Chris and Reede

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Disclaimer: Everyone in this story is over 18 years of age. If you find incest in any form offensive I’d suggest you give this story a miss.

Chris Andrews stood over his daughter; Reede. She had fallen asleep on the sofa half an hour ago after returning home from a night out with her friends, and had changed so she was wearing an old white t-shirt that was at least two sizes to small and a pair of pink hot pants that barely reached the bottom of her round arse. Her tits, which were 34C and almost impossibly pert, practically spilled out over the edge of her top. Chris leaned in and gently brushed her long black hair out of her face before scooping her up, like a groom would his new bride, and carrying her up to her room. She began to stir when they were halfway up the stairs, but he had shushed his 18 year-old daughter and told her to go back to sleep.

Chris tucked his daughter in and kissed her on the cheek, she mumbled out a thank you as he closed her door behind him. In the hallway Chris leaned against Reede’s door and let out a sigh of relief — seeing her tonight, first in her mini-skirt before she went out and then just minutes ago curled up on the sofa, had sent seedy and sordid thoughts running through his head. His daughter was gorgeous, and not in the way most fathers viewed their little girls. It had taken all his willpower to just carry her up the stairs and put her into bed — he wanted desperately to strip her naked, run his hands up and down her legs, massage her breasts and stroke every inch of her creamy white skin.

He looked up at the ceiling; ‘go to bed, go to bed and you’ll have forgotten about this in the morning,’ he thought to himself. Then he felt his dick growing, pushing into his jeans. He gulped, turned, and slowly opened to door to Reede’s bedroom. Quietly and with one eye on his daughter, who was still completely out of it, he crept over to her washing basket and delved in, grabbed the first pair of panties he could find and made a hasty exit back into the hall. He stared at the pink cotton panties he’d emerged with and then did something that sickened and thrilled him in equal measure — held them to his nose and mouth before breathing in Reede’s scent. His head began to swirl and he dropped his daughter’s underwear outside her door, before stumbling towards his bedroom. He stripped down to his boxers and his wife groaned as her husband slumped into bed, pulling the covers off her.

“Did she have a good time?” Tammie, his wife of almost 20 years asked sleepily.

“I think so. She had changed and was asleep on the sofa before I got to talk to her though.” He rolled over and stroked Tammie’s face, pushing his groin into her bottom.

“Not now, Chris. I’ve got to be up in four hours.” Tammie could feel his erection prodding her behind. On a normal day she would have turned over and relieved him but tonight she needed sleep, it was already 2:30am and she had an early flight. With a groan, made entirely for her benefit, Chris rolled onto his back.

Reede woke up the next morning with what could only be termed an ‘epic hangover.’ She glanced at her clock; it was already midday. Pulling herself out of bed she stripped herself naked and put on a robe, before opening the curtains. It was hammering down, the sky was grey for as far as the eye could see which meant a day holed up in her house. ‘Fucking weather,’ she thought to herself as she pulled her bedroom door open. She stepped on something as she moved into the hallway and looked down, to find a pair of her panties on the floor. She bent over to pick them up and wondered just how drunk she must have been when she got in — she hadn’t even been wearing those last night, and must have tipped the wash basket over or something.

Chris heard his daughter coming down the stairs, and prayed silently to himself that she had changed. Fortunately for him Reede was in her dressing gown, a big white robe that looked big enough for someone three times her size.

“Hi Daddy” she croaked, her voice obviously still hadn’t recovered from last night. Chris took a deep breath and tried to push all memories of last night to the back of his mind.

“Morning sweetheart,” he tried to sound as cheerful as possible. “Did you have a good time last night?”

“I think so, if this hangover’s anything to go by.” Reede poured a glass of water and popped a couple of paracetamol. “Has mum left already?”

“Yeah, she said to tell you she loves you.”

Reede sat down at the table. The top of her robe fell open slightly as she propped her head up with her hand. Chris’ eyes were fixed on the cleavage on show, his cock twinged and he quickly turned away.

“Have you got any plans later?” he asked, trying to keep things normal.

“Nope, nothing. Can’t do anything in this weather, so it’s just you and me.”

Chris said nothing. He fiddled with some of the undone washing up.

“Daddy… dad?” His daughter tried to get his attention. He tried to focus and remove all those disgusting thoughts about her from his mind before turning around. “Are you alright? casino siteleri You seem a bit quiet.”

“I’m fine, sweetie.” He wasn’t. “You want any breakfast?”

“No,” she dragged herself off the chair and up to her feet. “I’m going to take a shower and change.”

Reede took herself back up the stairs. If she had looked back she’d have seen her father staring at her, more specifically her arse. Even in the thick robe it mesmerised him — it didn’t matter that she was his daughter, right now he was struggling to see her as anything other than a beautiful, attractive woman.

Upstairs Reede treated herself to a long, luxurious shower. The paracetamol had muted the hangover, thankfully. After finishing up she changed into her ‘weekend’ clothes; tight grey tracksuit bottoms and a pink hoodie she’d been given at University where she was part of the athletics team. It was for that reason why Reede was so light-footed and probably why her father didn’t hear her coming down the stairs. She was about to step into the lounge but stopped dead in her tracks; her father was sat on the sofa, his eyes closed and his head tiled back so he was staring up at the ceiling. His jeans were open, his boxers had been pulled down and his hand was rapidly stroking his stiff, fully erect cock. Reede’s eyes grew wide as she watched his hand pump up and down, she’d caught her Daddy in mid-wank and she felt frozen in place. It must have been at least 7 inches long she told herself, thick as well, and she could see his pubic hair had been almost completely shaved. His back arched and his face began to contort, and Reede watched open-mouthed as Chris groaned, cum erupting from his penis, up onto his stomach and all over his hand. Before her Dad opened his eyes Reede turned and crept back upstairs and into her room. She sat on the edge of her bed with her eyes focused on the rain outside, and no matter how hard she tried the image of her father masturbating was all she could think of.

Tammie had been gone for three days and Chris was getting desperate. It had been raining pretty much non-stop since she’d left and Reede hadn’t left the house. He was constantly horny now, and despite how perverted it felt and how wrong he knew it was the reason was curled up next to him on the sofa. For the first couple of days he’d tried to masturbate as much as possible, hoping to take his mind of Reede even if only for half an hour or so, but today it was gone 11pm and he still hadn’t had one. Every time he thought he’d be able to relieve the pressure Reede would come out of nowhere, her arms wide for a hug or a kiss. Of course it was sod’s law that every time she did so he was hard, and on a couple of occasions he’d had to push her away when he felt his dick pushing into her stomach; he was five inches taller than her and was constantly wary that she’d feel his erection.

He looked down at his daughter; her head was resting on his thigh just inches away from his cock.

“You shouldn’t let the weather keep you locked inside all the time” he said, hoping he could get his daughter out of the house for a couple of hours tomorrow. “Maybe you could go round Sarah’s? It would beat sitting at home all day.”

“Yeah, I guess. I might give someone a call tomorrow.”

Reede had no intention of leaving the house. She’d had a number of chances to go out with friends over the last couple of days, but she’d chosen to stay at home. She’d caught her Dad masturbating three more times since she’d first seen him, and for some reason she had woken up this morning with the urge to feel his cock. Not to grab it or anything like that, but just to feel it — through his trousers or by ‘accidentally’ brushing against him. She wasn’t sure why, there was always a nagging voice that screamed ‘he’s your Dad!’ but she just couldn’t get his cock out of her mind. She’d dreamt about him two nights ago; he was naked on his bed, wanking. He’d cum and it had covered his stomach. Reede had been watching from the doorway and slowly walked over to him, he looked up at her but didn’t move. Slowly she climbed on top of him, straddling his legs and lowering her head to his stomach. She woke up just before tasting his cum, and couldn’t deny the disappointment she had felt at waking prematurely.

Chris shifted, breaking Reede’s train of thought, and lifted himself up off the sofa. He made sure to guide Reede’s head down onto the cushion softly.

“Right, I’m going to bed,” he said as he stretched. “Are you staying down?”

“No, I’ll go up now as well.” Reede pulled herself up. “Come in and say goodnight before you’re done.”

She hugged him pecked his cheek. Her father didn’t see the smile on her face as she turned away and went upstairs; Reede had ‘felt it’ again, trying to break free from his jeans, and a flutter went through her stomach.

Chris locked up before heading up the stairs a couple of minutes later. He went to his daughter’s door, which was open by a foot or so, and tapped lightly. No answer. He tapped again, and still there was nothing. Maybe Reede was in the bathroom? He pushed the door open and slot oyna stepped inside and — suddenly his heart was in his throat. His mouth went dry and he was aware of the almost deathly silence.

“Shit, sorry Daddy!” Reede grabbed her duvet and covered herself with it. “I didn’t hear you!”

She had been standing there naked except for her panties — those pink cotton panties, in fact. Chris hadn’t been able to stop himself from taking her in; her long, toned legs, her tight tummy and her perky, 34C breasts. They were perfect. Her pink nipples were pointing towards him, and she had stood motionless for what seemed like minutes before finally covering up. Chris tried to speak but struggled to find the words.

“It’s ok, I… I should’ve knocked… goodnight, Reede,” he had finally managed to splutter before turning and practically running out of her room.

Her father slammed the door and Reede let the duvet drop to the floor. Almost instinctively one hand went to her breasts and the other began massaging her pussy through her panties. She had wanted her Dad to come in and see her naked. It was a spur of the moment thing but she’d wanted it nonetheless; she was naked when she heard him knock and turned to face the door, remaining quiet. He had knocked again and still she didn’t answer, instead silently praying that the door would swing open. For a brief second she had actually felt disappointed that the door remained closed — but then it moved, and in stepped her father. The look on his face was priceless as he scanned her body. Eventually she had grabbed a duvet and wrapped it around herself, but now it was back on the floor as she rubbed her wet, aching pussy through the cotton fabric covering it.

It had been half an hour since Chris had left his daughter’s room. The 39 year-old had gone straight to his room and thrown himself into bed, forgetting to turn the light off. He was lying on his back, desperately trying to get rid of the boner he had been nursing for the last thirty minutes. Eventually he gave up; he threw the quilt onto the other side of the bed and removed his trousers. His cock sprung into the air through the fly his boxers, already soaked in pre-cum and ready to explode. He gripped it with his right hand and began to masturbate, slowly at first, but then he built up speed and began to twist his wrist slightly with each stroke. He was on the verge of orgasm within what felt like seconds, all he could think about was Reede standing naked before him — he imagined taking each of her nipples in his mouth and rolling them between his teeth, he visualised himself burying his head into her panties and sniffing her cunt. He was on the vinegar strokes now, pre-cum was dribbling onto his hand, but suddenly a knock at his bedroom door snapped him back to reality.

“Daddy, can I talk to you?” His daughter’s muffled voice was barely audible. He sat still, hand still gripping his cock, struggling to think of what to do. He couldn’t say no — after what had happened earlier it might make things even weirder, but on the other hand he was sat here on the verge of orgasm, his hands were covered in his liquid and his cock was still as hard as it had been all day. Eventually he told her to come in, after tucking himself into his boxers as best he could and covering up with the duvet. Reede walked into the room, looking sheepish and awkward. Her left hand was up to her mouth as she bit on the tip of her thumb, and she was wearing the same t-shirt and hot pants combination from the other night. The tension between the two was obvious; neither Reede nor her father knew what to say. Eventually Chris realised it was his job as a father to sort this out, regardless of the feelings he had towards his daughter.

“Look, honey, I’m sorry about what happened earlier, ok? It was my fault; I shouldn’t have just come in like that.” Chris shifted, conscious of his erection. Still on his back he bent a knee, covering up the fact his cock was tenting the duvet.

“It’s ok Daddy, really” Reede moved her hand from in front of her mouth and said sweetly. “I’d told you to come in say goodnight, I should have shut the door or been paying more attention.”

They both smiled.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Chris asked.

“I’ll be fine, Daddy. Goodnight.”

Reede climbed onto his bed. Thankfully she crawled up alongside him missing what he was trying to hide, and moved her head in to plant a kiss on his cheek. At the last second though Chris turned his head to meet his daughters kiss, but Reede didn’t readjust and her lips pressed into his. Reede pulled backwards and they stared into each others eyes from just five inches or so away, with both father and daughter’s hearts beating rapidly.

“Sorry, my faul…” Chris said with a slight smile, trying to make light of it but Reede moved to within just millimetres of his face, cutting him off.

He could feel her breath on his mouth as well as hear it, it was short and raspy. Slowly she edged towards him, parting her lips slightly and pressing them against his once more. He felt her tongue pry his lips apart canlı casino siteleri and enter his mouth, which he accepted without protest. His own tongue began to dance with hers as he felt a hand grab the back of his head, pulling it in towards her. Their eyes met again but the kiss didn’t stop, and Reede slowly slid a hand down under the covers. Her fingers snaked down his chest, along his stomach and to the top of his boxers. Reede paused, and Chris knew this would be his last chance to put a stop to this. He remained still though, completely voluntarily and knowing full well what was going to happen next. She slid her hand into his underwear, breaking off their kiss once she felt his fully erect cock. She smiled slightly and pulled the cover off him, unleashing his big, angry-looking cock. She stared at it, her eyes wide; this was the closest she had been to her father’s penis, and she now realised that the last three days had been building up to this moment.

“Take your boxers off, Daddy” she ordered. Chris complied, arching his backside up off the bed and slipping them down his legs. Reede unhooked them from his ankles and brought them to her nose. There was a massive wet patch on the front which she breathed in, before tossing them aside. Reede leaned in and kissed him again before slowly moving down his body, running her breasts across his stomach. He could feel her hard nipples poking through her t-shirt, and then finally she was there. Her Daddy’s cock was just centimetres from her face. Pre-cum glistened at the head of the thick 7-inch monster and dribbled down his shaft. Slowly she leaned in, moving her eyes to her father’s, and licked the tip of his penis. Chris shuddered. Reede savoured the taste and went in again, and again, before taking the top of his cock into her mouth. Her hand gripped the bottom of the shaft and her mouth engulfed the rest, she took as much as she could into her throat until she gagged. Slowly she began massaging it up and down with her mouth and hand, looking up at her father’s face every few seconds; she wanted to see his orgasm face. Her other hand began stroking his ballsack and he groaned, Reede looked up and there it was. He was ready to cum. She sped up as Chris began shifting on the bed, wiggling his hips wildly as his breaths became short and sharp. Cum hit the back of her throat, she kept going and the warm, gooey spunk kept on flowing. She swallowed it all though, and sucked and slurped up every last drop that had erupted from his penis. Some dribbled down her chin but that was quickly licked up by her eager tongue, as Chris’ breathing levelled out and he lay still on the bed.

Reede kissed and licked all the way up his body before arriving at his face, and this time he initiated the kiss as he leaned forward and thrust his tongue into her mouth. She sat up again and removed her top; her nipples were swollen and engorged. She looked at Chris, waiting for his approval, and he sat up before taking her left breast into his mouth. Reede could’ve cried; it felt wonderful. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach and she could feel her pussy becoming wet as her father suckled on her nipple, before biting it lightly and rolling it between his teeth. He made sure to pay attention to the other one as well, before laying her down on the bed and climbing on top of her.

“I love you, Daddy,” she said, looking into his eyes.

Chris smiled. They kissed again, deeply and passionately, as Chris placed a hand on his daughter’s mound. Her back arched slightly and she took a sharp intake of breath.

“I love you too.”

Slowly he began to rub the soaking wet material, pushing it into her pussy. He rubbed in a circle before his mouth moved back down to Reede’s breasts. He squeezed them together with his hands and took both nipples into his mouth in turn, before kissing down her tummy. He circled her belly button with his tongue and felt her push her pussy up into his body. He smiled and pulled off her hot pants, flinging them aside. He got up onto his knees, straddled over his daughter’s legs, and surveyed the beautiful woman lying in front of him. His heart melted as she smiled at him, and he moved his down and kissed just above her vagina. Reede squirmed but Chris held her still as he kissed the inside of her thighs, before finally tasting her.

Reede let out a cry as her father licked her pussy for the first time. She heard him sucking up the juices that were running down to her anus, and then her head practically exploded with pleasure when his mouth latched onto her clit. He flicked it gently with his tongue, and then licked up from her opening up to her clit once more. Reede whaled as he clamped down onto the swollen nub again, and this time pushed a finger into her cunt. It was the most powerful, incredible orgasm she had ever experienced. If he hadn’t been holding her down Reede was sure she’d have broken her back, but still he didn’t stop. He kept pumping in and out of her with his finger whilst flicking at and sucking her clit. Cum gushed out of her freely but he sucked up every ounce, and Reede came again. This time her eyes rolled back into her head, her senses went haywire and every thought bar the fact that her Dad was doing this to her were gone. Her hips thrashed from side to side and she bucked up and down, but Chris held onto her.

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