Figure Student Ch. 01

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Copyright ©, 2003: All characters, events, and text in this story are purely fictional, and are created by and the sole property of the author. All rights reserved.

* * * * *

Two years ago, I celebrated my fortieth birthday alone. My husband, John, and I divorced after sixteen years. He claimed that I had become too dull, and he needed to explore new horizons. That same fall, my son joined my daughter in college, leaving me with plenty of time on my hands. Primarily as a reaction to my husband dumping me, I determined to re-capture my self-esteem. Through dieting and working out three mornings a week at the fitness center, my figure returned to a trim size 8, which is fine for my 5’9″ frame. To show off my hard-earned femininity, I revamped my wardrobe with brighter colors and stylish garments, and changed my hairstyle and makeup. My strategy worked, and now I feel good about getting appreciative stares from men, and jealous glances from my women friends. Even my youth-oriented children complimented their mother on not letting her sexiness fade away.

But my physical appearance and vitality did not entirely satisfy my appetite for more fun and stimulation. I decided to go for a Master’s in Art and enrolled in daytime courses at the local state college While I am at least fifteen years older than most of my classmates, they soon accepted me as part of the academic community, often inviting me to join them in after-class socializing. Through the association with lively and imaginative young people, I found myself blossoming with new ideas and fresh attitudes. This is particularly true in my passion for the visual arts. In hindsight, however, perhaps some of my passion for the arts really was an attraction to one of the teachers.

Drake Cameron, the department head, is in his early thirties, and is the quintessential tall, dark, and handsome male. I had to admit that I sometimes fantasized that he was making love to me when I was masturbating in bed at night. I was thrilled when he selected me as one of four students for his Honors course. He told Tony, Curt, Helen, and me that we would be studying the nude female figure. Because of the nature of the course, the classes were held in the afternoons in his loft studio. It was exciting to work on sketching in a real studio, naturally illuminated by skylights, and rich in aromas of turpentine, oil paints, and canvas. To add to the Bohemian feeling of the class, we students took turns bringing a jug of cheap wine to share. However, I think that all four of us students would admit that the most exciting part of the course was to work with a live, nude female model.

Caroline, the model, was a full-time college student majoring in modern dance. From her dance training and performing, she was lithe, graceful, and very much at ease with displaying herself entirely naked to the class. For eight weeks, we four students tried to capture Caroline’s expressive and sensual poses with charcoal sketches. We gradually got better with Drake’s encouragement and instruction in the nuances of the female figure as a form of art and beauty.

I particularly enjoyed the class critique period, when Drake would show each student’s drawing, with Caroline standing next to the sheet of paper. He would lead us in making constructive comments, and suggestions for improvement. Sometimes, when one of us made a particularly thoughtful statement, or showed a unique drawing, Drake would have Caroline give that student a kiss as a reward. The first time that Drake directed Caroline to reward my comment, I was embarrassed to kiss a nude woman, but her appealing eyes and lusty smile casino oyna overcame my inhibitions. It was soon the norm for the six of us to engage in spontaneous hugs of enjoyment and encouragement with each other. I felt younger and sexier when these younger, handsome men with interesting minds hugged me. Things took a sudden, and interesting turn, however, on the ninth session.

“It seems that Caroline was practicing some kind of dance leap,” Drake announced as we gathered at his studio. “She fell down and broke her ankle. She’s going to be all right, but as of now, she has a cast and is on crutches. My problem is that I can’t find another model to fill in. Any suggestions other than calling off the rest of the classes?”

Curt, the most out-spoken in the class, looked directly at me.

“Well, there is one possibility,” he said. “As all of you no doubt have noticed, we do have one student with a very fine figure. How about it, Joann? I know that it comes completely out of the blue, but for the sake of the class, would you agree to pose for us today?”

I blushed and stammered my objections. Tony and Helen began to actively encourage me. In spite of vigorously shaking my head, I imagined myself posing nude in front of these people. They were now my friends and co-workers, and I somehow felt that I could risk taking off my clothes for them. It was Helen, the other female student, who finally pushed me over.

“Please agree, Joann,” she said. “I would volunteer, but we need a really fine figure to study, not a plump sack like me.”

“OK. I’ll do it,” I said. “But someone has to get me a glass of wine first. And don’t comment on the goose bumps; I’m going to be scared to death.”

Everyone cheered, and Drake handed me a glass of Chablis from the jug that was provided for this session. He looked at me, smiling encouragement.

“Thank you very much for doing this, Joann. You’re taking a big step toward your full satisfaction as an artist and a woman.”

As I went behind the screen in the front corner of the room to undress, I looked over my shoulders.

“I’m not going to wear my glasses,” I announced. “That way, I can’t see who is looking at me.”

After disrobing, I timidly walked out to the view of the class. It was an ambivalent feeling having three men and a woman staring at my nude body. Part of me felt self-conscious, that this was all wrong. The other part of me wanted me to show off and be naughty. My confidence perked up when I heard Helen’s voice.

“Oh, honey, look what we have been missing! I declare that Caroline has nothing on you. Joann, you are positively a mature Aphrodite.”

I noticed the appreciative stares of the men, and began to feel warm inside. Drake took my hand, and led me to a chair that he had placed in the front center of the room.

“Whenever I use a first-time model for figure study,” he said, “I try to make her feel less self-conscious by having her initial poses be of the back only, to avoid eye contact. To build up Joann’s confidence, let’s have her sit facing the front wall, with her arm over the chair, and we will study and sketch her back.” I looked gratefully at Drake, and let him seat me as he wished. His fingers gently touched my body as he sat me sideways in the chair and placed my arm over its back. He turned my head so that I looked directly at the front wall, and could not see any of my fellow students.

“How does that look, class?” he asked.

“Could we see just a little more breast exposed, please?” asked Tony. “And also, try to lengthen the line of your back down to your ass. Oh, excuse me, Joann. I meant slot oyna derriere.”

Tony’s remark made me giggle, and I relaxed even more.

“No, you didn’t, Tony,” I replied. “Now we know that you are a T and A man.”

I moved my torso so that my left breast was pointing to the side wall, extending my left leg to raise my buttocks higher.

“Oh, that’s perfect!” said Drake.

Curt, Helen, and Tony began putting charcoal strokes on their paper. While I remained motionless in the pose, I tried to imagine how my body looked to them, and how they would express what their eyes took in. Drake called for a break after letting the class sketch for about twenty-five minutes. The usual break procedure was we all sipped a glass of wine, and chatted for about ten minutes. For a moment, I just stood by the chair, wondering if I should join in as usual, only this time stark naked. Curt handed me a wineglass, and invited me to join the others.

“You’re doing just great, Joann,” he said. “I think that I speak for the whole class when I say how grateful we are that you volunteered to be our model tonight. As far as I’m concerned, I vote that we keep Joann on as our permanent nude, and Drake doesn’t have to look for a replacement for Caroline.”

The others quickly seconded that motion, and they unanimously voted by raising their glasses with a cheer. Drake looked inquisitively at me.

“How about it Joann? Would you agree? There are three more classes, and the pay is $50 a night.”

The idea of getting paid for taking off my clothes and letting others see my body somehow appealed to me. I guess that there is a little of the courtesan in all women.

“All right,” I replied. “I agree on one condition. No one ever tell anybody outside of this class. I can’t afford any bad reputation.”

And that is how I became a professional nude model. For the rest of that night, and for three more weeks, I came to class, took off my clothes, and posed nude for three men and a woman. As my confidence grew, Drake had me pose ever more provocatively, and I had fun being kissed and embraced by my classmates.

For the last sketch session of our final class, Drake posed me facing the class while reclining in the chair. He had my left leg fully extended and my right leg hooked over the arm of the chair. My right hand was behind my head, and my left arm dangled over the other chair arm. The result was that my breasts were fully extended, and my pussy was open for view. Drake called this pose his ‘Odalisque’ exercise.

He directed the sketchers to try to capture the sensuous feeling that a reclining woman can create, and to let the image convey to the viewer some feeling toward the model. I knew that I looked sensual, and felt a sexual tingle rising inside me, while my nipples hardened. I wondered if anyone of them would try to look to my inside feelings through my spread legs and open lips.

I could see the faces of all the students as they drew. Once, Curt and I made eye contact. For some reason unknown to me, but which felt absolutely right, I smiled and looked down at my vagina, willing him to see me through it as the central component of my body. His eyes did look down, and he reflexively licked his lips. I noticed him modifying something in the middle of his sketch.

After the three finished sketching me in this pose, Drake led the class through its usual critique session. We all had already drunk two or three glasses of wine, celebrating the end of the class, so the feeling was very loose and somewhat bawdy. One by one, he held up a student’s sheet while I stood next to the drawing, canlı casino siteleri still totally disrobed. The first drawing was Curt’s, and Drake complimented him on the fine structure of his legs.

“They are in perfect proportion, Curt, and I think that deserves a reward of more than just a kiss from Joann. Well, go on, model, deliver,” he said.

I giggled, and walked over to Curt.

“Nice legs, Curt, way to go,” I said.

I placed his hands on my breasts while arching up my neck with puckered lips. Curt smiled, and then gave me a French kiss while embracing me.

“Wow, Joann” he said. “I wonder what goodies I would have gotten if Drake had complimented me on how I captured your pussy.”

Everyone laughed, and I saucily turned to face the others and did a bump and grind with my bare pelvis, to much cheering and raising of glasses.

Drake said, “I saved that compliment, Curt, for the next drawing. Come and see Helen’s. Look how her sketch is focused on the genital region, and how the viewer is drawn into the image.”

“God! It’s like the figure works like a vortex. It’s almost impossible to take your eye to the edges,” said Tony. “How did you do that, Helen?”

Helen blushed, and looked at me.

“The image I saw was that Joann was awaiting her lover. I imagined what that lover would see, and be drawn to. If I were a man, that’s where my attention would go.”

“Oh, so true, Helen,” commented Drake. “You caught the concept to its fullest. I think that effort deserves an even special reward, Joann. See what you can do.”

“Thank you, Helen, for picturing my sex so thrillingly,” I replied. Then, almost without conscious thought, I continued. “While you are not a man, you know the feelings within a woman’s vagina. I have never been kissed there by a woman; would you please be my first?”

I sidled over to Helen and gave her a preliminary kiss on her lips, and then gently pushed her head down to my middle. She looked up at me, smiling warmly. For the first time in my life I felt a woman kiss my pussy lips. Helen even used her tongue a little, while Curt and Tony whooped it up. Drake had me reward Tony, for no other reason that he should not be left out. So I did for Tony what I did for Curt.

We continued to celebrate for almost another hour. As the wine jug was emptied, the party atmosphere grew bawdier. I consented to more kisses and feels by the men, including Drake. Curt and Tony persuaded Helen to go nude like me. The two of us took turns sitting on the laps of Drake, Curt and Tony and we let them caress our breasts and thighs. While sitting on Drake’s lap, I knew that this was my best opportunity to tell him how much I was attracted to him. I took his hand and placed it on my pussy as I kissed his lips. I whispered in his ear.

“Drake, I want to thank you for letting me discover things about myself that I never knew were inside me. Tonight, I feel like I have discovered the New World, and I want to experience so much more.”

I felt his fingers searching for my clit. His tongue explored my mouth.

“Joann,” he said. “I always suspected that there is a very sexy and interesting woman underneath your clothes. You are a natural model, and your body, eyes and grace all communicate with the viewer. If ever other opportunities come up, would you consider posing for me again? I mean personal sessions, not classes.”

“I would be very flattered pose for you again. But I want the session to be even more sensual. Could you arrange that?”

“Let me see what I can think of,” Drake said.

I went home that night feeling very horny. While watching a porno video in my bedroom later, my vibrator and I had a long workout before I went to sleep.

“What a wonderful class,” I thought, “I hope that I can be a model for Drake again sometime.”

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