Fire of Lust II – Ch. 02

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Reeva had spent the entire day in a state of aroused anxiety, since their aborted make out session in her room, she had been unable to be alone with Nikita. During lunch, all they could do was pass lustful glances at each other, afterwards her mother took over and Reeva had to spend the whole day with her catching up on the stories of the family and her school activities. Later a few relatives dropped by to welcome Reeva back.

Among her relatives was her cousin Alisha, an eighteen year-old beauty who gave off waves of sexuality. In the past Reeva had been a little jealous of her and used to ignore her when she came over, but today in her aroused state Reeva found herself checking her out with new eyes. Reeva observed her had long black hair, cut in the latest fashion, large brown eyes under carefully manicured eyebrows, a straight slightly upturned nose over full sensuous lips and high cheekbones. She also had a body that most film actresses would kill for. Above average height and an hourglass figure with 34D cup breasts, at least, a tiny 25 inch waist, long legs and a tight ass.

Today she was dressed casually, yet still provocatively, in tight jeans and T-shirt that hinted at her gorgeous body. In her aroused and frustrated state Reeva was now looking at all women in a sexual manner. Alisha’s body coupled with her unrequited passion for Nikita just sent her lust into overdrive, Reeva was fully aware that were it not for the fact that they were sitting in the drawing room with other guests she would have tried to get closer to Alisha by now.

Alisha saw Reeva’s appraisal of her body, and smiled at the effect she seemed to be having on her. She had seen the same look and appraisal from many men, and few women, which always gave her a nice thrill. She had experimented with a few of her close girlfriends, mostly just kissing and petting, but she was open to taking it further but had always restrained herself, fearing the effect it could have on her reputation and friendships. Now looking at Reeva, she wondered if this could be her opportunity, to test it out, as they were leaving, she gave Reeva a tight hug, molding her body completely to that of Reeva, allowing her to feel her entire body. As she pulled back, she looked deeply into Reeva’s eyes, noticing her fast breathing and lidded eyes, she leaned closer to her.

“It was great seeing you Reeva, lets meet up soon for some fun…just the two of us.” she said in a low sensual voice, making it a point to look at Reeva’s heaving breasts, hoping Reeva would pick up the unsaid promise in her voice. All Reeva could do was nod her head mutely, her mind full of the possibilities of that meeting, in conflict with her doubt if she was reading her signals correctly.

“Well, I am full from the late lunch and tea, so I will not be having dinner.” announced Reeva’s mother, as they cleaned up after the guests “I am going to turn in early today, so if the two of you want dinner, there is some leftovers in the fridge.”

Having cleaned up she then left for her room. Reeva now more aroused, and seeing her opportunity, went prowling for Nikita who had left a little earlier with the dishes, she went all over the house looking for Nikita. Unable to find her in the kitchen she went to her room, but it was empty, a little surprised at her disappearance she was about to leave when she noted a slight light coming from below the door of the attached bath. She moved to the bathroom and slowly opened the door which as unlocked and became transfixed by the sight in front of her.

The bathroom was lighted by at least a dozen candles and Nikita was lying naked in the tub enjoying a bubble bath, her eyes were closed and her head was lay against one end of the bath, one shapely leg was bent at the knee showing the expanse of a smooth brown leg, the water came above her breasts, showing only the top of her breasts. Reeva gasped at the sight, casino oyna on hearing her voice Nikita opened her eyes looked at her and smiled.

“Hi, the guests left?” she asked.

“Yes, they left about five minutes ago and Mom has gone to bed” said Reeva, as she tried to drink in the sight of Nikita.

“Would you like to join me?” asked Nikita in a low sensual voice, with a small smile.

Reeva bobbed her head in agreement, slowly closing and locking the door behind her. She started to take off her clothes. Naked she walked to the tub and got in facing Nikita, who had sat up to observe her sister in laws disrobing. They both started to run their hands over each other bodies, then shared a deep and tender kiss exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues this kiss was different from their earlier kisses, more sensual, in Reeva’s room their kisses had been hurried and full of need.

The kiss this time was slow, tender and filled with love. It was the best kiss that they had shared until now and it bought their passion to a smoldering heat without allowing it to break into the kind of frenzy they had experienced earlier.

Their hands had been roaming over each other’s bodies with abandon finally coming to rest on each other’s breasts, which they started to fondle and knead with abandon. As the kiss and the fondling grew in intensity, they both started to move their bodies towards each other. Nikita opened her legs and put them around Reeva’s waist, allowing them to press their bodies against each other, and at the same time allowing their lower lips to also kiss each other.

On feeling the sensation of Nikita’s slit rubbing against her clitoris Reeva gasped and moaned in Nikita’s mouth, as the sensation grew stronger, she broke the kiss and arched her back in pleasure raising her beautiful breasts out of the water. Nikita on finding her mouth suddenly empty found her self staring at the bare breasts of Reeva and promptly buried her face in her breasts and started to kiss the breasts all over finally taking one sensitive nipple in her mouth and sucking on it, hard.

In face of the twin assault, on her breast by Nikita’s mouth and her clit by her slit, Reeva started to climb towards her first climax and her body started to writhe under the over whelming pleasure she was feeling. Nikita snaked her right hand around Reeva’s back and pulled her harder against her slit while at the same time arching her back and continuing to suck on her breasts so that Reeva was almost lying on the water body in complete surrender to Nikita’s expert manipulation and her hands tightly clasping her head to her breasts.

“Aaaaggghhhhhhhh!! I am coming.” screamed Reeva as her orgasm exploded. Her screams of pleasure where muffled by the closed door and like most old houses the thick walls so no one heard her screams of pleasure as Nikita brought her to orgasm and then slowly brought her down from her orgasmic high. As she slowly came back to her senses she saw that she was embraced by the beautiful Nikita and her breasts were pressed against her beautiful breasts. Nikita slowly got up and taking Reeva by her hand led her to her bedroom. The two of them got under the sheets, naked.

After experiencing her orgasm Reeva realized that Nikita had not come yet and she immediately set to the task of fixing that problem. Rolling herself atop Nikita she immediately set forth on her task, starting with Nikita’s neck, slowly and languidly kissing her way down her body until she came to her breast. Reeva slowly started to flick Nikita’s nipples with her tongue while at the same time fondling her breasts. Reaching for her other nipple, she tweaked it with her finger, bring forth a quick gasp of pleasure from Nikita, switching breasts she did the same thing with the other nipple, and got the same reaction.

Nikita was already aroused by their lovemaking in the washroom slot oyna quickly found herself climbing towards her own orgasm. On sensing her arousal Reeva took one of Nikita’s nipples in her mouth, and started to suck on it very hard then she bit on it, the combination of pleasure and pain pushed the already aroused Nikita over the edge. Nikita muffled her screams of pleasure my clasping her hand over her mouth but the movement of her body was more than enough to tell Reeva what she was experiencing.

As she was coming down from her orgasmic high Nikita felt a movement on the bed and suddenly she felt Reeva’s tongue licking her clitoris and her fingers pumping in her vagina. Finding herself on the edge of another orgasm when Reeva took her clit in her mouth and started to suck on it like a nipple, she experienced her second orgasm in three minutes. Nikita was just able to muffle her screams of pleasure with her hand.

“Now we are even.” said Reeva “Now it is your turn.”

“I would love to but it is getting late and your mother will soon be up to pray and it would not do for her to find us together like this, but do not worry we have the whole summer vacation, to find such pleasure during the days and nights. Now you must get dressed and go to your room and I will see you in the morning” Nikita replied.

Understanding her fears and the logic of her argument Reeva relented and started to get dressed, with the help of Nikita, her dressing involved a lot of groping, fondling and kissing but they managed to dress Reeva, in twenty minutes. Reeva kissed Nikita goodbye and tiptoed towards her bedroom.


Reeva woke up the next morning completely satiated and rested, remembering the events of the previous night with Nikita she left a rush of blood to her head and loins. The memory was getting her aroused again and she slowly moved her hand down her body to her slit, which was already moist, and started to slowly run her hands over her clit. Just then her mother knocked on the door and peeked in.

“Time to get up Reeva, I know it’s your vacations, but I don’t want you sleeping all day.” she said “I will be going out in a little while to your aunt’s, when you get up ask Nikita to give you breakfast. OK?” Reeva nodded her head and her mother withdrew from the room.

Reeva was ecstatic, her mother never went to her sister’s for less than three to four hours, which meant that she and Nikita will be alone till early evening. Thinking of the opportunities this provided she quickly got out of bed and went to her bathroom to clean up.

As Reeva came out she heard Nikita out in the hall and quickly glanced out of the room. Nikita was wearing a pure white sari, of some very thin material and she could see her body through the material, her petticoat and blouse were also of the same material, but it was not really a blouse as the size and cut of the blouse looked more like a bra. Quickly withdrawing into her room Reeva started to plan her day as she sorted through her bags.

Suddenly Reeva saw a wrapped package among her things it had been pushed below some of her clothes, thinking it was from Sonali she was surprised to see a note on it which said “From Maam…with love” quickly opening the package Reeva realized her Mam must have slipped it in her bags last night.

Inside the box was a dildo, it was different than the ones she had seen online and they had used in her dorm room, it was shaped like a U, with one side ending in a penis shape. There were also leather straps on it. Looking at it Reeva realized that one end of the dildo went into the wearer with the strap holding it in place and the other end went in to her partner.

Just then Reeva’s mother knocked on the door and said through the door “Reeva I am leaving now, Bye.”

“Bye.” Reeva replied, looking at the gift and the fact that she and Nikita were alone in the house a plan started canlı casino siteleri to form in her mind.

Reeva quickly put on the dildo and secured the straps, the presence of the dildo in her vagina made he wet immediately and when she walked the movement of the dildo inside made her feel a little light headed. “This is going to be interesting.” she thought. Putting on a long Kurta over her lush naked body she went looking for Nikita.

Finding Nikita in the kitchen washing dishes, Reeva embraced her from behind, being careful not to touch her with her hips and let her know about the dildo until she was ready, cupping Nikita’s breasts from behind Reeva started to simulate them Nikita moaned slightly from the sensation and hung her head to the side exposing her beautiful long neck Reeva promptly started to kiss her on the neck while at the same time slipping her hands under her blouse to cup her breasts, while Nikita was lost in the pleasure Reeva was giving to her body, Reeva slowly started to spread Nikita’s legs with her feet.

Nikita placed her hands on the counter and leaned slightly forward to support herself. Reeva started to slowly kiss her way down Nikita’s back as she kissed her lower back and moved down she grabbed the bottom of her Sari and started to lift it up towards her waist. As more and more of Nikita’s beautiful and smooth legs came under her hands Reeva started to slowly and sensually rub her inner thighs with her hands.

“Ooohhhhh!! Aahhhhhh!!” Nikita moaned as she felt Reeva’s hand move towards her slit. As her hands touched Nikita’s naked slit Reeva stopped for a moment in surprise, realizing that her sister in law was not wearing any panties, the knowledge made her more excited to mention, making her job even easier. Bunching her Sari at her waist Reeva slowly pushed Nikita even further forward, exposing her legs and her beautiful firm ass.

As soon as Nikita was in the correct position Reeva slowly reached below her kurta and bought the other end of the dido out lining up the dildo with Nikita’s slit Reeva suddenly rammed a good three inches of it inside her wet cunt.

“Agghhhh!!OOhhhhhhh…” Nikita moaned as felt the “My gawd!! Reeva what is…” Nikita’s sentence got left in the middle as Reeva moved her hips forward and pushed another three inches into her. As Reeva moved her hips, the dildo inside Nikita moved even further up her canal until it was buried completely in her beautiful snatch. Reeva molded her body along Nikita’s back and started to slowly pump her hips and the dildo between the two of them.

Reaching in front of Nikita, Reeva started to fondle and knead her breasts. After her initial surprise at the entry of the dildo into her cunt Nikita too had been taken over by lust and started to push her hips back into Reeva. Soon they had both fallen into a rhythm and were pumping the dildo between each other. Nikita’s sari had by now been discarded and she stood only in her blouse and petticoat which was bunched at her waist while she continued to have sex standing at the kitchen sink with Reeva.

As their passion rose both Nikita and Reeva started to pant heavily, in order to increase the sensation of the dildo in their cunts Nikita bent even more forward while Reeva arched her back. They both climaxed at the same time screaming their release into the empty house.

As her climax subsided Reeva managed to fall back to a chair at the breakfast table, as she moved back she pulled the dildo out of Nikita’s cunt, which released the juices trapped inside. As Reeva sat panting in the chair the dildo was still firmly placed in her vagina held there by the straps while the other end of the double headed dildo hung lewdly between her legs. Nikita was still standing at the sink on wobbly legs, trying to steady her legs and come to term with one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

As she caught her breath Nikita turned around and saw Reeva sitting on the chair with the dildo between her legs and felt her passion rising again. She quickly discarded her blouse and petticoat, standing in the kitchen in all her naked glory.

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