Desire of Brooke Ch. 01

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“So far, I’ve only written fetish stories and I’m starting to run out of ideas with that category, so time for a short lesbian story that will hopefully have you asking for more. This girl is based off a friend’s friend that I’ve met only once, but she was way too pretty to be real. Please comment and rate. I’m in need for more comments or feedback from readers, so don’t be shy with this story or any of my previous stories.”

Another busy day of practice was over for me. Volleyball season was well under way for me and the rest of the team. Hi, my name is Brooke, and I’m a freshman in college and the weakside hitter on our volleyball team. I’m basically like any other girl that’s just starting my college career. I live in a regular dorm with one of my teammates as my roommate, I’m studying to become a Psychologist, I enjoy my classes and I love the independence. I’m not much of a party girl really and I’m not currently seeing anyone. Boys are jerks and I would rather just be friends with them for now. When they grow up, I’ll start dating them again.

Ok, I’m guessing this isn’t the kind of details you wanted. I’m about 5″ 8′ and have a athletic frame. I’m white, but have a nice tan, thanks to the fact I live in Florida. My hair is brown, but I have slightly blonde streaks in it, just to be cute. My legs are a little more “chunky” than those anorexic bitches you see walking around on campuses, but mine are hot nonetheless. I like to think my boobs are big enough, and are especially shapely in my volleyball uniform. My eyes are green, my face has been compared to Natalie Portman, and my lips are to die for. Enough detail for you boys?

Anyway, I was just getting over with my practice and hitting the showers. At the moment, I was the only one there, which made me feel relieved. Usually, the showers are really busy and there’s always that one girl that has to casino oyna be funny about it. I mean, it’s a bunch of girls taking a shower together, which can be weird at first. My captain, Nikki, doesn’t ever seem to mind though and keeps things in line, on and off the court. Nikki is the one I look up to the most, out of every girl I’ve ever known before. She has an athletic, beach body that seems to be photoshopped. Her blue eyes compliment her dirty blond hair, which she mostly keeps up. She had been playing volleyball on the beaches since she was little. She was a fantastic player and incredibly beautiful. There were times where I felt like I could stare at her body for hours and be happy. However, I’m not a lesbian, and neither is she. Funny thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with a boyfriend or anything. I guess she could have been like me though, just tired of boy’s games.

My alone time was cut short though, ironically, by the same girl I was thinking about. Nikki was wearing a simple towel around her and looking for a nice hot shower. This practice had been really hard on all of us. She gave me a smile and looked me over. I was completely naked and bathed in hot water, trying to cleanse myself of all the sweat on me. I felt a bit uncomfortable being exposed with just her around. “How does the water feel Brooke?” she asked me friendly.

“It feels so good cap’n,” I replied, calling her by her nickname. She laughed and took over her towel and turned on the water. I couldn’t help but give her a quick look over. I was just in awe of Nikki’s beauty. She was perfect from head to toe. Her breasts were just the perfect size, her curves looked like someone had sculpted them to be just right, and her face was like an angel’s. Nikki lathered herself in shampoo and caressed her heavenly body in her arms. I felt so hot just watching her that I couldn’t concentrate on my slot oyna own shower.

I turned off my shower and walked up to her. Nikki gave me a puzzled look, which I ignored. I went up her, put my arms around her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Her lips soon returned the kiss and we were in a loving embracing. Nikki’s lips, so soft and tender, felt better than a boy’s mouth, trying to suffocate you with his tongue down your throat. My hands moved across her undiscovered body, mapping me a way around every curve. With water still pouring down on us, I felt like it was a romantic scene from a movie. I totally lost myself in that first kiss.

After what seemed like an eternity, Nikki ended the kiss and looked at me lovingly in my eyes. We didn’t have to say anything, we both knew we wanted each other. I placed my hands on her sensitive breasts and played with them to Nikki’s delight. She took her hands on mine and increased my fondling. I massaged her erect nipples and sucked on them with gusto. Nikki’s moans only prompted me to suck hard and lick them with my talented tongue. She didn’t just stand around letting me pleasure her for long though, as she took my own breasts and caressed them much in the same way I had been to her. The pleasure I was experiencing before was doubled with her playful fondling and I felt like I would melt in her arms.

Nikki turned off the shower, and beckoned me to follow her. We went into our coaches office,

of all places. Still dripping wet and naked, Nikki sat lazily into our coaches big chair, spreading her legs out to reveal her pussy. I was so used to seeing a dick there, but I wasn’t going to mind. I went straight for the hot, throbbing lips and place my mouth in them, sucking on her like there was no tomorrow. Groaning and wailing uncontrollably, Nikki’s body was pleased beyond her control. Her legs were moving all around canlı casino siteleri and occasionally would kick me. I didn’t mind though, as her pussy tasted too good to ignore. Soon, there a defeated yelp from my victim, and the juices of her body came flooding in my mouth. My prepared mouth gratefully accepted the gift. This was so much better than any boys flimsy little dick squirting out a few drops of cum, this was like a river of it coming out of Nikki.

“Now, it’s your turn,” Nikki said seductively. She got out of the chair and motioned me to sit in it myself. I sat in the comfy chair and looked down at my lover. Nikki first took my freshly pedicured foot and gave it a kiss. Then another kiss farther up my foot. She ran her tongue up to my leg and kissed that. She made her way slowly up to my expecting pussy, waiting impatiently for her tongue. The teasing was making my body envious. The time came when I felt the warmth of her tongue again my wet clit. The feeling was like being slammed again a hard wall and I wasn’t expecting it to be this pleasing. My body was rocking from the sudden impact of her tongue and I pleaded for her to go deeper. She graciously obliged and her long, slender tongue was rather in my pussy than many guys dicks would go.

I felt the oncoming rush off my juices inside of me, building up for a grand finale that would finish our romance with a bang. I warned Nikki of the juices and she prepared herself for the onslaught. I felt the juices preparing to pump up……

“Brooke?” Nikki looked at me puzzled. “What are you looking at?”

I snapped out of my daydream almost as quickly as I had found myself in it. It had all been in my head, yet felt so real. I looked up at Nikki’s confused face. Giving her my best excuse of my prolonged stare. Whenever she accepted it or not, she turned to her own business and continued washing her hair. I felt so depressed, realizing that my experience was a trick of my own mind. A feeling of hope, however, soon passed over me. I knew that somehow, someday, this would cease to be only a dream…..

To Be Continued.

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