Confusion and Pleasure Ch. 02

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My third year in college was by far the most interesting. The summer previous I had a series of unexpected and confusing sexual encounters with my sister and now I looked at nothing the same. The first thing I had done when I returned to school was break off the rather unfulfilling and now undesired relationship I had with my semi-boyfriend. I needed some time to sort out what I felt and who I felt it towards. I eventually concluded that I was a lesbian, but was not sure how to go about it. So for a very long time I had gone without sharing physical intimacy with anyone and my body began to ache for release.

Then along came Linda. Linda was in my psych 101 class, and I became crazy about her within days of meeting her. She was in her early thirties. She was smart and sexy and she took charge. I found myself wanting to be hers, wanting her to take me and have her way with me. But she had done nothing to suggest that she was a lesbian, and I had no idea how to initiate a relationship with another woman. So I went on longing with no reward. Soon the quarter was over and I no longer had the psych class with her. I was being rather timid, and I should have done something to ensure that we remained in contact, but I didn’t.

Then to my surprise she ended up being in my pre-calc class the next quarter. Having just shared a class, we instantly formed up a little study group with a couple of other people, and it looked like I would get a second shot. But still I was being timid. I was incredibly frustrated with myself, but the frustration did nothing to help me with Linda.

About two weeks into the quarter our group of four was supposed to get together in the library to study for an upcoming test. One girl cancelled because of personal issues. The other simply didn’t show up (which was no surprise, considering how she went through most of life stoned out of her mind).

So I ended up studying alone with Linda. My heart was fluttering and my stomach tied itself in an intricate series of knots. I felt like I was back in junior high sitting across from my crush. My palms were slick with sweat and every time I tried to talk I nearly ended up chewing on my tongue. I felt so stupid acting like this in front of Linda, which of course only aggravated things.

Toward the end of the session we ended up on the subject of why we were taking the class and what degree we were working towards. Somehow I managed to stutter out that I was going for a generic business degree. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but several people had told me that you could do just about anything with a business degree. Then it was Linda’s turn.

“I originally came back to school so I could do something with my life after I left my prick of a husband. I guess I wasn’t docile enough for him, because he started screwing ‘sweet young girls’ on the side whenever he could. I caught wind of it and left him with his stupid whores.” She went on to say that she hadn’t really known what she wanted to do at first. “Jim used to avoid children like a plague, and he refused to even consider the possibility of me getting pregnant as a good thing. I’ve always loved children. So, I decided to become a teacher.”

She kept going, obviously upset by the memories of her husband that she had brought up. “My god! Sometimes I swear I should have been born a man. Every man I’ve ever been with thinks I should just lie there and take whatever he has to give me. What if I want to be in control, is that such a bad thing?” She stopped herself there, but too late. I could tell by the look on her face she had said more than she meant or wanted to, but I had heard exactly what I wanted.

This was what I had been waiting for all along. I could feel the color in my cheeks as I thought about the implications of this, and I swear my clit heard her because it seemed to be poking its head out to say hello. This was my chance, the time for me to make some sort of advance.

But my tongue remained firmly fixed in position. As I gazed into her reddish brown eyes, those eyes that reminded me of rich red earth, tree bark, and autumn leaves all wrapped up in one, everything I could think of to say seemed childish and clumsy or stupid. This would become another wasted opportunity.

Linda and I concluded our study session and parted. It was a Friday, so at least I would have the whole weekend to think about how I would seduce Linda, as I was sure was now my intention.

When I got to my apartment, I found a surprise waiting for me. Jennifer was there, waiting at my doorstep looking terribly depressed and most definitely as cute as ever.

“Hi Jennifer. It’s a surprise seeing you here.”

I got no response, but it wasn’t because of her shyness this time. She tried to speak, but all that came out were sobs. Tears started streaming down her face, and as I knelt to embrace her I could see that her eyes were all red and puffy. This was not the first time she had cried today.

“Sweety, what’s wrong?”

“It – It’s -” she made several valiant attempts at telling me, but broke down into casino siteleri sobs again. I led her into my apartment and sat her down on the couch, hugging her until she could speak more coherently.

“Maggy left me! She said I was a stupid fat little girl, and that she was done with me!”

That was all she could manage before the sobbing took over again. I knew already that Maggy was the dominant one in their relationship but I didn’t know that she could be so cruel.

“Oh honey, I’m sure she didn’t mean those things, and even if she did they’re not true and you don’t deserve them.”

“Yes they are,” she whined. “I knew it all along, but I got her to keep me and promised to be better for her, but I didn’t. And now she hates me.”

“Shush. It’ll be all right. If Maggy hates you then she doesn’t deserve you. You’re wonderful Jennifer.”

For the longest time she simply lay with her head in my lap, crying herself into a semi-peaceful stupor. My thoughts of Linda that had been pushed from my mind now returned as Jennifer lay in my lap. Then a new thought occurred to me. Maggy was lucky to have Jennifer, but if she didn’t want her, I would be lucky to have her as well. I had been very impressed with her body when I last saw her, and I wouldn’t mind being the one pleasing her body and bringing her to long, explosive orgasms.

I wanted to be the one to comfort her in her grief. But at the same time I didn’t want to take advantage of her while she was weak, and I wanted to belong to Linda. Once again Maggy and Jennifer were dragging me into the deepest depths of confusion.

When Jennifer returned to the world, she seemed somewhat recovered. At least she was able to speak without breaking down. “Thank you for listening and helping Sophie. I didn’t know where else to go. I was afraid that everyone else that knows about me and Maggy would side with her. Sorry if I intruded.”

I told her not to worry about it, and that she was welcome to talk to me about anything any time. She just lay for a while longer with her head in my lap, with me softly stroking her soft dark hair. Eventually she sat up and looked me in the eyes, which seemed a rather bold move for her.

“Did you really mean everything you said?”

“Absolutely. Anyone would be lucky to have you.”

“You really don’t think I’m fat?”

She sounded so convinced of the falseness of my statement that I was shocked for a moment. I was angry with my sister for so damaging this poor girl so much that she could think of herself like that. For me at least, there is a certain weight range where a woman does not become more or less attractive by gaining or losing weight, but simply becomes attractive in a different way. A small amount of fat can be an attractive thing. This didn’t seem like the time to give her such a complicated answer though, so I responded more simply.

“Absolutely not. I think you have a wonderful body.”

“Thank you. You do too.” True to her character, Jennifer said this in a half-mumble while staring at the floor, displaying the timidity that I found so adorable in her.

I cupped her cheek in my hand with the sole intention of giving her comfort. But when our eyes met something awoke in me that I could not control. I moved lips to hers and kissed her with the passion that came from a long denial of sexual release. Once the surprise wore off on her she opened her lips to me and invited me further. I probed her mouth with my tongue, exploring every corner of it and savoring the taste. Meanwhile, my hands explored her body through her clothes. I started at her face, tracing my fingernails lightly up and down her cheeks and the moving down her neck to tickle along her collar bone. I cupped her delightfully full breasts, caressing them and squeezing them ever so gently until I could feel her nipples poking back into my hands. Then I moved my hands down her sides and played my hands over her adorable tummy. My fingers danced around to her back, and then cupped her butt and pulled her to me.

My body was aching with need now, but I didn’t want to take advantage of her so I disengaged my mouth from hers. “Is this OK? Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” she panted. “Please don’t stop.”

I obeyed. She lay back on the couch then, and I lay atop her. My mouth found hers again, and my tongue wrestled with hers while my hands found the buttons on her blouse and began to remove the prohibitive article of clothing. I unfastened her bra and removed it from her twin globes but left it strewn across her tummy. My mouth moved down her body and found her breasts. I tasted another woman’s flesh for only the second time, and it was a heavenly experience. I lost count of how many times my tongue did laps around her aureoles, how many times I took her firm nipples in my mouth and sucked them like a newborn, how many times she moaned my name in pleasure. I nipped playfully at her flesh from time to time. Then I bit her nipple, and she responded with an exclamation of pain.

“I’m sorry!” I was embarrassed and ashamed to have mis-stepped so, but she slot oyna didn’t seem to mind too much.

Then I was back at her tits, enjoying every moment nearly as much as her, or so I thought. I was soon surprised to find her cumming. I was so surprised that I took my mouth away and gaped. I think it kind of ruined the experience for her, but she was rather forgiving.

I found myself apologizing again. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that a woman could cum from just her nipples. It kind of caught me off guard.”

“It’s okay,” she purred. “It surprised your sister the first time too. I guess I just have really sensitive nipples.”

Her face was turning red just talking about it even though she had just shamelessly experienced it. She was so cute that I had to plant my mouth on hers again and resumed my exploration of her mouth.

When finally I liberated her mouth she spoke. “Do you want me to make you cum now?”

‘Desperately! Absolutely!’ I thought, but instead I said “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I think I do,” she whispered.

Her hands slowly made their way to my breasts. Though I’m sad to say that mine aren’t nearly as sensitive as hers, I still enjoyed the attention she gave them through my tee-shirt. I stood and took her hands in mine, then I removed my shirt and bra. Her hands returned to my chest and gave me more pleasure while I unbuttoned my jeans and hooked my thumbs in my panties, pulling them down below my butt and letting them stay there while Jennifer sucked on my earlobe. Then she was down on her knees removing my shoes and the rest of my clothing.

I sat back on the couch with my bottom resting on the edge while Jennifer stayed on her knees between my outspread thighs. She began kissing my knees, first the right and then the left. As her kisses progressed up my legs toward my center of pleasure she left a wet trail and I felt a tingling traveling up my legs and into my pussy. I had never known my legs to be so erogenous until she did this. After an eternity of her slow, methodical kissing she reached my pussy and immersed herself in with a nature that belied her shy outer shell.

My apartment door opened. My heart skipped a beat and I suddenly couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know who it was, but I didn’t want to be caught like this. The door slammed shut, and Maggy marched into my living room fuming.

“You whore!” she screamed. “We get in one fight and you’re already fucking someone else! And my sister no less.”

“I’m sorry Maggy,” she whined.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it whore. You’re going to pay for this.”

“Don’t talk to her like that Maggy,” I intervened. “She doesn’t deserve it.”

“She’s mine, you don’t tell me how to talk to her,” she shot back. “She’s going to be punished and you’re going to stay out of it.”

“She will not! This is my apartment and you’re going to leave if you think you can do anything to her.”

“No. I do deserve to be punished,” Jennifer said.

“No you don’t. Don’t you believe that.”

“But I do. I’ve been bad.”

Jennifer and I had stayed frozen in the position in which Maggy had found us. While Jennifer spoke, Maggy pushed Jennifer’s skirt up above her waist and pulled her panties down to her knees. Then she removed her own little leather miniskirt to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath but the strapon she had demonstrated such a mastery of when we last saw each other.

“Do you know what happens to whores Jennifer? They get fucked in the ass, that’s what.”

Jennifer only whimpered in response. I stayed where I was and watched. I told myself that I was there to make sure that things didn’t get out of hand and to protect Jennifer if it came to that, but I’m not sure that was really my motive.

“You don’t want it in your ass do you Jennifer? You know it’s going to hurt, don’t you?”

“I deserve it. I’ve been a bad little whore.”

“Yes you have. Get ready whore. This is going to burn.”

Maggy shoved the strapon in Jennifer’s pussy and thrust it in and out a few times to get it wet. Then she used her fingers to move some of the juices from Jennifer’s cunt to her ass, inserting two of her fingers when she was done. Jennifer was still on her hands and knees between my thighs, but her face rested in my lap now. I stroked her hair and tried to reassure her and comfort her through the pain that I knew was to come.

Finally Maggy spat on Jennifer’s asswhole and rubbed it in as a final lubricant. I couldn’t imagine how Jennifer felt after being subjected to such a humiliating and degrading gesture. Maggy placed the tip of the plastic cock at the ring of Jennifer’s ass, and started to slowly but steadily insert it. She was taking the time to make sure she didn’t hurt Jennifer too much, but she wasn’t giving her any time to adjust either. As soon as their hips met Maggy began thrusting in and out. She didn’t go too quickly, but I know I wouldn’t have been very comfortable in Jennifer’s place.

“How does that feel, Jennifer,” Maggy taunted. “How do you like being a little whore now?”

The only canlı casino siteleri response Jennifer made was to emit squeaky little whimpers of pain and discomfort from time to time. After a couple of minutes it occurred to me that it didn’t appear as though Maggy was really putting a whole lot of effort into “punishing” anyone. Jennifer was moaning now, and they sounded a lot like moans of pleasure to me. I had never tried anal, but I had heard that some girls enjoyed it so much they could actually orgasm off of it. Was this what I was witnessing now? My question was soon answered as Jennifer wrapped her arms around the small of my back, buried her face in my stomach, and moaned herself through a shuddering climax.

My confusion must have been painted clearly on my face. Maggy saw it, and broke into gleeful almost maniacal laughter. Jennifer joined in with a few of her adorable little giggles followed by some blissful cooing sounds.

“What the hell is going on here?”

“We had you fooled so bad Sophie! I kept telling Jennifer that my sister knew me better than to fall for this, but I guess I was wrong.”

“You mean this whole thing was an act?”

“The whole thing. We were going to come up and check out the college to see if we wanted to go here, and I had the idea to make it a surprise visit. Then Jennifer suggested we make it a different kind of surprise. I couldn’t pass up such a wicked idea.”

“You mean this was Jennifer’s idea!?” I looked down into her eyes and saw her grin. It was the cutest and most mischievous grin I had ever seen.

“It sure was. And who’d have thought that this shy little girl could act so well! She’s full of surprises once you get to know her.”

“She certainly had me fooled. I’m not sure this shy girl thing isn’t an act too.”

As if in response to my comment Jennifer began pressing her bottom back against Maggy, asking for more stimulation. I was amazed at the extent to which this girl could contradict herself.

“If you want more Jennifer, you have to be a good girl and finish what you started on Sophie.”

Evidently she did want more because she immediately resumed her ministrations to my pussy. Maggy also resumed her attentions to Jennifer’s wonderful ass a little more gently this time. As her tongue sent my clit into a heavenly place with it’s skilled stimulation, she worked magic on the small of my back also. She gently raked her fingernails over the flesh there, lighting flames of lust in my brain and multiplying the sensations everywhere else in my body. It was not long before I tunneled my fingers into her hair and held her face against my crotch as I came explosively.

Soon Jennifer was cumming for the third time that afternoon, and the three of us sat panting from our exertions. Maggy had draped herself over Jennifer’s back, and from the contented sighs escaping her I guessed she was enjoying the scent of Jennifer’s hair and the feel of her petite breasts pressed into Jennifer’s back.

“Jennifer, how did you find those spots that made me so hot so quickly?” I asked. “I didn’t even know about those.”

“Those same spots drive me wild sis,” Maggy replied for her. “I guess we’re more alike than we thought.”

“Oh that was heavenly,” I sighed. We all lay there for the longest time, blissfully taking in the glory of each others naked and half-naked bodies.

We finally stirred when Jennifer got up to relieve herself. Maggy sat herself on the couch next to me. She tenderly stroked my thigh for a moment before leaning in close to my ear to whisper, “I want to make love to you Sophie.”

I fumbled for words for a minute before responding, “You mean with the strapon?”

“Yeah. You know you want it sis. Come on.”

“I- uh- I don’t think I’m comfortable with that Maggy.”

“What’s not to be comfortable with? You’ve seen how much Jennifer likes it.”

“You’re my sister Maggy. It’s not right. We shouldn’t even have done what we have so far.”

“Oh come on. It’s not like I’m going to get you pregnant with a three-eyed baby or anything. Nothing bad can happen.”

“It’s confusing. I love you as a sister. I can’t have sex with you too. I don’t know how to feel.”

“Sisters are friends too, right? We’re really close. We can be really good friends, friends with benefits.”

“I don’t think so Maggy.”

“Fine!” she shot back, exasperated. “It’s your loss.”

That hurt. It was like she was saying she would get no pleasure from it. That she was just doing me a favor and had no attraction towards me. I was certainly attracted to her, but I had meant what I said. I couldn’t do it. It would just be too hard to keep my feelings straight.

I heard Maggy go into the bathroom, and then the shower started. Jennifer had never come out, so I came to the conclusion that they were in there together. At least it kept Maggy away from me long enough for me to start thinking clearly again.

I had gotten dressed again and was working on some of my weekend homework by the time they reemerged from the bathroom. When I looked at Maggy, I felt a twinge of that protective instinct that you naturally develop when you’re an older sibling. The outfit she was wearing was quite possibly the skimpiest thing I had ever seen anyone wear in real life.

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