Christmas Shopping Ch. 01

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This is one I edited for this site. It is a work of fiction. It is in no way resembling my family or anyone I know. The characters exist only in my mind. Readers of my other stories will immediately recognize that this is not me. This is another one I am breaking down into chapters. The bar one I wrote did not get many responses so I don’t think I will continue it. If this one does better, I will add more chapters. I’m thinking two more after this one. I hope you enjoy it. I know I made mistakes, but most of them are regionalisms so I’m not going to obsess about fixing it all.


I was so excited. I had just heard Mom on the phone talking to Uncle Mike. They were arranging our annual Christmas time shopping trip. Every year, the three of us take an overnight shopping trip to Seneca Hills. We hit the mall and the local factory outlet stores. It’s about a two and a half hour drive; we just get a motel room and spend the night. Plus, he takes us out to a nice dinner and we always have a blast!

It all began a few years ago. See, Mom and Aunt Sue are just about the same size. They are close enough for Uncle Mike to use Mom as a model at least. He trusts Mom’s judgment on picking out all of Aunt Sue’s Christmas gifts. Mom helps him select jewelry, make-up, essentials and clothes. She always picks the most stylish looks and tries them on so Uncle Mike can see how they look. Then he can say yes or no with some confidence. Mom truly has the upper hand though being his baby sister. He has always looked out for her and she has always had him wrapped around her little finger.

The reason I get to go is for my cousin Dylan. He is almost a year younger than my eighteen years. Uncle Mike has me to tell him what the current trends are. With me selecting for Dylan, and letting Uncle Mike know what’s in; Dylan has always been in style with the right clothes, the right movies, right music, and right video games. Dylan is a great guy anyway, but it helps to keep him looking good and being cool. It didn’t hurt that he grew up into being one of the hottest guys in school. He is a younger slimmer version of Uncle Mike.

Uncle Mike is a boss of some sort at one of the local factories in the city. I’m not quite sure what they do, but I know he deals with big pieces of steel all day and all kinds of big ass machinery. He is a little bit bigger, like barrel chested. He has hazel eyes, same as Mom and me and light brown hair. He is about 6’3 and nicely built. He is my Uncle but all the ladies in the family joke with him about his cute butt. He and Mom are really close so we spend a lot of time with his family.

It was a Tuesday and I had just come home from volleyball practice after school. I heard Mom on the phone in the kitchen. When she spotted me coming in, she waved me over to hear.

“Okay.” She was saying, “Ash (me) has a game on Friday night in Alcott. We’re going if Dylan wants to ride with us. We can take the kids out for Mickey D’s on the way home. I can clear my schedule for Saturday and Sunday though.” After a pause she said, “Sure, sounds great.” Right we can drive over on Saturday fairly early.”

She paused again. I assume he was saying something to hear that I couldn’t hear.

“Well, we can drop off all our stuff at the motel and still have most of the day to get some shopping started. See if you can get the same place. The pool and hot tub are nicer there. Ash and I both really liked it.”

Mom was referring to this out of the way motel we found last time we went over. The Holiday Inn was booked solid, but they send their overflow to this place. It was great because they were not as many people and pool and hot tub were nearly deserted the whole time we were there.

“Don’t forget to bring some extra suitcases and stuff for the gifts. Alright honey, we’ll see ya then. Love ya. Bye, ” she finished.

Mom turned to me with her million dollar smile going full blast. My mom is Lisa and she is a very attractive lady. She is 41 years old. She has pale blond hair, the same shade as Uncle Mike’s but with light brown highlights. She has hazel eyes, as I mentioned and a fair light complexion. She is 5’7 with a voluptuous build. She has a trim waist, nice thick booty and a sexy big rack on her gorgeous frame. She works as a bartender at Dusty’s Roadhouse. All the lugging of beer cases and kegs has kept her from getting too out of shape. She does dress sexy and the guys all love to watch her work.

My casino siteleri name is Ashley or Ash to my friends and family. As I mentioned, I’m on the volleyball team in high school, varsity. I’m a great blocker and a fair spiker. I’m 5’8 and a very slender tight build. My eyes are the family shade of hazel and I have a mass of wavy blond hair. I wish my tits were bigger, (I’m only a 32B), but my hips are trim and my butt is small and firm so I guess I’m proportionate at least. That goes in the win column right? I’d worn this cute little Nautica string bikini all summer and had gotten a very sexy tan. I’d kept it up by going to the tanning salon a couple times week. I think tan lines are hot and mine are definitely noticeable. The girls in gym and on the volleyball team have said you notice my tan lines even before you notice my body. I think they meant it in a good way.

Mom was beaming as she hung up the phone, “That was your Uncle Mike. This Saturday, he wants to do our Christmas shopping trip. I told him about your game on Friday, but said we were good for Saturday and Sunday. You okay with that?”

“Sure Mom,” I said grabbing a diet Coke from the fridge. Let me check to make sure I finished Dylan’s list. I know the games and movies he should get. I want to call Aunt Sue and have her look at his IPOD too. I want to know what his taste in music is. Oh, and I want to look through a couple of magazines. I know I saw some new stuff coming out he would look great in.” I finished giggling. I can’t help it. Picturing my hot cousin in some great new gear makes me kind of giggly and tingly, of course I didn’t tell Mom that.

I went upstairs to my room and went over the stuff I wanted to make sure we got for Dylan. Once I was sure he was all set up, I went and took my shower. I wrapped a towel around myself and was walking down the hall to my bedroom. I heard a slight giggle coming from Mom and Dad’s room. I stopped where I was, cocked and ear and listened.

“So,” Daddy was saying, “you’re gonna let Mike get his big ol’ hands on these fine tits of yours huh?”

To that Mom replied, “MMMhhhmmm. Trust me sweetie, that not all he’s gonna get this weekend.”

I crept up to the door. It wasn’t shut all the way and I was able to push on it and widen the crack just a little bit to look in. I didn’t think of it at the time but thank God Daddy takes care of everything so well. The hinges didn’t squeak at all. I peeked in expecting to see Mom and Dad talking in bed. What I saw was a surprise to say the least.

Instead of lying in bed side by side talking, Daddy was lying in the bed on his back alright; but Mom was nude as a new born lying sideways on the bed sucking his cock. From my vantage point, I could see my Daddy’s big strong hands as he fondled one of Mom’s big plush tits. I always knew Mom was voluptuous and I had seen her naked enough times. Being her daughter, we have changed together and stuff. This, however, was something new. I had never seen her stretched out sexily doing hot erotic things. She looked glorious. I could see her soft rosy nipples compared to my honey-brown colored ones. When she scooched up higher on the bed I got a shot of her shaved wet slit between her legs. She had two fingers down there massaging and caressing her sex. The other hand was around my Daddy’s thick cock pumping him as she sucked.

I never really thought about Daddy’s cock, much. I am his little girl and he was my first crush and my hero so yes, there was a time or two I thought about it. I never took it to the level of graphic detail I was seeing before my eyes. Daddy’s cock was nice too. It was a thick veiny weapon. I guess Dad trims his pubic area because he only had a light dusting of dark hair at the base of his girthy fuck stick. As Mom sucked his shaft and fondled his balls I could see he had no hair on the shaft at all and his balls were bare as well. It looked so sexy and it was hot to think my Daddy keeps his rod tidy.

He wasn’t massive by any means, right around seven inches. It looked like it would fill me quite nicely though. It was a thick piece of meat and I love thick cocks in me.

My dad is named Ben. He is a big guy, 6’4, with rusty red-brown hair. Thank God I ended up with my Mom’s side of the family’s looks. He is more narrow waisted than Uncle Mike but they both have that large presence that makes them seem bigger. He has piercing blue eyes and a thin goatee and mustache. It’s slot oyna easy to see why I had a crush on him. He still is quite a sexy man. I love my Daddy, and to see him like this sent sparks shooting right to my cunt.

Mom let his cock pop out of her mouth with a plop. His tool was so wet with her saliva still. Even as she gripped the base, he has enough cock above her hands to have a slight bend to his left. Now, that I knew Daddy hung to the left, maybe I would be checking him out a little more. Seeing him so hot and being so sexy had me getting juicy and smoldering between my legs. My eyes became locked in this erotic scene.

“By Saturday night,” Mom started, “Mikey will have probably have already shot one load down my throat as I’ve sucked him off. HHHmm, you like that thought don’t you, Ben. You like imagining my big brother’s cock in my mouth. Don’t you naughty boy. MMMM. Maybe I’ll let him fuck me up this booty you like so much. Huh baby?” She lowered her head back down to suck Daddy’s cock.

Her head went lower, her wet mouth sucking down Daddy’s rod. His stick was all all wet with saliva again when she raised her head.

“Mmmm, baby. You are so hard tonight. You are really enjoying that idea Ben? You’re getting off to the thought of my brother’s big cock sliding up this ass?” She slid her hand back over her butt as she said this. I could see her fingers slightly spreading her butt cheeks.

“Oh yeah, Lisa honey.” Daddy was saying in his deep rumbling tone. Daddy’s voice is so sweet and hearing him gruff and horny had me so weak in the knees. “Let him bend you over the edge of the motel bed and ram that big dick of his up your hot little butt. Ugh, oh yes, suck me sugar. Let Mike stick that cock of his in all three of your holes this weekend. MMM. Come home all wet and sore. Yyeesss. Oooh. Get Mike all hot by trying on some sexy stuff for him to get Sue. Once he is all hot and bothered, let him fuck you senseless. You always did like that long cock of his, didn’t you, Lisa?” Daddy finished groaning.

All the time he was talking, Mom kept slurping and sucking his rod. She was moaning lightly too. I was dizzy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Mom was talking to her own husband about having raw naughty sex with Uncle Mike, her brother. Even more weird, Daddy was not freaked out or shocked; he didn’t mind and he was encouraging her.

I do have to admit: the thought of Mom and Uncle Mike fucking did have my tight cunt tingling. I hate to say it out loud, but their dirty talk, the erotic show before my eyes and the very thoughts Mom and Dad had me thinking and I was so fucking turned on. I shifted the towel around me higher up on my body so I could get my shaking hand down to my shaved cunny. My fingers slid along my moist labia. I could feel the slick layer of dew coating my slit. Heat was building in my core. I dipped my fingers in between my wet lips and pulled some of that sweet nectar up to get my clit aroused and wet. I circled my clit with two fingers swirling the juice around. I was thoroughly enjoying the pulses of pleasure I was sending though my body. I could feel my back arching as I convulsed. Low deep moans were coming from me as the streamers of sexual electricity rocketed up and down my spine.

I never took my eyes of my parents. Only now, they looked like a sexy, mature porn. I watched the sexy pair on the bed as they talked more and more about the naughty fun in store for Uncle Mike and Mom this weekend.

“What about Ashley?” I heard Daddy say during one of his groans.

My ears perked up.

“What about her, Ben?” Mom asked raising her head. In the mirror in the head board I could see her grinning up and Dad.

“How do you propose handling this weekend with her there?” Daddy asked. “Are you two going to get her a room of her own? Won’t she put a cramp in your fun? I can’t imagine you and Mike fucking like crazy with her sleeping in the other bed, Lisa. She’d hear you.”

“So?” Mom smiled up at him. “Maybe she would hear us. Who knows, maybe she would wake up and have fun watching her sweet Uncle Mike shove his big meaty cock up into her sexy Mommy’s dripping cunt.” She slurped down on Daddy’s tool and when she came up she said, “Maybe your little girl would get so turned on by Mommy and Uncle Mikey fucking that she would want to join in.”

I felt my cunt spasm and I began to flood even more juices. I could feel my wetness getting all over my hand canlı casino siteleri and knuckles. I couldn’t have heard her right. Mom was adding me into their dirty talk? I plunged to fingers into my wet gash. I bit my hand to keep from crying out and alerting them to my spying. I slid my wet slick thumb around my throbbing clit. The ecstasy I was giving myself was joyous. I was so turned on, the coming orgasm was a need.

I could still hear Mom talking to Daddy in her beautiful voice, but it was all hot and husky with desire. “Maybe that sexy little baby of yours will throw her gorgeous legs wide. Tell me, Ben: how long could her Uncle Mike hold out while staring right at the luscious shaved pussy of hers? Surely, you don’t think he could resist thrusting that long horny tusk of his up into your little girl’s tight moist pussy.”

Daddy groaned and he began bucking his hips up into Mom’s bobbing mouth. Daddy had a naughty streak in him. He was loving the idea of me getting fucked by Mike…Uncle Mike I mean. His newest surge of vigor had to be from the images in his head of me spread out naked and writhing under some great fucking by Uncle Mike. Daddy was picturing Uncle Mike fucking his little girl and it was pushing him farther along. The idea of fucking his wife was one thing but he had to humming with the need to cum from picturing his daughter.

Mom felt his surge too. “Ooohh, I think my sweet husband likes that. Don’t you, Ben?” Mom obviously loved how aroused he was. She said, “You like the idea of that hot little girl across the hall completely naked. You enjoy the thought of her tight pussy getting fucked. Is it by anyone, Ben? Or is it especially spine tingling to imagine the one plundering her cunt is her own Uncle Mike? I bet you’d love to be there this weekend, Honey. I’m willing to think you’d love to get in on the action.”

Daddy groaned and I could see his back arch. His cock was coated with Mom’s saliva and Mom’s hand was rubbing his pre-cum up and down his shaft. He looked so delicious. I almost wanted to barge in and taste his yummy looking cock. I think they would have let me too.

“MMMM. Yea, that’s what my honey wants.” Mom was teasing Daddy with lustful thoughts of me. “Maybe that sexy daughter of yours would suck and fuck that cock of yours too, Ben,” Mom said. Daddy growled in response. “Oooh, my sexy hubby wants to fuck my baby girl. He wants to get that cock of his into his own hot child.”

I came with the force of a freight train. I bit down hard on my towel to keep quiet. My towel wasn’t even covering any part of me anymore. It was just dangling int front of me clutched in my teeth to stop me from screaming in ecstasy. Nothing could stop my juices squirting from me, covering my hand and running down my thighs in a thick sticky stream. Even the pleasure I was already feel couldn’t stop me from gushing anew from what came next.

“Fuck Yea!” Daddy howled out. “She is a hot little cutie. MMM. I bet that tiny pussy of hers would feel like such heaven on my cock.”

I know I should have been horrified, even repulsed by all I had just heard, but I couldn’t help it. I should be ashamed by my own actions as well. Their dirty talk got me hot, and I had cum hard by my own hand listening to it. Including me into their fantasies had made me wet and kind of intrigued. I watched Mom climb up and crouch over Daddy. She slid down, impaling herself on Dad’s thick powerful looking cock.

“Oh God, Lisa. You look awesome like that. Mmmm. Yea, Lisa you feel so good.” Daddy was pumping up to me Mom’s downward thrusts.

I turned away from the door, with my nectar still dribbling down my legs, dumbfounded. The last thing I heard as I stumbled away on rubbery legs, was Mom saying,”Oooo Daddy, call me Ashley while you push that hard cock into m-uuunnggh.” I missed the rest of their little play-time.

That last little part had me a little relieved. I mean, if they were into pretending Mom was me, then maybe the rest of it was all make-believe too. It might have all just been some added kink to their married sex life. Maybe Mom and Uncle Mike never did anything after all. It could have all just been part of the game we had all just enjoyed.

I shut the door to my bedroom and finally let the towel drop completely away. I plucked it up again and used to dab away the rivulets of womanly juices from my sensitive cunny. I pulled on one of my sheer little tank tops and a pair of my short shorts. I climbed into bed, and lay there staring at the ceiling for awhile. I finally drifted off to sleep.

My last thought was; I guess I wouldn’t learn the truth until that Saturday….and I was looking forward to it.

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