Club Night: Pregame

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Disclaimer: Unrealistic proportions of most things. Read the tags. Potentially offensive language for effect. I’m not a professional writer so don’t expect perfection in any way, I do this for fun and post it for others’ enjoyment, so fuck off with the hate but do give me constructive criticism <3 ———– I was at the club hoping to find some pussy. My dick was quite firm in my jeans despite not creating a tent and only a pipe-like bulge, but was desperate for pussy and the thrill of a new conquest. It’s different than calling in a bitch you know will bend over for you as soon you let her in. It takes brain power, knowing how women work, and a pussy wetting game strategy for which I was dealt a great set of cards, even though I hadn’t been able to do it in years. See, I was sent to prison for a second degree kidnapping that didn’t happen. I drove a chick away from her really strict parents’ house so we could fuck, and we did, but when I brought her back her dad not only was furious at her for leaving without his permission, he also found a way to get me in legal trouble. To this day I don’t know how he managed to put such a sentence on me for something that didn’t happen, but he did. It granted me a lot of new sexual experiences and even more frustrations that have been brewing in my balls for 8 years while I was in prison on top of all the anger that came with being wrongfully incarcerated. It took me treating the male guards with sloppy blow jobs and butt sex and giving some of them a good dicking for them to report my good behavior and get me out two years sooner than I was supposed to. That on top of the fact I didn’t cause any trouble, save for the few times I was caught with my dick hilted in some man slut’s hole while we showered. But that’s fodder for another story… Since I was 22 years old I haven’t had pussy – only ass from horny enough men to give to me to destroy. What I was used to was premium pussy that squeezed my dick to orgasm. Then I was thrown in there. Now I’m 30, out of jail for 4 days, and hornier than I thought possible. Even though my balls had been emptied several times a week, it was still not enough for me and it wasn’t what actually satisfied me. Fucking dudes became normal for me but only as a kink, not as a sexual attraction. So I was still sexually miserable in there. For the past 3 days I have only been applying to jobs and finding places to sleep in, hoping some sex starved lady will see me and want me in her bed, but it hadn’t happened. I’m still just as hot as I was back when I was 22, just now I wouldn’t bring the excitement of getting fucked by a really young guy, having hit my thirties. The huge dick and balls were still in my pants and so were the well defined muscles on my body thanks to the gym I had access to while there and the endless amount of time I had to do calisthenics. In my search for jobs I came across this cheap club which had no entrance fee today. On some week days it becomes a gay club and has an entrance fee because of performers, but thankfully the night I decided I was tired of sleeping on street benches was a free night. I had the clothes I walked into prison on, which on a normal guy would look out of date, but on me they were the least of the concern of women, since they probably caught sight of my ripped arms or firm chest way before they noticed what I was wearing. I already had gotten a bit of attention from dusty looking older women, who from an age perspective I don’t mind fucking as long as they look good. These didn’t. So I ignored them. I also had plenty of dudes hit on me that came in pretty frequently I guess aside from the gay night, probably scanning for hot straight dudes. Well, they found me, but I was already tired of ass. I was extremely horny though, so if any of them had pressed hard enough (literally) they could have gotten my pants off. casino siteleri One such fellow had a hard enough boner for me that, after showering me with stares and passerby compliments on his way to get drinks, made me realize he had great dick sucking lips and a pretty good ass. On one of his trips by me he just made thirsty eye contact, and I held it with a smile. He held it for as long as he could before walking away. Sure enough, I had my way and he came back to stay, asking if he could sit next to me.

“That drink looks awfully colorless, and you look like you drink dark liquor. Mind if I treat you to some?” He asked. He didn’t know I had no money to buy anything and so I got a seltzer water, which was still the most exciting thing I’d had in years.

“Sure,” I said, not sounding too desperate. He ordered me some bourbon drink and my eyebrows shot up. This little skinny dude that weighed less than 150 was really going to give me bourbon. I mean, he didn’t know me or what it did to me. Whenever I had bourbon, my already over the top boldness doubled and so did my libido, creating furious erections that are unrivaled in strength and longevity. After a few sips on an empty stomach, my dick was threatening the integrity of my jeans while my mouth busied itself with this guy, slowly melting him with my sexual energy and bringing him to an irreversible horny high.

Once my tipsy self felt he was ripe, got up and told him to follow me. I walked out to the side of the bar, which formed an alley with an adjacent building that was dark enough to be discreet as long as no one took a good look at us. Once there, I leaned against a wall and grabbed him by the hair once he stood in front of me, bringing his startled face very close to mine.

“How bad do you want my big dick, huh?” I asked in a whisper right to his face.

“Really fucking bad, please let me have it,” he begged. Damn, I didn’t even have to try or ask him to beg for me. I just chuckled and gave him my drink to hold while I took my shirt off. He sighed at putting his hands on my bare chest, brushing through the hairs on it. His fingers dug into the firm muscles on my torso and were soon followed by his thirsty tongue, having a hay day on my nipples and collarbone. I let him have a bit of fun with me while I kept sipping on my drink. But my dick was in pain, so soon enough I pushed him down to his knees by his hair. I felt a cool breeze on my nipples where he had licked and sucked them, and his desperate hands on the length of my cock in my pants. He began undoing my pants and yanking them down desperately.

“Oh my God,” I heard him say as he caught sight of the root of my megacock and began the age old struggle of taking it out of my pants while I’m hard. It took some work but he eventually pulled out my cock, which swung to hit the top of my abs, as well as my alpha quality balls. “You are fucking HUNG!” He exclaimed. He was staring at my still thickening length and my throbbing testicles in front of him.

“Well get to work, it’s gonna take you a minute to gobble all that up,” I responded, thrusting my hips towards his shocked face having my balls swing and smack him in the lips. He went under my hardening dick and began licking around my badly trimmed pubes that I had to “trim” with a really cheap safety razor the guards at the prison gave us that we couldn’t use to kill ourselves or anyone. He didn’t seem to care, and he shouldn’t, since my dick still tastes amazing and is hot as fuck regardless.

He was frantically coating my dick in a layer of spit he would then use as lube to begin piping his own face with my thick rod. I could see him getting distracted occasionally with my fat nuts but going back to my cock to keep lathering his throat gunk on me. He was gagging himself on my dickhead on purpose to get more to come out. It was fucking hot, not slot oyna gonna lie, and it was making my dick angry as fuck. He finally decided it was enough and began burying my cock in his throat. He could only make the head pop in, but he was struggling to fit the rest of my cock. I could tell he could fit plenty more, but my rod felt like it was made of steel and so would not give and bend even a little. He gave up and began frantically looking for something.

“What are you doing?” I asked, exasperated. I wanted to bust so badly.

“I need something to lie on. I want you to fuck my face with that cock,” he croaked between heavy breaths. He was definitely working hard on my cock and putting so much effort. I could tell due to his heaving chest and sweat drenched shirt and red, dripping face.

“C’mere,” I said as I walked towards him with my huge dong leading the way, barely swinging. He was backwards to me, so I grabbed the back of his head by the hair and pulled his head back. He gasped and opened his mouth wide, strings of slime forming between his swollen red lips. I kept pulling him back till he lost his balance and feel on his ass. I still held him though, and got down to one knee, lowering my dick to his face level. I pulled his face back again so he was looking up at mine. Now, I grabbed his jaw with my other hand by the mouth so just my thumb was outside and my other fingers pushed down his tongue, and pulled it open to his max. He whimpered. Then I put my face right on top of his and made a large dollop of spit, letting it dangle from my big lips right over his defenseless mouth. My cock was still throbbing right next to his face, almost resting on it. I smiled and it dropped, landing square on his uvula and causing him to choke and hack a little, but he still moaned in between.

“You learn a lot of shit while you’re at prison, like how to throat fuck a fag from the floor when your dick is rock hard and bends up. I just didn’t think I’d have to do that again – I mean, it’s only been four days. But since you insist, I’ll have to treat you like a dirty prison whore,” I said this quietly and calmly while he choked on my spit. His eyes were wide open now and his arms had tensed. He was pretty alarmed he was about to get throat fucked by a criminal. But it was too late.

I began aiming my beast into his wide open mouth and he totally forgot about what I had just said. I let go of his jaw and held his neck up from the ground as he was almost laying down now, and he began sucking and tonguing my cock on its way in. What a horny cocksucker, I’d never seen anyone that thirsty for me. As my dick reached the back of his throat my hand holding his head pulled it back so I could slide in nice and easy. He was moaning like a slut which made my dick want to get near his vocal cords to get more of those vibrations. To do that he had to get past the thickest part of my dick, which is right behind the head of my baseball bat shaped and sized prick. Back when I was 22 the widest part of my dick was my rim, but that was before I realized my dick was done growing lengthwise but not girth-wise. Once I got there and relished the vibrations of this whore throat, I fucked him a little, even though he had only swallowed half my penis. Then kept pushing in with each stroke, prolonging the time I spent on each push stroke and making my pull ones as quick as possible.

I was making pretty good progress and pretty quickly thanks to the loads of precum I produce and the natural sliminess of his esophagus. So it didn’t take long for me to go balls deep in him, only a few minutes, and I began fucking him soon after that. I did hold on to the balls deep position a second to bask in it, feeling his eyes forced shut under my balls and my heavy ball sack blocking his nose while his lips were stretched white around my girth while they wrapped around his canlı casino siteleri teeth to prevent them from biting me. Even though I was horny for pussy, this felt unmistakably incredible, and I I felt my balls taking over instead of my brain. In fact, I began losing control and I was straight up banging this slut, probably hurting him. I didn’t care though. He wanted to get fucked, so he was gonna get fucked. I only stopped to give him time to breathe, but was stingy about it. I wanted to cum.

“You ready buddy? Cock’s not gonna wait forever,” I taunted. He was coughing and almost wheezing. He had gunk dripping from his mouth, it didn’t seem like he could close it all the way. I only smiled. I’m rough. “I’m almost done bud. It’s the home stretch. It’ll pay off,” I assured as he laid back down in front of me and under my colossal dick, ready to get battered once again. I propped him up the way I do with my hands and slipped my diesel fueled prick into that’s stretched out throat. Once again I banged the shit out of him, but now I panted along with his muffled moans as my orgasm started.

“Oh FUCK YEAH… YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET BUSTED BY A REAL MAN…FFUUUUCK,” I groaned out loud as my dick began blowing massive wads straight into his stomach. I could see his neck being blown out of proportion with each load that traveled up my shaft, as if I wasn’t stretching him out obscenely enough already. His neck was so tight I could see the contour of my crown when I pulled back. “God, it’s good to be hung,” I said breathily as my orgasm waned and I slipped my cock out of his throat. I still kept it in his mouth as his nose struggled to pump enough air into his lungs. He coughed around my still jerking dick but couldn’t unblock his throat from his tongue out else an already overflowing amount of cum would drain down his pipe. And my dick was still shooting. At that point I had leveled his head with the ground since I wasn’t going back in his throat. But I didn’t fully pull out. I needed to make sure he knew he wasn’t done.

He recovered, finally, and swallowed the cum in his mouth while he sucked and tongued my cockhead. He was moaning and purring lovingly around my rim, which made me grin. He dry-cleaned my tip and around the rim and began sucking on it like a pacifier. I chuckled and pulled my dick out with a pop from his bloody lips. I had fucked his skull like I would an ass, so it looked like he got beat the fuck up. As I stood up I noticed I even left ball-shaped bruises on his cheeks and a black eye. And his neck looked like it had been wringed out with all the red finger marks and bruises. I was pretty proud of myself, not gonna lie.

“You’re not done, buddy,” I said as he stood up, a little too relaxed. He was as wonky as if he was drunk, and he wasn’t. I was. “Clean up after yourself, damn,” I said motioning towards my slimy, slightly bloody shaft that was thankfully deflating. He dropped back down to his knees and fell into my groin, licking around the base as he regained the strength to fully function, at least as a cock slut. He thoroughly licked every square inch of my vast dick surface and around every vein and ridge. He kissed it all around before giving my cock head a long, big wet one so his tongue could lash at the tip one last time. He also gave my swollen, low hanging cum machines a good polishing and plenty of kisses in gratitude. I pushed him off of me and began putting my clothes back on. It was midnight and the party was getting crazy in the club. I couldn’t miss the chance.

“Are you actually out of prison?” He croaked. It sounded more like a painful whisper.

“Yes, only four days into freedom after 8 years. Trying to get my grip on some pussy, so I’ll have to catch you later. Name’s Wesley. Hope to see ya around here again soon,” I said as I grabbed him by the hair again, pulled it back so he opened wide and spit in his mouth. If his face wasn’t caked in cum I would have smacked it nicely.

I walked away from that slumped slut, still buttoning my shirt up with my empty glass in hand, looking forward to round two – with a chick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20