Comforting My Step-daughter Ch. 04

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This is the fourth chapter in this fictional series. I hope you enjoy the story, and please vote. Constructive Feedback welcomed.


On Tuesday of the next week, Amy arrived at my place to do her first day of slavery. I had informed her that as my slave, she would be expected to do some cleaning and other chores. She readily agreed, even agreeing to wear whatever clothing I laid out for her. I had arranged to not be present when she first arrived, leaving a set of instructions on my kitchen counter, and a complete maid’s outfit on the bed in my spare bedroom. What Amy didn’t know was that I had gone through her mom’s clandestine wardrobe, and selected a highly revealing maid’s outfit that her mom had worn to a swinger’s Halloween party several years earlier. I figured that it would take her a couple of hours to do all of the requisite chores, and my note explained that I expected to get back home soon thereafter. She was to wait patiently for my return and inspection of her work. I anticipated though, that she would use the time to follow her curiosity and explore my place, seeing what she could find out about me.

Another thing that Amy was unaware of, but could potentially figure out if she was attentive is that I had placed several internet cameras around my place. I had one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in my bedroom. With these cameras, I could monitor anything and everything she did while working in my home. I trusted her completely; I was just curious to see how curious or adventurous she would be when I wasn’t around.

I specifically arranged my schedule so that it would be three to four hours before I could get home. I wanted her to have plenty of time to finish the chores, even though I knew that I would find fault with her work, and therefore would need to punish her. I could still fondly remember several bondage and discipline scenes that her mother and I had played out. And, I was curious to find out just how far Amy might be willing to go in that direction. I had plenty of time to watch the video cams before I needed to head for home, and it was quite fruitful. I got to watch Amy gasp at the barely there uniform I laid out for her, but I was pleased when she quickly stripped and changed into the maid outfit. Even though I had already seen her naked a couple of times, it was ever so exciting to voyeuristically watch her strip her clothes off and don the sexy costume. It was quite revealing when she picked up the maid’s outfit and move over in front of the mirror to put it on. She watched herself in the mirror as she donned the lusty costume, enjoying the need to slide her hands over her own body adjusting the fit of the tight outfit. The black lacy bra with the outfit was completely sheer, and I enjoyed watching massage her nipples through the sheer material of the bra and white blouse.

For the first hour or so, Amy worked away at her chores quite diligently. I watched with lewd intent, enjoying every slutty view I got of her, as she stretched to reach the high places, or bent over to work at floor level. I made a mental note of where to place more cameras, as this could be made quite erotic with a little imagination, and her willingness to follow instructions.

Things got more interesting when Amy started working in my bedroom. She vacuumed, dusted and straightened, but then she paused and contemplated something while staring at my nightstand. Just as I expected, her curiosity kicked in and she moved over to the nightstand. She opened the top drawer, discovering my stash of sex toys, lubes, and magazines. Knowing she was in a male’s bedroom, she smiled broadly as she pulled out a couple of different vibrators from the drawer, clearly realizing that my stash was there for both sexes. I watched as she casually massaged the larger of the two vibrators. It was a bit larger than me, about 10 inches long. Just about the size of Sam, the boy toy she had fucked the previous week. She then laid it on the bed and continued her investigation of my drawer, eventually pulling out a couple of my magazines and leafing through them. Eventually she put the mags back in, but kept the vibrator out. She then moved over to the chest under the on-wall flat screen TV.

Continuing her explorations, she opened the top drawer in the chest and discovered that particular stash of several dozen DVDs, all XXX. None of those included any scenes with either Cindy or Amy’s mom, as I had always kept them in a more secure and safe place. I saw her gasp, clearly surprised, but not shocked, at the sheer quantity of DVDs. She spent several minutes perusing the diverse collection of DVDs, and, interestingly, put several on top of the chest. I was curious as to what subjects had stimulated her interest, but the camera position and angle precluded that. She spent several minutes perusing my collection until she had about five on top of the chest. I watched as she reread the covers of each of her selected DVDs, and then selected one.

I had no clue what video she had selected until the title screen appeared. I was not surprised when I saw that she had selected an all-orgy casino siteleri collection. She had told me after our small orgy with her long time girl friend and new roommate how much she enjoyed watching and being watched in sex. Her selection once again reinforced in my mind how much she was like her mother. Her selected video was a compilation of scenes, and as such, had no plot whatsoever. So, within a couple of minutes the screen was filled with three women and three men engaging in an all out orgy. I cared less about what was happening on the screen, but was much more intrigued to see just how far Amy might go.

As the video started, Amy adjusted the pillows on the bed and leaned back, settling in to watch the video. It wasn’t long before Amy’s hand had found its way under her short skirt and into her panty-less crotch. As her right hand massaged some unseen part of her nether region, her left hand busied itself fondling her clearly erect nipples through the thin material of the maid’s blouse. It wasn’t more than a minute before she was pinching her nipples through the white blouse. I could tell that her eyes were fixated on the TV, but her obviously labored breathing hinted to me that she was already quite aroused before the video ever started. As my cock slowly hardened, I continued my voyeuristic observations of my step-daughter/maid/soon-to-be total cum-slut. Soon her legs drifted apart and I could see her fingers working between her engorged pussy lips. While it was pleasurable to watch, the memories it stirred up in me about her mother were painful. Not bad memories; I just missed her. And, even though Amy didn’t quite have the same body as her mother, she was one very hot young lady. I observed her lips moving, making me wish I had the room set up for audio.

As the action on the screen heated up, Amy shed her few clothes. It was apparent to me that she was moaning, clearly getting into her own masturbatory session. Then, she reached over and picked up the dildo. She started stroking it with her hands, and my cock twitched, wishing her hands were around it instead. Her entire body was now writhing on the bed, surprising me with the rate at which she had become fully aroused. I wondered whether she had had some other stimulation prior to arriving at my place.

She then touched the end of the dildo to her left nipple, obviously allowing the vibrations to stimulate her already hard nipples. I watched her move the dildo from nipple to nipple, spending several seconds with each, before moving it again. Then, slowly, she dragged the dildo down the under-slope of her right breast, and across her abdomen, teasing her belly button with the tip of it. She lingered there longer than I expected, and I made a mental note to explore her navel as a possible extra-sensitive erogenous zone. Then she continued the journey of the dildo across her lower abdomen. I watched as it slipped between the folds of her pussy lips, and she flung her head back against the pillow in obvious pleasure.

She then planted her feet on the bed spread wide, and raising her ass from the mattress, she started pounding the dildo into her cunt. She was now writhing on my bed, driving the dildo in and out of her pussy, and shaking her head back and forth on the pillow. Once again, I made a mental note to wire the room for sound, as I was witnessing one of the best solo performances I had ever seen. The next thing I knew, she had collapsed on the bed, clearly spent from a mind-blowing orgasm. If there was any doubt as to the genetic inheritance of the lust gene from my late beloved, her daughter had just proved the case. And I found it amazing that Amy masturbated in a nearly identical way to her mother. Very interesting, I mused. And I wondered what kind of journey we were now launched on. Wherever it took us, I was pretty sure that it would be awesome. That is assuming that when Amy found out the truth about her mother that she could handle it. Or else, she would hate Cindy and me.

I continued to watch, and in about five minutes or so, she finally stirred from the bed. Once she climbed out of bed, she was the industrious little maid, redressing, and then quickly straightening my bedroom, dusting, vacuuming, and all the many chores that were left for her on my list. I was impressed with how quickly and thoroughly she cleaned my place.

So, when I headed for home, even though I had every intent to find fault with her work, I knew it wouldn’t work unless I was completely insincere, as I wasn’t that much of a neat freak. When I got home, I made sure to be loud enough that she would be aware that I was home. I was pleasantly pleased to find her waiting at the door as I entered my home. My very first impression was one of déjà’ vu. Seeing her in the maid outfit emphasized to me just how much she really did look like her mother. The maid outfit that I had selected consisted of an extremely short black skirt that barely covered her crotch, matched with a white button down the front see-thru sleeveless blouse. All of the top buttons above the breast level had been removed, so that it revealed all of her mouth watering slot oyna cleavage. The black lacy bra did little to cover her breasts, and I could tell that her nipples were enlarged. I couldn’t tell initially, but I was confident that she also was wearing the barely there thong that I had laid out. The four inch black heels showed off her well toned calf muscles.

She curtsied to me as I closed the door, and I took it a good indication of her subservience. But, I took it one step further to test her by commanding her, “Get on your knees, and take out my cock and suck it.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, instantly dropping to her knees in front of me. She unzipped my pants, took out my cock and proceeded to wrap her delectable lips around my hardening shaft. I wrapped my hands around her head and pushed her down hard on my cock. I was pleasantly surprised that she successfully took me all in without gagging. She quickly settled into a great rhythm, and I could feel my balls responding almost instantaneously. I forced her to continue for another minute or two, although I knew she wasn’t fighting it at all. I’m sure she would have sucked me off till I came and swallowed every bit of my cum. But, I wasn’t anywhere close to being ready for my orgasm. We had plenty of play time before that. “Okay, thanks for the welcome home. I think from now on, I should expect that whenever I arrive at home or at your place.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged. Do you intend for me to do it if other people are around? I would, you know, do it if you wanted me to.”

I contemplated the wildness of her proposal, and met her part way. “If you have had sex with the people that are present at any time, then, yes. Except for your husband of course. That wouldn’t be all that cool.”

“Oh, yessir. I like this. I am so lucky to have you as my dad. And Cindy is being way cool with me as well. She’s promised to let me hide in her closet as she plays MILF to an eighteen year old boy she has her sights on.”

I smiled. “That’ll be fun. And the poor boy will never be the same again. And little teeny-boppers will never satisfy him again.”

Amy laughed at my comment. “Somehow, I think you are probably right.”

I changed the subject. “So, how did your first day of being a maid work out? Did you get everything done?”

Amy slipped right into the role. “Oh, yes sir! It is all done. I hope it meets your expectations. Shall I show you what I have done?”

I answered in the affirmative, and she took me through my place and showed me all that she had done, not knowing that I was already fully cognizant of her activities. She was actually quite proud of her accomplishments. And I knew she should be given the amount of time she wasted, or enjoyed, on my bed. Her tour and description of her work was so compelling, I wasn’t completely sure whether or not she was just acting, or had naturally fallen into the role of sub. When the tour was complete, I re-asked her if she had done anything other than cleaning while at my place. Once again she claimed that that was all she had done.

I then firmly took her by her arm and moved her over to the bookshelf in my bedroom where I had hidden my camera. My action was firm and very controlling, although I was quite careful to not harm her. She was quite compliant and responded to my pressure. She gasped in surprise when I pointed to the hidden camera. It was apparent that she fully realized that she had been caught in a lie.

“Oh my gawd!” she screamed. “Did you watch me? I am so sorry. I was so horny when I got here. I had to do something.”

“That does not justify your use of my videos and bed, or lying to me about it. When you are here as my maid, I consider you to be just be a little cum slut that is at my beck and call, and is to obey my every command. Was that not clear to you? And, weren’t you willing to submit to those rules?”

Her gaze was firmly planted on the floor. “Oh, yes sir. I am nothing but a cumslut for you. I am here to do as you wish with me. If you choose to punish me for this, I understand.”

My inner sane self reminded me that Amy and I had not established the safety guidelines for a dom-sub relationship. Now was as good a time as any. “Hmm! That would please me a great deal. But, you and I need to have a serious chat before we move into the full blown cumslut role. We need..”

Amy interrupted me, “Oh, I know, Daddy, we need to establish a safe word and I need to understand that I can use it if I ever feel uncomfortable with the situation. So, my safe word is ‘apple.’ Does that work?”

Once again she had flabbergasted me. My surprise was written all over my face as she laughed and continued. “Just because I haven’t had much sex in my life doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. I’ve watched my share of videos, and I have read 50 Shades, after all. So, if I am to be your well trained cumslut, isn’t it time that you punish me appropriately.”

“You’re right.” I moved over to a chair and sat down. I then told Amy to lay across my thighs. Understanding that she was going to get spanked, Amy obediently lay across my legs presenting canlı casino siteleri her beautiful and delectable ass for my enjoyment. I slid the hem of her short skirt up and over her ass, baring her asscheeks, as her tiny thong covered nothing. They were nice and plump, and smooth, very smooth. I slid my hand across her ass, pausing momentarily as my fingers teased the crack of her ass. I heard a very low moan from her, and I knew that so far, she was enjoying the attention.

I then raised my hand and brought it down lightly on her right cheek, eliciting a slight gasp from her. I figured it was more from surprise than pain, as I had hit her very lightly. I continued to spank her, alternating between cheeks, but keeping the pressure at that level that stung but did not leave marks. After ten strokes for each cheek, I asked her if she was going to break my house rules again. I was more than pleased with her reply.

“If I do, then I know that I will be punished. I assume that my next punishment would be even harsher than this.”

“That it would,” I answered. “But, it seems that that doesn’t faze you, as I expected a full blown ‘No way.’”

“Feel my pussy, and you will understand my response,” she moaned. I slid my hand between her thighs, which she had opened generously to allow me full access. Even with her thong on, her pussy juices had oozed well past that minimal amount of protection. I slipped my fingers under the thin fabric, and then easily into her hungry pussy. Another moan told me how horny she was.

As I fingered her G-spot, I asked her why she was so horny today. I wasn’t all that surprised at her answer.

Between continuing moans, she responded, “Well, Cindy and I chatted this morning on the phone. That was when she promised to let me watch her fuck a kid, you know. Anyway, she also pointed me in the direction of several good porn websites. And I mean really good ones. So, I had an hour to kill before coming over here, and so I went surfing. I ended up watching hot videos for the entire hour, and at Cindy’s suggestion, I avoided masturbating the whole time. She told me I would be soaking wet when you finally got home, and that you would certainly appreciate that.”

“Oh, I do, for sure. So, did she tell you to sneak into my stash and watch my videos?”

“No, of course not. I take full responsibility. I was so horny, and I knew you’d have a stash here someplace. It didn’t take long to find it. Then I couldn’t resist.”

As I continued to finger her G-spot, I started massaging her asshole with my thumb. As I pressed against it, she pushed her ass up off my lap, clearly desirous of the attention she was receiving. As I did this, I wondered whether or not she was an anal virgin. I slipped another finger deep into her pussy and scooped out some of her juices. As I pulled my fingers out of her pussy I slid them up the crack to her asshole. I lingered there, allowing her juices to drip off my fingers and onto her tight little ass. She moaned, and wiggled her ass some more. Once I had her anus nice and slick, I returned my fingers to her g-spot as my thumb probed her now slippery ass.

With a bit of pressure, I forced my thumb past her sphincter. She moaned as my thumb plunged into her ass. I was pleasantly surprised at how much she was enjoying this. But, on the other hand, she wasn’t supposed to be enjoying it; this was punishment after all. I reinserted two fingers back into her pussy as my thumb continued to probe her back door. As she writhed on my lap, my cock reached full hardness under her. Her arousal and enjoyment of my dominant behavior created conflict in my mind. She was hot, and my cock said, “Come on, let’s fuck her!” while my devious plan demanded that she be punished and left wanting today. My arousal level was getting hotter and hotter as my mind shot the video of me fucking her in the ass.

I continued to contemplate my dilemma as I fingered her pussy and ass. I expertly raised her arousal levels to where she was desperate for some form of sexual release. Her copious juices combined with the continuous moaning told me how successful I was at maintaining her high level of arousal. I considered stopping right there and tying her up, depriving her of her release. Well, at least for some amount of time.

Even though she knew full well that speaking was unacceptable, the sexual tension finally got to her, and she begged, “Oh, gawd, Daddy! I need to cum. Please!”

Her begging triggered my decision. I pulled my fingers from her pussy, and my thumb from her ass, and then gave her a couple more hard swats on her ass. I then ordered her to lie down on my bed on her back. She did as ordered, and I knew that she expected to be fucked. Standing only a couple of feet from her, I removed my clothing, allowing my raging hard on full freedom. I then knelt on the bed, with my knees next to her face. I reached down and grabbed her forcibly by the back of her head, and pulled her face to my crotch. She willingly opened her mouth allowing me to drive my cock deep into her mouth. I showed little sympathy as I used her face as a fuck toy, pumping it up and down on my cock as if it was one of my rubber strokers, displaying no concern for her pleasure or comfort. It only took a few up and down strokes of her mouth before I could feel the jism building in my balls.

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