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The rest room opened off the food court in the small mall across the parking lot from the Weeping Willows Retirement Apartments.

Jake Sawyer stood at the urinal, cock in hand, willing a golden stream to gush forth and splash against the gleaming white porcelain.

A portly, black bearded man in a plain, gray jogging suit entered, stepped up to the idle urinal next to Jake and nodded.

Jake stared straight ahead as the man grasped the elastic waistband of his jogging pants and lowered the front until he could release his soft cock over the stretched elastic.

“Well what do you know?” The big man smiled. “Found the little devil on the first try.”

In spite of himself, Jake’s eyes shifted to his left for a glimpse of the two inches of soft pecker with a puckered foreskin and a wrinkly scrotum below a nest of black, kinky, wiry hair on an overhanging belly. He quickly diverted his eyes and willed his bladder to release its urine.

The big man expelled a sigh of relief as his stream rained against the porcelain and ran golden down to the floor level to swirl about the smelly cake of deodorant. “Nothing like a good piss to lighten a man’s load after a few trips around the mall.”

“I should start walking every morning,” said Jake. “The best and easiest exercise in the world once you get into the swing of it,” said the big man.

Jake listened to the bearded mans yellow torrent hit the porcelain. His own weak stream quickly petered out, then began again. “Damn prostate,” breathed the taller, thinner man.

The big man finished and flipped off the last drop. “Sometimes it feels so good out I wish I could leave it out.”

“That could get you arrested,” said Jake.

The big man washed his hands at the washbowl. He shook his head “Sad state of affairs,” said the big man.

*** Three days later, Jake stood at the same urinal and waited. He had seen the big man enter the food court and approach the breakfast bar, purchase a cup of coffee and settle in a booth. He had given the man five minutes and entered the rest room. Now he stood, cock out and barely limber as he awaited his stream and hopefully the big man who had scoped him three days previously.

He heard the door open and close and nervously listened to the footsteps approach the twin urinals. He saw the man standing next to him and breathed a silent sigh of relief.

Jake, from the corner of his eye, watched the big man lower the front of his jogging pants, as he had the last time, and expose his uncut cock and balls.

The big man looked Jake in the eye. “How’re they hanging today?”

Jake shrugged. He willed the urine to flow, though intermittently, and splash against the white porcelain.

“Prostate still acting up?”

Jake nodded. “It’s hard to start, then it cuts off and I start all over. The stream is never as strong as it used to be.

The big man nodded sympathetically. His strong stream spouted from the small penis and splashed audibly against the white urinal. “It’s not a terribly complicated operation.”

“You’re a doctor?”

“Heaven’s no. I’m a retired salesman.”


The big man smiled, sheepishly. “But I’ll tell you what. We could play doctor if you like. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Jake could not believe he had heard the man right. “What!” He pressed closer to the porcelain.

“What I’m getting at is, instead of sneaking peeks at each others assets, which we both have done, we could both admit we’re curious, have a good look and be done with it.”

“I don’t believe this,” said Jake.

“You checked me out the other day. I admit I don’t mind showing it off, even in it’s small present state.”

“Men aren’t supposed to do that,”said Jake.

“But most men, most often, sneak a peek, you know. We’re just ashamed to admit how curious we are.”

“Not openly.”

“Perhaps MEN should be more open.”

“By comparing their peckers in a public rest room? I hardly think so.”

The big man nodded and shook the last drop from a cock that had gown at least a couple of inches but was still flexible. He pulled up his waist band as Jake watched the man’s balls and penis disappear.

“Oh hell,” said Jake. He took one step back and turned to the other man and removed his hand to expose to expose close to six inches of expanding cock with the exposed, pink head totally exposed. He turned away and and back to the urinal. “Satisfied?”

“Never. Are you?”

“I refuse to . . .”

“I live in the Weeping Willows Apartments across the street. Names Mitch Henry.” The fat man extended a chubby hand with thick soft fingers. “I recognized you as the man who moved into our humble complex last week.”

Jake Sawyer looked at the extended hand. “Sorry, I seem to have my hand full at the moment.”

“Or at least better occupied.” Mitch smiled.

“I’m Jake. I’m still getting settled so I haven’t got around to meeting any of my neighbors as yet.” “It’s not a bad place,” said Mitch, “once you get used to it.” “So they tell me.” Jake grinned. “You probably are thinking casino siteleri I’m Jewish from the nose and,” he hesitated, “other things you may have noticed.”

Mitch smiled. “The thought occurred to me.”

“This is getting a too personal. It really doesn’t matter but I’m really not circumcised”

The big man turned to the sink, washed his hands and made his way to the exit. He paused with his hand on the door. “ I’d like to share a cup of coffee with you and continuing this conversation on the outside.” The door closed behind him.

Jake stood silently at the urinal. A semi-erect penis between his thumb and forefinger, still trying to piss.

*** When Jake came out, Mitch raised his hand and beckoned the slender man to join him.

Not sure what to expect from the overly friendly man, Jake, uneasily, approached the booth.

At midmorning the food court was mostly deserted. Mitch had a large paper cup of coffee in front of him.

The big man nodded to a second cup in front of the empty space. “Thought you might like a replacement for the liquid you just lost. Have a seat.”

Jake shrugged and sat. “I love coffee but it goes through me faster than beer. Thank you.”

“Speaking of what went on in there,” said the big man, “I enjoyed our little conversation. You know, every straight man that stands next to you at a urinal is as curious as you but he rather die that get caught peeking.”

“That’s probably true,” said Jake.

“You look like a reasonable man, I hope you won’t be insulted if I come right out and ask.”

“I can always leave. Ask away.”

“I was wondering, do you still jack off regularly?”

“Now,” interrupted Jake. “That is getting personal.”

“I know.” The fat man grinned and stroked his well-trimmed, white beard. “Isn’t it just?”

“That’s a topic that doesn’t come up in an everyday conversation.”

Mitch smiled. “Back to my question. You still do jerk off, don’t you?”

“Occasionally,” admitted Jake.

“Of course you do. Every man who wakes up in the morning with a hard-on jerks off.”

“Most don’t go around bragging about it,” observed Jake.

“Maybe they should,” said Mitch. “At our age waking up with a hard-on is something to be proud of.”

“Never looked at it that way.” said Jake.

“I’ve looked at it every way it can be looked at and I’ve been playing with my cock since I was ten. Good God! That’s almost sixty years.”

“You’re seventy?”

“Will be in a couple of years.”

“Seventy-two last June,” said Jake.

“You don’t look it. Do you still get a firm one?”

Jake shook his head. “Not like I used to. It’s still useable if there was a pussy to use it on. Being as there isn’t, it doesn’t make much difference.”

“I still manage a pretty solid boner,” bragged Mitch. “That is with the right inspiration.” “Good for you.”

Mitch flashed him a dirty grin. “Like I said, show you mine if you show me yours.”

“That’s the line that got me into my first circle jerk,” said Jake.

“Mine too.”

“You’re proposing that two old men, seventy or thereabout pull out their cocks in a show and tell?”

“It might be interesting,” said Mitch. “I’ve hankered for a jackoff buddy. Wouldn’t you like to pretend you’re a kid again and have a showdown to see what others have in the cock department. I mean, why can’t we just pull out a stiff one without sham or shame and say, ‘Here it is.’”

We’re too old,” said Jake, “I’m seventy-two.”

“I’m almost that old. We’re both seniors. Why should we have to go back to our apartments and play with it by ourselves? What have we got to lose?”

“I’m tempted,” said Jake. “Hell I don’t know if I could get it up with another man. I think you should know, I am not gay.”

“Neither am I . But it might be fun, you know, watching each other get off.”

“You proposing this in broad daylight?”

“I’m hoping to lure you to my apartment t enjoy a couple of brews.”

Jake grinned. “And show off our pee-pees to each other?”

“You’ll come?”

“You have me intrigued,” admitted Jake. “I must be curious or I wouldn’t be getting, ‘go for it,’ signals from my crotch.”

“Hell,” said Mitch, “I’ve had a boner since I put the question to you.”

Jake raised his eyebrows. “And you’re so proud, you have a need to show it to someone.”

“I figure you watching will make it throb a little harder and it might do the same for yours.”

Jake shrugged. “At our age it can’t hurt to try. But it may take a bit of getting used to. “I’ve never touched another man’s cock.”

Jake looked out across the food court. It was mid morning and nearly deserted. “What I’ve done, I’ve always done in private.”

“Never shared it with a friend?”

“If I remember, it’s called the solitary vice.”

“That’s not necessarily true any more.”

“Aren’t we a little old for this?”

“Not as long as l wake up with a stiff one. I have to tame mine every once in a while,” confessed Mitch.

Jake smiled. “That has even happened to an old man like me.”

“So. slot oyna . . would you come to my apartment and play with my little pecker.”

“I’ll bet it’s not so little, now.”

“The conversation has added a little starch.”

“Here too.”

“Wouldn’t you appreciate a hand from an upstanding friend to pull things along. Wouldn’t you like to watch my little cock grow? Don’t you ever get the urge to do something really nasty?”

“It would break the monotony,” admitted Jake.

Mitch scooted closer to the end of his booth bench. “Shall we adjourn to my place and continue this party in a state of undress?”

Nicely put,” said Jake.

*** Mitch led the way across the parking lot to his apartment. “Reckon you might as well know, I moved here because of my bitch of a forty-seven year old daughter.”

“She put you here?”

“She might as well have. You see she caught me at it.”

“At it?”

“What we’ve been talking about, Beating my meat. She walked in on me, with my pants around my ankles and my cock in my fist spurting like a Roman Candle.”

Jake laughed. “That must have given her quite a thrill, seeing where half of her came from.”

“Thrill, my ass,” said Mitch. “She didn’t appreciate it in the least. I’d been living with the dried up old bat since my wife died because I had nowhere else to go and I thought my paying her board would help her out.”

Jake laughed in spite of himself. “She caught you with your boner in going off your hand?”

Mitch laughed. “I’d say it was the first one she’d seen since her hubby walked out on her twenty years ago.”

“I take it she’s no spring chicken.”

“Forty-seven last November, skinny as a rail, no ass, no tits and looks ten years older than she is.” Mitch followed the sidewalk to the second building in the complex and held the door for Jake.

“Please don’t introduce me.” Jake patted his new friend on the back. “But I’d give most anything to have seen her walk in on you.”

“I’d venture her pussy is as dry as the parched tongue on a stuffed hound dog. She doesn’t come calling on me and I won’t set foot in her place again.”

“Shame you couldn’t get along and respect each other’s privacy, said Jake.

“Thing is,” said Mitch, “is that every time I think about it, I get a hard-on.” He grunted, “ Even, if in bed, she’d be like sweating over a live corpse.”

*** They climbed the stairs to Mitch’s second floor mini-apartment. Mitch unlocked the door and ushered Jake in ahead of him. Mitch locked the door behind them and kicked off his shoes. He gripped the sides of his sweat pants and lowered them to momentarily expose a bare ass as he made his way through the small room to the smaller kitchen and the apartment sized refrigerator.

“Care for a beer?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” said Jake.

Mitch popped the tops of two cans and joined his new friend. “A cold one to break the ice.”

Jake lifted his can in salute. “Here’s to it? Whatever it is.”

Mitch motioned Jake to sit on the small,foam cushioned sofa. He took the small rocker, recliner. He swiveled to move to the computer setup and pressed a button on the keyboard. “Do you like computer porn?”

“A vice of mine,” admitted Jake.

“You like to look at naked men or women?”

“Women, naturally,” said Jake.

“I wouldn’t say that, necessarily,” said Mitch. “I often admire a hard cock pumping up a hairy pussy.”

“Reckon I can get into that,” admitted Jake.

“Lets take a look at some old gals getting the bone put to them,you know, for a little inspiration.”

“Fine,” said Jake.

Mature Fucks came up on the computer screen and then thumbs of older women spreading their legs for older men with big cocks. Mitch hit the first thumb and the gray-haired woman with the hairy pussy grew to fill the computer screen. “Like that?” asked Mitch. “Doesn’t it make your little dickey twitch?”

“My dicky approves of the lady’s open charms,” said Jake.

“And the man?”

“He’s hard to ignore,” said Jake.

Mitch raised his beer towards his guest. “To a firm friendship.” he toasted.

Jake touched cans with his new friend.

“And outstanding, upstanding members in good standing,” continued Mitch.

“Are you sure we’re not being queer?,” asked Jake.

“I’d say curious is more like it.” Mitch stood and grinned. “We’re just a couple of jack-offs who choose to share.”

Jake laughed. “I feel like I’m going out behind the barn with another kid to drop my pants.”

“There are worse games a couple of old men could play,” said Mitch.

Jake nodded. “So how do we go about it?”

“I’d say head on.” The bald man with the black beard hooked his thumbs in the elastic waistband of his loose sweatpants and pulled downward. “The time has come to present our members to the members of our little club in what I hope blossoms into a many occasioned thing.” His sweatpants fell quickly to the floor revealing trunk-size thighs. Mitch, standing naked, resembled a fat teddy bear. The hair was sparsest on the expanded belly above the pubis. A canlı casino siteleri solid six inches of hard cock projected straight out from below the overhang of his hairy, oversized, belly. The cockhead was unsheathed and shining in the soft light of the computer screen.

Jake licked his lips and stared.

“Well. There’s mine,” said the big man. He used a thumb and forefinger to move the foreskin to cover the throbbing head and then peeled it off the swollen, purple mushroom shaped corona.

Jake took in the hard cock, taut ball-sack and the solid, hairy legs of the man standing across the from him. He put his beer on the low table between them, slipped the tee-shirt over his head. He kicked off his shoes, opened his belt and lowered his zipper. His blue jeans fell to his ankles with his shorts. He kicked his clothing aside. His stiff, bobbing cock stood at a forty-five degree angle. ”There it is,” breathed Jake.”

“Another upright member, I’m happy to see,” said Mitch. “I must say you present a healthy looking specimen.”

“I’m nervous as hell,” said Jake. “I feel like a damn high school kid.”

“Me too,” confessed Mitch. “Man! How we stroked off back then.”

“I remember.”

Mitch’s hand moved slowly up and down his stiff, white stalk, sometimes puling the foreskin completely over the head and making crown disappear.”

Jake followed suit and his joint stiffened further under his ministrations.

“Now you’re talking,” encouraged Mitch. “You’ve got good wood for sure.”

“Never thought I’d be turned on by checking out an other man’s hard cock,” breathed Jake.

“Would you mine if I took the proud member in hand in a moment of ritual greeting?” asked Mitch. “A shaking of cocks to seal a friendship, one might say.”

Jake swallowed, and nodded. “I suppose it’s the polite thing to do.”

“Of course I expect the Jake secret handshake in return,” said Mitch. He took a sip of his beer.

“Of course,” said Jake. He reached across and clasped the big man’s hard cock in his fingers as Mitch’s fingers closed around him and moved the loose skin back and forth in short strokes. “This should be our secret hand shake.”

Mitch drew in a sharp breath. “My God! Your hand is cold.”

“Yours too. It’s from holding the beer cans.” said Jake, “But I like it.”

“It feels so damn good, having a hand other than my own on it.”

“Like I said, I was a teenager the last time I touched somebody else’s cock.”

“Like the feeling?” asked Mitch.

“It’s different,” said Jake. “I have to admit, touching your boner doesn’t turn me off the way I thought it would.”

Mitch tugged Jake’s cock closer to his own and attempted to rub the swollen heads together.

Jake shivered slightly as the two sensitive helmets brushed each other. A drop of precome oozed from one of the cocks. They managed to share it as they maneuvered the slick lubricant over both heads. “Sooo good,” breathed Jake, “so fucking good.”

Mitch squeezed Jake’s cock. “Want to fool around?”

“What do you call this if it isn’t fooling around?”

Mitch shrugged. “I thought we might both sit on the couch, if you don’t mind, and see what develops. We’ll pass on anything you don’t want to do.”

“Fair enough,” said Jake.

Mitch turned to pass the cocktail table in front of the couch. He bent to pick up his beer and drain it. Jake moved up closer behind him. He put his arms around the big man’s waist and moved his hands down past the wiry, pubic patch to the crease on each side formed by the formidable, hairy belly and tree-trunk thighs. Avoiding the upright cock that bobbled and waggled in the air, the fingers sought that crease between the mans thighs and his scrotum from either side.

Mitch shuddered with pleasure. The air from an indrawn breath whistled between Mitch’s clenched teeth. “Jesus!!! What you’re doing to me.”

“Do you mind?”

“Good God, no.”

The fingers continued to move and gently scratched the big man’s balls and gently manipulated them with agile fingers. “Got a hard-on yet?”

“If you moved your hand an inch, you’d find out.”

“I’ve got a good one.” Jake moved forward another step and pressed his hard cock between the other man’s soft, fleshy buttocks. He breathed into Mitch’s ear. “Can you feel it.”

“Oh God, yes.”

Want to fool around?”

“Oh. Yes.”

“You’re so warm and hairy back there.”

“Before you go any further. . .” He paused. “I’ve never had that done to me.

“I wasn’t thinking of doing anything like that. It just feels so good like it is. ” He moved his cock in the groove and groaned. “It wouldn’t take much of this to make me cum.”

“Do you want to?”

“I’d hate for it to be over so quickly.”

“Then would you mind trading places?”

Jake turned and bent slightly, presenting his lean, taut ass cheeks to the larger man. “Be gentle,” he teased.

Mitch turned and stepped behind the smaller man. “Gentle is my middle name.” He pressed to the smaller, rounded buttocks and let his upright prick separate the rounded halves. He rocked his hips forward and watched the hard organ move in the flesh crevice.

Jake rocked with him as he took his own cock in hand and gently manipulated it in the rhythm that Mitch set behind him. “GOD! I feel so hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20