Chuck and I

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Now, fifty years after the event, which has had an indelible, although often unrecognized, effect on my life, I wonder, and reminisce, and smile with the remembered pleasure. Does he remember too? Does the memories cause that old, familiar surging deep in his loins like they do mine? Even now I feel the lubricant begin to form on my tired, wrinkled appendage of joy as I begin this journey by written word of teenage discovery, forbidden experiences, and true knowledge of another being.

We were both eighteen when we met. He was a senior at the private school where I had, through my own stubbornness and dislike for authority, sentenced myself. Whereas he was in a private school because his family could afford it, I was there because I foolishly believed I could grab a wooden ruler out of a teacher’s threatening hand and smack her across the head with it just as she had me and actually get away with it! No such luck! I had been unceremoniously dragged to the principal’s office and summarily expelled from school in the beginning of my senior year. I wasn’t ready to completely abandon my education so, after some investigation and tear-felt conversations with my parents; I enrolled at the diploma mill private school known as Fernhall Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The school was small, just as Fort Lauderdale was at that time in the late fifties. There couldn’t have been more than forty students in the entire school and ninety percent of them were in grade school. It turned out that Chuck, myself, and two girls were the entire senior class, so it was a given that Chuck and I would gravitate to each other. We became inseparable friends, spending most of our time in and out of school together. One wouldn’t expect such a union, actually, as we were complete opposites in physical appearance. While Chuck had black hair and was outgoing, I was summer-blond and somewhat introverted.

We were both theater ushers, working at a theater on Las Olas Boulevard called “The Colony”. This was in the age when theater ushers wore fancy uniforms and were often viewed by the younger girls with a certain amount of awe and flirtation. That fact was another common thing between Chuck and I…we both never failed to take advantage of the young girls infatuation, often competing with one another to see who could get to “first base” with one girl or another. I have to admit now that Chuck seemed to have better luck than I, easily winning any girl we were both trying to pick up. In retrospect, I guess it was that particular knack of his that attracted me to him, made me not only envy him, but also made me want to get closer to him. Not that I had any thoughts of homosexuality at that time…just an undefined attraction that I was not consciously aware of.

Then came the day when I became aware of that attraction–and more. It was one of those slow days in the theater. A day where few of the available seats were filled, due mostly to the fact that the film showing at that time was really terrible, a film that few people were willing to waste their fifty cents on. On such days Chuck and I would often sit in either the very top row in the balcony, just below the projector booth, and bull shit the time away. On this particular day, Chuck suggested we go sit on the stairs that led into the projector booth–a location that was completely private due to the wall separating the seating below to the entrance into the booth. I knew that Chuck had used that private spot on a few occasions when he had a chick to make out with, but it surprised me that he suggested we sit up there.

“What if we have some people come in or the manager looking for us?” I nervously asked, unsure if it was a good idea for both of us to be out of sight as we were the only two ushers on duty.

“Ah, not a problem. What fool is going to pay to see this movie?” Chuck brushed my protests aside. “I just like the privacy of up there.”

Mollified, I followed Chuck up the short aisle and around the separating wall and sat down beside him on one of the carpeted steps. We sat there in silence for only a moment when Chuck began to wave his small flashlight beam around, passing it over my face a couple of times. We had been talking about one of the scenes in the movie that was showing which had a hypnotist putting a spell on one of his patients and Chuck had mentioned that he wished he could hypnotize people.

Chuck must have been thinking of the scene again as he passed the beam across my eyes a couple more times and remarked, “I bet I can hypnotize you.”

With that remark, Chuck began to rhythmically move the beam back and forth across my eyes. I was amused by his actions, certain that I could not be hypnotized, and decided to play along. Although my eyes were focused straight ahead somewhere above Chucks head, I saw him move one hand down to his pants and then I heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down. I was surprised when I saw him pull his cock out and stroke it a couple of times, but I didn’t reveal my surprise as he continued to move the light beam back and forth.

“Your eyes are getting heavy,” Chuck whispered. “Follow the light and relax. Let yourself casino oyna come under my spell. Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier. Sleep, go to sleep.”

I recognized the lines from the movie and had the sudden impulse to laugh at Chuck’s amateurish attempt at hypnotism, but I controlled it, curious as to where our little game was going. My peripheral vision revealed that Chuck was now actively massaging his cock, his thumb stroking across the tip, spreading a thin sheen of precum over the burgeoning head.

“You are now under my spell,” Chuck droned in a soothing voice. “You will stay under my spell until I clap my hands. When I tell you to do something, you will do it without hesitation. Do you understand me?”

Playing the game, I replied in a robotic voice, “yes, sir. I understand. I will obey.”

Chuck lowered the beam of light to focus on his rigid cock and commanded, “Kiss my dick.”

If it wasn’t for wanting to play the game to it’s conclusion, I most likely would have laughed in Chuck’s face at his command, as we had joked many times with a phrase something like “kiss my add”. But for some reason, some reason I can’t now explain other than to say that I really wanted to do as he commanded, I leaned forward and planted a closed-mouth kiss on the tip of his cock and then straightened back up. I could feel that some of his precum had transferred to my lips, but resisted the temptation to lick it off.

“Very good. You did very well. Raise your hand if you are fully under my spell,” Chuck ordered.

I mechanically raised my hand, knowing to leave it raised as though I was fully under his spell and had to wait for his command to lower it.

Chuck grinned when I raised my hand. “You may lower it now. You are now going to do something that you won’t remember when awakened. But when I give you the magic word ‘sleep’, you will once again be under my spell and do what I am going to have you do now. Do you understand? Smack your lips if you do?”

As though I truly was hypnotized, I smacked my lips in response and waited for Chuck’s next command, but was surprised when he stood and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles before sitting back down.

“Kiss my dick again, but French kiss it this time,” came the order.

I began to realize that I was enjoying our little game and at the same time was feeling a stirring in my loins, my own cock beginning to stir as I bent forward and planted by open mouth on Chuck’s pulsating cock, pleased when I heard him moan.

“Ummm, yeh, run your tongue around the head,” Chuck whispered. “Think of it as French kissing a girl. Make love to it.”

I began to run my tongue in circles around the head, tasting the slickness of Chuck’s precum, appearing to flow heavier. I felt Chuck’s hand rest on the back of my head as he directed, “go up and down now. Suck me. Show me that you love sucking my dick.”

I was tempted to confess to Chuck that I was not hypnotized but actually wanted to suck his cock, but decided I enjoyed it more to have him tell me what to do, so I did as directed, sucking his cock like I had mine sucked on the rare occasion I received a blow job. I made every effort to suck the stiff, veined cock just like I liked mine sucked, actually beginning to love the experience, my tongue and lips massaging and teasing the full length, from the sparsely covered hair of Chuck’s balls to the slitted, rubbery tip while Chuck’s moans became louder, more pronounced, and his breathing labored. By now his cock was striking the back of my throat, almost causing me to gag, but I was able to control it, not really thinking about it as I lavished attention to the entire six inches of meat.

After about ten minutes, Chuck’s hand on the back of my head pressed my face hard into his crotch and he curled his pelvis upward and then I felt the first spurt of cum strike my throat, followed by several more spurts that filled my mouth to almost over-flowing until I managed to swallow. I was surprised by the taste, expecting it to taste foul, but instead it was just slightly bitter and hot, the very taste erotic in itself and I decided I LIKED it! I worked to suck every ounce of cum from Chuck’s body once the pressure on my head eased, hungry for more of the elixir. I knew at that moment that I loved cock sucking and my sexuality was changed forever.

Chuck finally pulled my mouth off of his cock, rubbing the head across my lips as he did so, then quickly standing and pulling his pants up, stuffing his shrinking cock back in his pants. He smiled down at me and then clapped his hands, “Do you remember anything from the last few minutes?”

Still playing the game, I nodded. “Sure, we were talking about hypnotizing and you were shining that damn light in my eyes, telling me you could hypnotize me.”

With a laugh, Chuck admitted, “you’re right–I couldn’t hypnotize you. I tried, but I guess I wasn’t doing it right or something. Oh, well, it was worth a try.” Then he took me by surprise when he uttered, “sleep.”

It took seconds for me to remember that ‘sleep’ was to be his command for once again putting me under a hypnotic spell and slot oyna I quickly recovered and froze as though I was waiting for his next command.

Obviously testing me, Chuck compelled, “kiss my dick through my pants.”

Without hesitation, I leaned forward and eagerly kissed the now-small lump in his pants, leaving a telltale wet ring from my salivating lips. Pleased, Chuck once again clapped his hands, pretending that nothing had happened, “well, we better get back down stairs before the boss comes looking for us.”

I stood and followed Chuck back down the stairs to the main floor of the theater; completely unaware that old Roger, the projectionist, had seen everything that had transpired between chuck and I through the porthole in the wall of the booth. He had ended up splattering his load of cum on the wall as he had jerked himself off, excited by the scene on the steps below the booth. As I followed Chuck down the ramp, I considered what had happened between us and realized that our relationship had changed. Now I understood why girls seemed to prefer him when we contested for their attention, for I was feeling more than an attraction now for my buddy, something akin to love. I knew that I wanted to suck his cock again and again and wondered if he would have me ‘under his spell’ again. If not, I knew that I would have to initiate the action.


Fortunately for me, Chuck evidently had thoroughly enjoyed the blow job he had received from his ‘hypnotized’ play mate, for it was only a few days later when we were driving out to the beach one night after a day’s work. Chuck pulled his car into a stand of trees and brush down near the jetties and the Yankee Clipper. He turned off the motor and turned sideways in the seat to face me, his right leg pulled up and bent to the side against the seat back. Without preamble, he muttered, “sleep”.

I had been waiting and hoping that Chuck would issue his ‘magic’ command and immediately pretended to fall into a hypnotic state, sitting there, staring straight out of the front window like I believed a truly-hypnotized person would while awaiting the next command.

Testing, Chuck questioned, “are you under my spell? Are you ready to do what I say?”

I somewhat croaked, “yes, I will obey.”

“Good, my cock-sucker, my queer. That is what you are now. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Then say it. Say I am your cock-sucker, your queer.”

“I am your cock-sucker. I am your queer,” I repeated in a robotic tone.

“Then take my dick out, cock-sucker. Take it out and smother it with kisses.”

I turned in the seat and reached for his zipper, awkwardly pulling it down as far as I could, unused to manipulating someone else’s zipper. I reached inside and was surprised that Chuck had gone commando, having nothing else to cover his rapidly stiffening cock. I pulled it out with difficulty and then immediately bent over and began to kiss it all over, taking a lot of pleasure in licking the precum off of the head. While I repeatedly kissed and licked at his cock, Chuck undid his belt and worked his pants down over his hips, rising from the seat briefly to accomplish the task.

With his pants now around his ankles and both feet up on the seat, Chuck commanded, “lick my nuts, cock-sucker.”

The order startled me some as I had never had anyone lick my nuts and didn’t expect to be ordered to do that for Chuck. Not wanting to give away my un-hypnotized state by objecting, I did as I was told, running my tongue over the stiff-haired balls that had tightened up against the base of Chuck’s cock.

I heard Chuck moan with pleasure and he parted his legs as much as he could to give me better access to his jewels. “Oh, yeh, you queer, you faggot. That feels good. Real good! Mmmm, lick it lower, lower.”

I wasn’t sure what Chuck wanted by instructing me to lick lower as I was just a couple of inches from his asshole. I could even smell the faint odor from the nearby orifice. I licked just behind his balls, hoping that was all he wanted when he stopped me and ordered, “take my pants off, slave.”

I rose up and reached for Chuck’s feet so I could take off his shoes first but then realized that he had already kicked the loafers off his feet. So I pulled his jeans on off his feet and placed them on the floor of the car.

“That’s better,” Chuck exclaimed as he spread his legs wide, one leg on each side of my hips. “Now, get back to licking me down there. Right where you were.”

I was not enthralled by at first by this latest desire of Chuck’s, but I returned to my previous position right behind his nuts, working my tongue side to side and up on his wrinkled sack, meticulously avoiding his dirty hole.

“Lower, bitch. Go lower. I want you licking my asshole like the dirty cocksucker you are. Do it NOW!!”

I must have flinched at the very thought of obeying Chuck’s command, for he sharply repeated, “do it NOW!”

I tentatively tongued my way back to the star-shaped hole and ran my tongue around the outside, bringing an immediate response from my master, “damn! Damn! Oh, god, yes, yes! Tongue it, canlı casino siteleri lover, tongue it. Man, that feels good, so good. Wrap your fingers around my dick while you rim me, sucker.”

My hand automatically wrapped around Chuck’s steel-hard cock and I was surprised to feel it harden even more as my tongue worked on his asshole. His moans and the hardness of his cock told me that I was doing right and the pleasure I was giving him was magnified over and over. I began to really get into rimming the opening orifice and gradually worked the tip of my tongue inside, not even noticing any odor, only enjoying the effect I was having on the man I was beginning to love.

“God, yes, yes, tongue my ass, baby, tongue me. Ohhh, you’re making me so-o-o hard! My whole ass is tingling! Wow! God, I love it!”

I continued to tongue his hole while my hand squeezed his cock, amazed at how hard it had become, seeming to be even larger than the first time I had sucked it. After about five more minutes of tonguing Chuck, he urgently whispered, “I’m ready to give you a load of cum. Get your mouth on my cock.”

No sooner had I placed my mouth over Chuck’s cock when it exploded, spraying my mouth with a huge quantity of cum. I eagerly swallowed the hot, sticky fluid and began to work my mouth up and down the slickened surface, attempting to suck even more cum from his belly. I sucked for a good five minutes before I realized that his cock hadn’t deflated any at all–staying just as hard as before he had cum.

“Yeh, keep on sucking, my sweet cock-sucker. It feels so damn good and it’s going to stay hard for some time. That’s what rimming my asshole does for it–makes it even harder. Better for fucking that way. Too bad you don’t have a pussy or you’d know what I mean.”

My jaw was getting tired, but I loved the feeling of Chuck’s cock in my mouth, so I continued to suck for at least another fifteen minutes before Chuck shot another load of cum in my mouth. Not as much as before, but every bit as delicious. I now realized that I was a complete slave to his desires and wouldn’t deny him anything, although my limited experience told me that there was nothing more I could do to please him. In a matter of days, I found out I was wrong in that assumption.


It was another movie that no one wanted to spend fifty cents to see. So, without explaining, Chuck suggested we go up to the area by the projection booth. As soon as we rounded the end of the wall leading to the booth, Chuck whispered, “sleep”. I quickly stopped in my tracks and stood mutely staring straight ahead, awaiting his next instruction. I was surprised when he lightly knocked on the door to the booth without saying anything to me. It must have been prearranged, for Roger opened the door immediately and beckoned for us to come in urgently as he looked past us to see if we had been observed.

Chuck had to instruct me in my ‘hypnotized’ state to enter the booth and I saw him wink at old Roger. I followed Chuck docilely into the small, crowded booth as Roger quickly closed and latched the door. I stood by the side of the door looking straight ahead as Roger moved around in front of me, his eyes roving over my form suspiciously. Roger’s graying head turned to Chuck and he whispered hoarsely, “You sure he’s under your spell?”

“Sure, he is. Watch.” Chuck turned to me and ordered, “Take my cock out.”

I didn’t feel right doing it in front of someone else, particularly old Roger, but I had to maintain the ruse of being hypnotized. I knelt down and unzipped Chuck’s pants and reached in to pull his cock out. Once I had it out, I did nothing but stayed in a kneeling position.

Roger expelled an excited breath, “damn! He really does what you tell him?”

“Kiss my dick, cock-sucker,” Chuck snapped, reveling in his power over me.

Once again, I did as directed, leaning forward and kissing the soft head, then settled back on my heels.

Chuck asked the old man, “You want him to do what you want, Roger?”

“S-sure, sure,” Roger eagerly replied. “Will he do anything I tell him?”

“I’ll make sure he does,” Chuck answered before looking down at me and commanding, “you will now become Roger’s slave and do whatever he tells you to do. You will be our slut.” Then he nodded at Roger and told him, “Tell our slut what you want him to do.”

Roger cleared his throat and then stepped in front of me. “Take my cock out, kid.”

I could feel my face burning and hoped that neither of them would notice in the dark interior of the booth as I reached for Roger’s pants and undid the zipper. I reached inside and was surprised to find a very large, thick cock springing to life as soon as I touched it. I had to struggle to take the huge appendage out of his pants and only managed when Roger popped the button on his trousers and pushed them down over his hips. I couldn’t help but stare at the piece of meat pointing straight at my face. It really was huge! I guessed about seven to eight inches at least. And it wasn’t just long, but was also very thick, easily surpassing both Chuck’s teenage cocks and mine. Real man meat. I had thought of Roger as old, although I knew he really wasn’t old, old. Maybe late thirties or so, but his gray hair made him look older. Now I could see that his pubic hair wasn’t gray, but a thick mass of curly, black hair.

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