone else. At least you look good.” She stared at the ceiling, still not moving. Not trusting her, Lynn continued to apply pressure, but was less pissed off when she heard Dina’s resigned voice.

“OK, do you want to tell me now who this Evan is and what he did? ‘Cause I really, really have no idea what you’re talking about.” Lynn looked a little friendlier to Dina, whose turn it was to wonder what was going on. She explained the whole story to Lynn about her engagement, Evan cheating, the fight, the break-up, Evan moving out, and Dina secretly tracking down Evan’s whore. Lynn was silent for several moments, then began to laugh, still keeping Dina pinned.

“Hey, what’s so freaking funny?” Dina demanded.

“I don’t know how to best explain this,” Lynn chuckled. “There’s absolute no way I could have stolen Evan from you. For one thing, I wasn’t even in the casino oyna country during the time he was cheating. And for another thing …” she paused.

“What? Tell me! C’mon! What?” Dina demanded.

“For another thing, dearest, I don’t like men, I like women. I’m gay.” Lynn smiled.

“What? No way! You are not! Gay! Bullshit! Not you!”

“Why can’t I be gay?” Lynn asked her. Dina replied, “Well, you look like a fashion model! You’re gorgeous! You have big tits!” Lynn laughed again.

“God, what a stereotype! Not all gay women are so-called bull dykes with leather and tattoos! I assure you, I am gay. What do you want me to do, prove it?”

“Yes!” Dina said, “Prove it!”

“For the love of Mike, it’s not like we have ID cards or a union or anything,” Lynn snapped. “Geez… ‘Prove it.’ That’s rich.”

All at once, Lynn became truly aware of her situation. She hadn’t noticed before while she was being attacked, but her robe had come off. Here she was, buck naked, sprawled on top of this little twit. Her breasts were pressing against Dina’s Victoria’s Secret bra. Her legs were wrapped around Dina’s. Their crotches were also touching. In fact, the whole thing felt good to Lynn, lying there on top of this cute girl with her firm, lace-encased tits. Lynn, the professional athlete, had been in training for various matches that had taken her around Europe for several weeks, and had had to remain abstinent. It was something she didn’t think of was she was in competition mode, but when all that was over, she was pretty horny. Since the break-up with her last girlfriend, she’d been going solo, in every way. Perhaps was there was a way to “prove it,” providing Dina played along. Lynn found Dina hard to read, slot oyna but very cute. Maybe it was worth a try.

Lynn and Dina’s eyes locked again. The Amazon felt that she was being challenged by this hetero twit who didn’t know the difference between a femme and a dyke. OK, if that’s the way she wanted it…

Lynn continued to pin Dina’s lower body down, but moved her arms slightly so that she could gently caress the lacy bra. Dina, who had been bluffing, found herself in a difficult position. She broad was going to take her at her word! What now? Well, there was not much she could do, being flattened by this woman. Holy cow, she was nude! Dina hadn’t noticed that before, either. Despite herself, Dina was admiring Lynn’s physique, and still found it hard to belief that Lynn like women more than men.

Lynn’s eyes never left Dina’s, and the blonde continued to caress the brunette until Dina gave in to the good feelings on her breasts and closed her eyes. Lynn kept up the stroking, as well as moving her crotch back and forth on Dina’s. Dina began to involuntarily move with Lynn. She opened her eyes again. “Damn, that feels good,” Dina whispered. Lynn smiled.

“I’m going to kiss you now, and if you try anything at all, I’ll hurt you,” Lynn warned. But Dina was past her rage; she was discovering a longing, even a lust, to keep going.

Lynn brushed her lips lightly against Dina’s, then applied little butterfly kisses to the upper, then the lower lip. Seeing no resistance, Lynn pressed harder, demanding a real kiss, and Dina was happy to comply.

Dina opened her mouth and allowed Lynn to take control. Lynn found herself incredibly drawn to this silly woman, and roamed Dina’s mouth with a firm and guiding canlı casino siteleri tongue. The women kissed deeply, breathing each other in and out. They had to stop for a moment to catch their breath, but Dina, slipping her arms out from under her, grabbed Lynn’s head and brought their mouths back together again. They probed and explored, sucked and tickled with their lusty tongues. All the while, their crotches were pressed up against each other, doing a little dance. Dina was amazed she was feeling this way. She thought only men could arouse her like this. She’d never dreamed that kissing a woman would be this fulfilling and satisfying.

Dina’s hands kneaded Lynn’s breasts while their kiss continued. They were still pubic bone to pubic bone, but didn’t want to move. At one point, Lynn broke away in order to tease Dina with her tongue. She stroked her neck like a mother cat bathing its kitten. These long, slow strokes drove Dina wild. To her utter amazement and shock, Dina felt her orgasm building. Whoa! We’re not even really screwing, she said to herself.

Determined to be attached to Lynn when she came, Dina demanded her mouth again, flicking her tongue against Lynn’s. Both women were moaning slightly, and breathing very hard.

Out of the blue, mid-kiss, Dina came, bucking against Lynn’s pelvis, kissing her harder and more intently. Lynn applied pressure against Dina as the brunette gasped and humped and, after many moments, was still. Neither woman moved a muscle. Lynn hadn’t climaxed, but was feeling very good right now. Orgasm would come later.

“Damn! I never knew you could get off just from kissing! No guys I know ever did THAT!” Dina sighed. Lynn smiled and stroked Dina’s cheek.

“There are other ways than that to get off. If you still need proof I’m gay, I could show you some time…” she looked into Dina’s eyes longingly. Dina smiled.

“Yes, well, I guess I do need some more proof,” Dina whispered, and moved to kiss Lynn again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20