Could It Be true?

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It seemed like months had passed by while I was looking for a roommate. Time and time again people would respond to my ad in the paper, call, come by, and leave me with the feeling of desperation.

After 20 or so people came and went I got a call from a woman by then name of Felicia. She arrived and we clicked instantly. Her views and thoughts on being roommates were so similar to mine.

She moved in a week later and we rearranged the furniture to accommodate some of her own. We then ordered in pizza. As we sat eating the pizza I couldn’t take my mind off of one particular subject. Do I or don’t I tell her I am a lesbian. I was shown by my family and friends that this was a touchy subject.

I decided to wait for awhile, maybe a week or two, or a month. Days and nights went by and we had no conflicts. It was too perfect. Then one night she came home from work, so unhappy that I could tell the moment she came in the door something was wrong.

“Carrie today was terrible. I had a bad sleep last night and my mind was wandering all day and half the work I did I now have to redo” I was kind of relieved when she said this, it wasn’t as bad as what I had imagined she was going to tell me.

“Felicia, we all have bad days, it is allowed. You need to relax, sit down and I will get you a drink”

I brought her back a glass of wine and she then leaned into me, placing her head on my shoulder. I could feel her breath against my neck. And although my heart told me to stop feeling such a way, my mind was racing.

I consoled her and she decided to go take a shower. Shortly after I realized that the door was open slightly. I found myself drawn to the opening of the door. I couldn’t bare it I had to take a peak. I moved slowly and then peered into the bathroom. In the reflection from the mirror I could see her body faintly through the frosted glass shower door. Her body was beautiful. From time to time she would run from her room to where we kept the laundry, she would only illegal bahis be wearing a towel and I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful soft white skin and long legs. Now here I was staring at them through the door.

I stopped myself and headed for my room. I couldn’t ignore the feelings going through both my mind and body. My pussy was getting moist with the thoughts of her. I could feel my dampness through my silk panties. I decided I better change, so I did, into what Felicia and I called, comfy wear. I thru on a pair of hip hugger fleece pants and a cut off t shirt.

By the time I got back out to the living room Felicia was already sitting on the couch, hair damp, and just a long black t shirt. I popped some pop corn and thru in a movie. It was one of those love stories. I wasn’t into it that much but thought it might cheer Felicia up.

As the movie played I noticed Felicia move closer and closer to me. With each inch my pussy got wetter. Stop, I thought, you can’t do this to me. Then her hand rested on my thigh. I can’t take much of this. Then she turned her head. Lips only inches from mine and asked me to pause the movie. I did and asked her what was wrong.

“I told you I have had a hard time sleeping lately, and then of course what happened at work. Well I think I should tell you why” I couldn’t take my eyes off of her luscious lips as she was trying to tell me something which sounded to be serious.

“Ok then, talk away Hun” I replied, trying to tear my stare away from her lips.

“Well when I moved in I thought you were great. We get along so well. But there is something about me that you don’t know” she sighed and looked away.

“Felicia, whatever it is you can tell me”

“Well, I always thought I was bisexual. But in the past few months I have realized that I am not. I am only interested in women. Not telling you has drove me crazy. There’s one more thing though”.

Wow, could this be, she is a lesbian too, quick pinch me.

“I illegal bahis siteleri have to move out”

Within a few moments my mind went from being unbelievably delighted, to now feeling like my heart had been torn out. I didn’t know what to say or do. I stood up from the couch and looked out the window. I stared for a moment until she asked me to please say something.

I headed over the couch, got down in front of her and she was about to say something when I reached up and placed one finger across her lips, instructing her to be quiet. I then leaned forward and our lips met. At first I think she was in shock, but then she embraced me with her arms and pulled me closer. Her lips were soft and her tongue felt magnificent against mine. We kissed for a long time, our hands dancing all over each others bodies.

Finally I had the chance to feel her soft white skin. My hand ran up and down her firm ivory skin, first her thigh, then her abdomen. Our kiss was hot, passionate, and yet soft. Her hands were up under my shirt and I could feel her hand against my breasts. Cupping them so gently and running her fingers across my erect nipples.

She then moved slightly so that she was lying down on the couch. I placed myself over top of her but in a way so that I was not laying directly on her. We broke the kiss for a moment to just look at one another and we each smiled. Then I lifted her shirt revealing her entire body. Off it went onto the floor as I crouched back and began caressing her small perky breasts. They were gorgeous. She arched her back slightly as I sucked on her one nipple and caressed the other with my fingers.

I began to run my tongue down her body, aiming for her pussy. She then grasped me and said no. I didn’t know what to think. She asked me to get off and from there she went to the floor. “Now, take your clothes off, I can’t let you have all the fun now can I?”

Quickly my clothes were off and we assumed the 69 position. She was on the bottom canlı bahis siteleri and I on the top. I took a deep breath, my body trembling slightly with excitement. Then I felt her hands grasp my firm ass and pull me down. “Sit up, please I beg you”.

Like I was going to argue. So I sat directly on her face. Oh god, her tongue explored every inch of my pussy. I could hear her moaning as she tasted all of my wetness. I rose up and down against her tongue as she fucked my tight hole. It felt so good. With her hands place on my abdomen my body started quivering. Her tongue flicking across my clit and the diving into my pussy. My clit was so hard, and I know how wet I was before she even started so I can only imagine who wet I was now. She loved it, I could tell, because she took one of her hands down and pushed her arm through my leg and her body and was now playing with herself. With that site, and her tongue dancing across my pussy I knew I was about to orgasm.

“Felicia, you better stop, I am going to cum”

She paused for a moment “what stop, are you kidding, oh god you taste so good.”

“But Felicia, when I cum, I really cum”

I warned her, and she stayed with her head between my long legs. My body trembled and my breathing quickened. I started fucking her face. I played with my breasts and then suddenly, Oh god, I was cumming. It was the most amazing orgasm I ever had in my life. As I was cumming I noticed Felicia fingering herself faster and faster. I felt her lick up all my juices and then leaned down to help her with her pussy. She removed her hand as I started sucking on her clit. It was so soft and yet hard at the same time. It grew harder in my mouth and her legs were moving all over the place.

“Harder baby, suck my clit”

With that being said I sucked it hard and fingered her pussy with two fingers. Within no time her legs were flying and her pussy was cumming. She tasted so sweet. It was delicious. I licked up each drop as she lay on the floor moaning with my pussy just over her head.

Once our bodies calmed down we lay side by side. No words were exchange, only soft touches, holding, and kissing. From that day on the sex games continued on and well we brought the nympho out of both of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20